ponnie the musical (or in other words, i am ponnie loving trash and im not sorry)

remember how i said i would only ever ship ponnie one-sided??? that ship has sailed. i am now totally in love with consentual, grown-up ponnie. bonus points for steven being the president of the ponnie fan club and going to great lengths to help connie impress pearl because HE JUST WANTS TWO GREAT PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER IS THAT REALLY SUCH A CRIME

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Hello! How goes life? So, um, tomorrow I have a final for one of my summer grad sessions and I would love to have some destiel angst/fluff to help cheer me up before the test (and if you don't get this til later, that's fine bc I'll prob need more cheering up after rather than before, anyways). As always, I love your stuff!! PS: I'll love whatever you write, but if you could NOT make it about classes or finals, that'd be great; I got enough of that shit goin on IRL. Thanks!

I hope the tests go well! This is completely mindless fluff. 


“I am the queen of France!” Gabriel says.

He says it loudly, in the middle of the supermarket, conveying all the superiority that a five year old in a pink tutu with a glittery wand can. Castiel wants the ground to open up and swallow him, especially as Gabriel is currently bashing his glittery wand around the knees of someone Castiel knows from school.

When his dad told him to take Gabriel with him to the market to grab dinner, Castiel hadn’t imagined he’d run into Dean Winchester, school heartthrob and resident bad boy, staking shelves and helping old ladies with their baskets. He knew Dean had an after school job, but he never imagined it was here at the local market.

Dean laughs good naturedly at Gabriel’s antics, even as Castiel looks around desperately for the nearest exit, and next thing he knows when he looks back, Dean is kneeling on the floor, letting Gabriel smack him on either shoulder.

“I knight you Sir Dean!” Gabriel says auspiciously, and he’s obviously been at the Disney DVDs again that afternoon. Probably their dad sat him down in front of them to let the TV babysit Gabriel until Castiel got home from school. “You are now good enough for my brother, Cas, who is a princess.” 

Castiel can feel his cheeks going red, even before Dean looks up at him, his mouth falling open in surprise. Obviously, he hadn’t noticed that the little gremlin in sparkles and pink was with Castiel. 

“Gabriel,” Castiel mutters warningly, reaching out to grab his little brother’s hand. “Come on. That’s enough.”

“I got you a husband!” Gabriel says indignantly. “A handsome one.”

Dean stands then, brushing dust from the floor from his knees as he does. He can’t meet Castiel’s eye which just makes the situation worse. Castiel has had a crush on Dean for as long as he can remember, but they aren’t close. They aren’t friends. He watches Dean from afar, says hello to him occasionally and now Gabriel has ruined it.

“Well, he’s not my husband yet, kid,” Dean murmurs, eyes flicking up to meet Castiel’s for a second. “Not unless he says so. Can’t marry a princess without his consent.” 

Castiel doesn’t know what to say. He stares at Dean in confusing, hoping that Dean is waiting for his agreement, hoping that this isn’t just him playing along with Gabriel, trying to defuse an awkward situation.

“I…I think I should get to know you first before marriage,” he says finally, after it feels like hours have ticked by.

Dean smiles. It’s beautiful, just like he is.

“My shift is over in half an hour? I can take you for a bite to eat and we can get to know each other a bit better.”

Gabriel whoops in delight and immediately starts outlining just what he’d like for dinner too. “I want a pie, and something chocolate - maybe a chocolate shake - and I want a toy too.”

Dean doesn’t seem to mind that babysitting Castiel’s little brother is part of the evening. He even lets Gabriel have a chocolate shake, the biggest one he can buy, and Gabriel guzzles that happily while Dean and Cas get to know each other a lot better. 

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She’ll capture you with a sirens song; beauty and grace, She’ll lure you deep into the swallowing abyss, with words of a callous cat. How you’ll find her so radiant, gleaming like a winter’s sun. Venom broils in her veins, and the water is getting deeper.

When it comes to the Starks of Winterfell, everyone knows that crossing any of them would be a suicide. The lords and ladies across Westeros often warn of their terror. However, before their finish their tails about direwolves and White Walkers, they warn their children in a quiet voice, as though they are afraid to be heard: Better to anger the young wolves than to ever cross t h e  q u e e n s  o f  w i n t e r .


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