A Message for Adrienne
  • A Message for Adrienne
  • Underoath
  • 2002 - The Changing Times

Do you guys remember songs by UnderOath like “Short of Daybreak” and “A Message for Adrienne?” Odd to think they had almost purely death metal roots. But of course only almost purely death metal roots… It was at the expense of some sad boy lyrics. Anyways I know I sure as fuck remember.


Underoath - Never Meant To Break Your Heart

I wish I could’ve seen them in this era so bad.  The last minute is insane.

ok so last night andy and i were invited to our friend’s place for dinner…i brought a bottle of wine to keep things classy and as a small thank you for them making an awesome dinner (salmon, rice, sauteed veggies, doin it big)

well long story short we had way more than wine because andy and others provided beer, i jammed with our friend’s roommate to old underoath/fftl videos, i cradled my friend’s gf’s cat like a child for damn near 20 minutes, there was a ferret and i met another drake ally lmao

anyway i’m now at work the next day and i am actually dying i think