| Weekend Life in Bullets |


Monday [ 08/22/16 ] :

  • We checked our papers in Math and Theology for the midterm examination and fortunately, I did pass both of the subjects. *tugs tugs*
  • I joined hip-hop this year for the upcoming Intramurals. I was kind of hesitant at first but then I pushed myself to join since I love dancing anyways.
  • We don’t have that much class on the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday [ 08/23/16 ] :

  • I thought we’re going to have a speech for the oral communication subject but yey nah! *phew*
  • My score in science was like in between life and death. 
  • I didn’t expect that our new teacher in the oral communication was actually the Principal from my old school before.

Wednesday [ 08/24/16 ] :

  • It’s just so fun to tease our teacher in Filipino with her boyfriend. She’s so cute, especially when she secretly blushes behind the corner. Aww.. <3
  • We don’t have a class for our Intro to world Religion class so we just spend the time practicing for the culmination of Buwan ng Wika and Intramurals.

Thursday [ 08/25/16 ] :

  • After a long wait. Now we’re done performing the musical play portraying the story Preludes by Daryll Delgado. Our group got the most highest score. And guess what! I’m acting the role of Nenita in theplay. It was insane but worth the act.

Friday [ 08/26/1 ] :

  • Toothache. I’m not paying attention in the class, all I did was just sleep at my desk trying to be stoic behind the pains of my tooth. Argh. 
  • We watched movie entitled  ‘Maleficent’. It’s actually my second time around to watch it again, the story never failed to amaze me. My perspective toward true love’s kiss changed. One could fully only attain that if one’s heart have peace, full of forgiveness and has loads of boxes for acceptance.
  • I lend a book to an old friend called ‘freedom’ by Brian Tome. I hope she will apply the teaches written on the book.


[ 08/27/16 ]


  • Toothache again. It hurts.
  •  I missed the culminating activity for the Buwan ng Wika aka I’m absent. 
  • Instead of curling on bed the whole day feeling the aches of my tooth, I decided to go stationary and book hunting. Savings on the go!!!.

The Temptations - “I’m Losing You”

*My favorite Tempts song!