HembroHero has spent about two weeks making this amazing Ray compilation. It’s super long but a great way to look back on some of Ray’s finest moments ♥


the child i started sponsoring last year c: decided to take another one under the wing today 8D

hello megan welcome 2 the crib c: 

anonymous asked:

Underage harry smuts? :) thanks!

YES!!! This is an important ask!!! :D

Okay, so I won’t post those again, where both Harry and Louis are underage. You can look those and underage Louis fics up on my blog, if you want. You just sort through my tags typing in “underage”. This should work. :)

After Hours (16)

But I’ll Still Take You Home (17)

i’ll fuck you like the devil (17)

i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck (omega Harry and The 1975 title!!!, 17)

let’s talk about making love (17)

the beast you made of me (omega Harry, 16)

You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) (because YES, 17)

Talk like a top take it like a bottom (just bringing this back, plus the sequel of course, 16)

What’s Said And Done (he’s like 15/16?)

The Sweet Escape (15)

stirringofbirds between my arms (16)

Been Waiting Long Enough (16)

I know that 17 is barely underage, but I’m simply obsessed with 16/17 year old Harry, so bear with me!

No rape. No incest. All consensual. But underage. :)