Drew some cute older!Frisk!! Im so happy with the colours and how it turned out! And the response on youtube has been good so i’m posting it on tumblr now!!

Please note that this is Older!Frisk. As well, if you are upset over the feminine body, there are many non-binary people who have feminine bodies. Non-binary does not have to mean Masculine. So please do not come to rant to me about this fact. Thank you!!

Out of the Box Thinking (UnderDubs ComicDubs)
Teen Asriel and Teen Frisk Get Frisky Heh heh YEAH! Edited by Gumi (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTsi...) Voices: Spikey Belmont, Sir The Sir, and Mrs.To...

Someone did a dub of my comic!! OMG! I’m SO happy!! They sound so down to it! Just AHHHHH! I didn’t think it would happen to one of my comics. I hear they’ll be doing more too….AHhh excuse me as I freak out over this. kthnxbye

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okay, so i am really surprised that me and yoko have come this far, because when i look at other blogs, we’re literally just a smol needle in a sea of straws. but you all followed us and made the few months here really great! that’s why i’ll say something to the few people that i hold dear or have made being on this blog special;

@echostared / sophie, i think you are the person i have talked to the most recently! besides us screaming at each other because of the pain that is yoko’s poor unrequited love for akaashi, you have also dragged me into lifeline hell and given me some really good recommendations regarding music! you are generally such a nice and wonderful person and i LOVE rping or talking to you in general! you were also very welcoming when i first talked to you and that still means a lot to me, so— please remain being such a precious nugget and bring light to people’s life!

@kenxing / kaien. goddamit, where the fuck do i start here?? we met when you actually approached me because i liked a plotting call on kenji and FOR SOME REASON WE THEN CONCLUDED THAT WE BOTH LIKED SEMISHIRA AND????? that escalated lmao. we always tried to squeeze in some time to talk about them between your work and SHITTY sleeping times and my classes and hell, it was worth it. you are very passionate about lots of things and despite our age difference, you don’t brush me off like i first expected you to when we figured out that you were older than me and that really helped my self-esteem out! thanks so much for being an awesome buddy and conversation partner!!! /also whispers that we should talk a bit more again lol

@konohaki / ashes, you were the one that actually inspired the idea of yoko being more than just two goody-shoes in her current verse. i am still really grateful for that, because it fits her character so much more and you and konoha were also the ones that kinda helped me to grow accustomed to roleplaying with people whose characters used other pronouns than him/her and that has also helped me a great bunch! and your vocabulary is godly, i kinda want to build a shrine every time i look at something you wrote lmao. thank you for being patient and a great source of inspiration!

@briightestsmile / sun, you and suga were one of the people that made me feel really at ease being on here. you interact with so many people and still are a real senpai to me in all of this. the idea of making yoko and suga live so close and actually be childhood friends still warms my heart up every time i look at one of our threads!! so thank you for being welcoming af on here and setting such a nice example!

@achrcmic / ace. you were literally the first person to talk to me ooc when i first set up yoko and also the only one out of the people i just listed that followed me and yoko on my old blog. we talked so much and we have the same timezones and the way you and sanada interacted with me on here will always be with me. i still keep it as a treasured memory and am so, so thankful for you. so thank you for existing and simply being such an amazing and strong person!

now, here are all the people that i have interacted with and i look forward to interacting even more with in the future; 💕

( @popokki / @hikyori / @kabedont / @silenciis / @divincs / @shiratrick / @femavyx / @reliefpitchernori / @snarkyshortstop / @12pride / @atihsonne / @lamentid / @favorists / @nishinoised / @clusterfuckcd / @albiniism / @daisanokensha / @ourveins / @apatsu / @malediicti / @flosculuus / @steadysetter / @pulchrii / @ojikuro / @sonic-stride / @glacieshart / @hesgen / @shesupport / @runrulytrickster )

and this is for the people that i haven’t interacted with YET, but i admire across the dash and would really love rping with sometime; 💖

( @surutakai / @favorformed / @imokou / @ttakatsu / @withoutglory / @decipiet / @velloa / @dxnamis / @bokmann / @solidreceive / @tagd / @undoe / @hajousai / @theirmanager / @diickaru / @wildtric / @hajimesvalentine / @pcorthing / @akitoima / @luxlunac / @shinchuu / @pervigil / @croiine / @glaieulux / @taigais / @mincble / @straxrdinario / @opiilarus / + my blogroll! )

So I have a story for y'all today. My mom and stepdad were in town to visit me and we went to IHOP for lunch and things went crazy. Our waiter was training another waiter and he eventually just took over all together and started flirting with me and I was just oblivious about it. My parents were like “he’s flirting with you” and I’m like “what? No way!” AND THEN he brought me a kids menu and crayons and a little kids cup to try and get me to smile but I just turned bright red and started laughing uncontrollably and I’m thinking to myself like holy shit what is happening…
Then as the meal progressed on he kept coming back to check on us and he would like talk with my parents and we talked about our majors at kstate etc.