chill bill

As a matter of fact, I never really believed that Mo-Mo was crying. First of all, he’d obviously be in utter shock that He Tian had made a move on him. And secondly, Mo-Mo doesn’t seem like the one to cry so easily. I mean, it’s not like He Tian held him down and told him he wanted to fuck his mouth, to the point of threatening him. That is forced. But mostly, since Mo-Mo’s reactions are usually so intense, he would then have the greatest eye-shocker where blinking is forbidden. Hence eye watering. Soooo yeah. He could be crazy confused and embarrassed, but I don’t think there will be much angst. Hell, it’d be expected that He Tian is sucker-punched.

It’s Neotag old art day and I’m here to deliver.

(Also my oldest art on my laptop is from two years ago, but I might upload some traditional art later because we all know that was the good stuff.) 

Not even joking, the day I got my laptop and tablet, I downloaded paint.net and got working. Mostly gradient tools and lack of pen stability.

 And my Guardians series? This was the first concept.

 …I plead the fifth.

An ancient relic one can still find on this blog if they look hard enough, back when I first joined the neotag! if anyone remembers seeing this almost two years ago…uh…hi there, I’ve improved! c:

 Shaky lines and anime eyes.

 And finally, the comic series of people with shapeless blobs for bodies and “so random” jokes.

 VERY ATROCIOUS but I’ve actually always had faith in my art! Because hey, if I can go from this:

To this:

Within two years, I think I’m doing something right. c:

I vividly remember in Grade 8 French class, there was this “How Romantic Are You?” quiz, and one of the questions was: “True or False? You cry when you listen to love songs.” And I remember I made the most disgusted expression and practically yelled, “WHO DOES THAT?” Even my French teacher noticed and just started laughing along with me. 

And now, seven years later I sit here trying to hold back tears as I listen to bittersweet Korean pop songs.