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So, two buddies of mine and I have this cute Family AU with Victor, Yuuri and their adoptive son Yuri(o) going in which Yurio gives a crap about gender-norm clothes and wears skirts. However, one time he got bullied to the point he had to switch school.

And that’s when he met Otabek who totally encourages him to wear skirts and is ready to kick anyone’s ass if they dared to make a remark on Yurio’s clothing style.

(they’re still young kids here. Like, Yurio being about 5-6 and Otabek 7-8 years old)

I have way too many feels for this au ok?  b y e


Old Faithful and the Milky Way by James Anderson
Via Flickr:
I walked around the Upper Geyser Basin after midnight and was able to experience Yellowstone in a whole new way…I highly recommend it! I had a beauty of a few clear and crisp nights and was able to photograph Old Faithful with the Milky Way on one night, the faint glow of the northern lights on another night and then the full moon rising over Old Faithful on our last night.

The first time Fry takes off his jacket in front of Bender and is wearing only a white sleeveless undershirt Bender almost falls out of his seat. (Its mid-summer and the heat is blistering, they’re skipping their shift, hanging out on the deck of the Planet Express building and trying to stay cool under loftily made sheet-umbrellas.) He manages play it cool, though, with some completely unecessary coughing (Bender has no lungs) and making some offhand comment about being temporarily blinded by the paleness of Fry’s arms , casually hiding behind lighting up a cigar.

The real story, though, is that he never realized that Fry would actually have arms underneath all that fabric, not to mention some pretty hefty biceps (“underdeveloped” or not, Bender still likes them more then is probably reasonable), and he definitely didn’t expect them to be littered with a smattering of freckles, either.

Fry doesn’t take note of Bender’s comment, only continues complaining about the too-hot heat, thoughtlessly throwing his jacket behind him. It’ll probably be eaten by Zoidberg later.

Bender abruptly stands up, announcing his departure by grinning and exhaling a cloud of smoke into Fry’s face. Fry grimaces and is in the middle of trying to somehow blow the smoke away without inhaling any of it when Bender wordlessly heads toward the cooler.

Bender thinks to himself that maybe he should try and get Fry to take off his jacket more often. He opens the cooler and pulls out a couple of beers - It could be fun. Bender silently walks back, pausing behind Fry’s chair to drop a half-melted ice cube down his tank top, laughing when Fry jumps away with a yelp.

Bender sits down and watches Fry over the head of the beer he’s got set against his mouth, grinning to himself as Fry scrambles to get the ice cube out of his shirt. When Fry finally settles Bender gives him a moment, smirking in the face of his glare. He shrugs in response,

“Just trying to help ya cool off, meatbag.“

He tosses a freezing bottle of beer into Fry’s lap, making it look accidental, and stifles another smile when Fry shrieks again and desperately tries to get it away from his crotch. Fry’s arms are funny and pink in the harsh summer sunlight, looking like they’d acquired more freckles in the past two minutes then they’d had before.

Bender dutifully opens the bottle for Fry after the redhead manages to get a hold of it and shoves it in Bender’s face, scowling. Bender lightly grabs Fry’s wrist, knowing his fingers are as cold as the beer, if not colder, and smiles when Fry flinches reflexively from the cold but doesn’t pull away. Bender guides the bottle to Fry’s lips and gently pours, smirking at the way Fry’s face quickly becomes as flushed red as his sunburnt shoulders and at the way Fry swallows thickly, like his throat has suddenly filled with cotton.

Bender gently let’s go of Fry’s wrist, leans back into his lawn chair, looks Fry in his no-longer-scowling eyes and winks. Bender hums idly to himself and lowers his sunhat over his face. Yeah, messing with Fry when he doesn’t have his jacket on is definitely fun.

And cute.

i’ll keep posting it until it sinks in.

got it? everybody got that? okay, good. carry on.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I’ve just been resting today and feeling a lot better already. I should be back at it tomorrow! You know, usually I would’ve already fallen off the wagon and went back to my old ways after a month of trying to change. That’s what always happened before. But this blog and all you guys that follow me, support me, and are trying to make a healthy change as well, you guys really do keep me motivated. I still mess up sometimes, but I sure as hell am not giving up now. Have an awesome evening. 💕

theguardianknux  asked:

Do you think Shadow knew Eggman when Eggman was born? If he had, what would he have thought of him? :)

In a nutshell? No. The reason being that Eggman’s initial idealization of his grandfather doesn’t seem to quite match up with having actually known Gerald in the flesh, even if he were just a child at the time of the ARK incident. If he had been alive then, at this point, Eggman would be over 50 years old, and yet the way he spoke about him in SA2′s earlier stage recaps didn’t seem to indicate that he truly knew what had become of Gerald—maybe he was protected from that information by his parents, and plus, it’s easy to idolize someone you’ve never met in person. This is pure speculation, but I’d think that at 50+ years old, Eggman would have learned of his grandfather’s mental breakdown by now. Idk, it’s just—-strange to me that he hadn’t.

BUT! If Shadow had known Eggman as a baby, I think he might’ve been a tiny bit green-eyed, him and the Commander both. :P Especially if Maria were cooing over baby Ivo and giving him all her attention. Eventually, Maria would probably convince Shadow to hold the baby, which he’d do awkwardly since he’d be terrified of “breaking” the Professor’s grandson. :D 

Also, baby Ivo would probably have been a handful. Grabbing and pulling things like Shadow’s nose and Maria’s hair, laughing, kicking, running away and getting into trouble. Little imp. ^^

monocleminotaur  asked:

I dont know enough about Japanese company structure, why can't Miyamoto just stand down?

In Japan, older employees of companies are valued far more highly than younger ones. If you’re a young employee you’re expected to keep your mouth shut and do whatever the old people tell you to do. That’s why Miyamoto has so much sway at the company despite being a walking financial disaster.

Companies like Sony are stepping away from this corporate structure as the company becomes more global, and Sony of Japan often defers to Sony of America on a lot of things. That’s why you see Sony as this big supporter of indie games, because they’re more willing to trust younger people with fresh ideas.

Nintendo finally seems to be taking its first hesistant steps away from the old way of doing things, though. The Switch uses the same software architecture as the PS4 and Xbone, meaning porting to the Switch is easy, and Nintendo is becoming more open to indie developers publishing on their platform. Two years ago, The Binding of Isaac couldn’t get on Nintendo platforms because of its use of religious themes. Now, BoI is a launch title for Nintendo’s system with physical copies. Nintendo is finally changing for the better, or at least it’s starting to. 

Happy Pisces New Moon to all! A great day to write yourself a new story about how you relate to your intuition and imagination. Have you allowed yourself to be fully in tune with what you know to be your authentic being, or has some old way of thinking and being held you back? Are you able to dream and imagine the best life for yourself or have you lost faith in the future? Meditate today on how to begin anew, on how to see, think, and feel about yourself in a new way so that you can then manifest what you know in your heart to be your divine truth. I believe in you. And that’s not just an amazing Kylie Minogue song. That’s my heart’s message to you.

OverwatchDad after a rough night. I wanted to do a piece that sort of highlighted his life as a vigilante. I imagine while he’s running around from country to country, blowing up shadowy corporations and beating up punks with piñatas he hunkers down in whatever abandoned place he can find to set up for a while before moving on.

I like this old guy alot someone make it stop