Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

  • Shoutarou and Hiroki have been going on ‘walking dates’ on their way home and talk about various things.  Shoutarou always has further to go so he always wants to talk more.
  • Judai’s ameblo blog has hit over 900 subscribers!  He’s also looking forward to Matsukawa’s birthday; he’s gonna try to eat Matsukawa’s favorite food on that day (cheese-filled hamburg steak).

anonymous asked:

Hi I saw your post about Dale Pike being cryptic, but in one of her stories she explicitly comments on being a lesbian, in what sounds like her 30s/40s, with a son. Like, granted, I know people lie and all that, but it sounds like another fan. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, just thought I'd mention cause I don't see anyone posting about this.

You probably don’t see anyone posting about it because we’ve already considered that option, and it’s the only proof we have that Dale is a 30/40yr old lesbian mother, so we’ve moved on.

And yeah, people lie. Especially strangers on the internet, and ESPECIALLY Mofftiss. Every other story they’ve written doesn’t necessarily contradict that statement, but they definitely raise enough flags and eyebrows for us to seriously consider that maybe this person is more than what they’re letting on.

Like I mentioned in my post, their tagging system looks suspiciously like they were trying to get our attention, and our attention only. Most people who write fanfiction tag with genre, tropes, archetypes, plot points, and more, in order for their stories to reach a broader audience and share their works with the community. Dale does not. Dale’s tags tell us absolutely nothing about what we’ll find in their stories. The last two stories they posted (after we found and began to investigate them) lacked any kind of tag they had used previously, as if they knew we’d be watching for more. (They tagged their last fic #norbury. They know what we’re doing.)

At this point, what keeps us on board with the ARG theory is that there’s simply not enough evidence to deter us. This person obviously knows a LOT about what we talk about on here, how we talk about it, what kinds of connections we make. Only someone very deep in the conspiracy would know the things they know and would be able to understand and purposely plant those kinds of references. Since the conspiracy is like 99% on tumblr, therefore they must have some sort of presence on here, which also means that they must know we’re talking about them.

So until Dale comes forward as a real person and denies our claims of being (connected to) Mofftiss, we’re holding out our resignation. Our actions right now are pretty typical ARG behavior (not acknowledging the game directly, not interfering in ways that could have consequences outside the game, etc.), so even if it turns out Dale is not part of the ARG, then the worst they will get is dozens of kudos and nice comments on their AO3 works. Personally, I don’t think that’s so bad.