Things I learned on this one.

1. I can draw Chloe much better than max

2. Pricefield never gets old

3. Background and clothes are something I need work on

Turns out only doing headshots of girls that look like Chloe only make you decent at doing headshots of girls who look like Chloe., Who knew!

Either way I’m SUPER happy with how Chloe turned out and max went better and worse than expected but it was a learning experience all round. 

Next up is most likely a Chloe headshot cause Im sorta good at those then some swimsuit fun  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Are Homunculus Years Like Dog Years?

OK so I was thinking…

For being over 100 years old, you would think the homunculi would be really wise, sage-like and emotionally mature. Collected and calm, like Hoenheim and Father. But for having lived for literally hundreds of years, they still largely act emotional, immature, and somewhat ridiculously. 

This makes me think that maybe homunculi age and mature differently from humans, given their philosopher’s stones and near-immortality. Perhaps they age on a longer timeline like the Asari from the Mass Effect series, if you’ve seen it: for the first few hundred years they are still in their “maiden phase” where they like to party and be wild, etc, only settling down around 500-600 yrs old, and becoming wise matriarchs even later. Or you could think of it like dog years, but longer instead of shorter. 

And if you think about it, the older homunculi DO seem more mature than the younger ones.

From oldest to youngest:

1. Pride

2. Lust

3. Greed

4. Envy

5. Sloth

6. Gluttony

7. Wrath
***Note on Wrath: Because Wrath started out as a human, remembers his upbringing, doesn’t regenerate and essentially ages and lives like a normal human, it seems possible that he could be exempt from the pattern. Maybe it’s mostly driven by the pseduo-immortality.

Sloth and lust are rather serious characters; Greed less so, but he’s clearly more emotionally mature than Envy the Jealous, and Sloth and Gluttony are so undeveloped that they seem simpler and more childlike than the others. 

SO, there seems to be a linear relationship between the ages of the homunculi and their level of psychological maturity.

So let’s look at a possible ratio. The EXACT ratio isn’t important, so long as it’s a believable approximation of their maturity in human years. For example, a pretty clean ratio is 10:1, where 10 homunculi years is about the equivalent of 1 human year. 

To illustrate, let’s take Gluttony. He’s a little over 100 years old, but let’s call him 100 to make it easy. If 10 homunculus years = 1 human year, that would make Gluttony a little over 10 years old in terms of his psychological maturity in human terms. This actually matches up pretty well with his behavior, which is very innocent, childlike, obedient, and emotional. 

That would make the others…

1. Pride (>300) = >30 yrs old

2. Lust (~250) = 25 yrs old

3. Greed (<200) = <20 yrs old

4. Envy (~175) = ~17.5 yrs old

5. Sloth (~150) = ~15 yrs old

6. Gluttony (>100) = >10 yrs old

The exact ratio may not be spot-on, and people would still mature at different rates, but on the whole, it holds up somewhat well. Gluttony is as innocent as they come, Sloth acts hilariously like a lazy teenager who doesn’t want to do anything but sleep all day, Envy is immature and self-centered, Greed is full of cockiness and over-confidence/arrogance, Lust, in what little time she gets, seems calmer than her younger siblings, and Pride by far comes off as the most serious and mature.

Riding the theory out, this ratio would give homunculi the psychological maturity of those in middle age around 400-600 years old, and they’d be “elderly” and wiser after that. Of course, this isn’t a lifespan per se, because they won’t die from old age, they would theoretically just get increasingly older and wiser!

Anyway, this brings up another question: What are the homunculi like when they are first created? Perhaps they are unintelligent, feral and purely instinctual versions of their sins. 

Another possible pattern is that the older they are, the more human their appearance. Gluttony and Sloth are both the youngest, and they both have bodies that are obviously inhuman. Maybe they are beastly when first created, and slowly come to look more human with age. 


A. Homunculi mentally age more slowly than humans, so that 10 homunculi years = 1 human year, or something close to that

B. The older homunculi are, the more they come to physically resemble humans

anonymous asked:

LOL I don't get how you care about sebastian but ignore his well-being when a fan attack him, that's hypocritical don't you think?

Alright, anon, I assume you were talking about the fanpic one of our members posted a few hours ago. But before I answer, please know that;

1. This website is known to exaggerate things up, as well as twist a few stories in order to get attention

2. Please be aware that Sebastian Stan is a capable, mature individual at the ripe age of 34, almost 35 years old

3. Please hear the story of the fan before you jump into conclusion just because some people here post something out of context.

Now, to answer your question, we simply have nothing to worry about (especially his well-being) as we clearly read the fan’s story in whole. I suggest you do the same by clicking this link

Unexpected Win

Summary: Connor thinks he can keep his arms up long enough to be able to tickle Jared back.

A/N: I tried so hard to think of another title.

Jared wanted a quiet evening.

Evan had to work late, so Connor had walked home with him and made himself comfortable on Jared’s bed, jeans kicked onto the floor and Jared’s coding club sweater swallowing the thin boy. As Jared attempted to play a game on his laptop, Connor stretched over him to pull him close.

“Hey…boyfriend.”Connor murmured, kissing the spot just under Jared’s ear.”Whatcha doing?”

“Playing Witcher 3.”Jared grumbled, tapping keys quickly to attempt to kill the enemy fighting his character.

“Actually, you’re ignoring me.”Connor looked up at Jared through his lashes, a pout on his lips.”I don’t know if you noticed or not.”

Jared quickly placed a kiss on the top of Connor’s head before turning his attention back to his game.”There.Now you’ve had my attention. Can you move so I can get back to my game, please?”

“No can do.”Connor gently nuzzled Jared’s neck, smiling against his skin as Jared tensed up.”What’s the matter?”

“You’re being a distraction.”Jared insisted, attempting to pull one arm out of his boyfriend’s hold.”And I’m winning. I don’t need a distraction to make me lose.“

“You sound grumpy.”

“I’m not grumpy.”

“You sound very grumpy.“Connor tucked a strand behind his ear, sitting up.“Like an old3\ man who like, kicks kids off of his lawn for fun.”

“I’m not grumpy,I’m focused-what a fucking comparison, though."Jared chuckled, tapping a button on his laptop furiously.

"I need attention,Jared!"Something in his voice made Jared listen to Connor’s next words particularly closely.”Special attention.“

"So…you’re horny?"Jared asked, nudging his glasses up on his nose with his arm, hands staying on his laptop.”Just go to the bathroom and rub one out.I’d blow you but I’m busy-“

"No."Connor watched his fingers run across the keyboard closely.”I want attention. You know, personal attention.“

“I do know. I just want to hear you say it.”Jared had a wide grin across his lips, not looking at his needy boyfriend.

“You know, you’re an asshole.”Connor tried to sound upset, wiggling his fingers under Jared’s arm to gently prod at his ribs.

“And that’s where we cross the line!”Jared shut his laptop, quickly moving away from Connor’s curious fingers. “Go on, lie down. You’re just begging for it today, huh.“

“I want to- uh, I want to tickle you this time.”Connor looked at Jared, pulling the sweatshirt down.”Please?” How was he supposed to even ask about it?

“I’m not ticklish.”Jared crossed his arms defensively, even if Connor could see right through him.

“You’re full of shit! Any time Evan or I kiss your neck you just scrunch up like a turtle!”Connor laughed, moving to straddle Jared.”Come on, baby. What do I have to do?”He pouted, gently running his hands down from Jared’s shoulders to his elbows and giving a gentle squeeze.”Anything?”

Jared thought for a minute, raising his eyebrows as Connor leaned close to start kissing his jaw.”Keep your arms up.”

“What?”Connor pulled back, eyebrows furrowed.”What do you mean?”

“I mean, if you can keep your arms up while I tickle you, I’ll let you tickle me.”

“That’s not a fair fight, but okay.”

“Not a fair fight, but you’re already lying down.”Jared smirked as Connor’s face reddened.”What are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m laying down-“

“Take the sweatshirt off.”Jared hummed, playing with the bottom of the purple shirt.”I want bare skin.You’re much more ticklish without layers.”

“How long am I keeping my arms up for?”

“As long as I say to.”Jared hummed, taking a seat beside Connor’s body. He ran a finger across the bottom of Connor’s stomach, just above where his boxers hugged his hips.

“Pick a time limit, jackass.”Connor’s breath hitched at the touch, eyes fluttering shut.”Five minutes?”

“You won’t last three.”Jared leant down to press a wet kiss to the spot just above Connor’s bellybutton.

“Three minutes. If I keep my arms up for three minutes I get to tickle you-with your cuffs.”

“Uh, excuse me-“

“Fine, no handcuffs.”Connor pouted, resting his head on his hands tucked behind his neck. “But I still get to tickle you. Set a timer on your phone.”

“Are we using the safe word?”He questioned,”what’s the safe word, Connor?”

“I won’t need it.”Connor smirked smugly.

Jared rolled his eyes.”What’s the safe word,Connor?”

“Oberon.”Connor rolled his eyes, wiggling his toes.

“And if you can’t remember that one?”Jared gently dragged his nails down his lover’s left side.

“Red.”He answered, attempting not to jerk away.

“Alrighty then. I’ll set the timer and you can lose your bet-“

“Wait!”Connor tilted his head back just before Jared hit start.”Kiss first?”

“Of course, you sap.”He leaned down and connected their lips,Connor’s soft against his own. Jared reached over and tapped start, his hands gently starting to walk their way up Connor’s sides, tweaking each rib.

Connor giggled into the kiss, turning his head away from Jared’s wide grin.”Don’t tease, jackass!”

“You started it. As a matter of fact,I think you asked for it.”Jared’s fingers worked their way over Connor’s protruding ribs, taking their time to wiggle into the skin of the spaces in between. He grinned at the louder giggles Connor let out. He moved his hands down to Connor’s stomach, clawing one hand and gently vibrating it into the smooth skin.

“You’re reheally h-holding back, huh.”Connor gripped his hair, attempting to keep his arms up as he laughed.”It’s a-almost like you wahant mehehe to tickle you.”

“Those are some pretty arrogant words coming from a guy who begs to be tickled hold the time.”Jared bit his lip as he looked at his phone.

A minute to get Connor’s arms down.

He started to gently scratch his way down from Connor’s arms from his elbows to the hollows under his arms. Even his featherlight touch got loud, booming laughter from Connor as he wriggled and squealed and kicked, never once asking for mercy.

Thirty seconds.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jared was going to lose.

“H-How much tihihime!”Connor laughed, his cheeks red but his fingers still locked behind his head.”Shihit! Not that!”He fell into silent laughter as Jared spidered his fingers into the hollows under Connor’s arms, grinning at Connor’s thrashing.

“Don’t worry about how much time! I’d be more concerned that it tickles like hell,Connor.”Jared shrugged.”You know, I think you’re even more ticklish than last time you begged me to tickle you-“

The Walking Dead opening theme started to play as Jared’s phone buzzed and Connor yanked his arms down, laughing loudly as Jared’s fingers kept up their wiggling.”Stohahap! Stop cheheheheating! The tihihimeher!It’s over! I won!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”Jared feigned innocence, pouting as Connor finally grabbed his wrists and pulled them away.”Fine.”

“I won!”Connor panted.”I won. Your turn.”

“I mean…no-“

“Jared! You lost the bet!”Connor sat up, grinning at Jared.”Lie down so I can finally show you how nice it is-“

“I doubt it’s nicer than the other ways you’ve been on top of me.”Jared grumbled, lying flat on his back on his bed.H looked up at Connor, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth.”Go easy on me?”

Connor straddled Jared’s hips, giggling excitedly.”I’ll make you a deal-“

“Oh, joy-“

Connor ignored his sarcastic interruption, tapping his fingers on Jared’s stomach.”You tell me where you’re most ti-ticklish,I’ll go easy there-“

“You can’t even say the word.”Jared smirked up at his boyfriend.

“Strike one.”Connor hummed.”Where are you most ticklish!”

“You know where.”A blush crept up Jared’s neck to his face as his eyes looked anywhere but Connor.

“Strike two.”Connor hummed, sliding Jared’s shirt up to reveal his soft stomach. Connor ran his fingers over Jared’s stomach, smiling as his arms came up to protect his bare skin.”Where,Jared? Just tell me where and I’ll go easy on you!”

“You’re full of shit-“

“Strike three!”Connor beamed, skittering his fingers over Jared’s stomach.”You’re very soft, baby.”

“It’s thehehe fahahat!”Jared tried to turn onto his stomach, gasping as evil fingers wiggled their way up to his ribs.”Fucking ahahasshole!”

“Oh, you don’t mean that, sweetheart.”Connor grinned, one hand finding its way to Jared’s neck. He grinned as Jared’s shoulders scrunched up and his laughter rose an octave, panicky and loud.”Wow! What a good spot on a giant grump.”

“Shuhuhut up!”Jared laughed loudly, writhing under Connor’s fingers.

“Where’s the spot? Where’s the good spot?”Connor grinned, keeping up his tickling at Jared’s neck as his other hand reached back to squeeze his hips.Jared’s laughter increased tenfold, high-pitched and squeaky, snorts interrupting every few moments.”Did I find a good spot,Jared?Huh?”

“Fuck off!”Jared’s arms were useless, loud laughter leaving his body.”Jehehehesus! That shit tickles!”

“You know what’s even worse?”Connor leaned down close to Jared’s face, grinning at his laughing boyfriend.

“Connor! Don’t you fucking dahahare!”

“You’re all talk.”Connor moved down to sit on Jared’s knees, his fingers coming down to knead Jared’s sides.”But anyways! As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, raspberries are even worse!”Connor licked his lips before taking a deep breath, pressing his lips against Jared’s skin.He took a deep breath, blowing against his squishy stomach.

Jared let out the loudest peal of laughter yet, eyes squeezing shut. Connor felt his limbs give up the fight, instead choosing to lie limp by his sides as he laughed.

Connor’s fingers slowed and Jared’s laughter simmered into sweet giggles and quiet snorts as Connor curled up beside him.”I told you it’s not that bad.”

Jared didn’t look at him, unable to hide his smile.”I can see why you like it.”

“I told you, its fun.”

“It didn’t turn me on, but it was fun.”Jared admitted, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

“Aw, your hair is all messy.”Connor smirked.”You look like you usually do after I blow you. Messy hair, red face, panting and looking at me like I just gave you the time of your life.”Connor kissed the shell of Jared’s ear.

“Fuck off, jackass.”Jared laughed, pushing Connor’s shoulder.”Get away from me.”

“You didn’t say stop.You didn’t safe word.”Connor smiled.”I figured you’d like it.”

“Oh, just shut up and be a good cuddle for once.You’re all corners and bones.”

“Which is why I’m cold!”Connor curled up to Jared’s side, tucking himself under his arm.


Hi there! I’m Aaron and I’m starting my very own Studyblr! Yay!

Here’s a bit of information about me…

1. My name is Aaron

2. I’m fourteen years old

3. My birthday is on the 26th of April

4. I’m Irish and I’m studying for the Junior Certificate (A state examination)

5. My hobbies include coding, playing table tennis and playing on my Nintendo Switch

See ya ‘round!

Voltrans Discord Server

Hey guys, Ben here! I decided that I don’t see nearly enough trans!voltron content, and I need to fix that. So, I’ve come up with this discord server for everyone who loves trans!voltron headcanons!


1. You have to be anti sha/adin, pa/a/otor, pi/adin, etc.
2. You must be at least 13 years old
3. Fill out this form

Also, make sure to reblog this so other people know about it!!!


See you in the server!

Criminal Minds Drinking Game

1 shot:

  • They play chess on the jet
  • Derek calls Penelope “baby girl”
  • Copycat killer
  • Children are abducted 
  • Has a type (ex. Blonde,female,blue eyes,etc)
  • Is unemployed
  • When Penelope has to talk to suspects
  • When the unsub is 15-25 years old
  • Penelope mentions how scared she gets when they leave

2 shots:

  • Spencer says something scientific and one of the agents has to explain
  • When druggies/prostitutes/the homeless are the victims
  • Derek tackles the unsub
  • The victim is shot more than once
  • Public places
  • Has a mental disorder
  • When the unsub works within the law enforcement/medicial etc.
  • Spencer visits his mom
  • Unsub is 25-40 years old

3 shots:

  • Spencer has to say Dr. Spencer Reid when they leave the doctor out
  • When they get the dogs 
  • When the stresser is the death of a parent
  • They keep their victims for more than a month (extra shot: The children all live)
  • They play out a fantasy
  • When Spencer uses the Bible/Greek Mythology/Lore as a reference to the crime and how it was committed 
  • A lot of newspaper clippings in the unsub’s housing 
  • Set in a big city
  • An agent gets shot

4 shots:

  • When someone gets stabbed and shot
  • Murdered in their home
  • Body part missing
  • When the talked to unsub, but didn’t realize until later
  • The unsub takes their life before they get arrested
  • Each time a woman flirts with Derek
  • Unsub is 40+ years old
  • Happens out in the woods
  • Spencer is reading with his super reading powers

Just finish whatever you’re drinking:

When it gets really emotional between two or more agents. 

Bonus: pour another if it’s Penelope and Derek

cool here’s my idea for a magic school in the harry potter universe it’s called Fungus’d and these are the houses

1. bash n dash

people sorted into bash n dash like to start drama then immediately leave the conversation so everybody else has to deal with it and they can come back later and act like they didnt do anything wrong

2. thimble

people sorted into thimble are really small and act like they’re old but they’re like, clearly not old, until they are old at which point they are old

3. jak and daxter

people sorted into jak and daxter are scared. not of anything specific. not of anything tangible at all. they’re just scared. they have a constant air of fear and unease that follows them at all times. nobody else can feel it. that scares them even more.

4. veggie burger

people sorted into veggie burger are bad at maths but make up for it by being really bad at crosswords



The lovely penw0man started a really cool project, so I decided to finally join in the fun :D Sooooooo, 25 facts about me:

1. My full first name is Maria Angela
2. I’m 26 years old
3. I have an older sister, she’s 9 years older than me
4. I love to sing
5. I love to spin fire poi
6. My favourite colour is any shade of blue
7. I play World of Warcraft
8. I’ve been in a committed relationship for the past almost 7 years and I couldn’t be happier
9. I have almost no eye sight in my right eye, it’s a condition called strabismus (lazy eye)
10. I’ve had 4 eye surgeries up until now
11. I’ve always been shy and awkward in social situations
12. I don’t own many books; as of this moment, I have 60, but I’m hoping to expand my collection (if I ever have money :P)
13. My dream is to own my own house and have a whole room dedicated only to books
14. My other dream is to travel to Australia and meet my favourite blogger friends 
15. My other other dream is to meet darkestwings in London one day
16. I almost had an accident when I took my driver’s licence exam. I never got into a car to drive again
17. My favourite genres are YA and adult fantasy
18. I love riding the motorcycle with my boyfriend
19. I don’t want any kids.
20. I used to bite my nails; I still do it, but I try to refrain when I can
21. I never thought of myself as beautiful/pretty. I still don’t.
22. Favourite shows include Supernatura, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Suits and Pretty Litttle Liars (I know, I’m all over the place)
23. I live for chocolate.
24. I can’t cook/bake to save my life.
25. I think I’m kind and loyal. At least I hope I am.

Well there you have it. 25 facts about me. Sending everyone all the hugs and all the cookies <3