I’m still in my planning phase for future work, so I’ve been looking back at older work a lot lately. This is yet another piece I wish to draw more from.

“Phalacrocorax auritus”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 18 ¼ x 24in, framed: 22 ¼ in x  28 in. sold.

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I’ll never forget the way my nieces’ eyes lit up and how excited they became when they asked if there’s any “girl superheroes” and I told them yes 😭💙


omg so to explain this… my friend @rynnaminttea took screenshots of our skype chat with our friend Emmer and… ok so Emmer is Illumi, Ryn is Killua (and the blue text), and I’m Gon lmao. We were doing reaction pics and this happened 

Can you really forgive someone because of whom you stuck in the void, can’t speak with your friends and your love, died and can’t ever again return home?
Can he forgive himself?
That hood is magic! I’ll show you : D

And I almost finished my diploma… almost. Even if you don’t care : D But that’s the reason I don’t do anything good.
Undertale belongs to TobyFox

anonymous asked:

I always thought that the other kids' runs could have been tampered with via Flowey. I headcannon that, due to their souls main attributes being not of determination, that would leave Flowey still in control of SAVE, LOAD, and RESET, and ultimately the most determined person in the Underground. I always thought that was just him messing with the timeline while the kids were there. But that's just me.

I’m fairly certain that Flowey was created after the other six fell. His end game is getting to the souls in the jars, and he was never able to do that until you arrived.

The game also strongly implies that only a short time has passed since Flowey and the Amalgamates were created by Alphys before Frisk falls and takes over the Resets. Most monsters don’t recognize a human, so it seems to have been a long time since the last one fell down.

The other kids may have been able to save and load to some degree based on comments by Toriel and Alphys’ analysis of their souls. But I guess since their primary attribute wasn’t determination, they eventually gave up against Asgore. Meanwhile Frisk keeps on truckin’. 

HC of the day:

When Yura and Beka are in their mid to end twenties they make it a tradition to go and watch all kinds of musicals, operas and ballets.
Yura would rant about the bad form of the dancers and Beka would just sit there and listen to the music.
He would have introduced him to rock and metal operas early on in their friendship and take him to all kinds of concerts while Yura takes him to different dance classes while they are together.