I was listening to Magic by Kleo and suddenly felt nostalgic.

I still think about Niels, Natalie and Duncan (and the agents of course) a lot, but I’ve changed as a person an no longer feel comfortable with the comic and it’s themes. Doesn’t mean I can’t draw them every now and then for fun.

It’s been so long since I last drew them it felt right to draw them as slightly older. I imagine Niels to be one hell of a thin, wrinkly old man in his later years.

Sorry about Duncan. I was trying to be artsy and shit, but looking at it now I realize people might want to know what he looks like now. Don’t worry, he looks like himself.

And Natalie is wearing pants purely because I liked the way I drew her legs and wanted to keep it.

Natalie from A Natural History of Dragons. She is a canon ace character, and I cannot recommend this series enough! It’s like feminist Indiana Jones in a Victorian type setting/social structure, and it brings up some good social issues. Also, dragons are fun.