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So what's this who Skulduggery thing about? You make it seem exciting but I'm unsure.


Skulduggery Pleasant is a book series set in Ireland. The protagonist is a 12 year old girl and you watch her grow up throughout the series and it’s absolutely great. You scream at her mistakes and you laugh with her sassy remarks. She loves herself and it’s pretty darn rare to find that a lot in many female protagonists. She knows she’s a sexy beast as she gets older and literally nothing makes her think otherwise. Also she knows elemental magic and necromancy magic and is the biggest bad ass ever.

Her partner is a crazy-ass tall skeleton detective that uses elemental magic and dresses as dapper as fuck aka Skulduggery Pleasant. Like, that’s literally the one of the things he prides himself in the most. He kicks ass like it’s no big deal and everyone is scared of him cause they know how big of a BAMF he is. And whenever someone threatens his partner it’s like OH SHIT, UR ABOUT TO GET HELL BOI.

Together they literally are just the definition of perfection. They’re best friends who flirt a lot and save the world a hundred times like it’s as easy as breathing. The entire magical world knows about them AND QUESTION THEIR SANITY A LOT, BUT THOSE TWO CAN GIVE THREE SHITS. They play by their own rules and get shit done. There are also like a million other great things about this book, like witty combats and great action scenes. And the other characters are like A+++++

But for real man, it’s an awesome series and like always, I highly recommend it to every single one of my followers and if any of you guys want to read it, I’ve got the pdf files on my computer and can send it to those who would like to read them. SO YEAH

With Manolo dead and the people of San Angel slain by Chakal, Maria is left alone and driftless. But when she learns that the gods are to blame for the events leading to her tragic loss, she declares there and then that she will stop at nothing to see the people she loved avenged. And though the effort may cost her her life, she’s going to make sure she takes Xibalba and La Muerte down with her.

(And yes, that’s the glow of the Medal of Everlasting Life  embedded in her eye socket. She figured that was a safer place to carry it than on her chest just begging to be stolen.)

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Head canon: After the comet, Shego and her brothers were sequestered in a government facility until it could be determined if their Glow and the radiation that caused it presented a risk to public health and safety. Though they were eventually declared safe, the government convinced Hego, who in turn convinced his siblings, that they should join Uncle Sam's payroll as part of a new initiative to combat the global supervillain threat. And so Team Go was born.

YES TEAM GO HISTORY. I like it a lot, lots of potential for intense storylines and the inevitable family fallout. This also adds a sort of “action thriller” feel to the mix which is fun to imagine.

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You saw Kingsman? What did you think?

Oh man. It was great. Purely a joy to watch, but I’ve been spoiled by Jupiter Ascending so it wasn’t quite at the ‘blew me out of the fuckin water’ level. 

  • Colin Firth slaughtering an entire church of hatemongers+
  • Manners maketh man (x2)+
  • I am a catholic whore+++
  • JB++++
  • pretty sure obama shows up a couple times and boy do the brits not like the american government+
  • I fully expected the 1812 Overture to start playing at a particular point in the plot and I WAS DISAPPOINTED THEY CAME SO CLOSE BUT JUST WASN’T ENOUGH+
  • For once in my lifetime, the hero of the story calls out privilege, nearly died of shock+

It was very obviously a power fantasy, but as far as power fantasies go, it was a pretty progressive one. The main chick didn’t end up sleeping with the hero, which was a surprise. It was also totally meta “This ain’t one of those movies." 

However. (Yes, there is a however, I’m sorry.)

  • The ending scene with the princess. Was that really goddamn necessary. —
  • AWESOME POC VILLAIN AND VILLAINESS literally the only non-white people in the movie —
  • literally could not tell 95% of supporting cast apart otherwise —
  • really though that ending scene with the princess was like the big moment where florentinequill and I were like WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT T HE FuCK. WH A HTE FUCK. —
  • that came out of nowhere, my complaints would have been silenced and relatively minor before hand. —
  • I get what they were trying to do with the camera angles, particularly during the fight scenes, and I’m not even particularly sensitive to that sort of thing but it made even me motionsick. Relatively small complaint, and the fight scenes were fantastic, but it was a bit jarring. —

All in all, I enjoyed watching (most of it). It’ll go in my collection when it comes out on DVD. liked the obvious name drop of Iggy Azalea who just so happened to do most of the soundtrack of the film. 

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The only KP thing I want from Disney right now is a Phineas and Ferb crossover. Besides that, I think the show had a great run and there’s no need to revive it now.

Agreed. The fact that it had a fourth season was purely because of the fans, so we’re very lucky. 

Phineas and Ferb crossover would be the absolute best thing in the world, though. Both shows are so good at spoofing hero/villain subculture, and both casts are just so incredibly smart and resourceful. There are no two shows more suited for crossover potential. 

Evils in Love - A D/S Fanmix of denial, resignation, and ultimately romance.

  • I’m Not in Love | 10CC
  • The Calculation | Regina Spektor
  • The Lady in Red | Chris De Burgh
  • It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie | Fats Waller
  • With Your Looks and My Brains | MTX
  • Just You and Me | Zee Avi
  • In Spite of Ourselves | John Prine and Iris DeMent
  • For the Longest Time | Billy Joel

EDIT: Now with click through link. Tumblr is a butt.

Decided to challenge myself with a quick Mr. Gold sketch before bed. Took about 45 minutes. If the colors look bizarre it’s because I have Flux enabled, and that makes my IPS monitor have seizures for some reason.

Flux, by the way, is an awesome application that automatically adjusts the color temperature of your monitor at night to make it easier on your eyes. I can’t live without it these days.

Tea Awards, two things:

1. AHHHHHH, I’m on that list (and truth be told, when I saw my name I thought, wow, weird how’d that name get on there?) 

Thank you to anyone who nominated me, noticed a few posts mentioning that: Marchie, Chedmunkinette, angelxofxmusicxx, and whiteorangeflower, as well as anyone else who nominated me! Makes me squee (and considering this time last year, I was just a bitty baby who hadn’t written fic in years…)

2. Also, though I’m not going to post my own nominations, I do want to mention some names who I hope don’t get forgotten in the hulabaloo: oldandnewfirm (guys, My Sword and Shield, so so good!), Whatifqueen, paintingoncobwebs, my-nook-book, cyprith, downtheroadandupthehill, ZionAngel, just to name a few. 

Just remember a year’s a long time, and there are so many great authors out there that we gotta remember them ALL!!!

“Ugh! Dad, I’m four hundred years old, I’m not a baby anymore.”

Jumping aboard the Xibalba/La Muerte kidlet bandwagon with a sketch for an older daughter. Tried to find a balance between Xibalba’s sharp, elongated features and La Muerte’s softer ones, but I think I’m going to have to play with it quite a bit to hit what I’m after.

I have no idea why she’s carrying that giant stick. Maybe she just got in from playing fetch with her giant dog comprised of the spirits of all the dogs in the Land of the Forgotten or something?

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I haven’t. Though I was wondering how they were going to rescue her from the cart since she’d dropped the key and no one could go get her without being mind wiped themselves. Unless Rumple was feeling self-sacrificial that day, she’d be stuck.

I wondered that too.  Because even without her dropping the key, Smee told her where it was, but she’d lose that memory of her telling him.  So she’d be stuck in a mine cart, not knowing who she was, why she was cuffed to it, or how to get out.  She’s lived in a room her whole life, so far as she would know.  Who knows if she’d even know to look for a key?

Negative 4 for you, Moe.

I guess they could have sent Mr. Clark after her?

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Dinosaurs. Totally not helping, I know.

Never know what might help.  Just need to get into Captain Gold’s headspace


For a four year old, Bailey Gold was somehow managing to make a great deal of noise.  Rumford came out of the lower bedroom, which he’d converted into an office, to find that his son was stomping through the hall wearing Army boots.  For some reason he carried a fork in each hand and had a rope tied around his waist.

“Son?”  He couldn’t be annoyed that his reading had been interrupted, not when his boy was wearing his own boot, which went up to his thighs and flapped mercilessly as he walked.

“Rwar.”  Bay turned, waving the forks and wearing an expression that was a four year old’s best attempt at ‘fierce.’

“Monster?” he guessed.

“Dinosaur.”  Bailey roared again, for effect.

“Of course.”  He vaguely remembered hearing the name of the beast yesterday, when he’d gone to General Whitmore’s garden party.  The General had just gotten back from London, and mentioned taking his own sons to a park where they had sculptures of terrible beasts that supposedly once wandered the earth.  Bailey had been playing with the boys, and must have listened well.  "I suppose dinosaurs eat people?“

 "Dinosaurs eat cookies,” Bailey informed his papa gravely.  "And people.“  

"I think you’ll find the cookie more to your liking, fearsome beast.  Shall we try?”  It wasn’t yet lunchtime, but one cookie wasn’t going to hurt the boy’s appetite.

“Really, papa?”  Bailey looked at the fork in his hand, and waived it in the air.  "I mean rawr.“

"Really, my little dinosaur.”  He wrapped his hand around his boy’s fist, careful to avoid the tines of the fork, and led him to the kitchen.


Dinosaurs were given that name just a few years before the civil war.  There really was/is a sculpture display in London called the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs.

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