“It’s Tuesday, we always have tea on Tuesdays.”

I like to think Ford does all these weird things that are so normal to him like having tea with Mothman and asking Bigfoot to help him reach things off the high shelves. And he just doesn’t comprehend that most people don’t do that.



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Can you please write about Kagami Taiga being down with a very bad stomach bug, but is stuck on a long road trip with Kuroko being the driver and Riko accompanies them. Maybe Kuroko offers him a bucket, in which he throws up in several times along the road trip. Riko comforts him until he passes out in his seat due to exhaustion.

A/N: Before anyone asks…no I’m not starting another virus strand, m’kay? :) 

Kuroko watched the blood drain from his knuckles as he clenched them abusively around the steering wheel.

He glanced over at Kagami, who’s face was whiter than his bloodless joints. They still had at least two more hours in the car and Kuroko doubted his friend was going to make it.

He glanced in the rearview mirror at Riko who offered a worried grimace and shake of her head.

In the passenger’s seat, Kagami squirmed before releasing a muffled belch into his fist.

“There’s a gas station about a mile ahead. We’ll pull over there.”

Kagami shook his head, “Don’t you - uurrp - dare.” He huffed and rested a palm over his stomach. “We’re not stopping. That’ll just prolong this fucking trip.”

“Kagami,” Riko began, voice wheedling. “It wouldn’t take long. Besides, we could all stretch our legs.”

Kuroko tapped his foot on the brake as lightly as possible but the car still jolted as they came to yet another stop. Beside him, Kagami groaned, pursing his lips as another wet burp jumped in his chest.


“Sorry,” Kuroko apologized. But there was really nothing he could do about the stop-and-go traffic they’d been stuck in for the past forty-five minutes. He was desperate for an exit sign.

“What’s the hold up, anyway?” Riko asked in an increasingly frustrated tone, rolling down her window to try and get a look past the other cars. “It’s, like, the middle of the night.”

“Probably an accident or something,” Kuroko answered tiredly, rubbing his gritty eyes. The traffic moved a few more paces before coming to another abrupt halt.

“Kuro,” Kagami choked in a thick voice, throat bobbing as his shoulders trembled from the effort of suppressing his nausea. “I think I need to - huURRP!”

Kagami slapped a hand over his lips, closing his eyes as the roiling burp brought up a splash of something wet. He gulped furiously, determined to swallow it back down but only succeeded in retching up another mouthful.

“Shit,” Kuroko cursed, slamming on the brakes and spinning around in his seat. “Riko toss me something. Kagami’s gonna throw up.”

“I’m on it,” Riko began rummaging through the small trash pile they’d accumulated over the course of their trip. She pulled out a greasy bucket that had once housed a large order of fried chicken. “Will this work?”

Kuroko snatched the bucket from her and flung it into his friend’s lap before turning on his hazards. Cars blared their horns at him anyway.

Kagami opened his mouth as another burp tore out of his throat, saliva dripping from his lips into the bucket like a slimy waterfall. His shoulders hitched spasmodically as his stomach contracted with dry heaves.

“Guys,” he slurred, sounding pathetically desperate. “I can’t do this here - hurUULP - guh!”

Kuroko winced sympathetically as he watched the older boy struggle to swallow down the impending disaster. It wasn’t right for Kagami Taiga to look so vulnerable. Realizing that the powerful, obnoxiously arrogant ace was fucking human wasn’t something Kuroko was altogether comfortable acknowledging.

And yet as Kagami’s cheeks inflated with more noxious air, throat gurgling noisily as he forced his insides back down, Kuroko realized that his friend was fighting a losing battle, for once.

“I don’t think you have a lot of choice in the matter,” Kuroko pointed out flatly.

Kagami shook his head, denial evident in the way his arms were shaking as he clutched the bucket. He was fighting so damn hard and it just wasn’t worth it. Not this time.

“Honey, it’s okay,” Riko mothered, scooting up behind his seat and reaching around to brush his damp bangs out of his face. “It’s okay if you need to be sick. Better than being miserable and trying to hold it in.”

Kuroko was eternally grateful there was someone else willing to take control of this uncomfortable situation.

Ohh,” Kagami shuddered violently, lower lip quivering as he finally opened his mouth to burp rather than clenching it shut. “Oh, fuck.”

Kuroko and Riko both cringed as a gurgling belch rolled out of the sick boy. It sounded like it hurt. Kagami instinctively lowered his head and aimed towards the bucket, pitching forward in his seat. For a moment, he seemed to be choking. But Kuroko saw the exact moment he couldn’t swallow past the urge to let it out. 

Kagami’s throat spasmed, then he retched, the noise brutal and wholly productive, bringing up a flood of sick.

“There you go,” Riko encouraged, securing his forehead as he lurched convulsively.

Kuroko had to turn his head away when Kagami heaved again, another massive torrent of liquid cascading into the plastic bucket.

“You’re okay,” Riko soothed, trying her best to hold the boy steady. Kagami tried to shake her off more than once, though by the time he finished emptying his stomach, his energy had been thoroughly drained.

He coughed miserably, a string of queasy burps slipping from his mouth as he hovered over the bucket.

“I have to get back on the road,” Kuroko muttered guiltily. “That truck driver is about to get out and club me.” 

Kagami nodded weakly, slumping back in his seat as Kuroko eased the car back into the congested lanes.

“Here, drink some water,” Riko unscrewed the cap and handed Kagami a water bottle. He took a few measly sips before placing it in the cupholder and closing his eyes. The convulsive swallowing wasn’t a promising sign.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, once Kagami finally let loose it was like a switch had been flipped.

Two minutes later, when Kuroko was forced to hit the brakes once again, Kagami pitched back over the bucket with a belching gag. His muscles strained as he retched, the veins in his neck throbbing as his stomach insisted on purging everything inside of him.

Another wet splatter echoed inside the bucket as liquid struck liquid. When Kagami finally raised his head there were spots of backsplash decorating his chin. He spat disgustedly and took the paper napkin Kuroko offered without a word.

“Dude, this is not good.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Kagami shot back, voice crackling and hoarse from the excess of acid searing his throat. He wiped his mouth and collapsed back into the seat with a groan, waving off the water Riko tried to offer.

By the time they finally exited the freeway, Kagami was a trembling wreck, burping helplessly over a very full fast-food bucket. Except for the occasional spurt of bile or stomach acid, his gagging had been unproductive for the last few minutes.

Kuroko had been forced to roll down their windows. He suspected the awful smell was only making Kagami sicker and it wasn’t doing anyone else any favors.

At least twice, Kuroko had to reach over to steady the bucket when Kagami began drifting off between bouts of retching.

It was a relief to everyone when they finally pulled off into the gas station parking lot.

Riko immediately exited the car and inhaled a few deep breaths before jogging around to the passenger’s side.

Kuroko reached over to undo Kagami’s seatbelt and unlocked the door for Riko. She took the sloshing bucket out of his lap and placed it on the concrete to deal with when they had a free second.

“Hey there, champ,” she greeted as Kagami’s bleary gaze finally came to rest on her. “Wanna go get cleaned up? Maybe puke in a toilet for a change?”

Kagami glared murderously but did his best to drag his shaking limbs out of the car.

“I’m gonna make sure he doesn’t drown,” Riko announced as she tucked her arms around Kagami’s shoulders and began leading him inside the station’s public bathroom. “Can you take care of, um, that?”

“Gee, thanks,” Kuroko sneered, rather indignant that he’d been stuck with disposal duty.

By the time Riko led a woozy looking Kagami back to the car, Kuroko had wheedled with the cashier and managed to purchase a small trashcan from underneath their desk, a pack of gingerale, and a roll of paper towels.

“You guys okay?” Kuroko asked, frowning as Kagami collapsed headlong into the backseat this time.

“He threw up again,” Riko sighed, tucking Kagami’s long legs onto the seat so she could shut the door. “It must be stomach flu because we all ate the same crap and you and I aren’t sick.”

“For now,” Kuroko pointed out.

He ignored Riko’s glare of disapproval at his lack of optimism and leaned down to place the tiny trashcan on the floorboard within easy reach.

“Hey, buddy,” Kuroko patted Kagami’s sweat-soaked back. The older boy stirred restlessly before humming something incoherent. “This is right here if you need it, okay? We still have about another hour but we’ll be home soon. You just gotta hang on a little longer.”

Kagami grunted something that sounded like “not your buddy”, before gagging in his mouth and fumbling clumsily for the trashcan.

Kuroko rolled his eyes and pushed the container into Kagami’s hand, hoping he wouldn’t need to use it, at least for a little while.

“He’s worn out,” Riko commented as Kuroko shut the door and walked around to the driver’s side. “He’ll probably sleep the rest of the way. He doesn’t have anything left to puke.”

“Let’s hope so,” Kuroko sighed. “My mom’s gonna kill me if he throws up on her seats.”

When they got back in the car, they were both relieved to hear Kagami snoring congestedly in the backseat.

Kuroko decided he’d prefer cleaning up slobber over vomit any day.



Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s url, as linked from their facebook page, is http://www.ofsds.org/index.html

NOT oldfriendsseniordogs.com

The dot com site is a CLONE of ofsds.org (and a bad one at that)

DO NOT DONATE THROUGH oldfriendsseniordogs.com


I’ve found the post referenced above on the OFSDS official facebook (facebook’s timeline shuffling is the devil) and it does reference the .com

That’s the only reference I can find on their facebook page however. I’ve reached out to OFSDS on facebook directly but given their popularity I’m not really expecting a quick reply.

For now, ofsds.org is still the official url listed in their facebook sidebar:

Be safe kids.

UPDATE UPDATE - have heard back from ofsds themselves