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what did you think of the USS Prometheus from 'Message in a bottle'

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I like Prometheus quite a bit, with the exception of the little bitty nacelles that come out of the saucer on toothpick pylons when separated.  I’d rather have seen some Defiant-style embedded nacelles for the saucer.  Like, the saucer impulse engines should be the nacelles.


Prometheus Ch 32 - Intro

“Do you have any idea what you are doing?”

A sigh escapes her lips in exasperation. “Yes, yes I do.”

“Do you have any idea, the danger?”

“I do.”

“It’s Africa, Maura, people die of the simplest things there..”

“I know that, mother. I am not afraid.”

“That is what I fear the most…”

Maura remembered fear. She remembered the taste of it; the feel of it, deep and brittle in her mouth and across every inch of her skin. She had found it that once,

in Africa, on a night where rebels invaded their camp, torched their tents, beheaded two of their senior doctors and speared their lifeless faces on the fence that gathered all the women together… so the men could choose.

How close she had come to death, that day.

She should have recognised it, by now.

“You are a pretty thing…”

Maura heard the whimper leave her own lips as the icy blade trailed slowly across her bare lower back, flicking outward before returning on an opposite trajectory. Face pressed into the brick, she could smell the grout and the moss that grew from it.

“Wh-at.. do you w-w-want..” She stammered, unable to find purchase on a single syllable for long enough.

A laugh was barked into her ear. “Nothing.” Came the reply. “Just you…”

Suddenly, above their heads peeled the sounds of sirens, and the pause of the knife at her back gave Maura a glimmer of hope that perhaps… she stood a chance…

But instead Ramsay confidently shifted behind her, voice light “Oh, don’t worry honey…” she drawled, leaning forward to rest her chin atop Maura’s left shoulder, and all the doctor could smell was cigarettes and dirt and… blood, so old it turned her stomach. “They’re not for you.”

All remaining hope vanished.

“….but this is-“ Came a deep, scratchy voice from behind them both.

Maura gasped, felt the immediate tension ripple through the body behind her, and her eyes darted open in time to hear an almighty yelp from Ramsay, feel her jerk once against her, entire body pressing forward before falling limply away.
“Stay down-“ The voice sounded again, and Maura, aware of her nakedness yet still too afraid to move, recognised another, closer…



Daring to glance downward, Maura saw the nodes of a taser embedded into the woman’s back; her face purple and eyes bulging wide as he body twitched uncontrollably. Korsak’s knee pressed into Ramsey’s lower back, and her wrists were wrenched backward, tightly into unforgiving cuffs.

“Jesus, Maura.” Frost’s voice broke into the haze that surrounded her, as a jacket was wrapped – somewhat awkwardly – around her waist.

Reminding her she was vulnerable.

Reminding her she was naked.

Reality came rushing to her; a giant tsunami of horror and emotion that threatened to sink her to her knees, against the wall. She wanted to cry out. She wanted to collapse and vomit and sob all in one action.

Instead, she pressed her fingertips against the brick, touched her forehead into the cool that quenched the burning of embarrassment and fear.

“I’m alright.” She answered, shakily. “I’m… alright.”

“You are not alright.” Frost said, his vice laced deeply by concern. “Maura, you were just attacked… Nearly-“ He stopped, as if seemingly unwilling to finish his sentence as Maura was to acknowledge it.

She still wouldn’t turn around. Still wouldn’t look at him.

Instead, she stared down at the ground. Tilted her head only slightly over her shoulder. Watched Korsak yank Ramsay’s arms together behind her body, levering her shoulders back more tightly than was likely necessary.

Maura… didn’t care.

Finally, she gathered the courage to glance over her shoulder completely. Hinkler lingered in the distance, a medikit clutched nervously in his fingers. Frost stood, eyes filled with concern, his arm still outstretched yet inches out of reach, as if he were afraid to touch her…

And Korsak… Korsak… holding Ramsay unconscious and immobile.

Blinking, she looked up. “How?” She blurted unexpectedly, awkwardly, her voice cracking on the half-word. Her fingernails scratched at the wall. “How did you know to find me?”

Shaking his head, Korsak was the one to answer.

“You wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you.”


The door clicked softly shut behind her, glass cool against her fingertips.  The soft beeping of the portable heart monitor echoed through the air like sonar. Maura’s eyes fixed on the figure in the bed, fidgeting with the gauze bandage circling her right arm.

There was no doubt in her mind what would have happened, had Frost and Korsak not shown up.

Had Jane not told them.

Had she not been in the infirmary.

Had she not shot herself to get here.

To warn them.

To save her.

The doctor’s feet carried her across the floor, to the side of the bed, where she found herself registering for the first time that she had even moved.
Her eyes sought out hands, resting limply on the bed ahead of thick leather binding. They travelled over the neatly kept nails, long, elegant fingers and of course, the scars. Maura frowned, once again trying to imagine those hands soaked in blood, pulling a blade savagely across two innocent peoples’ throats, torturing… maiming.

She shook her head. She realised now, that more and more the two visions were colliding in her mind, a giant aberration… it was wrong.

Her eyes flicked up to the other woman’s face, relaxed in sedation, and how, tilted slightly toward her she could see almost a child-like innocence in her expression. How different it was to only two days ago… when she was so afraid she threatened-

Maura stared back at the leather strap encasing Jane’s right wrist. Suddenly she found her other hand moving upward, fingers sliding over the fastener and flicking it open. Gently curling her fingers underneath the hand, she lifted it free of its confinement and returned it back down to the bed. She repeated the action at her feet, then finally her left hand. Her dominant hand.
The doctor’s fingertips lingered there for the longest.

“How can you be her?” She breathed, the question escaping her lips without her permission, as she ran her fingers along Jane’s own, up over the back of her hand, over the unusual scar, then finally to the last restraint. This time, she flicked it open one-handed, pulling the hand into both of hers to remove it. The hand was warm, and soft. Maura shook her head, starting down at the fingers now tangled with hers. “How is that possible?”

  • Zeus:Read the charges.
  • Athena:Prometheus, you stand before this council accused of illegal genetic experimentation!
  • Zeus:How do you plead?
  • Prometheus:Not guilty! My experiments are only theoretical, and completely within legal boundaries.
  • Zeus:We believe you actually… created something.
  • Prometheus:Created something? Hah! But that would be irresponsible and unethical. I would never, ever...
  • [A human is revealed]
  • Prometheus:... make.. more than one.