Valmet M82

Semi-automatic bullpup rifle chambered in .223 Remington. Built in Finland and imported into the U.S, only about 2,000 of these rifles were produced. It uses the AK platform as its base; you can see the familiar charging handle and to some extent the safety hidden under the plastic chassis. Note that the iron sights are off-set to the side rather than being over the bore of the barrel. One major flaw with these rifles was the fragility of the stock. Many of the examples in the U.S have cracked stocks, something collectors are aware of and why they are rarely seen at the range or put through the rigors of a normal AK. (GRH)

6 & 22 Deran

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6: I saved you, but you couldn’t save me

22: I’m human too

“Come help me! I’m being attacked!” Deran shouted sitting up straighter and staring at the screen intently.

“I’m not going in there, they’ll kill me, I’m just a human.” You couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m human too!”


“I’m dead. Dammit! I saved you, but you couldn’t save me. Typical. This is why I hate playing with you.”

Deran ripped your controller from your hands, laughing as your character was overrun by zombies and killed.

“You’re the worst. I swear.” You grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

Deran ducked and reached over, pushing you to lay on the couch, hovering over you and kissing you repeatedly.

“Better?” he asked.