Criminal Minds Drinking Game

1 shot:

  • They play chess on the jet
  • Derek calls Penelope “baby girl”
  • Copycat killer
  • Children are abducted 
  • Has a type (ex. Blonde,female,blue eyes,etc)
  • Is unemployed
  • When Penelope has to talk to suspects
  • When the unsub is 15-25 years old
  • Penelope mentions how scared she gets when they leave

2 shots:

  • Spencer says something scientific and one of the agents has to explain
  • When druggies/prostitutes/the homeless are the victims
  • Derek tackles the unsub
  • The victim is shot more than once
  • Public places
  • Has a mental disorder
  • When the unsub works within the law enforcement/medicial etc.
  • Spencer visits his mom
  • Unsub is 25-40 years old

3 shots:

  • Spencer has to say Dr. Spencer Reid when they leave the doctor out
  • When they get the dogs 
  • When the stresser is the death of a parent
  • They keep their victims for more than a month (extra shot: The children all live)
  • They play out a fantasy
  • When Spencer uses the Bible/Greek Mythology/Lore as a reference to the crime and how it was committed 
  • A lot of newspaper clippings in the unsub’s housing 
  • Set in a big city
  • An agent gets shot

4 shots:

  • When someone gets stabbed and shot
  • Murdered in their home
  • Body part missing
  • When the talked to unsub, but didn’t realize until later
  • The unsub takes their life before they get arrested
  • Each time a woman flirts with Derek
  • Unsub is 40+ years old
  • Happens out in the woods
  • Spencer is reading with his super reading powers

Just finish whatever you’re drinking:

When it gets really emotional between two or more agents. 

Bonus: pour another if it’s Penelope and Derek

cool here’s my idea for a magic school in the harry potter universe it’s called Fungus’d and these are the houses

1. bash n dash

people sorted into bash n dash like to start drama then immediately leave the conversation so everybody else has to deal with it and they can come back later and act like they didnt do anything wrong

2. thimble

people sorted into thimble are really small and act like they’re old but they’re like, clearly not old, until they are old at which point they are old

3. jak and daxter

people sorted into jak and daxter are scared. not of anything specific. not of anything tangible at all. they’re just scared. they have a constant air of fear and unease that follows them at all times. nobody else can feel it. that scares them even more.

4. veggie burger

people sorted into veggie burger are bad at maths but make up for it by being really bad at crosswords



The lovely penw0man started a really cool project, so I decided to finally join in the fun :D Sooooooo, 25 facts about me:

1. My full first name is Maria Angela
2. I’m 26 years old
3. I have an older sister, she’s 9 years older than me
4. I love to sing
5. I love to spin fire poi
6. My favourite colour is any shade of blue
7. I play World of Warcraft
8. I’ve been in a committed relationship for the past almost 7 years and I couldn’t be happier
9. I have almost no eye sight in my right eye, it’s a condition called strabismus (lazy eye)
10. I’ve had 4 eye surgeries up until now
11. I’ve always been shy and awkward in social situations
12. I don’t own many books; as of this moment, I have 60, but I’m hoping to expand my collection (if I ever have money :P)
13. My dream is to own my own house and have a whole room dedicated only to books
14. My other dream is to travel to Australia and meet my favourite blogger friends 
15. My other other dream is to meet darkestwings in London one day
16. I almost had an accident when I took my driver’s licence exam. I never got into a car to drive again
17. My favourite genres are YA and adult fantasy
18. I love riding the motorcycle with my boyfriend
19. I don’t want any kids.
20. I used to bite my nails; I still do it, but I try to refrain when I can
21. I never thought of myself as beautiful/pretty. I still don’t.
22. Favourite shows include Supernatura, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Suits and Pretty Litttle Liars (I know, I’m all over the place)
23. I live for chocolate.
24. I can’t cook/bake to save my life.
25. I think I’m kind and loyal. At least I hope I am.

Well there you have it. 25 facts about me. Sending everyone all the hugs and all the cookies <3