i can’t recall who it was but in one of blu’s livestreams a while ago someone suggested that future dutch lose his arm and replace it with a mechanic one which i loooooved a lot C:

so when dutch doesnt take care of it and it gets all run down and crappy because his mind is on art or the cars tennie fixes it for him

while simultaneously nagging him for nine hours 

I hope Blu didn’t have any superdefined plans for future!AU Duke, No.2 and Rayon

because I drew them.

Also, we couldn’t decide whether Duke would shear his hair or let it grow, so here’s short!haired Duke:

I think Duke has been pretty spoiled, and in the aftermath of Mike leaving and Kane raining all hell down on Motorcity, he gets… kinda banged up and broken, and has to use his cane for its intended purpose. Just because he’s never really been a fighter.

And Rayon’s practically a gang leader, so he makes it out of the war mostly unscathed, both physically and psychologically. (And wearing a Members Only jacket, that classy mofo.)

Still working on getting all the tags updated and works compiled. Things will move faster once I’ve got the other two mods set up with permissions.

Open question to creators: is most bitter!Chuck + nice!Mike part of the Exiles verse? I only know for sure about the fic that gave rise to that specific tag. Same question applies to nice!Chuck + bitter!Mike, only for the Strays verse.

I know there are a few arts (and possibly other things?) where the different Mikes and Chucks crossover, which I’m planning to tag as “Strays and Exiles” unless there are objections.