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Does Tywin really care about the Lannisters’ reputation? On one hand he does everything to make the Lannister name feared and respected yet, on the other he does commit horrible atrocities to taint the Lannister name.

He doesn’t see it as tainting the Lannister name. Tywin believes in the power of fear.

King’s Landing had never loved Lord Tywin. He never wanted love, though. “You cannot eat love, nor buy a horse with it, nor warm your halls on a cold night,” she heard him tell Jaime once, when her brother had been no older than Tommen.

- Cersei II, AFFC

So improving Lannister reputation through the love of his subjects is out. Tywin’s no Ned Stark, nor even a Robert Baratheon in this respect.

More than anything, though, Tywin hates the idea of being laughed at. He considers laughter the death of respect; he saw how his father’s bannermen mocked him and how weak a ruler his father was. As Kevan describes the situation to Tyrion,

“Our own father was gentle and amiable, but so weak his bannermen mocked him in their cups. Some saw fit to defy him openly. Other lords borrowed our gold and never troubled to repay it. At court they japed of toothless lions.”

- Tyrion IX, ASoS

The end result is a man who went way too far in the other direction. Consider Tywin’s introduction.

Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West, was in his middle fifties, yet hard as a man of twenty. Even seated, he was tall, with long legs, broad shoulders, a flat stomach. His thin arms were corded with muscle. When his once-thick golden hair had begun to recede, he had commanded his barber to shave his head; Lord Tywin did not believe in half measures.

- Tyrion VII, AGoT

It takes but four sentences to see that Tywin’s so afraid of mockery that when his hairline recedes, as male hairlines are often wont to do, he’d rather shave his head than have people snigger at him going bald. Two sentences later, this is backed up again in Tyrion’s narration:

A fool more foolish than most had once jested that even Lord Tywin’s shit was flecked with gold. Some said the man was still alive, deep in the bowels of Casterly Rock.

No laughing!

Old Merryweather had been nattering about raising the duty on wine when Lord Rykker said, “If we need gold, His Grace should sit Lord Tywin on his chamber pot.” Aerys and his lickspittles laughed loudly, whilst Father stared at Rykker over his wine cup. Long after the merriment had died that gaze had lingered. Rykker turned away, turned back, met Father’s eyes, then ignored them, drank a tankard of ale, and stalked off red-faced, defeated by a pair of unflinching eyes.

- Cersei II, AFFC

He really can’t stand it, and his reaction is dramatic to the point of absurd. Likewise, he cannot stand the idea of people ever seeing him as weak.

Tywin’s idea of strength, however, is a very narrow, rigid one that involves a hell of a lot of violence. Bannermen making trouble? Collapse their castle, flood their mines, kill them all, promote the song that tells everyone about it. Et cetera, et cetera, all the way up to AGoT. When Catelyn arrests Tyrion he can’t possibly insist the Starks bring the matter before Robert, he has to sack the Inn at the Crossroads and start murdering civilians in the Riverlands. Then when war breaks out he can’t just fight, he has to do this:

“Let them,” Lord Tywin said. “Unleash Ser Gregor and send him before us with his reavers. Send forth Vargo Hoat and his freeriders as well, and Ser Amory Lorch. Each is to have three hundred horse. Tell them I want to see the riverlands afire from the Gods Eye to the Red Fork.”

- Tyrion IX, AGoT

Otherwise he’d be a laughingstock. Right? Right.

Lord Tywin’s fingers laced together under his chin. “Ser Gregor has served us well. No other knight in the realm inspires such terror in our enemies.”

- Tyrion VI, ASoS

This line is said in a discussion between Tyrion and Tywin after news of the Red Wedding breaks in King’s Landing. Note that Tywin considers the terror Gregor inspires to be serving House Lannister.

So yes, Tywin cares deeply about the reputation of House Lannister. He cares about the reputation of House Lannister more than he cares about the members of House Lannister.

“We all dream of things we cannot have. Tywin dreamed that his son would be a great knight, that his daughter would be a queen. He dreamed they would be so strong and brave and beautiful that no one would ever laugh at them.”

- Jaime VII, AFFC

He just doesn’t see that the brutality he used to make House Lannister feared has also deeply hurt each of his children (thereby sabotaging all his dreams for them) and made the Lannisters loathed and mistrusted.

tommen baratheon: come up for air

ANON REQUESTED: Can you write a tommen x reader fic where the reader was in a relationship kind of like daenarys was in season 1 where she didn’t love her husband and she was very uncomfortable and he touched her all the time and crap, but then she meets tommen and they are betrothed and they fall in love and he’s sweet because he knows how scared she is?? Sorry this is rlly specific and if the prompt sucks ily

notes: took me a while to get to this, so i’m sorry!! hope u like it!

my requests are closed! you can still send in, but it’s up to me if i could write it or no. thank u so much!!!



Run as fast as you can, until your lungs burned, until your legs hurt, until every step has you crying, until you are so far away. 


But yet you still unmoved in your position. He was here, again. Night after night, and you couldn’t change it. Night after night he would creep up beside you in the bed you shared, thinking that because he is bound to you through marriage that you didn’t want, he has the right to roam every inch of your body even when you screamed “No.”

His hands roamed up your waist, his body angled up from his propped elbow, looking down at you while you close your eyes, thinking of possible ways to end this. End this marriage right now, but no matter how many thoughts are there, they weren’t enough to keep him away. You never wanted, you never wanted to be the daughter sent off to marry a lord just to have her family benefited. But you did it anyway, for your family, for them to stop making you look like a mare, shipped off of to every lord who would ever want you.


Yet his hands were still on your body, and he pounced, his lips at the side of your neck, and you struggled. You don’t want this. “Please,” you struggled, “No.”

His hands were now on your throat, and you clawed, seeing him so angry. “Try,” he whispered against your ear, “try to stop me.”

And you did.

You didn’t know where in the world you got your strength from, but you pushed him off. Pushed him off the bed, and you scurried to the end of the room, and you watched him thunder towards you. Step by step, until you hanged an inch or two above the floor. His hands gripped against your throat, tighter by the seconds. He laughed when he released you, and his hand hurried again to your throat, and he pushed your night gown away, and it’s all happening again.


The sound of him groaning, clenching his face up when he thrusted in to you, used you, and you were there, crying softly, begging the old Gods and the New or even the Faith of the Seven. The Mother above, the Warrior, or even the Stranger. Anyone of them.

So after that, you left. Never turning back, it was just you and a blade. Making sure to leave your wrath behind you.

“Lady Grey!”

It was a voice you have never heard of, and so you turned into a corner, and into another, until a hand hovered above your shoulder and your blade was up to their neck, and it was just him.

Tommen Baratheon.

You’ve only seen him once, a year or two older, his eyes green, bewildered from the knife on his neck. Sighing, you removed the knife and placed it back on your hip.

He cleared his throat, his face flushed as he fixed his disheveled blonde hair. “Is Lord Eris Grey with you?”

Your eyes scanned the surroundings, eager to see if someone is listening and you shook your head realizing that everybody hears and listens. “No,” you said. “He didn’t want to be on the… trip.” You sighed internally, a trip? Really?

“Lord Grey has written to us,” he whispered. He looked down, avoiding your widened eyes, “He has said that our Lady Grey would be in King’s Landing if she ever… visits.”

“When has Lord Grey written?”

How can he know where you were? Nobody knew, not a single soul.

“Two days before. He awaits your immediate return-.”

Your knife was up again his throat, “Immediate return?,” you laughed. It was really funny, and you imagined your husband’s face on Tommen’s. “I will never return.”

He pushed you away gently, still a knife to his throat. “He insists you to be returned to him otherwise-.”

“Try telling that to me again,” you whispered as you placed pressure on his neck, enough to nick the soft skin. Tommen gulped, reaching out to your shoulder. His eyes softened, as you realized you were crying. From anger, to this hate, to the name that you carry, the innocence reaped for your family’s dream.

You slackened your hold, and you released the knife, letting it clatter on the ground amidst the dirty roads of King’s Landing. You pushed Tommen off, resting your back against on the other wall. Tommen’s guards stood behind, until Tommen looked at them to tell them to go away. The clattering footsteps echoed away, and it was back to the busy streets of the plaza.

“Lady Grey,” Tommen called, gently. Softly.

“That’s not my name,” you sniffed. And then you laughed, looking at Tommen.

“Lord Grey wants you home,” he continued, whispering. “He wants you safe.”

And you lost it.

All your tears were falling, the shakiness of your palms, the anger, the rage, and you screamed. “Safe?!” You screamed at Tommen, “You know I’m not safe there.”

“He insists, Lady Grey.”

You were silent, calm and you pushed your tears away. “Call me by my name, Tommen.”

He looked away, but he moved towards you. “Lady Grey,”

You scoffed, and after a while, he called you by your name.

And it feels so foreign. And it makes you want to cry, because it should feel comforting. It should be like the sun on your skin, the feeling of his hands on your waist as he touched you first. It should be like when you inched his shirt, laughing as he placed a kiss on your forehead. It should be like when those very hands to be on your hips, arms, face, those soft hands on your body. And when he said your name, he toughened himself again.

The unfamiliarity clouded your eyes, and you nodded. “I’ll go,” you whispered as you kicked the knife away. He clasped your arm, and he turned you around. Tommen’s eyes scanned you, his lips parted when he saw you crying again, his hands on fire when he touched you.

“What did he do to you?”

You turned around, meeting his eyes. So fierce, and the only thing that you could define as home. “Everything.”

“I don’t want to go home.”

She said it over and over again, she even slammed her hands on the table. The room went still and Lord and Y/N argument heightened the tension. Lord Grey was untouched, unnerved, just staring at her.

Tommen wanted so much to do to her. To protect her. To finally see how much of a monster she married. To see how after all these years, she is still the name beating in his heart. Tommen stood, his chair scratching the ground and she looked at him. There was such intensity, and he wanted so much to protect her. And if even going against tradition, against everything. He is going to do it.

“I have the power in my name to disregard the marriage,” Tommen said. “And after I’ve done that, she will never step foot in your household. Not ever.”

“She is named Lady Grey for a reason,” Lord Grey sneered.

“Would you want to be a nameless lord after you step outside this door, ser?”

Grey stood up, taller and older than Tommen, but he stood his ground. Tommen looked up at those nasty eyes, and he stared. “I am warning you, Lord Grey.”

Grey sized Tommen up, and spat at him. The guards rattled and you were on your feet, but Tommen was faster. He has Grey by the collar, and with every breathe he has, his touch grows tighter on Grey’s shirt. “Leaver her be, Lord Grey.”


You touched Tommen’s arm, and he looked at you. With such fervour, he stared at you, like it was jus the two of you. You clutched Tommen’s arm, enough for him to drop Grey on his face as he couched up. Your hand slowly made its way on to the side of his neck, and to his cheek. “Tommen,” you whispered again, and he leaned in to your touch. It was just like the old days, where everything was painted nice and kind, away from the proems and it was just the two of you. The history between you two remained unknown to the others and you felt him ignite something in to you.

The guards left with your husband between them and was occupied by you and Tommen. He cupped for face, and slowly he brought you to him, and his lips were now slowly caressing yours.

“Come up for air,” he whispered against your lips. “You’re drowning and I want to help you.”

“You should’ve done that before,” you whispered. He should’ve stopped your marriage, he should’ve taken your hand, he should’ve been the one who took you upstairs in the bed you could’ve been sharing. But none of them happened.

Tommen opened his eyes, and hurt and regret were painted on them. He kissed your forehead, “I love you,” he said. “I love you, I still love you.”

Now, you were crying, because after all these years, those were the words you’re dying to hear. From him, from those lips, from Tommen. Every night those words were the one you kept dreaming about, and it was just Tommen.

“I should’ve stayed with you,” he said. Tommen was shaking his head now, walking away with his hands going up and down his face.

He continued to mumble on, continued to walk, and he only stopped when you touched him again. He smiled, an answer to your smile. “Tommen,” you said, searching for his eyes that you could drown forever and he would be the one to catch you, “I love you.”

You don’t know what happened, how you were now against the wall with your legs wrapped around Tommen’s torso. How his lips kissed yours, slowly chafing up yours, and how his mouth nibbled on your lower lip, just like he used to. The kiss was intense, and then it was shy. He’s taking his time to meet your lips, and he pulled back, slowly putting you down. He stared down at you, and he leaned in again, this time so much slower, and he cupped your face, and everything stopped.

It was just you and him.

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What do you think is LF's plan for the upcoming tourney? Is Harry the Heir going to be named one of the winged knights to prevent him from marrying without LF's interference?

I think Harry will be one of the Winged Knights, but in a more general sense than what the ask says. I mean, look at the requirements for the Winged Knights:

Though a few were promised, only three were wed; the eight victors would be expected to spend the next three years at Lord Robert’s side, as his own personal guard (Alayne had suggested seven, like the Kingsguard, but Sweetrobin had insisted that he must have more knights than King Tommen), so older men with wives and children had not been invited.

Three years is a very generous arrangement for hostages in all but name; more to the point, I think Littlefinger believes it’s more than enough time to do what he wants. Little Robert Arryn will surely be dead within three years (Littlefinger’s been poisoning him ever since he’s gotten control of the Vale, after all, and even if he were about to stop - which he most certainly is not - the poison built up in his system isn’t going to go away), and Sansa will have certainly charmed Harry enough in three years to fulfill that additional caveat Anya Waynwood insisted on in agreeing to the betrothal in the first place. Making Harry one of the Winged Knights keeps him under Littlefinger’s watchful eye long enough so that the plans Baelish has made with respect to Sansa, the Vale, and Winterfell can come to fruition. Constantly being “at Lord Robert’s side” will mean Harry’s attention will be kept squarely on Sansa, and will make it that much easier for Littlefinger to swoop in when Littlefinger dies and take a leading role in the new Lord Harrold’s government.

GoT re-watch: Season 5 - Tommen and Margaery

When I first saw season 5, I was pretty angry about the decision to make Tommen significantly older than his book counterpart because it kind of seemed as if this decision was made in order to squeeze some extra sex into the narrative. I wasn’t the only one who had this opinion.

This decision also had the annoying butterfly effect of the writers having to jump through several narrative hoops in order for Margaery to be imprisoned by the Faith since they couldn’t use the adultery charge, which hinged on the state of her virginity. 

Instead they had to contruct a somewhat clumsy narrative where Loras’ homosexuality was the most important crime and Margaery appears to a collateral victim because of her perjury. Of course we know that it was a gambit cooked up by Cersei and LF but it was still a rather weak reason for Margaery to end up in a cell. Perjury is a much less severe offense than a queen’s adultery - in an intensely patriarchal society like Westeros the worst crime a Queen Consort can commit is adultery because it puts the succession in doubt and therefore in peril (ironically that is Cersei’s crime). So, for me at least, the changes to Margaery’s story created a sort of narrative disconnect that made the direction of her plot line less convincing. 

Neither am I particularly keen on the trope of “women manipulating men through sex”, and I disliked how this trope now came to permeate Margaery and Tommen’s relationship.

However, after season 6, I have been rethinking my postion on this matter to a certain degree. The problem with Tommen as a child king, is that he literally has no influence and no comprehension of politics - because he’s a little kid who loves kittens and wants to outlaw beets. Making Tommen older changes the situation - he picks up on the tensions between Cersei and his wife, he understands the political conflict between the Throne and the Faith when Margaery is arrested. He has a certain amount of power since he is in the postion of being able to make decisions himself. He also resents his own weakness and lack of confidence when he can’t get his wife released through his authory alone.

It is because of the ageing up of Tommen’s character, that the High Sparrow and Margaery are able to outmanuever Cersei by having Tommen outlaw trial by combat. As a king that is seen as an adult, he can make that decision himself because Cersei isn’t Queen Regent in this situation.

My point is that some creative decisions, that don’t seem to make much sense at first, often serve a purpose only later in the story. Sometimes in the following season, sometimes only after several seasons.

I’ve been seeing posts, many actually that Sansa Stark is ‘becoming’ like Petyr Baelish, a more grey character. This is a statement that I have always disagreed with, as it seems to be based on the following:

-Sansa’s treatment of Robert Arryn is her moral decay
-Sansa has always been more 'southern’ than her siblings, she has no direwolf, therefore is more easily influenced by Littlefinger
-Littlefinger is the only current mentor of Sansa

All of these statements are untrue. Sansa has completely different motivations to Littlefinger, always has and always will. 

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Nullifying Sansa’s marriage

So according to GoT episode “High Sparrow,” the fact that Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion was not consummated is enough to have it nullified, and this merits one quickie line of dialogue.

Setting aside the fact that Sansa marrying Ramsay could make things easier for Roose, if he assumes Bran and Rickon are dead so Sansa (really, Sansa’s husband) inherits Winterfell, and Roose knows damn well Theon didn’t kill the Stark boys… and setting aside the fact that Sansa marrying Ramsay makes no damn sense for Littlefinger’s supposed manipulation of Sansa… and setting aside the unlikelihood that the Lannisters would just let their best hope of controlling the North go, since even if Cersei is out to get Tyrion, she could use Sansa’s marriage to him to secure the North, nor would Roose have any reason to piss Cersei off just because Tywin is dead… tl;dr LOL at D&D and their so-called plotting…

Setting aside all that, noble marriages do not just get nullified because they’re unconsummated! First of all, assuming that handwavy line implied the marriage was nullified with royal permission or by royal decree – the king doesn’t have that power, since he didn’t marry Sansa and Tyrion. The Faith of the Seven did, and no way in any of the seven hells would the Faith allow marriage as an institution to be so easily set aside, either.

Why? Because marriage in Westeros, and more importantly noble marriage, is not really about the husband and wife doing the deed in the bedchamber. It’s not even about alliances, though those are important and a nice perk.

It’s about securing succession and inheritance of property and noble names. Consummation and the bride’s virginity (or length of time since her previous marriage) only matter insofar as they solidify who inherits, according to legal precedent. Margaery and Tommen in the books don’t and can’t have sex yet, since Tommen is a kid, but that doesn’t make their marriage null and void, since it’s assumed they’ll produce an heir eventually – Margaery only lands in hot water when the possibility of her having another man’s child is raised in AFFC, which is much more important than the mere possibility of her adultery i.e. sexual activity with someone other than her husband.

According to D&D, marriage among the nobility is about screwing, so they give us older!Tommen and Margaery’s wedding night, and they seem to think marriage as an institution backed up by religion, legal precedent, and rules of inheritance can be easily made null and void. Since the whole point of Ramsay/Sansa is to cement the Bolton hold on the North and distance them from the Lannisters (let’s pretend Roose and Petyr’s conversation made one lick of sense), the last thing they’d want are rumors that Ramsay’s firstborn was a Lannister cuckoo’s egg. So maybe Sansa could even marry Ramsay, but not so soon after her previous marriage, and no way would her marriage to Tyrion be set aside just because they never had sex. 

  • book: Myrcella is older than Tommen so she should be queen! we're gonna make her queen!!!! Arianne is such a smart woman! she will be a great politician!! let's send Nym to take her father's place at the small concill in King's Landing! #girlpower
  • show: DIE MYRCELLA! who the fuck is Arianne??? of course we have to send a MAN to represent dorne! like our symbol is a SERPENT, Oberyn's daughters are the SNAKE SANDS, venom is a woman's weapon, IT MAKES SENSE THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS IN THIS ARC IS A MAN