Precious Kaneki Ken (๑´•ω • `๑)

Oh. My. Word.

There must be some kind of cheerleader competition in town this weekend because this hotel is full of little cheerleaders.

I know because the parking lot is filled with vans with cheer-paint all over the windows.

I know because their high-pitched laughter rang through the lobby and restaurant earlier when I was waiting for my burger.

And I know because now, at 10:45pm, the whole place is rumbling with the sound of running, stomping, giggling and slamming doors. Seriously, I have never heard so much noise! Or FELT so much noise because I can literally feel it inside me like deep bass turned up loud.

I would call the front desk to report it but I can’t even pinpoint where it’s coming from because it’s coming from everywhere. I did just open my door, stick my head out and shout “COULD YOU KEEP IT DOWN!” at some gigglers in the hall and they hushed and hurried off. I am so non-confrontational that this action alone has left my heart pounding and my palms sweating.

SO ANNOYING!!!! They have to go to sleep eventually don’t they? THEY ARE CHILDREN. Where are their parents?!

*Edit* 11pm. I just yelled at more kids in the hall. I’m getting better at it, I made stern eye contact this time.