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3D scanning helps scientists unwrap the secrets of ancient mummies

When dealing with ancient mummified remains, archaeologists are understandably wary. Mummies are an incredible resource for learning more about long-dead civilizations, but too much handling could cause serious damage.

At London’s Wellcome Collection, this problem is solved using a hospital CT scanner. After a quick trip to the scanning room, researchers can examine the mummies in detail without performing any physically invasive procedures.



Under a tree-bark casket and protective bronze plates, archaeologists have found a perfectly preserved mummy of a child, along with an appropriately sized ax and a bear pendant. 

Permafrost and sandy soil helped preserve the body, but proved to be a challenge for everyone involved. The remains date around XIII century, and were not the only body found.

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'Mummy of a child warrior from 'lost medieval civilisation' unearthed near Arctic'

Scientists this week opened the mummified child’s remains cocooned in birch bark and copper which - combined with the permafrost - produced an accidental mummification.

The child - seen here in these remarkable pictures for the first time - appears to be from a higher social strata that previous remains unearthed at the site, the mysterious  Zeleny Yar necropolis, close to the Siberian Arctic, which had ancient links to Persia. So far only one female - a child - has been found at the burial place.

The major new find close to Salekhard is seen as exciting by experts who are conducting MRI scans on the remains.

Alexander Gusev, research fellow at the Centre for the Study of the Arctic, told The Siberian Times: ‘We did the MRI scan first and yesterday held the first stage of opening the cocoon. We saw that the body was almost fully mummified, thanks to copper - or bronze - plates, except for the right hand and his legs.’ Read more.

Mummy of boy king Tutankhamun to remain in Valley of the Kings

After much debate, the decision has been reached not to move the mummy of the boy king Tutankhamun to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The mummy will remain in the Valley of the Kings on the Nile’s west bank near Luxor.

Antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty told Ahram Online that after technical discussions and a prolonged study the ministry has decided to keep the mummy inside the tomb, not in its current location at the tomb’s entrance hall, but in a side chamber.

This chamber, Eldamaty explained, will be restored by the Getty Foundation, and a new lighting set-up will lend a mysterious atmosphere to the mummy’s new home. Read more.

Was surgery performed on Egyptians? Prosthetic pin in 3000-year-old mummy discovered
This mummy has a secret - a medical secret, a mystery that spans over 3,000 years.
By Jenny Paschall

Researchers during a routine DNA test on a male Egyptian have made an astonishing discovery after finding a 23cm iron orthopaedic screw inside his knee.

The mummy is thought to have died between the 16th and 11 century BC and the pin is held in place by organic resin, similar to modern bone cement.

Ancient 'mummy' unearthed from 'lost medieval civilisation' near Arctic, claim scientists

The expected but as yet unopened human remains are wrapped in birch bark and it is likely that this ‘cocoon’ contains copper which - combined with the permafrost - produced an accidental mummification.

Archeologists working at the site, near Salekhard, say they suspect the remains are of a child or teenager from the 12th or 13th centuries AD.

The new find matches others discovered at Zeleny Yar, belonging to a mystery medieval civilization with links to Persia despite its position on the edge of the Siberian Arctic. If confirmed, it will be the first mummy from the civilisation found at this intriguing site since 2002.

Fellow of the Research Center for the Study of Arctic, Alexander Gusev, said: 'We decided, after consulting with colleagues, to take the find as a whole piece, that is without opening it in the field, taking for further research in the city.’ Read more.