Little Gilbert

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 461
summary : Reader is Elena’s little sister and the Salvatore’s are over protective of her. Kai ends up staying at the Salvatore’s over night and sneaks into her room.
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Y/N’s life had gotten complicated the past few years. When her older sister Elena had met Stefan , Y/N had still been in her third year of high school. Both Stefan and Damon had taken a liking to her and over time had become like family to her - like she had two older brothers. After Elena had burned down their house , Y/N had moved in with the Salvatores. Problem was they were super over protective of her. If anyone even dared to get too close to her , things would get ugly for that person. Once a classmate , her friend Jake , had come over so they can work on a project and he had played a prank on her - sneaking up from behind to scare her - and she had screamed. Damon , who had been at the kitchen in that moment making her her favourite snack , rushed to the living room and nearly choked her friend before even bothering to listen to what had happened. Stefan was the same - almost , he listened first before trying to hurt anyone. Y/N loved them and appreciated having two guarding angels at all times but sometimes things were getting a little out of control. Their over protectiveness was starting to suffocate her. Whenever a boy showed up to take her on a date , one of them would tag along and even though the Salvatore wouldn’t sit with them , it didn’t matter much because they could still hear and see everything. Elena was the only one who could get them to back off a little but that never lasted too long.

* * *
Y/N walked downstairs heading into the kitchen, her ponytail and white polca dot ribbon flapping behind her. She was wearing a black tshirt with print (the logo of her favourite band) and gray skinny jeans along with her favourite ankle high black converses.
“Hey sis.” she smiled at Elena. “And big brother.” she winked at Damon.
Her eyes drifted towards the cupcakes on the kitchen counter and just as she was about to grab one , her eyes fell on a stranger sitting on the kitchen table. He had blue eyes ,brown hair , perfect angel like features and was holding a cupcake , his fingers covered with frosting. The boy glanced at her , then at Elena and Damon.
“You have a little sister?” asked the boy. “Wait. Who’s sister is she? And …where have you kept her hidden until now?”
Y/N took one of the cupcakes , taking a bite which resulted in cupcake frosting getting on her nose. Elena wiped it away with her thumb , giving her little sister a warning look. Damon glanced between Kai and Y/N , who obviously were curious about each other by the way they were starring at one another. Kai had gotten up , shortening the distance between him and Y/N. He was smiling widely , outstretching his hand for her to shake as a hello.
“Hi. I’m Kai …and you are ?”
“Littlest Gilbert.” she laughed. “I’m Y/N , Elena’s little sister, well cousin.”
“A human.” muttered Kai to himself. “Didn’t think those existed in Mystic Falls with all the supernatural population. I see you like cupcakes as much as me. Hey maybe we can go out sometime - there is this bakery near the town square -”
“OKAY , slow down big brother.” said Damon pulling Kai away from Y/N. “You are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it? She is off limits.”
“Why not ?” wondered Y/N.
“Because he is the one who shot an arrow through Bonnie’s stomach and he is the reason she is all alone in the Prison World right now.” said Elena pushing her sister out of the kitchen door. Y/N got free and ran back towards Kai and the cupcakes.
Elena’s little sister looked at Kai , head to toe , curiousity burning in her eyes.
“He doesn’t seem dangerous.” she said. “He seems .. cute and cuddly.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “I think she likes me.”
“No , no , no.” said Damon. “No one here likes any body. Y/N , go to your room before things get ugly for mr. charming right here.”
Elena grabbed Y/N and started pushing her towards the door again.
“Fine, fine. I’m going. See you around Kai.”
“Yeah. See you around.” he replied with a wistful look in his eyes.
Damon was starring at him , his arms folded in his chest.
“What ?”
“If you touch her , you lose your head or heart. Or both.” threatened Damon.
“Damon !” exclaimed Elena. “Don’t threaten him. He said he’d help us get Bonnie back. That gives him a pass. At least this time…”
Elena kissed Damon on the cheek while Kai was glancing between them and the door , hoping that maybe Y/N would pop her head through there.
“You two together is still totally revolting to me.” sighed Kai. “Alright , where is that stupid Ascendant ?”

* * *


Y/N walked into the Salvatore’s , her phone in her hands as she kept texting her friends. Elena had convinced Stefan and Damon not to hover over her that day , so she can spend it with her friends before their graduation in a few days. The Salvatores’ overprotective attitude really was getting out of control lately.
Y/N took a few steps into the living room and left her bag on the sofa hearing voices coming from the library. Whoever had come for a visit didn’t appear to be wanted. For a moment she hessitated , but in the end curiousity won over and she headed straight towards the loud voices ignoring the fact Stefan and Damon would be angry as hell if she put herself in any kind of danger.

“I just need a place to crash.”
“One night.” insisted Kai. “Don’t think your house was my first choice. Look I know we don’t get along , specially after that wedding fiasco , for which I am very sorry by the way. What Bonnie did hurt me and I snapped. It’s not like you two haven’t screwed up majorly at some point in your life.”
Stefan folded his hands , nodding and rolling his eyes listening to Kai. Last thing he and his brother wanted was Kai spending the night over , specially with Y/N being in the house. Kai had been dangerous before he turned into a heretic and now who knew what he’d do if he got upset. None of them were willing to risk it.
“I am trying to be better.” added Kai. “Please ? See how nice I am ? I even said ‘please’.”
“You are not not staying.” argued Damon.

Y/N made her way down the hall as quietly as possible. Not that it would do her any good considering the Salvatore’s were vampires and could hear her coming from a mile away. Quite literally. Whoever it was in there with them , might not make it out alive unless she intervined.
“It’s just for one night.” said a very familiar voice that made Y/N stop right at the door. “Please ? I promise to behave. Also need I remind you that you owe me for not going through with that crazy idea your psychopath of a mother had about linking Elena to Bonnie for all eternity ?”
“Because you did that out of the goodness of your heart ?” asked Stefan.
“Not important why I did it.” said Kai. “The important thing is that I did and now you owe me.”
“Fine.” groaned Damon. “But you are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it ?”
“Anywhere near who?” said Y/N walking in. Damon and Stefan groaned. Kai looked happier than ever she had walked in in that moment. He ran his fingers through his hair and took a small step towards her , stopping a second later realising if he took another someone might snap his neck. Kai smiled widely at her and she smiled back at him , taking a step towards the Salvatores. “Are you two going to keep it up with the over protective stuff? I love you but seriously - I am graduating high school , the ceremony is in two days. Are you planing on going to Whitmore with me too ?”
“No.” said Stefan. “We are just -”
“Being the most loving , carrying yet extremely annoying not-blood-related older brothers ?” interrupted Kai making both Salvatoress turn towards him. He could see Y/N was trying hard not to start laughing. “Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Can I at least say HI to her or is this forbidden too ?”
Damon poured himself a drink and drank most of it while Stefan motioned for Kai that it’s OK if he wants to say HI. In a flash Kai hugged Y/N under the absolutely shocked facess of the Salvatore brothers.

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Kai as Older Brother Headcanon
  1. Very very very protective
  2. “No one can get close to my lil baby!”
  3. He’ll take you to eat every time you ask him
  4. Probably that brother that eats the piece of cake you left in the fridge
  5. He’d say “No you don’t look pretty. Don’t go” just to keep you from meeting boys/girls
  6. Honest hours at 3am
  7. “I can’t sleep, do you want to go out for food?”
  8. He’d try to help you with homework even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing about
  9. Ballet lessons with him
  10. “The only boy you are meeting is Kyungsoo because I trust him.. the others… I don’t know. You are too pretty”
  11. The definition of hanging out with your brother is, sitting on the couch while the TV is on and you two doze off
  12. He’d teach you how to drink
  14. He might be a joke sometimes but when you need a really good and serious advice, he’d give you the best one
  15. He’d be that kind of bro you would be afraid to disappoint
  16. No one would make you laugh like he does
  17. Weird nicknames
  18. He’d try to not fight with you that much, unless you do something really reckless
  19. “Do you want a puppy for your birthday? WHY NOT?! I ‘ll take care of it!”
  20. You’d be like his princess

I know I’ve talked about the Cresswell age gap a lot. I mentioned that it’s not illegal in most parts of the world (seriously, stop imposing American laws and norms to the rest of the world all the time - you don’t have to like the age gap but it just isn’t illegal), that their relationship isn’t sexual and hardly will be for a while and if I can suspend my disbelief when it comes to:

- a 16-year-old mechanic who only remembers 5 years of her life to become a capable queen and getting engaged at 18 while having met the guy a handful of times,

- a 23-year-old guy who has been trained to be a child soldier since age 11 with almost no damage to his mind and who falls in love with the first girl he talks to,

- or a 17-year-old girl who never seemed to have any political training of any kind become an equally capable ambassador just because people like her and who also never considered a guy other than her childhood sweetheart for her one relationship,

then ages in TLC, and YA in general, are hardly comparable to ages in our world. The same goes for Cress, despite the uneccessary infantilisation of her character the fandom seems so fond of. (I only picked Cinder, Wolf and Winter as a comparison because along with Cress, those four have the most “YA”-like experiences that makes it harder to compare their maturity to real-life people of the same age.)

[Btw: Most of the main characters didn’t go to school or had any previous relationships. For me, it seems weird to argue that only Cress should to go to school - not even college but a normal high school that would surely not challenge her genius enough  - and have her date other people when no one demands the same things from Cinder, Wolf, Jacin, Winter or Kai. If they can meet their one true love during the revolution and marry them later on without taking breaks, then so can Cress. If I apply-real-life standards to a sci-fi YA story then it would have to go for all characters. But either all of them are allowed find their one true love and stay with them forever or they all need to “grow” first.]

But I feel one of the biggest issues with the age gap discourse is that almost no one posts age-appropriate fancasts. It’s obviously easier to find cool images of established actors or models but it definitely distorts the images we have of the characters.

Sure if you put an actress who is around 16-years-old:

(Let’s take Elle Fanning at age 16)

And use 30-year-old Sam Claflin or Garrett Hedlund (33) in the same fancast it of course looks like a super inappropriate age gap:

Or if people use Zac Efron, they usually pick pics where he is at his current age, 29:

(I’ve seen Diego Luna at age 37, Chris Wood (29) or Diego Boneta at age 26 too - hardly anyone who is Thorne’s actual age, +/- one year).

As for Cress, I’ve seen people fancast girls as young as 13-year-old (like AnnaSophia Robb from “Bridge to Terabithia):

When for all intents and purposes Cress should look like Elle Fanning or her:

(That’s some instagram girl which I often see used as a Cress fancast from the year 2014 where she was 15/16 - I’ve looked through her instagram and only used pictures from 2014 when she was 16 even though she’s 19 or 20 now. You can look up Jacy Jordan/jacykjordan if you want to verify her birthday and dates she posted those pics. But yes, that’s a 16-year-old girl. A teenager, not a child.)

Compared to this guy:

(Froy Gutierrez, age 19. Oh no, a year younger than Thorne. Still a whole lot closer to what Thorne would look like than Claflin, Hedlund, or other fancast who are usually 25+ at least. Could anyone look more like canonThorne? I don’t think so. He’s the age, he has the looks, hey, he is even half-Mexican. My personal favourite for canonThorne.)

Or coming back to Zac Efron (not my pick but I use casts I’ve seen floating around a lot), you would have to back as far as 2008 to have him at the right age for Thorne (and I used a more flattering picture of him where he doesn’t have that weird Justin-Bieber hairstyle):

(That was from a High School Musical press conference in 2008. The same year he made the movie “17 again”. If you envision Thorne as Zac Efron, in “17 Again” he was 21, one year older than Thorne but still, he would be more appropriate than the way he looks now. Even if one likes current Zac Efron more, it just unnecessarily makes the Cresswell age gap seem wider than it is.)

Or you know what? Let’s include “Bieber Efron” too (after all, it’s not my fault he had that hairstyle):

(21-year-old Zac Efron. See how different he looks from his older counterpart? Or from Claflin and Hedlund for that matter? Thorne wouldn’t look like a grown man at 30. That obviously goes for all the characters but picking and older Kai, Wolf or Jacin never causes the same outcry as it does when it comes to Cresswell)

Now, compare this (16-year-old girl with guys almost twice their age):

To this (16-year-old girls with 20-year-old boys, the way it is in canon):

I feel this puts the whole thing into perspective. We’re not talking about a child or pre-teen with a thirty-year-old dude. If you saw Jacy and Froy or Elle and Zac from the lower pic walking down the street, hardly anyone would consider it inappropriate. If you use fancasts where they are the actual ages they have in canon, Cress and Thorne’s age gap doesn’t seem as wide as people make it out to be.

Basically, I feel there’s a distorted image in the fandom of how child-like Cress and how mature Thorne are when that’s just not the case. One doesn’t have to like the age gap or the ship but the reason why it doesn’t matter to so many people is because we don’t see Thorne as a grown-up man, nor Cress as an immature child. Putting the “legality” on it makes it US-centric and TLC is not US- centric. More importantly, for me and many other fans, mutual respect, trust and equality is a given in their relationship, as we have seen time and time again from canon. 


Pairing: oh sehun x reader

Summary: “The amount of tapioca in the boba expresses how much I love you.”

“More boba flavors to try,” You mumble, trailing off as you scroll through your feed to find more of this important information. You write down the ones for Sehun and you to try later on when you two have time.

“Hey, baby.”

“Mm, busy,” You hum, waving him off.

“But I have boba,” Sehun says, making you immediately turn to him. He chuckles and leans down for a kiss before giving you the drink. You grin, taking a sip. “This is really good, better than usual actually.”

“That’s because I made it.”

“That’s why you refused to let me into the kitchen?”

“I wanted to surprise you by making our own boba,” Sehun shrugs. “And I had to learn because Suho says we’re wasting a lot of money buying it.”

“Well that’s true.”

“So you like it?”

“Love it. Thank you, Hunnie.”

“I’m glad you love it,” He grins and kisses your cheek. You hum and smile, slurping away on your boba. “Oh, and one more thing.”

“Mm?” You ask, turning your attention to him.

“The amount of tapioca in there expresses how much I love you.”

You glance down at the drink in your hand. You move the straw around, trying to find the tapioca, rather the lack of.

“Hunnie, there’s only one?” You comment, raising an eyebrow.

“Exactly, love you,” Sehun laughs and sips at his boba.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t,” He hums and pokes your cheek.

“You can’t joke about the tapioca, Sehun!” You whine and swirl the straw around, hoping this was a joke. “Seriously, where is all my tapioca?”

“In my stomach.”


“Uh, yeah?” He scoffs and rolls his eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.


No response comes from the boy sitting next to you. He continues sipping away at his drink, humming happily. You huff and stand up, stomping out the door. Sehun sits dumbfounded, not believing you left so quickly.

For the next week, you ignore all of Sehun’s texts and calls. You were still mad over him being so childish. He knows how much you loved your boba with tapioca. It was the same amount of love he had for the drink.

Baby, come on!

You seriously still can’t be mad at me for not adding any tapioca in your boba.

You’re really not gonna talk to me?

Fine, then I won’t either!

“Sehun, get off your phone. We’re having dinner,” Suho scolds.

“I was getting off anyway,” Sehun huffs and throws his phone off to the side in anger. The members look up from their plates and conversations, wanting to know what has the youngest angry.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chanyeol asks.

“Y/N’s not talking to him and he’s mad about it,” Kai answers for him. Sehun looks at the older boy and Kai shrugs. “You mumble things and I was looking over your shoulder.”

“It’s just stupid that Y/N’s mad!” Sehun complains, throwing his hands up and slamming his fists against the table.

“What is it that Y/N’s mad about? It must be something serious,” Xiumin asks.

Sehun sighs and runs his hand down his tired face. “I made boba and ate all the tapioca, so Y/N couldn’t have any.”

The members stare blankly at the boy, not believing the words that came out of his mouth.

“So,” Chen trails off. “Y/N’s mad because there wasn’t any tapioca in the boba?”

“And that’s why you’ve been ignored for, for a week and being all sulky?” Baekhyun questions.

“Yeah, it’s so annoying! Y/N’s annoying!” Sehun huffs and crosses his arms. The remaining members look to Suho who only sighs.

“I told you to make your own boba, not make anyone mad by,” Suho trails off, sighing again before continuing. “Not adding tapioca to the boba.”

“It was a joke!”

“Yeah, but Y/N loves boba as much as you do,” Lay offers softly. Sehun huffs to show he didn’t care, but really, he was sadden. He misses you.

“Let’s continue dinner,” Suho says, sending everyone back to their plates and conversations. Sehun stays silent, looking at his plate full of food.

“I’m not hungry,” He mumbles, pushing away his chair and standing up. He walks back to his room and crawls into bed, burying his face into his pillow.

“I can’t believe they’re fighting over boba.” Kai chuckles.

“It’s them, I’m not surprised,” DO mumbles.

“I can’t believe he left the table without excusing himself.” Suho shakes his head.

Sehun peeks up from his pillow to his phone, finding no notifications from you. He pouts, sitting up and grabbing onto the device. He pulls up your messages, thinking of what to say.

Baby :(

Please answer.

I guess I miss you.

Kidding, I do miss you.

A lot.

Sehun sighs, knowing you weren’t going to answer. He runs a hand through his hair before swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He stands up and grins, coming up with an idea. He immediately goes to the kitchen while the members are still having dinner.

“Sehun?” Suho questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Busy,” The youngest shushes and raises a hand for them not to ask anymore questions. The members snicker as the leader frowns.

“What are you doing?” Chanyeol asks as they watch Sehun make a boba with tapioca nearly filling the whole thing.

“Making boba,” Sehun mumbles and puts the cap on top when he’s finished.

“That’s not boba, that’s-” Sehun cuts off Chen by cleaning up and leaving the kitchen.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Suho questions.

“Y/N’s house.”

“With a cup full of tapioca?” Xiumin chuckles.

Sehun ignores them and runs out the door to your house. He’s careful not to spill any of the content in the boba. Knocking on your door several times, you finally open up. Upon seeing him, you sigh and cross your arms.

“What do you want?”

“I wanted to apologize for teasing you.”

Your eyes trail to the boba drink he held up, finding the majority of it to be tapioca.

“Sehun, this is all just tapioca. I can’t drink this,” You say, trailing off when you see the pout on his lips.

“I know. I could only fit so much, but the amount of tapioca shows how much I love you.”

A smile graces your lips, finding it adorable that Sehun made you another boba just to make it up to you.

“You’re forgiven, now come here.” You coo, your arms going up for a hug. His pout finally turns into a smile as he embraces you in his arms.

“I love you,” He mumbles into you.

“I love you too, you dork.”

You pull away, grinning at him as he holds you. His beautiful smile graces his lips and you giggle.

“Okay, but seriously where’s my boba?”

“I am trying to apologize to you and all you can think about is boba?”

“Uh, yeah?”

Sehun chuckles and pulls away to retrieve two bobas from behind him. You grin, clinking your drinks together. “This is why I love you.”

“I know, Hunnie.”

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(older members only) svt's reaction to making you squirt for the first time.

(I’m assuming you mean hyung line, so I’m gonna do… Woozi and older. kay? kay.)

Seungcheol/S.Coups: he would be flattered. But he would also be concerned for you. Immediately reassuring you that it was perfectly natural and that your body was beautiful and that he found it hot and that it only made him want you more. He never wanted you to be embarrassed, especially not when the two of you were intimate, so his concern was through the roof when you were only hot and yearning for more. (And he did find it incredibly sexy.)

Jeonghan: he would be like a kid in a candy store. He thought this was something that only happened in porn, maybe something of myth. And having his stomach glistening with your juices was like a dream for him. He would be eager to lick you off, to see if it tasted any different, to experiment and to see what would be the fastest way to get you to squirt again.

Joshua/Jisoo: he would be slightly confused. He would not be as versed in porn and maybe not know what had just happened - this might make you slightly embarrassed, seeing the dubious look on his face, but after explaining with your hands clamped over your face that it meant that he had made you cum especially hard, he was pink cheeked, but smiling, pleased with himself. All he ever wanted was your pleasure, so he wanted to do that again.

Jun: so damn smug. That’s one of his primary emotions, so that’s all he’d feel as soon as he felt the rush of wetness flow over him. He would stare at you for a long time, basking in your beauty, your sexiness, the pure porn brought to life that was you - but also feeling so damn smug and proud of himself. For having you as his own and for being able to make you do that.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: he would be amazed. Seeing your body do something so sexy but so cool. He’d want to bask in the moment, but he’d also want to see you do it again and again and again, almost making you beg for a moment to rest.

Wonwoo: he would be shocked. He almost never thought this would be something he’d see in real life and not in porn, and he wasn’t sure if that was it - and when you confirmed with a gasp of a breath, he blushed and kissed up your body, harder and hotter than he ever was in his life.

Woozi/Jihoon: he was humbled. Normally so damn cocky in bed, hearing you cry out and then feeling himself soaked in seconds; it was a damn spectacle that he never expected. He knew your body was a wonder, but you always knew ways to take him down a notch or two. And he was sure as hell gonna make you do that again.

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(my daddy)


Exo reaction when they see you crying bc you’re pregnant and everything hurts all the time

Xiumin: He’d feel bad as hell.. he would kinda feel responsible for your pain so he would try the best he could to make you feel better, but if it would get worse, he would definitely call a doctor for advice.

“Are you really okay baby, is there anything I can do for you?”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan: Wouldn’t really know what to do, he would sit there and listen to your complains carefully. After your pain stopped, he would take you out for some ice cream or shopping or so..

“Hmm, I’m sorry I can’t do anything about your pain, but we can go, get some ice cream if you want, maybe that makes you feel better.”

Originally posted by 7thvelvet

Kris: would literally suffer with you… every time you cringe because your back hurts so much he would feel pain too.. he knows he’s in no position to help you physically but he would be by your side.

“I will probably never know how bad you feel right now… but to see you, being in so much pain, hurts me as well Y/N.”

Originally posted by andyswarhol

Suho: would buy you everything you want, would do whatever you say, everything to make you feel better, even if that means to drive to the next grocery store at 3 in the morning bc you want Ben&Jerry’s.

“I got it babe, I’m on my way to get you your ice cream… something else I can get you?”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay: would also be the cutest partner you could wish for, he would be by your side every time you feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable. He would buy you roses or plushies… everything to make you forget the pain.

“I saw these flowers and immediately thought of you… I had to buy them for you…”

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Baekhyun: cutest person ever… would try to distract you with jokes or games and would give you all his attention.

“You look stunning today princess, did you change your hair or something…?”

Originally posted by sefuns

Chen: would tell you how strong  you are and how beautiful you are…. he knows that he can’t do more for you that to spoil you to no end.

“Baby, I know that it hurts, but you don’t have to endure it much longer… only a few weeks my lady…”

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Chanyeol: He would tell you about all the cool things you will do when your child is born, he would also play the guitar for you and sing to calm your nerves, because lets be honest.. who can stay angry when chanyeol plays guitar…

“Listen baby, I wrote this song just for you…”

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D.O: ‘ Oh man, what should I do? She is in so much pain and I can’t do anything about it… I’m such a bad partner…’ would hate himself.(But would still do everything possible for you)

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Tao: would try to distract you with food.

“See honey… tastes fantastic right? We should visit this place again when our baby is a bit older…”

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Kai: ‘It’s the fifth time this week that she got those stomach aches… is that still normal ?What if somethings wrong with the baby?? Maybe we should call the doctor…’ 

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Sehun: would be COMPLETELY lost…. he is still pretty young himself and in that moment, he would start getting doubts and would ask himself if he’s really ready to be a father when he’s not even able to make you feel better.

“What if I’m going to be a terrible dad, I am not mature enough myself, how should I raise a child? But it doesn’t matter… I have to stay on Y/Ns side.. she goes through so much pain… I can’t let her down now! I have to be strong…”

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Injured Football Player Ch21

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Summary: Little Charlie is down because she is in a cast, which means she can’t do much of anything. So, the reader and Bucky try to cheer her up.

Word Count: 1414

A/N: Okay, so I really do want to name my future dogs Matilda and Groot, so that is where I got the names from!

Chapter 21

 Charlie was in the hospital for two days, and by the end of day one she was getting antsy being locked up in a hospital room. She clung to Bucky like she never wanted him to leave her side, and Bucky ate every second up.

 When it was time to discharge Charlie, she was trying to sprint out to the car. “Slow your roll, kid,” you chuckled holding her hand.

 “I wanna go ho-o-ome,” she wined pulling on your arm.

 “Listen to your mama,” Bucky spoke as he carried all the balloons and gifts that Charlie got.

 “Yes sir,” she slowed down.

 “Now, what is the number one rule now?” Bucky asked putting her stuff in the back of your car.

 “No jumpin on couches,” she spoke.

 “Or beds,” you added.

 “Or beds!”

 “Yes ma’am,” Bucky smiled at you, “I don’t see her jumping anymore.”

 “I don’t either,” you chuckled.

 When you got home, Bucky helped get you Charlie and all her stuff into the house. He sat down the last bag and gave you a kiss, “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

 You raised your eyes, “Where are you going?”

 “I will be right back,” he gave you a coy smile.

 “James,” you said following him out to the garage, “What are you up to?”

 “I got something for Charlie Rae and you.”

 You stopped, “You better not have gotten her a pony, James!”

 He let out a laugh, “No, baby, I didn’t get her a pony. I promise. Besides, you already have your own pony at the ranch.”

 You sighed, “Okay. Don’t be gone too long?”

 He kissed you quickly, “I wont be gone longer than 30.”

 You waved as he drove out of the driveway, “What do you have up your sleeve, James Barnes?”

 You were upstairs with Charlie in her room when you heard Bucky downstairs.

 “Girls?” he called out, “Can y’all come down here? Daddy has a surprise for you two.”

 Charlie looked at you with big eyes, “Surprise?”

 “Where are you baby?” you called out walking down the stairs.

 “Living room,” he sang.

 You stopped in your tracks when you turned the corner. There standing in the middle of your living room was Bucky holding two French bulldog puppies.

 He smiled at you two, “Surprise!”

 “Puppies,” Charlie squealed running towards him.

 He handed her the black and white Frenchie, “This is puppy is a little girl, and she is all yours,” he walked to you with the brown Frenchie, “And this little guy is yours, Mama.”

 You were in shock. You have always wanted a French bulldog, but you never felt like it was the right time. You slowly took the puppy from your husband, “James, what in the world?”

 “You have always wanted a Frenchie, and I decided to surprise you and get two,” he smiled sweetly at you, “That is Matilda, and this little guy is Groot.”

 You covered your face and started to cry. You had told Bucky when you guys started dating that you wanted a brown boy and a black and while girl Frenchie, naming them Groot from Guardian of the Galaxy and Matilda, calling her Tilly for short.

 You wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him, “I love you so much.”

 “Are you talking to me or Groot?” Bucky smiled at you.

 “You of course. Thank you, so much.”

 “Anything to make my girls smile.”

 After week three of Charlie in a cast, she was depressed because she couldn’t do anything but stay inside.

 You were standing in the kitchen watching her pet the puppies, when you had an idea. You walked up to your office and called Bucky.

 “Hey baby mama,” Bucky answered the phone. 

“Want to take Charlie and the puppies to the ranch?” you asked.

 “Yes,” Bucky answered instantly, “I would love to take her out there.”

 “Good. I think I might call Mom and Dad to see if they want to meet us out there too.”

 “I think that is a great idea, baby. When would you want to go?” 

“Tomorrow?” “Sounds perfect to me, babe.”

 “Alright, I am going to call Mom. I love you.”

 “I love you more.”

 When you hung up you called your mom and suggested the idea to her, and she had the same response that Bucky had. Everyone agreed that Charlie needed to get out of the house, and out of the city for a couple days.

 Next morning, you woke up and snuck into Charlie’s room. You leaned down and sang, “Wakey, wakey, eggs and backey Charlie Rae.”

 She rolled over and rubbed her eyes. She smiled at you, “Mama.”

 “Baby,” you sat next to her on the bed, “I got a surprise for you.”

 “Another puppy?”

 You chuckled, “No, not another puppy. We are going on an adventure! So I need you to get ready because we are leaving in thirty minutes.”

 She jumped up and ran to her closet looking for clothes.

 Thankfully, everyone was ready and packed up in the car in thirty minutes. Charlie was in the backseat talking about the adventure that you guys were going on and how excited she was to have the puppies going with her.

 When Bucky pulled onto the dirt road, Charlie started squealing. Ever since she was born, she knew the ranch was a safe, loving, fun place for her.

 “Ranch! We are at ranch,” she kept squealing.

 You turned around and smiled, “You like your surprise?” 


 “Well, Rae,” Bucky spoke as he pulled up to the house, “You have one more surprise.”

 In that moment, you parents walked out of the front door waving. The second Charlie saw your dad there, she could barley sit still, “Pops!”

 “Wait till the car is stopped,” Bucky said as he put it in park.

 “Little Bug,” you dad called out opening her door.

 “Pops! Pops is here,” she wrapped her arms around his neck.

 “Nana is here too,” you mom laughed behind him, taking Charlie from your dad.

 “You would think she hasn’t seen them in years,” you laughed as you got out of the car.

 The trip changed Charlie’s whole attitude. She was happy everyday, and was back to the normal, cheerful Charlie.

 On the last day, Bucky took her out for a walk to the horse barn to look at the horses.

 “Did you have a good trip, Rae?” Bucky asked lifting her up to lean on the railing so she could look at the horse.

 She nodded her head, “Yes! I love ranch!”

 Bucky chuckled, “Daddy loves the ranch too.”

 “Why?” Charlie asked as normal two year olds do.

 “Why do I love the ranch?” Charlie nodded, “I love the ranch because this is the place where I knew I wanted to be with your mama forever.”

 “Really?” she asked.

 He nodded, “Yep. When Mama and Daddy first met, she brought me out here and she let me see who she really was. She showed me who she wanted to be, and she wasn’t afraid to let me in. And I fell even more in love.”

 Charlie looked at him confused. He let out a chuckle, “I will explain it to you when you get older, Rae.”

 She nodded, “Kay. Can we go see what Nana is cooking?”

 “Yes ma’am. Don’t run,” he hollered.

 He made his way out of the barn to see you leaning up against the barn. He smiled, “Hey mama.”

 “Hey, you,” you walked closer to him.

 “How long you been out here?” he wrapped his arms around your waist.

 You smiled and kissed him.

 “So you heard?” he asked when he pulled away.

 You nodded, “I did. Did you mean it?”

 “Every single word,” he pulled you closer and kissed you again.

 When you pulled away you smiled, “Ever thought about getting lucky in a tack room?”

 Bucky threw you over his shoulder and carried you to the tack room as you laughed.

 The ranch will always be a special place for your family. The ranch is where Bucky said he was in love with you. It was the place where you could run away to with Bucky when you two needed time away. It was the place you told your family you were pregnant. It is the place that you guys will bring your children to, and that they will hopefully bring their children to. The ranch was built with love, and it will continue to grow with love as the years go on. 

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Friendly reminder: Soma and Agni in Kuromyu1

Soma and Agni make an appearance (however brief) in the first Kuromyu “That Butler, Friendship”. They had been on vacation but returned early. It’s set *between* the curry arc and the circus arc. 

Three visitors from Japan come to Phantomhive Manor hoping to learn about English customs from Tanaka, but they never get to speak with him. A young man (Yuuki), his older brother (Kai), and a caretaker of sorts (Kirito). 

Kirito turns out to be a demon who offers Sebastian friendship while making a joke (that Sebastian doesn’t understand) about cats. At the end Kirito is killed by Yuuki playing a magic flute that exorcizes spirits and demons, and it’s sad because Kirito had become a “good guy”. Kirito allowed himself to be killed in order to protect the young Yuuki. His (Yuuki’s) own brother, Kai, was the villain…. (Sebastian ends up killing Kai the same way he will kill the circus doc later.) 

They hold a funeral for the demon, and Sebastian mourns him and comments that perhaps they *could* have become friends…. I think this play was meant to be a hidden au spoiler for Agni’s death. They couldn’t kill Agni off in the play, so they bring in new foreigners and kill off the one who offers Sebastian friendship….

Mystery Crush

Summary: You are a trainee from JYP. You’re visiting your brother Kai at his dorm that he shares with his group mates. It’s your first time meeting them and you’re super excited but also super nervous! Espescally to finally meet your crush!

Genre: Fluff, protective older brother Kai, silly boys, etc. blah blah.

Length: 2,246 words

I know I’m no expert or anything, just wanted to write a little something something. Didn’t proofread either so sorry if there’s any errors… Enjoy!


You stood nervously in the elevator as you continued to ascend higher and higher into the earth’s atmosphere. Your stomach starts to do somersaults and you feel a bit dizzy. You were already nervous enough before about meeting your brother’s group mates for the first time, now you also have to worry about being simultaneously sucked from a hundred story window after a bird flies into it causing it to break and the strong winds from being so high up and plummeting to your death thousands of feet below. Why didn’t Kai tell you that they were so high up. He was always not so great about disclosing important details such as this. 15. 16. 17. 18 fucking stories high and the dings just kept dinging and dinging.

You closed your eyes and imagined being on a beach. A deserted beach, just you sitting on the dry sand watching the water. Watching the fish jump in the water and watching the crabs walk like their walking sideways. This was the only thing that could soothe your nerves when you were in high places. Your brother taught you that.

Knocking you out of your happy place, you finally feel a jolt and hear the elevator opening. 27 stories high. Buildings this high should be illegal. Relieved that the mobile horror show was over you excitedly step out of the elevator and walk down the long white hallway. Instead of the mild somersaults, your stomach starts to do a whole olympic level gymnastics routine performed by Gabby Douglas and your head feels like it’s oozing fragments of your brain. You needed to calm yourself before you even made it to the door. Leaning back against a door, you take a few deep breathes and fan yourself with your hands. You can do this. You can do this. They’re just guys. Guys. 8 incredibly insanely beautiful guys. Men. 8 incredibly insanely beautiful sexy men. You stop fanning yourself. I can’t do this. I can’t. I’m leaving. I’ll just tell Kai that I forgot that I had singing lessons today or something. Just as you were about to balance on your own two feet the door behind you swings open and you yelp as you feel yourself falling further and further behind you. This is it. You think with your eyes closed. A thousand feet to my death. Before you feel yourself hitting the ground you feel two strong arms stopping you.

“Yah! Y/n! What are you doing?”

You look up into familiar eyes.

“Big brother!” You exclaimed excitedly and turn around to give him a hug. You haven’t seen him in person for months, you we’re both really busy, him with his comeback and you with your trainee training but somehow you were lucky enough for this little get together to even be possible.

Kai hugs you back. “What were you doing standing out there for so long? You a made a lot of noise when you were leaning against the door, I thought someone was trying was break in!”

“You were always an irrational scaredy cat.” You laughed as you thought of the equally, actually more irrational thought of being sucked from a building and falling to your death. You both laughed as you released each other from the hug.

“You’ll be the scaredy cat when you finally meet your “future husband”. Kai puts up quote signs as he’s saying this as a fit a giggles leaves his mouth.

“SHHHH! Someone might hear you!” You say as you press a finger to your lips.

Kai uses his best stereotypical girl voice imitation, “Oh the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, the father to my children - “ just before he announces the name of your crush you cover up his mouth just in time as some of the members back their way into the entry hall, probably wondering what was all the noise about.

“Hi!” You say over excitedly as your hands continue to cover up the mouth of the man that is laughing hysterically now.

“Hello!” Chen says matching your enthusiasm. “ You must be Kai’s sister, y/n.” He says now in his regular voice. Such a sweet, soothing voice.

“Yes I am.” Taking your hands away from a still giggling Kai, you bow to him and Sehun and Chanyeol who entered with him.

“Ah.. I should have known just by looking at Kai, that his sister would be very pretty. I should have braced myself better.” Chanyeol says shaking his head.

“You’re right, hyung.” Sehun says with a shy little smile.

You blushed at their complements. “Yah! Don’t get any ideas about my little sister. I already know she’s pretty and so does she, that’s all that matters.” Grabbing your hand, Kai pushes past the boys and goes into a living room full of more members. You see Kyungsoo and Suho in the kitchen. Xiumin and Lay sitting at the dining room table with a laptop. Baekhyun sitting in front of the TV with a PAUSED screen displayed. They all look dead in your face as you enter the open concept living space.

There’s a few seconds of silence. You feel your cheeks heat up as all eyes are on you.

“Hello y/n! Welcome to our home!” Suho says as he exits the kitchen space and bows.

“Why so boring hyung?” Baekhyun says chuckling as he gets up from the floor and walks over to you, pushing Suho out of the way. “Hello y/n! Welcome to our home!” Baekhyun says while doing exaggerated aeygo and doing a little dance that included shaking his butt.

A few seconds of silence.

An eruption of laughter coming from all mouths in the room, including yours.

“Wow this guy is embarrassing!” Xiumin says as he clutches his stomach.

“That was priceless!” Lay says clapping his hands like a seal.

“I think Suho’s greeting was better!” Kyungsoo says in between breaths.

“That was so cute!” You say wiping tears from your cheeks.

“I’m glad you appreciated it!” Baekhyun says stepping to your side, poking his elbow out for you to hook your arm into his. “Y/n! Come play video games with me.” Baekhyun says leading you into entertainment space. “You can have Sehun’s controller.”

“Yah! Why does sh - “ Chanyeol gives Sehun an nudge. “Don’t be rude to our honored guest.” Chanyeol says as he follows behind you and Baekhyun, grabbing his controller, leaving behind a pouting Sehun.

Within several hours, you’ve played and dominated various shooter and hand to hand combat video games with Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Sehun. Ate some delicious food prepared by Kyungsoo. Caught up with your brother Kai. Exchanged witty banter with Chen. Watched funny EXO cracks on youtube with Lay and Xiumin. And took mental notes of being a good leader with Suho, with sutle giggles and chuckles in the background. Now it’s the end of night and you were all playing drinking games and having a great time. By this time you were all extremely drunk.

“Ahhh! I think that I’ve finally found the girl of my dreams. Y/n please marry me.” Chen slurs as he downs another shot.

“No no no no no. She doesn’t want you at all. I’m her type. Y/n marry me instead.” Chanyeol says extending his hand to you for you take.

You just laugh and laugh, not really understand what was currently happening. Man were you super drunk.

“No! I would never let my sister marry anyone of you guys. She’s too good for all of you.” Kai says while pouring himself another drink. “Besides,” He downs his drink. “Neither one of you is who she’s crushing on anyway.”

A few moments of silence. Even the side conversations had ceased. Eyes dart from you to Kai to different members around the table. Damn it. Kai and his big drunken mouth.

Whaaaaaat?” Suho exclaims, mouth a gape.

“Who is she crushing on?” Kyungsoo asks with wide eyes.

“Is it me?” Sehun asks pointing to himself, looking straight into your eyes, your soul.

“No! It’s me!” Baekhyun says, jumping to his feet pointing to the heavens.

All of this yelling could be heard on Mars. Your dizziness starts to creep in again. Gabby Douglas has also retaken the stage in your tummy. You feel your cheeks getting hot, hotter than ever before.

“It’s obviously me.” Xiumin says, as he downs another shot.

“Sorry hyung but it’s me. We’ve been exchanging looks ever since she stepped in our dorm.” Lay says patting Xiumin sympathetically on the back.

Kai rubs his temples slowly as the commotion gets louder and louder. He looks over at you and sees how uncomfortable you’re becoming.

“Alright! Alright! Everyone shut up!” Kai yells, louder than anyone. The arguments cease, but the frowns do not. Kai turns to you. “Y/n, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that, it just slipped. I know I always make fun of you because of your crush but I would never try to expose you like that.” You smile at your brother’s sad eyes. “Oh big brother. You’re always so extra emotional when you drink.” You chuckle and look at the other boys as they awaited your answer. You grab the bottle of alcohol in front of you and gulp down it’s remains. You’re going to need to be really extra drunk for whats about to happen next. You slam the empty bottle down on the table and gaze over all the extremely handsome faces. One in particular.

“You really want to know? The name of my crush?”

You see 8 heads nod frantically.

“Well how about I tell you who it’s not. We already know it’s not Chen or Chanyeol thanks to my big brother over here.”

Chen and Chanyeol give you pouty faces.

“Sorry boys, I think you’re both handsome and I like you but just not in that way.” You give a shrug. “My crush is not someone who was in EXO-M.”

“Aww man!” Lay says, looking defeated. Xiumin pours himself another drink, head hanging low.

“My crush is also not apart of the beagle line.” You said lowering your head as the truth slowly makes its way to the surface.

“Noooooooo!!” Baekhyun says, clutching his heart dramatically. “Y/n. I thought we had something.” Baekhyun says while pretending to wipe tears from his eyes.

6 eyes stare intensely at you as they await your next clue. You feel sweat start to form on your forehead.

“My crush is not a maknae.”

“Ahh. So this is what heartbreak feels like.” Sehun says as he leans back in his chair.

4 eyes. Gabby Douglas is also accompanied by Simone Biles at this point, and they are performing a special, complicated duo routine for the fans all around the world.

“My crush is not the main singer.“

A few moments of silence. You close your eyes as you begin your thousands of feet descend into the abyss.


“The boring guy?”

An eruption of questions fill the room, as objections and confusions are thrown at you. You glance at Suho, who hasn’t said anything during all of this. You can see a small smile and a hint of red on his cheeks.

“Alright everyone it’s getting late. Y/n needs to go back to her dorm.” Kai says standing up, looking at his phone for the time.

“Maybe she should just sleep in Suho’s room.” Baekhyun said with a sly grin.

“You little!” Kai says as he throws a piece of leftover shrimp at Baekhyun, which he annoying catches in his mouth. Suho gives him a subtle pinch on his arms, making Baekhyun make a face full of pain.

You help the boys gather up all the trash and dirty dishes and make your way to the entry hall with Kai.

“Ah! It was so great to see you little sis.” Kai squeezes you a give hug and gives you a kiss on your forehead.

“You too big bro.” You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. “My ride is here.” You said looking at your phone. “Until next time!” You said opening the door but something spots it from opening it all the way.

“So. Now that you’ve finally met your future husband, what do you think about him?” Kai asks with a curious smile, as he holding the door.

You blush. “He’s perfect.”

Kai smiles at your adorableness and lets you out the door. You walk down the long, hallway back to the hellevator when you hear someone running behind you. Probably Kai with a plate of leftovers. The person finally catches up to you and you turn to see the face of Exo’s leader.


You just stare at Suho, not sure what to say. All you could think about is that you’re alone with him.

“Y/n.” He says again. “Here’s my number. Call me sometime.” Suho extends his hand with a small piece of paper with some numbers on it. You take it out of his hand, slowly, like a zombie and couldn’t do anything else but smile like a clueless little girl. He gives you charming smile and walks back toward the dorm, hands shoved in his pockets.

The ding from the elevator and whooshing doors snaps you out of your trance, but only a little. You back into the elevator, still watching Suho walk back to his dorm. You look down at the piece of paper in your hand and smile dreamily.