Eggsy x Reader

Code Name:  Gawain

B don’t forget! - Eggsy - Galahad + Roxy - Lancelot (don’t mix up again)

“Eggsy you’re not working with Roxy on this one i’m afraid.” Merlin said through the headpiece as Eggsy headed up to the room that had been on the note he’d been sent.

“Oh yeah then who’d you set me up with?” Eggsy asked half joking as he readied himself for some grumpy older Kingsman.

“Gawain.” Was all Merlin said.

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manu19999  asked:

Здравствуйте! Could you please elaborate on the verb приняться? Looks like there's something odd about it. As in the sentence: Если он опять примется за старое, я не выдержу. I find the expression "примется за старое" uneasy to translate. Could you give some examples on how and when to use that verb?

 Здравствуйте! Sorry for the late response! 

Приниматься за старое is a stable expression, it means to start doing something bad again. Старое = the old thing, something that one was doing before, for example, smoking, then quit and now is doing that again. 
Он опять принялся за старое - курит по пачке сигарет в день! He’s started smoking agin - a pack of sigarets a day! 

Приниматься/Приняться means:
1) to start doing something, usually something active, a synonym to начать. Он принялся бегать по утрам, чтобы похудеть. He started jogging in the morning to lose his weight. 
2) to switch one’s action or/and attention to another subject. После торта они принялись за печенье. After the pie, they switched to cookies. 
3) about plants - to start growing normally after replanting. Помидоры хорошо принялись в теплице -  новые листики появились, цветут. My tomatoes are growing well in the greenhouse - there are new leaves, and they’re blooming.

Monday things

I had the best naturopath appointment today - she was so thorough and had plenty of insights and suggestions. Really hopeful that working together we can sort out some of my health issues.

My ear still hasn’t unpopped from our flight home. I’m pretty much deaf in my right ear because of it. May need to see a doctor if it doesn’t start to improve soon.

So lovely to come home to a warm, clean house. Our house sitter left it cleaner than we had. It’s a mess now though with F’s stuff imploding everywhere.

Speaking of F, during the trip and now on our return, he’s started this flouncing / drama-filled sobbing any time we say something to him that might be slightly corrective. For example, gently reminding him to use a tissue instead of his sleeve (and I mean very gently reminding), we get a storming off, sobbing, shouting “SORRYYYY!” as he goes. No idea where it came from but we weren’t expecting this “four-ager” to show up while we were away.

I’m almost 23 years old and the only thing I’ve learned is that it works better if you break up the ramen inside the pack before you open it

movie tropes that will never get old to me:

  • a thing happens + two people exchanging money in the back
  • fourth wall breaking
  • “give up all your weapons” and that one guy that spends the entire evening taking his weights worth out his pockets
  • *a terribly loud crash* meowing/ car sirens heard offscreen
  • alternatively: a terribly loud crash and one of the characters going “oops” in the most casual voice
  • “fuck you” “well if you insist”