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Shitty's apartment floods so he has to live with jack and bitty for like a week

oh…my god listen

  • he spends a lot of time just staring at them being a #couple like :’))))
  • before shitty enters any room he closes his eyes and is like “IM ENTERING! PUT UR CLOTHES ON! UNLESS U DONT WANT 2!!!”
  • shitty cries during every single meal like “jack….jack……do u understand what this is do u understand that i do not get this food anymore and u get it every single day jack I’m gonna fucking…..kill u jack do u understand J A  C K Z IMM MERAMMNNN” 
  • he spends his entire stay like “hey this apartment is nice but do u know what would make it nicer……..a puppy…..how nice…..would that be….” (he tapes pictures of puppies all over the house in an effort to convince them)
  • bitty refuses to let the apartment smell like weed so he goes over to lardo’s apartment whenever he gets high (lardo: why didn’t u just….crash here shitty: bro… the pie…..do u REMEMBER. lardo ends up coming over for a night then and ransom and holster may or may not crash too and it may or may not become a huge team slumber party)
  • halfway through his stay their old lady neighbor witnesses shitty completely naked through the window and bitty almost kicks him out right then and there (he gets shitty to scrub down the entire apartment in exchange instead, bitty’s sneaky that way)
  • shitty going back and forth w/ himself between wanting to have a sleepover w/ jack and not wanting 2 cockblock
  • shitty actually hearing them boning one night and chirping the Hell out of them the next morning 
  • shitty snuggling w/ bitty when jack’s away at some sorta game or event or something and making him feel less alone 
  • rly just so much cuddling just So Much S O  MUCH
  • ok so also on the last morning shitty’s out of clothes bc he never did his damn laundry so he’s going through jack’s drawers trying 2 find something to wear and he stumbles across an engagement ring and squeals S O L O UD 
  • shitty finally being able 2 move back into his apartment and them all honestly being a lil sad about it but knowing its ok bc they’re best friends forever no matter where they live!!!! 
Fundamentally I believe that Margaery is a good person. It’s just that she’s a go-getter. She’s not Machiavellian. She’s just being psychologically observant about the people she’s around. She’s assertive, considered, psychologically and emotionally highly intelligent and very perceptive. I don’t see any negativity in any of those motivations. I just think she’s politically savvy and she uses the cards that she’s dealt – and that’s what we all ought to do in life.
—  Natalie Dormer on Margaery’s method of achieving her goals (x)
An untold story???

OKAY SO I keep listening to the song “It’s over, isn’t it?” from Steven Universe and I just kept running scenarios in my head and holy moley I am on crack.

Okay so I remember a theory going around that Natalie was maybe the previous ladybug just due to her color scheme.

Which is probably not true but my brain took that and the song and ran with it.

AU WHERE Natalie and Mama Agreste were the Ladybug and peacock miraculous together and they were very close.

Fought together to the point that Natalie fell in love and defined who she was by this dynamic. And it’s all fine and dandy. They’re saving the world, and occasionally mama Agreste would date a few guys, and Natalie might let it slide because none of them ended up sticking around anyway.

And then cones the naive bit determined young designer named Gabriel Agreste…who may or may not also be the holder of the butterfly miraculous.

It happens. Mama Agreste has found the one…and Natalie makes these snide remarks all the time and Gabriel kind of has this rivalry with her…but mama Agreste chooses him.

Natalie is conflicted. On the one hand, the person she loves is happy…but on the other it’s not with her. She grudgingly accepts this. Sticks around the two of them for mama agrestes sake.

Adrien is born. Natalie loves him because he has a part of the woman she loves in him…but there’s a slight resentment. Still she decides to help around with his upbringing.

It only grows when mama Agreste mysteriously disappears. Everyone is heart broken. Gabriel becomes reclusive, distancing himself from even his son.

Natalie is left to pick up the pieces. Sans her miraculous and with a heart full of broken pieces that cut and prod, as she attempts to take care of Adrien and stifle her resentment if being under Gabriel’s orders when she blames him for their loss.

Regardless, she is a silent but dependable figure in adrien’s life, trying her best to keep as promise to a love she could never have.


T: Do you ever dye your hair?

N: Nope

T: It’s a great color

N: Thank you! I just think I’d look weird with any other color

T: It’s beautiful, yeah. Don’t do anything to it