On this day in music history: July 5, 1954 - Elvis Presley records “That’s All Right” at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.  Presley is signed to Sun Records by label owner Sam Phillips, after the then eighteen year old truck driver visits the studio in August of 1953 to record an acetate disc as a birthday gift for his mother. Believing that Elvis has the potential to become a major star, they will struggle for several months to find the right song for his debut release. Paired with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, they will be in the studio again going over material when during a break, Elvis will begin singing the rhythm and blues number “That’s All Right”. Moore and Black will immediately fall in behind Presley, and all will realize that  they are on to something. “That’s All Right” is written and originally recorded by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup in 1946, a Mississippi born laborer and sharecropper turned musician. Elvis will record the released version of the song in just a few takes. The single will be backed by a cover version of bluegrass legend Bill Monroe’s “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”. Released as Sun 209 on July 19, 1954, it will quickly become a local hit in Memphis . Local Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips at WHBQ (no relation to Sam Phillips), will immediately begin playing the record, spinning it fourteen times in one evening. Though the record does not chart nationally, it is a sizable regional hit, selling over 20,000 copies, and will mark the beginning of Elvis Presley’s iconic career. “That’s All Right” is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame" in 1998.