Family photo! The prof has 3 beautiful children and counting. just kidding. i hope. this man has such a big heart

I’m not sure how old Cat is in relation to Alfendi and Flora, but I’m assuming she’d be the youngest. Flora would be the eldest, while Alfendi is the middle child. (On a side note, I used to draw older Flora a lot when I was young so I had a lot of fun bringing her design back after so many years!)

The prof loves them dearly.

summary of the gtb bts video

since i actually saw it before it was deleted, here’s the main stuff:

  • very michael centric, but there’s a decent amount of ashton as well
  • ashton is shirtless for a very brief period and it’s glorious
  • there’s footage of cashton taking that selfie we assumed was from filming
  • luke only talks like once at the end and seems so sleepy
  • ashton tells a bad joke about method acting and calum is so done
  • malum are together at the end and it’s cute
  • basically there’s not really too much of the boys talking or goofing around and a lot more footage of the actual shooting