living with ponyboy !
  • the front door is always unlocked in case any of the boys need to crash on the couch for a night
  • if there are sweets in the house, you have to hide them or ponyboy will eat. all of them.
  • he misplaces his things constantly, & he usually loses them in the same spot he did last time
  • but generally, he’s pretty neat (aside from his desk, which is essentially a 5 foot pile of filled notebooks, paint bottles, & crumpled papers)
  • if there are scary bugs or spiders, he will save you from them & take them outside carefully bless his heart
  • ponyboy is r e a l l y slow at waking up he’s so !! clumsy and disoriented. you basically have to get him dressed bc he’s so tired he’ll start putting his arms into the legs of his jeans
  • since darry is so handy, ponyboy picked up on how to fix a lot of things around the house, so you can always get him to change a lightbulb or fix a leaky sink
  • the windows are almost always open bc pony loves the fresh air & sunlight
  • he either stays up until 2 in the morning or falls asleep at 7 there’s really no in between
  • sometimes you go into the sunroom where he likes to paint & find that he’s fallen asleep in front of his easel
  • ponyboy likes having plants around the house, but he always forgets to water them. he got really sad when the first one died, so you take over caring for the plants
  • there are notes everywhere- stuck on the fridge, laid by the sink, taped on the mirror- some are reminders for himself & others are cute ones for you aw 
  • ponyboy always brings home your favorite ice cream when he knows you’ve had a stressful day !!
  • he’s pretty good about dividing up chores evenly but he hates taking out the recycling/trash & will complain every time he has to do it
  • okay he is so clumsy & is always shutting his finger in the door or bumping his head on something so you’re constantly putting band-aids on him