Can’t believe it so happy! I was given this old box of bird skulls and eggs by a parents friend who inherited it! Birds I’ve identified: 2 razorbill, guillemot, great black backed gull, teal, gannet, jackdaw, carrion crow, kestrel/sparrowhawk, blackbird, mute swan, shag, pheasant and house sparrow. 
There are loads of beautiful British bird eggs which are over 80 years old with some being even older. Please note I live in the UK where there is no migratory bird act and the age of the eggs makes them fine to own.

SAVAGE SKULLS…based in South Bronx, the gang declared war on the drug dealers that operated in the area, mid 1970s.


‘Good morning, princess. Let’s make coffee for Dean.’

There are a lot of weird things in Castiel’s house. Animals skulls, antlers, old books written in ancient languages, stones, bottles, flowers… And of course, there is The Queen Of Universe.

She’s 4 years old, have a scar on her neck, and Cas won her in poker almost 3 years ago. Since that night she’s his most precious treasure, and no one can say a bad word about her.

 She does whatever she want whenever she want and usually treat Dean like air. But sometimes she sleeps with him on his pillow ans he can’t help but smile. 

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have a domestic pig skull? I think I have one but I can't find any reference photos that quite match it. I'd love to see some photos if you have one? Thanks!

Sure do! Say hi to Hogzilla! He’s in the middle between those cow (left) and horse (right) skulls.

Here’s a better shot of him now that he’s all cleaned up.

This skull is from a “feral” pig that was shot in Florida but it was most definitely a domestic pig (which do often escape their pens and quickly join in running amok with their feral kin) because domestic pigs always have that sharp dish down from their forehead to their snouts.

Real feral hogs have a long, straight slope from brow to snout, like this guy here from Texas:

Domestic pig skulls are usually much broader and denser than feral hogs too.

If your skull is still piggish in appearance but not quite as large as these guys then maybe it’s from a potbellied pig like this little gal.

Then of course there are warthog skulls which have small, high-up eye sockets and fewer teeth than other pig skulls. My old mangled warthog skull is the third from the left in this photo. Also pictured are some juvenile domestic pigs in the front.

Domestic pig skulls do come in a variety of shapes and sizes so if you still aren’t sure of the ID of your skull please feel free to submit a photo of it and I’ll be glad to help you ID it!

Hope that helps!

What I would want in a Sun and Moon sequel:

-Hau replacing Hala as kahuna

-Guzma as a trial head/ kahuna

-Battle with Lillie

-Your rival/friend (like Hau) is an old and reformed Team Skull Grunt (Named Grunt) who decides to do the island challenge

-Different elite four

-Old protagonist as champion

-Not (as) edgy, matured Gladion who possibly acts as a mentor and leader of Aether 



-Team Skull is a force for good now and is no longer a gang

-Reformed Lusamine

-New bad guys, maybe people from Team Skull and/or Aether who still want to be bad

-Box Legend: Necrozma

-Maybe new mini islands?

-A Rotom Dex either passed on from the old protagonist or we see the old Rotom talking to the new Rotom and giving them advice on how to be a good partner(new rotom should have new distinct and fun personality)