September 1, 1913 – Old Ship Church (First Parish) Built in 1861 / Hingham, Mass.

Miss Natalie Ham., Allerton, Mass.

“Dear Natalie,

We arrived home safely. This picture shows the church where I go. We have had rather warm weather since we came home. I have met the new principal and think I will like him but I don’t know. Please don’t forget to write a long letter.

Love to you and your mother from Genevieve

Hingham, Sept. 1, 1913”

I was baptized in this church just about 50 years after this postcard was mailed, and married in it another 50 years after that.

Among other things I visited my grandpa’s grave today for the first time since he was planted there in the 80s. Standing next to me was the current Minister of the Old Ship Church in Hingham and neither of us could really remember the exact year grandpa died so we both looked to the grave to tell us and well, that didn’t work.. Good thing I visited, if no one has noticed in the last quarter century its unlikely they ever would have. 

Also got to stand at the pulpit after the church service I attended which was kind of cool, its an impressive view, not by old Gothic Church standards but standing at the pulpit of a 334 year old church that has barely changed inside in that time span, knowing that my grandfather had stood in that spot for just about 6 years - preaching during the early years of the Civil Rights movement, or on that Sunday just two days after JFK was killed.. To imagine how much history, just incredible. 

Been a really good day so far, the weather is incredible which compliments the motorcycle beautifully. Had good food for lunch, just a much needed perfect day. 

Limited slightly by pain, couldn’t ride home today as I’d originally planned, not sure if I’ll be able to go back out later for another ride or if I will have to just lay here and not move the rest of the day, but even if that is the case - god, it was worth it. 

Two of the 106 minutes of video I have collected so far on this particular trip. Not sure what’ll be done with all of it, its still more field testing the camera than meaningful clips. That said, I do like a few aspects of these two minutes, especially the way the trees & leaves are going by and the reflections in the sidecar nose. I dig the fact that I clearly don’t know exactly where I am most of the time as seen in hesitations in a couple of corners and missing Elm Street entirely (dad’s first girlfriend lived on Elm Street). I also like that The Old Ship Church is visible in the tail end of it, the cream colored church that doesn’t so much look like a church but a box with a bell balcony like thing with a steeple on top of it - centered in the roof rather than in the front of the building like pretty much every other church I pass. I like the ease of it, no traffic, almost no hassles. 

There were those folks who decided to cross the street just as I’d entered that intersection. 99% of the time I stop for Pedestrians (Always if they manage to actually get in front of me) but if there is room to pass and I am in or near an intersection - I as the most likely to be hit by a car assert my authority and apologize as I cut them off. I’m not going to get killed so that they can cross the street ten seconds sooner.