“The one who knows your secret is the monster. When I ring the bell again the monster will turn around and start walking. With each step, he will age by one year. When he reaches 70, the monster will die. There’s no need to worry. It will be a very peaceful death. Now, good luck to you.”

Oldboy (2003) dir. Park Chan-wook

Interview Magazine: Rami Malek
As the breakout star of the much-talked-about series Mr. Robot, Rami Malek is giving us one of the best performances on tv and just a glimpse of the great talent he can become.

Malek, 35, has been acting professionally for over a decade. He established himself as an edgy character actor in acclaimed indies like Short Term 12 (2013) and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013), and has worked with the heavy-hitting directors Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master, 2012) and Spike Lee (Oldboy, 2013; Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, 2015), but as he tells his friend and Mr. Robot superfan Robert Downey Jr., playing Alderson has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, including his first leading film role, in Sarah Adina Smith’s mystery Buster’s Mal Heart, which he recently completed filming. Downey Jr. caught up with Malek by phone in early June, a few weeks after he visited the Mr. Robot set in New York

An interview with Rami Malek by Robert Downey Jr., and an advertisement with Idris Elba on the side of the article?  I’m REALLY surprised that my ovaries didn’t spontaneously combust when I read this.  

I’m also surprised that the intro didn’t mention The Pacific.  Malek’s performance of Snafu is what got him his role in Mr. Robot.

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i want to start watching foreign films but i am a complete amateur haha, what are some good films to start off with? thanks!

Oh god…Christiane f. …Three colors blue, red, white…..oldboy..battle royale (obv)….the edge of heaven…wings of desire (rlly struck a cord w me because my grandpa died the week b4 I watched it)…blue is the warmest color…I love jeune et Jolie but honestly 90% because marine vacth is such a beauty….Biutiful…honestly just watch SOME tarkovsky so you can say u did, even if it seems weird as hell….all of the Swedish girl w the dragon tattoo films, noomi rapace is a goddess…goodnight mommy is terrifying…let the right one in….good bye Lenin! is really cute n kinda serious but funny and whatshisname is in it he’s good….Onibaba…that’s all I can think of RN I honestly haven’t seen that much foreign cinema I need to get on that!!! OH WAIT. Dogtooth lol easily the strangest film I’ve ever seen but worth the watch. Also Pan’s Labyrinth but that’s so mainstreeeeaaaam oh and Y Tu Mamá También (on Netflix :)

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Omg people are actually starting to believe that Sami was in oldboy. IT'S A JOKE IT WASN'T SAMI IT WAS RAMI AND YES HE CAN GROW A FULL BEARD ALL MALEKS CAN. Pam plz tell them

All Maleks can?? cause I’m not sure their sister can, but if she can I’m impressed as hell-

No, Sami wasn’t in Oldboy. I don’t know how many times I gotta tell y'all his bottom lip is fuller, the tip of his nose is wider and He Is Broader Ok He’S BROADER IT AIN’T HIM