”Hello, Dean.” - Nine times. That’s the total amount of times Castiel has said this phrase. He hasn’t said it since season eight. So, I’m sure you can understand how much it hurts to hear the phrase in season 11 and it turns out not to be Castiel.

things that actually happened

• harry publicly got papped at lax & flew to the UK, when he got there the rbb twitter changed their location to “home, soon to be!!”
• the next day louis publicly got papped at lax & flew to the UK …
• when he landed he tweeted “🏠”

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Hiccstrid #5, please? :)

This got kind of long, but I saw the opportunity for young!hiccstrid, and frankly there is just not enough of that. (also this is not remotely proofread)


“You uh, you want this sharpened?”

The girl in front of him nodded, her fingers twisting nervously in front of her. She was a couple years younger than him, not quite old enough to really begin any kind of combat training, maybe she just didn’t really know what this is?

“Well, I can do it, it’s just that this looks more like a bread knife, it’s not really supposed to be that sharp. You could just run a whetstone over it at home and it would be fine, no need to pay to have us sharpen it here.”

The girl’s face fell. “Oh, but, uh, still. I’d just rather it be done professionally, you know?” She gave him a huge smile and fluttered her eyelashes. If Hiccup didn’t know any better he’d think she was flirting. Except that was impossible, because no one flirted with him. “Please, Hiccup?” 

He blinked at her. “Uh. Okay, if you really want me to.” As he turned around he shot Astrid a baffled look, but was surprised to see her frowning at the girl. Hiccup shook his head and started up the grindstone. There had been a lot of girls bringing him things to do today, often small things. He wondered if they were trying to waste his time. He and Astrid had been trying to discuss plans for a fire-prevention system, and she was looking more and more irritated with every interruption. 

“Here you go,” Hiccup said, handing the knife back to the girl. 

She giggled and handed him a coin. “Thanks, Hiccup,” she said, still smiling in that weird way and fluttering her lashes. She stood there for a moment longer, just smiling and fluttering as Hiccup felt more and more uncomfortable. 

“So…anything else I can do for you?”

She giggled, nearly doubling over, and shook her head. “Oh, no, just, uh, thanks again.” She turned to leave, stopped, then turned around, rose onto her tiptoes, kissed his cheek, and then practically ran from the forge, still giggling.

Hiccup stared after her, frozen to the spot. After a moment he found his voice enough to ask, “What…just happened?”

He turned to look at Astrid, and found her on her feet and fuming, her hands balled into fists at her sides, staring after the retreating girl with a murderous look on her face.

“Astrid? Are, are you okay?”

“Fine,” Astrid said through gritted teeth. “Just. Fine.”

She turned back to the map of the village and picked up the writing stick and began writing so furiously Hiccup was worried the charcoal would tear through the paper. “You don’t have to keep indulging them, you know,” she said.

Hiccup shrugged. “Gobber would yell at me if I turned away business, and it only takes a minute.”

Astrid was still glaring at the paper. “Still–”

“Heeeeeey, Hiccup!” He looked to the entrance and smiled. 

“Hey Ruff! How’s your pike holding up?”

Ruff sauntered inside the forge and right into Hiccup’s personal space. “Good, yeah, it’s great.” Hiccup took a step backwards. He heard a snap and looked behind him to see a wide-eyed Astrid holding a broken writing stick in her hand. “Hey, could you sharpen these for me?” He looked back to Ruff to see her hold up a pair of scissors.

“OH MY GODS RUFF!” Hiccup and Ruffnut both jumped, turning to stare at Astrid, who looked nothing short of furious. “They’re scissors,” she hissed, “Just go home, and sharpen them yourself with a whetstone. It’s not that difficult.”

Hiccup glanced to Ruffnut, who was glaring now too. “Yeah, I could do that, but Hiccup is right here, so I could just–”

“BEAT IT, RUFF!” Astrid yelled, and Ruffnut backed off, her hands held out in front of her.

“Okay, okay, I’m going.” She winked at Hiccup, and beat a hasty retreat. 

Once she’d gone Hiccup turned his stare on Astrid, who was still holding the broken pieces of the writing stick. He blinked at her. “Astrid,” he began, “Are, are you…are you jealous?”

Astrid turned her death glare on him. “No!” she shouted indignantly, and turned back to their map, scribbling even more with working half of the writing stick. “Of course not. Why would I be jealous? A bunch of stupid girls want to try to get your attention by having you sharpen anything remotely pointy they can get their hands on? Fine, go ahead, what do I care?”

Hiccup found the corners of his mouth lifting without his will. “Right, of course,” he said, picking a few pieces off the scrap pile and carrying them to the table with his prototype. “It’s not like you have anything to be jealous of.”

“Exactly,” Astrid muttered, determinedly not looking at him.

“I mean, I’m sure this is just everyone wanting to come gawk at the idiot who trained a dragon. It’ll die down once the novelty wears off.”

Astrid hummed noncommittally. Hiccup smiled warmly and leaned against the table next to her. “I mean I’m still just me. Still just scrawny, weird, dorky Hiccup.” He watched Astrid retrace the same line on their blueprints for the fifth time. “And besides, I’m pretty sure someone has already claimed me as her scrawny weird, dorky Hiccup.”

Astrid didn’t say anything to that, but she did stop her aimless scrawling and a pink tint rose to her cheeks. “So, about the roof placement…” She still wouldn’t look at him, of course she wouldn’t, but there was a smile playing at the corner of her lips, and Hiccup knew her well enough to know that was a victory.

Pretty Cool Webcomics: A Tale of Two Rulers

(Hi guys, mod here! I haven’t been feeling my best as of late but I want to keep momentum going, so I’m gonna take a moment to talk about one of my favorite fancomics. We good? We good.)

A Tale of Two Rulers is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by @figmentforms! It updates once a week on Mondays.

Link, the Hero of Time. Zelda, the princess of Hyrule. Ganondorf, the King of Evil. For countless generations, these three have fought, reincarnated, and fought again. Every time, Ganondorf has been brought low by the Hero’s sword. Every time, the damage to Hyrule and the surrounding area has been catastrophic. This time, however, Zelda has a new plan; one that, if it succeeds, will put a stop to this cycle of violence before it can begin.

And so on a dark night, at a cliff overlooking her kingdom, Princess Zelda… proposes marriage?

By all accounts it’s a completely reasonable move: it would appeal to Ganondorf’s pride and desire to rule without putting civilians at risk, put an end to the war, and at the very least buy time until Link’s incarnation comes of age. But at the same time, it places the two monarchs in a precarious balance of willpower and control, where the slightest wrong move could result in both of them dying… or worse… developing actual feelings for each other. And that’s only if the rest of Hyrule doesn’t decide to intervene first…

This is… honestly, one of the best fancomics - and even webcomics in general - that I have read. The art is in gorgeous greyscale paintings, small but with a ton of rich detail and contrast that make the week between updates totally worthwhile. The author brings some clever and detailed interpretations to Zelda lore as well, with her other comic-related posts describing previous incarnations of the trio, worldbuilding, collaborated designs for ZelGan kids, and much more - to say nothing of her interpretations of Gerudos and Hylians themselves!

Really, when I say it like that, it’s the author’s collaboration and openness with readers that really propels this comic to my favorites list, along with the care and experience drawn from to make this a story that is at times incredibly dark, yes, but ultimately about breaking destructive cycles and gaining strength that doesn’t come from swords or magic. If you love the Zelda series, or maybe don’t play the games but like Game of Thrones and want something that can get as gruesome/sexy/bloody without being so darn cynical about everything, then please give this comic a read!

A Tale of Two Rulers contains violence, blood and death, themes of war, racism, and familial strife, and implied sexual abuse within one character’s backstory, and is recommended for older teens and up.

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