olde tymey

That reminds me, at Cornell in the early 2000s I took a course on the history of American Protestantism, it was actually the first half of a two-course sequence offered every two or three years but the other half conflicted with something I needed, shame.

Anyway, there was a take-home exam with some choose-your-essay prompts and I chose the one analyzing some quote from a sermon about slavery.

He referenced three old-tymey kinda mineral/spices and I was like “that MUST be a biblical reference” so I found some bible website with a search feature and it was.

And because of Everything2, which was an early Wikipedia competitor, I knew about all the major biblical commentaries (they have their own whole citation format, even) so I looked through them and they explained how it was referencing the taxation patterns of this one old empire.

So I wrote about that, and about the way it almost works as an inverse reading of “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”, that a government could be impious enough that its taxation claims were invalid

Anyway the week after I turned it in one of the grad student TAs cornered me leaving class and awkwardly, caveated to make sure I didn’t feel pressured either way, asked if I was a Christian

I wasn’t and she said that honestly she was even more impressed, that kids seemed to have a rough grasp of the Black liberatory tradition and tended to connect it to that (though not such a great grasp of the details - they overestimated when a random preacher would have heard of Frederick Douglass and often confused him with W.E.B. DuBois entirely)

but I was the only one in this 60-person class, full of kids she knew were like “I’M an American Protestant and they told us in church all about how American our Protestantism is and vice versa, this’ll be a gimme” who had thought to connect that quote from that Protestant sermon to THE BIBLE


Sam Winchester.

I was really touched, when in the episode Reading is Fundamental, he spoke of how he always loved the Sir Galahad comics, but knew he could never go on a quest like that, because he was unclean.  So I drew him looking’ all olde tymey.  Titled:  Maybe I Can Be Saved.

Edit: user Goofybrothers corrected me that the episode in question is The Great Escapist, not Reading is Fundamental.  I stand corrected!