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for sugar!AU: one night after cooking Adrien dinner Marinette suggestively asks if he's ready for dessert. Adrien, picking up on her meaning at once, blushes as he takes her back to his room for some hot, sweaty, no-holds-barred hand holding.

I just CHOKED 


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Why is Perryschmitz so great?

[a rhetorical question that i’m going to actually answer]

show thesis: friends helping each other become better people, and nowhere is this made more explicit than in the b-plot, in which sometimes the entire point of perry coming over is to give heinz a confidence boost. the show’s most ~evil character is just a sad, lonely man who has never had anyone there to believe in him, who is incapable of achieving any of his goals because of the mental block that comes from a lifetime of failure and withheld affection, and suddenly when someone is there every day to validate his existence and his career, he’s able to throw himself passionately into what he does, and the idea of ever giving up is pushed that much further away. meanwhile, perry, who maintains an impressively grim devotion to his duty and who is always professional to a fault, has steeled himself against letting emotions or questions get in the way of doing what needs to be done (making sure heinz never, ever succeeds), learns right away that this man is the furthest thing from evil. slowly, perry sacrifices his infallible sense of justice just to give his nemesis, someone who is by small degrees becoming his best friend, a chance at happiness. there’s no line that separates them anymore—no moral code, no communication issues, no pesky difference of species. they would do anything for each other, and they make each other so happy, happier than they were ever going to allow themselves to be on their own. 

[deep sigh]

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So what's this who Skulduggery thing about? You make it seem exciting but I'm unsure.


Skulduggery Pleasant is a book series set in Ireland. The protagonist is a 12 year old girl and you watch her grow up throughout the series and it’s absolutely great. You scream at her mistakes and you laugh with her sassy remarks. She loves herself and it’s pretty darn rare to find that a lot in many female protagonists. She knows she’s a sexy beast as she gets older and literally nothing makes her think otherwise. Also she knows elemental magic and necromancy magic and is the biggest bad ass ever.

Her partner is a crazy-ass tall skeleton detective that uses elemental magic and dresses as dapper as fuck aka Skulduggery Pleasant. Like, that’s literally the one of the things he prides himself in the most. He kicks ass like it’s no big deal and everyone is scared of him cause they know how big of a BAMF he is. And whenever someone threatens his partner it’s like OH SHIT, UR ABOUT TO GET HELL BOI.

Together they literally are just the definition of perfection. They’re best friends who flirt a lot and save the world a hundred times like it’s as easy as breathing. The entire magical world knows about them AND QUESTION THEIR SANITY A LOT, BUT THOSE TWO CAN GIVE THREE SHITS. They play by their own rules and get shit done. There are also like a million other great things about this book, like witty combats and great action scenes. And the other characters are like A+++++

But for real man, it’s an awesome series and like always, I highly recommend it to every single one of my followers and if any of you guys want to read it, I’ve got the pdf files on my computer and can send it to those who would like to read them. SO YEAH

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A goblin seeking to deliver a message to Marianne finds her naked, and it takes her like five minutes to convince them leave because they're utterly baffled about why her nudity should have any bearing on her ability to hold an audience.

Honestly, yes, I want a million fics of Bog and Marianne figuring this out and adjusting their comfort levels, there are so many directions to take this

I watched Frozen again recently, and I just kept thinking about the trolls, like, dolling Marianne up in ~goblin sexy~ which would just be slathering her with mudpaint and putting on a crown of bones and nothing else and [stares happily at the ceiling]

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Head canon: After the comet, Shego and her brothers were sequestered in a government facility until it could be determined if their Glow and the radiation that caused it presented a risk to public health and safety. Though they were eventually declared safe, the government convinced Hego, who in turn convinced his siblings, that they should join Uncle Sam's payroll as part of a new initiative to combat the global supervillain threat. And so Team Go was born.

YES TEAM GO HISTORY. I like it a lot, lots of potential for intense storylines and the inevitable family fallout. This also adds a sort of “action thriller” feel to the mix which is fun to imagine.

With Manolo dead and the people of San Angel slain by Chakal, Maria is left alone and driftless. But when she learns that the gods are to blame for the events leading to her tragic loss, she declares there and then that she will stop at nothing to see the people she loved avenged. And though the effort may cost her her life, she’s going to make sure she takes Xibalba and La Muerte down with her.

(And yes, that’s the glow of the Medal of Everlasting Life  embedded in her eye socket. She figured that was a safer place to carry it than on her chest just begging to be stolen.)

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Well now I have logistics questions. Can Chat undress while transformed? If not, what is Mari getting out of the webcam deal? Does he have a special backdrop set up for their sessions so Mari’s first question isn’t ‘why are you in Adrien’s room?’ Is Plagg horrified that his awesome power is being abused in such a scandalous fashion?

1) Yes 

2) See 1

3) He’s got greenscreen so it looks like he’s touching himself in outer space or under the sea. Marinette loses her shit and falls apart laughing before anything happens

4) For the first time Plagg gets an inkling of what it’s like to deal with his own irresponsible ass and gains a greater sympathy for Tikki

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Your last Strange Magic post gave me a horrible AU idea-- Bog tries to stop Marianne from getting dusted in the finale and fails; however, he does succeed in knocking Roland out of the way and (unintentionally) becoming the first thing Marianne sees. And even though she tries to assure him that her love is sincere, he knows he can never believe that, now. So instead of declaring his love for her he sends her away, forever.



you said you were in love with me
both of us know that that’s impossible


also more upbeat version of this angst: “I Don’t Believe You" 

Decided to challenge myself with a quick Mr. Gold sketch before bed. Took about 45 minutes. If the colors look bizarre it’s because I have Flux enabled, and that makes my IPS monitor have seizures for some reason.

Flux, by the way, is an awesome application that automatically adjusts the color temperature of your monitor at night to make it easier on your eyes. I can’t live without it these days.

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The only KP thing I want from Disney right now is a Phineas and Ferb crossover. Besides that, I think the show had a great run and there’s no need to revive it now.

Agreed. The fact that it had a fourth season was purely because of the fans, so we’re very lucky. 

Phineas and Ferb crossover would be the absolute best thing in the world, though. Both shows are so good at spoofing hero/villain subculture, and both casts are just so incredibly smart and resourceful. There are no two shows more suited for crossover potential. 

Tea Awards, two things:

1. AHHHHHH, I’m on that list (and truth be told, when I saw my name I thought, wow, weird how’d that name get on there?) 

Thank you to anyone who nominated me, noticed a few posts mentioning that: Marchie, Chedmunkinette, angelxofxmusicxx, and whiteorangeflower, as well as anyone else who nominated me! Makes me squee (and considering this time last year, I was just a bitty baby who hadn’t written fic in years…)

2. Also, though I’m not going to post my own nominations, I do want to mention some names who I hope don’t get forgotten in the hulabaloo: oldandnewfirm (guys, My Sword and Shield, so so good!), Whatifqueen, paintingoncobwebs, my-nook-book, cyprith, downtheroadandupthehill, ZionAngel, just to name a few. 

Just remember a year’s a long time, and there are so many great authors out there that we gotta remember them ALL!!!

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I am torn between the idea of the Bog King suggesting that Marianne can go au naturel in the Dark Forest since clothes aren't really a thing there, and the idea of him insisting that she wear ALL THE CLOTHES, because it quickly becomes clear that her squishy fairy body was not made for a world of stone and thorns.



he’s just gonna have to hold her tight forever forever and she’s like OH MY GOD DUDE LET ME GO and he’s like ‘nooooo’ just folding his head into her neck oh god why me

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So which storylines suck the least?

Minutemen and Silk Spectre are surprisingly good and by far the best of the bunch. They’re the ones written by Cooke. Really the only ones worth reading.

Manhattan’s is inoffensive but kind of bland.

Ozy’s has good art but is so ridiculous that I can’t

Nite Owl’s and Rorschach’s are best used for drinking games and photoshopping dicks into.

Comedian’s is both literal and figurative shit.