Day Five Hundred Fifty Two.

the world is wide open and waiting;
spread your ready palms and grasp
as many opportunities, experiences, moments,
as you can hold .

every day do at least one thing you love.
and if you lose your passion,
do something, anything, to get it back.

read books, dive into articles, immerse yourself in information.
you are more than a number that is assigned to you.
learn simply because you want to;
because you can.

even when the world is tough
and turns its big blue back on you,
keep going.

you made it this far,
you can conqueror any obstacle.
take it one day, 
one step,
one breath 
at a time. 


for my human healing pod au

So… the healing powers slowly start to carve little veiny scar lines into Lance’s hands. they start at the tips of his fingers and slowly work their way up his arms as the years go on eventually they’ll extend all the way to his chest (ending at his heart). He things they’re rather ugly (but Keith sure doesn’t)

He also get’s perpetual eyebags which sUCKS because he spends so much time trying to keep his skin nice