The final scene in Monster Bash addressed what we all thought, that Star was rushing things too much in this half of season. She had all the best intentions, obviously, but still didn’t stop to think, to plan, for a moment - and Eclipsa’s influence, despite how little they talked together so far, didn’t help for sure. As soon as Star got over her nasty obsession heartache for Marco’s smell she seemingly set onto changing her life for good. Become a better princess, improve Mewni. Maybe she didn’t stop even for a moment because she feared she might have relapsed into her old habits of leaving things unfinished, running away at the first difficulty, and that’s why she was annoyed by Marco’s return at first in Lint Catcher: Not because she didn’t want him back in her life, but because she was scared of what it could have lead to (this obviously turned out not to be the case, since if anything Marco is the most supportive person she has).

Could this “youthful rashness” apply to Tomstar as well, though? In Club Snubbed Star was initially clear on what she’d have liked Tom to be: a friend. But she was quick, even too quick, to change idea in the following episode, as soon as she saw in him a “kindred spirit”, someone who was going through a similar situation of great changes (plus great duties from being a royal heir). 

Could the accelerated pace at which Tomstar happened be blamed on the writers wanting to find a quick and easy way to add drama to the mix, or (and I truly hope it’s this second case) it was all part of Star “rushing things to a fault” new style of life? Tom’s behavior and priorities didn’t match Star’s ones in Monster Bash, but this got fixed before the end of the episode, making up for some good growth moments for Star. The opposite didn’t get addressed further, though: Star’s priorities and expectations in their relationship didn’t seem to match Tom’s ones, and I don’t think this can be blamed on how busy with the planning she was. While Tom wanted to kiss, Star reacted in a playful, almost childish way.

Could this be Star’s version of the events addressed in Sophomore Slump? Just like Marco couldn’t put full effort into his relationship with Jackie because part of his heart was always with Star (because let’s be real here, the issues where there way before The Battle For Mewni, even when Star was still living on Earth), Star can’t be fully invested in her relationship with Tom not only because she was too busy with Mewni, but because that’s not what she truly wants, just what she thought she needed. 

Is it possible that just like Star tried to change Mewni overnight, just to realize that’s not as easy as it seems, she might have also tried to change her feelings for Marco way too quickly for her own good?

“Modern society fails us, so there is a personal responsibility to figure out what is meaningful. If you’re not careful, you will just ingest what you’re told to ingest, and your life will pass you by with you having zero awareness as to what is actually substantial, and what is just trash.

One thing I like about being in Boston is that I have access to information that I wouldn’t have if I were still living in Houston. Since moving here, I’ve become so much more aware of where things come from, and what their value is beyond simply a monetary number.

For example, where I grew up, you go to IKEA. In IKEA, everything is new. In Houston, if something is broken, you just get a new one. Everything is expendable. It’s a life of excess beyond awareness. Here, there is a desire for old things. People are willing to go on Craigslist and find a $600 solid-wood table, put a layer of poly on it, and then keep it for 60 years.

So, how I choose to make decisions every single day is directly related to the knowledge I get from the people I work with and the people I talk to. If I constantly socialize with people who I have nothing in common with, I will eventually become something that I’m not. I have to remain actively aware of whose wills are acting upon me.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve developed a really unsavory habit of mindlessly going on certain apps on my phone, as if there’s this loop in my head that tells me that that’s what I’m supposed to be doing with my time. Sometimes I’m not even looking at the content. It’s just mindless dribble, a waste of time, with me being conditioned to desire certain stimuli. I feel like I’m somehow being hijacked—like I’m being made into a mindless consumer.

That awareness doesn’t come from a book that’s easily digestible. It’s something you have to experience, something you have to synthesize and thenreflect upon. And if there’s anything that I value, it’s this awareness and the desire to become more aware.

Sometimes it’s not fun. With awareness comes responsibility. For example, my girlfriend’s vegan. I’m Persian-Puerto Rican. Growing up, eating meat wasn’t just satisfying. It was home-cooked food, and eating it with my family came with all of the cultural importance of sharing food.
One thing that was hard for me in the last year-and-a-half was not eating any meat. I used to be into competition barbecue, so much so that I dreamed of designing my own smokers. Tell me how someone who desires to build his own barbecue grills and competitively smoke barbecue can all of a sudden give up eating meat? It’s the power of women and the power of information. Together they are very compelling. And it all comes down to awareness.”

How often do the suitors think about sex?


Sid- the rug in the foyer reminds him of that time when // rug burns //… and then in the hall closet, the kitchen counter…basically everything reminds him of sex.

Giles- he keeps himself in check most of the day, except when he sits down at his desk -that one time is quite memorable, he kinda wants to do that again.

Byron - what? well it’s not on his mind much when he works. he compartmentalizes, but once he sees you in that dress that evening it’s a free for all in there.

Leo - the library is his favorite place because it holds the scent of two of his favorite things; old books and sex… hell, debating probably gets him turned on too.

Albert - there is only room for work and King Byron in his brain… until Princess comes a long …

Nico - candy … sex! sword fights … sex! espionage…. sex! kidnapping… sex! tea… sex!

Rayvis - not very often, just maybe a couple times a day when he’s bored he might play a sexual fantasy in his mind to keep entertained.

Louis- it would be most uncouth to think about sex so much, that’s reserved for bath time and dancing with Princess …

Alyn - not when he’s training, well, maybe a little … thinks about how Princess would like these muscles… lol. other than that it’s mostly food on his brain.

Robert - there’s a stash of erotic paintings in his studio that he’s painted when sexy time is on his mind … how many paintings do you think there are?

As we grow old, we see things by different perspective. We can’t judge someone’s decision. We can’t ask someone to stay. We can’t force someone to love. We can’t.

All things you can do for someone is accept their decision, and support them as always.

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Is paperbacktrash ok?

Becca is all good. She’s got a lot going on with university and work that she is just running out of time. Being a doctor of dead and old things is very demanding.

That being said, I’ll miss her shenanigans on here until she’s back. ❤