Retro Game Room Version 2
I needed to patch the walls and paint, so I thought I might as well change it all up.

23 different consoles and handhelds, about 450 old games. Framemeister xrgb-mini upscaler so it doesn’t look bad on a new tv, handmade custom MAME cabinet, and a fuzzy chair and fuzzy carpet :)

A lot of work, and a lifetime of collecting!

Geek Vintage Super Metroid Mother Brain Engraving Poster

by ©2014 Barrett Biggers, The Peoples’ Geek Artist and sweet dude.

Super high quality matte, metallic or watercolor prints available at my Etsy Store.

Here is a very vintage engraving style illustration and design based on the Super Metroid ending scene fight with Mother Brain from the classic Nintendo Title “Metroid”.  Original characters is ©Nintendo and this is my fan artwork representation of the characters.