Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

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And so they did

PROMPT: soulmate au where the first thing your soulmate says is tattooed on your arm, however, both dan and phils tattoos are in a foreign language that they don’t understand (as in they don’t speak the same language)

(prompt from @phanfic)

WORDS: 1785

(WARNINGS/TRIGGERS) none, as far as im concerned, though the quickest mention of abusive ever, right at the start. a few nervous/down thoughts I guess?

GENRE: fluff :)

(AUTHORS NOTE) im popping the oneshot cherry, presenting you with this, looking for some followers on here, @phanfucks , ao3 agnesisacunt, ff.net agnesfandoms, and my wattpad ineedfiction. also my ig danisabear but whatevs really. also this is kinda short dan bc he’s only seventeen at this point. anyway. enjoooooooooooooooooooy :)) also feedback helps the flowers grow


(Phil’s pov)

Philip Lester lived in a world where people had ‘soul-quotes’. That was the name of the little thing that was written on your arm from birth, the first thing your soulmate would say to you. Some people found their soulmates when they were just 7, some people even had to wait fifty years, and some never got their soulmate. Maybe they never met, maybe their soulmate was mean or abusive, or maybe they didn’t have a mark, or their soulmate had a mark for another person.

Soulmates didn’t have to be relationships, more often than not they were, but they could be friendships too.

The thing with Phil’s soul-quote? It was in danish. ‘Undskyld, men tog du lige et billede af mig?’ what?? He’d once tried looking it up on google translate, the sentence ‘sorry, but did you just take a picture of me?’ didn’t make any sense back then, but now, as a photography student, it kind of did. Kind of.

It was all very exciting though, him having a soulmate from a different country, while all his friends just had british soulmates. Phil also may have kind of dreamed about his soulmate finding Phil’s slight british accent hot.

But currently, he was more excited than ever. He was going to Denmark with his photography class at uni, because every year a country to go to was chosen by the students of the class, they’d have five options, and Phil may have convinced 13 people to choose Denmark. They would arrive at Copenhagen airport in about 45 minutes, use the rest of the day to get settled in, get right in to photography monday morning, and then take the train to a city in jytland called Aarhus on tuesday evening, where they’d spend three more days. Phil was ecstatic. Even at 8 o’clock on a sunday morning, he’d never been more excited.


The first day of Copenhagen was unsuccesful. He’d tried to speak to as many people as possible, even walking into some on purpose (do. not. ask). But no one said anything that could sound even a little bit like the thing he had on his lower right arm, in a squiggly writing - his soulmates writing. It’d taken several of Phil’s family members to figure out the letters, and it just made it all the more difficult that it was in a foreign language.

Phil was dead-set to try again tomorrow.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He’d gotten a few ‘undskyld’s, but that was more or less it.

Now he was on the train to jytland, at 7:47 p.m., going through the pictures he’d taken of The Round Tower, Amalienborg Palace, a few birds, dogs, flowers, and people.

“Seem a little down, Phil? Didn’t find them today either?” Asked Camille, one of his friends, sounding like she felt rather sorry for him. Most of the people he knew, including her, had already found their soulmate, some were married, some not. Phil was the oldest person he himself knew who hadn’t found his soulmate yet. He was 22 for god’s sake. The most common age to find your soulmate was around 17. How long would he have to wait?

“Nah, I didn’t, unfortunately.” he answered. He got a few pats on the back with the people he sat with at that, but none of them really knew what to say, which was understandable.

“You’re gonna find them, promise.” said Mike, who was also Phil’s cousin’s soulmate. “Thanks man, anyway, did you guys get some good pics?” he asked.

“Yeah, I got one from the top of the Round Tower with a really nice view, also one of a dog with it’s owners sitting at a fountain. What about you guys?” said Mike, and so they continued talking until they had to get off the train.


First day of Aarhus? No luck. Phil was really fucking hoping that the second day was gonna be better (little did he know, it was).


Phil, Mike, Camille, Emma, and Damon were walking with each other along the Aarhus Canal, taking different pictures of it, buildings, cafés, dogs, people, and their ‘Baresso’ coffees. Phil had gotten an Ultimative Iceblend with mint, and it tasted like heaven. Camille and Emma had both bought a danish soda called Faxe Kondi, which tasted surprisingly well.

‘Holy-’ Phil couldn’t help himself, quickly putting his camera in front of his right eye and snapping a picture, when he saw the most breath-takingly beautiful boy he was to ever lay his eyes on. He had a brown fringe, sweeping to the left, sparkling brown eyes with little specks of golden and honey in them, and was smiling the brightest of smiles to some of his friends and, oh god, dimples as deep as Phil was in love. He was petting his dog, a black-spotted Grand Danois, and looking at some of his friends, laughing along with them. Well, until he wasn’t, and was suddenly looking at Phil, and oh shit, oh no, he fucking saw me taking a picture of him like some creep.

“Undskyld, men tog du lige et billede af mig?” he said, but of course, Phil didn’t understand shit.

“I-I’m sorry, say that again please? I’m british.” Phil explained with the slightest of embarrassed laughs.

The gorgeous boy looked down at his left arm, taking a couple of seconds before answering, with the most stunning smile ever; “Sorry, but did you just take a picture of me?”

And Phil burst out laughing, in relief, joy, happiness, so many different emotions.

“I- um, yes, yes I did actually.” He chuckled, more or less ignoring all the confused faces around them.

“Yeah? And not just of Bella here?” Pretty boy (also known as Phil’s soulmate, apparently, holy fuck) asked, scratching the big dog, that was more or less in his lap, behind the ear.

Phil chuckled. “Well, as charming as she is, that wasn’t the first thing on my mind.” He replied, smirking slightly at the now blushing boy, and if you asked Phil he’d probably refuse the slight tint on his own cheeks.

“Um, Dan? Hvem er din ven her?” asked a friend of the boy, Dan, as Phil had just discovered. Jesus, that’s a nice name. Is it short for something, maybe? What’s his last name? Phil thought to himself, and yes, he did feel a bit creepy to be honest, but he also knew that these were regular thoughts right after meeting your soulmate.

“Oh. det er- this is-” Dan giggled, not sure what to say since he didn’t kow his soulmate’ name yet, but kinda confused as to how his friends hadn’t caught on yet.

“I’m Phil Lester.” Phil said with a kind smile, reaching his hand out to Dan’ friends. Phil. Dan couldn’t help but let out a small, contented sigh, as his soulmate seemed to be the perfect person.

“Dan Howell.” Dan said at last and reached his hand out to Phil too.

“Howell? Isn’t that an english name?” Phil asked curiously, wanting to know as much about this boy as humanly possible.

“Well yeah, my great-great-grandpa was from Ireland and his son, my great-grandpa, got married to a danish woman who took his name, and so on.” Dan answered, quietly ushering Bella off of his lap so he could stand up before his legs fell asleep. He was about a head shorter than Phil, which was adorable, but would also be the cause of a great amount of neck pain in the future.

“Oh, you’re tall, no fair.” Dan whined and pouted, and Phil laughed, but was cut short by the voice of Camille. “Alright, not-so-wild guess, are you two soulmates?” she asked and when the two boys nodded to her, she couldn’t help but gasp along with Phil’s other friends and pull him into a hug, while some of Dan’ squealed a little and embraced him too, all laughing and congratulating.

“Alright, alright, but Dan how old are you?” asked Emma in a teasing tone. Phil snickered.

“Oh, I’m turning eighteen in June?” he told, not quite knowing why she wanted to know that, until she slapped Phil, exclaiming ‘old man!’. They all laughed at that, though Phil rolled his eyes and snickered again. “I’m twenty-two.” he explained.

Both Phil and Dan’ friends may have all lured off about fifteen minutes after that, but it’s not like the two really noticed. And Phil likes to tell himself that Dan didn’t notice the thirty-one pictures that were taken of him in the coffee shop they sat in for the next two hours, chatting and trying to teach Phil danish, though he probably did. And he probably noticed the twelve Phil took of him as they were walking and sitting beside the canal with Bella too.


Sadly, Phil couldn’t see Dan almost all friday because Dan still had school for a couple more weeks. That didn’t stop him from talking about him all the time, though. It was quite endearing, to be honest.

When Dan’ school day finally ended, at 1:55 because it was a short day, he and Phil met up right outside of the rather big - yet still much smaller than Phil’ old high school - building, they both smiled from ear to ear.

“Hey.” Dan said breathily.

“Hey.” Phil returned it in the same, slightly awe-struck, tone. “Don’t you guys have to wear uniforms?” he continued, noticing how Dan’ attire was a red-plaid sweatshirt, with the image of a dog and silhouette of a man in the center. Phil learned yesterday that Dan had quite an expensive taste.

“No, not here. When I was younger I always thought it would’ve been cool if we did, but I’m rather relieved now.” they laughed.

“Good. They’re horrific.” Dan laughed even louder at Phil’ words, and Phil could only say that he was proud of that.

“It’s sad that you’re leaving already. In two hours right?” asked the younger of the two, frowning deeply.

“Yeah. I was thinking if you maybe had the time, you could come say goodbye at the airport?” Phil said nervously, though he knew he had no reason to be. Dan smiled again, nodding.

“Yeah. We can exchange skype accounts, social media?” Dan proposed, and Phil nodded.

“Could we exchange a goodbye kiss?” said Phil, teasingly setting his hands on Dan’ waist, making the younger of the two giggle loudly.


And so they did.

tear-stained | jughead jones

Request: “Please do an imagine where you find out that Juggie lives under the stairs at school???? <333 tysm!!”

Pairings: JugheadxReader

Warnings: sad :(((((

Word count: 1498

Authors note: Tysm for the request, also please send more requests! Ef x


Writing prompts


Originally posted by iaminlovewithfood

Y/N heard the noise before her eyes adjusted to the dark shadows of Riverdale High in the early morning. Quiet, small sniffling. So silent you’d have to strain your ear to catch the whisper of that heart-wrenching noise. 

Who would be here so early? she wondered, swivelling her head in that direction, seeing nothing but speckles of dust floating through the pale, sunlit corridors. 

Her heart pounded as she walked the faintly lit hallways, pausing at every groan and creak of the old building. 

The school is ancient, after all, she silently reassured herself. It’s nothing more than the barely functioning heaters. 

She stopped dead in her tracks as the undeniable noise of a door creaking sounded to her right, making her jump. No, keep going. Breathe. Y/N took a shaky breath, wanting nothing more than to get the hell out of here. Her student council meeting didn’t start for another twenty minutes, after all. 

She glanced back at the school entrance, which seemed so far away with the flickering exit sign, then back at the corridor which the noise had been coming from. Her curiosity got the best of her, and she soon found herself in the darkest corner of the school, a small wooden door hidden under the stairs in front of her. 

The sniffles had subsided, but Y/N heard the occasional, uneven breath through the thin wooden door. They sounded quite familiar, now that she came to think about it. 

Slowly, carefully, she creaked the door opened, and peeked inside with wide, curious eyes. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness, and when they did, they stung with heartbroken tears. The image in front of her was the saddest, most heart-wrenching thing she’d ever seen, and she almost wished she could unsee it if not for her overload of mixed emotions.

It was her best friend, Jughead Jones, or the boy who used to be her best friend. He had drifted from her particularly the last couple years, distancing himself whenever she asked if he was okay. Now, he sat on a small, ratty mattress, his head buried in his hands and his shoulders shaking in silent sobs. He looked so small and vulnerable that Y/N craved to just go and wrap her arms around him like the old times.

A small sniffle of her own slipped out at the helpless sight of him, and Jughead abruptly shot up. His ocean blue eyes, which never failed to stun her, were wide and alert, searching the small room for the source of sound. They landed on Y/N’s guilty, anxious expression, and his face crumpled for a second before he regained his usual, composed posture.

“You need to go,” he started, speed walking towards her and shoving her out the door with unexpected strength, trying to close it behind her. “You can’t be in here." 

"Jughead, wait!” Y/N caught the door handle just before it clicked, pushing with all her weight to keep it open. She had to make her point, fast. “Please stop shutting me out! I’m here for you, I want to be here for you!” A sob leaked into her voice, and in the moment she used to take a deep breath, Jughead had slammed the door fully shut and locked it. 

Y/N sank down to the floor, hot tears streaming down her face. “Please let me in,” she whispered against the door, her palms pressed on the cold, wooden surface. “Please, Juggie." 

After what seemed like an eternity, Y/N heard a small click, and she scrambled to her feet as the door opened. Jughead stood with crossed arms, staring at her with an intense, unrecognisable expression. He bit his lip, studying her, and Y/N properly took in her best friend for the first time in several years. 

His dark locks peeked out under his grey beanie, matching the dark circles under his tired eyes. His jaw was sharp and set, a frown so often settled over his face that he had almost lost the young, boyish look he possessed in his earlier years. Almost. Y/N was sure that if Jughead smiled, his deep dimples would take over and give him that quirky grin that she used to spend all day gazing at. He was tall and lean, though he had well defined muscles under all the jackets he usually threw over. 

He was attractive, for sure, his quiet and mysterious demeanour drawing in curiosity. If he put a little more effort into the way he dressed and looked after himself better, he would be a charismatic boy for sure, irresistible to anyone who crossed his path. 

Jughead cleared his throat quietly, and Y/N’s gaze darted up to his face, reddening for thinking something at a time like this. He turned to reenter into the small room, ducking his head at the low ceiling, and this time, Y/N followed after him, taking in the sight. 

A half eaten strawberry poptart. Jughead’s leather schoolbag. A few torn books. A pair of black headphones. Several other belongings were scattered in the small area, and some that Y/N recognised, like the photo candids of Jellybean Jones, Jughead’s beloved little sister, and others that she had never seen in her life. 

Y/N looked back to where Jughead was sitting on his bed, his gaze fixed on the wall of photos, a faraway look in his eyes. He didn’t move as she took a seat next to him, her eyes fixed on his solemn face. His nostalgic expression made Y/N’s heart ache for him. The boy deserved so much better. 

“Jug?” Y/N whispered, carefully searching the boy’s face for emotion. 

Without warning, his face crumpled again and his shoulders shook with sobs. 

The boy had finally broke, Y/N thought, hurrying over and wrapping her arms around him, hugging him so close that her face was practically on his neck, inhaling the faint smell of soap. 

“I miss her so much,” Jughead whispered, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head as if that would block out the memory. “Jellybean. And my mother. I keep thinking about the last time I saw them, and how much I want to see them again." 

"Juggie, I know. It’s gonna be okay,” Y/N sighed, letting the comfort of him being so close settle over her. “You have your dad.”

“My dad doesn’t do shit!" 


He pushed her away roughly. "He’s the reason why mom took Jellybean and left. The reason why I’m living here. His alcoholic and financial problems have destroyed him!" 

Jughead’s words hung in the air above them, sinking the momentary lightness like an anchor. After what seemed like an eternity, Y/N found her voice again. 

"Jug, I-I don’t know what to say, that’s horrible. Just know that I care for you, and I’ll always be here for you,” she whispered, tearing staining her vision. I’ve loved you, and I always will, she added in her head. 

That’s when she noticed how intensely Jughead was staring at her, as if he could almost read her thoughts. His piercing blue eyes sent a shiver down her spine, and a lightheaded sensation filled her as they flickered down to her lips. 

Mesmerized, Y/N watched as those incredible eyes drew closer and closer, mimicking the action on her own as they fluttered shut, letting herself seep into the comfort of what was about to come next. With a shiver down her spine, his lips met hers with impossible gentleness, a soft, warm tingle. Her hands found their way to his messy, black curls, and his hand rested lightly on her cheek as he worked magic on her lips. 

It was a perfect moment locked in time. In all that was dysfunctional and ambiguous in the small town of Riverdale, there was one thing that was clear as day. That Y/N and Jughead are to be continued…

“Better?” she whispered, leaning close and resting her head gently on his chest.

“Better,” he echoed back softly.


The Asano Graduation Album Info-Dump

It seems like there’s bits of information from the Graduation Album floating around on Tumblr and elsewhere. It’s hard to tell which pieces have been mentioned already, so I figured I’d translate all the pages related to the Asanos and stick it in one post. Compared to the first data book, there’s much less regurgitation of info from the manga, plus I thought Matsui’s word choices in his descriptions of them were pretty interesting (“He shines like a star”… really Matsui?), so it seems reasonable just to give you all the whole text! It’s still a sizable amount of text though, so it’s entirely possible that there could be a few errors .w.

I numbered the sections so that you can see which part from each page I’m translating since there’s pictures that go along with some of the text. 

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We were Gods - Chapter 2

Golden; the lament of Patroclus

There’s a light in him. A molten skyline with soft edges and lazy thrown half-shades, that reflects like the blaze of fire on water. Pure, unbridled gasoline that pumps through his veins and pushes him - pushes pushes pushes - towards a larger goal, to something glorious, magnificent, real.

Sometimes he wakes in darkness that threatens to swallow him whole.

Sometimes he wakes in golden sunlight that catches in the little droplets of sweat on his front.

He’s not entirely sure which one is better.

He sorts his life in cycles and ages, and not in days or years like all the other do.

Patroclus is ten when Hector teases him about his olive skin and throws his gym clothes in a puddle of mud and rainwater.

Patroclus is thirteen when Apollo thinks he can beat the crap out of him.

(But Patroclus is fast, you see, and he runs and runs and runs until Apollo bends over and gasps for air like a fish on land.)

Patroclus is fourteen when he realizes he’s not like the other boys, because girls with bare legs and creamy skin or full, luscious lips do nothing for him.

Patroclus is seventeen when the sun blinds him and golden rays catch in the thick mess of curls of a young man; he meets Achilles.

It’s not until then, that his life finally starts.

Achilles runs.

Achilles always does.

Achilles runs if he’s angry. Achilles runs if he’s happy. And Achilles runs if he’s nearly collapsing from the weight on his shoulders.

So, Achilles runs.

And Patroclus watches him.

He watches him, because he loves the way the sun plays with Achilles‘ hair, or the way his face lightens up in the gold.


Always gold.

He loves him.

Tomorrow, Patroclus thinks and rests silent. I’ll tell him tomorrow.

Would you -

the boy breathes against his lips.

Legs intertwined, heat rising between them, fingers pressing in the hollows under his chin -

Yes, he answers, I would.

One day, he steals Hector’s aviators.

The boy can deal.

They look better on Patroclus anyway.

Demeter’s Diner is green and warm, with a ton of tropical flowers standing all around; a palm in the corner, golden Musas on the table, Hibiscus hanging in gaudy pink on the wooden counter. The wood and straw remind him often enough of a Haitian tiki bar. Patroclus loves it - three days a week he works Persephone’s shift so the girl can have some time off.

Achilles visits him every shift. He drinks a soda and talks when no customers are around. Sometimes he eats a Blueberry muffin and Patroclus observes, fascinated by how little crumbs of pastry stick to the corner of his mouth. The moment goes on, Patroclus eyes transfixed on Achilles‘ mouth - Achilles licks his lips.

Tomorrow, Patroclus thinks again and rips his eyes away, busies himself cleaning the counter with an old blue rag. I’ll tell him tomorrow.

He wants Achilles like he wants a punch in the mouth.

Like blood sweeping between his teeth and lips.

He wants to watch Achilles unravel, like a mess of guts churned together and being pulled apart one by one.

He wants Achilles.

But the risk asking Achilles if he wants him too is simply too high.

I would, Patroclus says.

You would what? -

Confusion. Hope. Fingertips painful around his throat.

I’d do anything, Patroclus answers again.


Hector corners him after his last history period.

Patroclus’ back hits the cold surface of the old school building and the rough masonry scratches through the thin cotton shirt he wears. The sun radiates its unyielding shine from the sky and dips the schoolyard in a sea of rich gold.

Achilles, he thinks and closes his eyes against the warm breeze.

Achilles, he thinks again when Hector’s fist meets his jaw.


[ Rejet Friends ] - Yuugen Romantica

  • Hifumi was at the Old School Building!
    It’s pitch dark and scary!
  • Utashiro was on the Stairs!
    1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps… … 12 steps, 13 steps… …! There are… … 13 steps… !?
  • Zakuro is in the Science room!
    There are Fire Balls floating around in the Science room!
    How dangerous!
  • Iriya was at the Infirmary!
    We did a cheers with Cola!
  • Meri was in the Broadcasting room!
    He said he’ll die of embarrassment when the eyes meet!
  • Arahagi was at the Music room!
    He plays the Piano well!
  • Toneri was at the Gym!
    The howl is echoing!
  • There’s Hanao in the Toilet!
  • Wow! He said he’s a Friends who’s good at Acting!
    Even though it’s the toilet!
Naegiri One-Shot - Umbrella - Danganronpa Fanfic

Based on @superduperandyeah​‘s headcanon that he sent to @capndirossio,:

Can you imagine the first time Naegi and Kirigiri shared an umbrella? He runs up to see her soaking wet (claiming she’s fine) and he’s all “But you’ll catch a cold, Kirigiri-san!” She accepts his offer and they’re right up against each other almost shoulder-to-shoulder with his bright red face turned away after considering the closeness he initiated. She notices and decides to fluster him worse by saying there’s not much space underneath such a tiny umbrella so they better get even closer.

Kyoko Kirigiri picked up her pace a bit as the raindrops seemed to grow in number and volume. It was a real driving rainstorm now, and it was already a cold day even before the downpour began. It was little wonder, then, that every step that battered her with more rain also served to dampen her mood.

Inwardly, she chided herself for failing to adequately prepare. She knew that there’d be rain this afternoon, but she had felt overconfident that she would finish reviewing the files in the Administration Building well before it started to fall. To make matters worse, she’d opted to use a roundabout route from Administration to her father’s office so as to avoid the protests that had enveloped the central plaza. It made logical sense, but in rain this heavy, it was a choice she increasingly regretted.

“Hey, Kiri! Wait up!”

Kyoko paused and turned around to see Makoto Naegi running towards her with a green umbrella held over his head.

As he ran up alongside her on her right, he extended the umbrella over her head with a smile. “You shouldn’t be strolling through this without an umbrella. Earth and sand are really falling out here.”

Kyoko smiled a little, either because of Makoto’s kind gesture or because she was amused by his use of a well-worn idiom. “I’ll be all right,” she insisted as she attempted to wave the umbrella away.

“But you’ll catch a cold, Kirigiri-san!” he countered.

“There’s not much point in wasting the protection on someone who’s already soaked,” she responded. “It’s wiser for you to keep yourself dry at this point.”

“So… you’re sacrificing your health to protect me?” Makoto retorted. He brought a hand to his chest, feigning shock. “That’s so noble of you!”

Kyoko was taken aback by the smile that appeared on his face as he said it. Between that and how his eyes had slightly narrowed, it looked like…

Is he actually teasing me? she thought in disbelief.

“That’ll be the day,” she fired back with a smirk. At last, she grabbed the umbrella from his hand and held it over herself.

Despite being fully exposed to the elements, Makoto looked supremely satisfied with himself. Kyoko rolled her eyes a little. “Don’t get too cocky, Naegi-kun,” she warned him. “I’m entirely aware that you only teased me regarding the value my family places on self-preservation so that I would take shelter under your umbrella.”

His sincere smile broke into a full-on grin, and he shrugged. “Yeah, okay,” he admitted with a chuckle. “You’re right, as usual. Either way, at least it worked!”

“I can’t help but wonder where you learned such an insidious tactic,” Kyoko said with a knowing smile. “It’s very unlike you.”

“I hang out with some pretty clever people,” he said, looking over into her eyes.

When she looked back into his, Kyoko felt herself drawn to the shorter boy. “There’s… plenty of room under here, you know,” she offered. Kyoko held the umbrella to her right. In the process, she exposed her left shoulder to the rain but managed to shield most of Makoto as well.

Scooting to the side slightly, Kyoko’s right shoulder pressed up against Makoto’s left. A light pink glow appeared in his cheeks, and he quickly looked away.

“Wh-where are you headed, anyway?” Makoto inquired, avoiding her gaze.

“The old building,” she responded. She turned her focus straight ahead in order to keep herself from staring at him. “I need to speak with my father. He has me investigating some rather curious things in the school’s files. It seems our illustrious Steering Committee might be up to something.”

Makoto frowned a bit, but said nothing at first. He’d centered his view and appeared to be looking straight ahead when he asked, “And what do you and your dad make of all this?” he asked suddenly.

“Uh, make of what exactly?” Kyoko inquired in return. She suddenly felt acutely aware that Makoto wasn’t the only one feeling a bit flustered as they rubbed shoulders.

“The ‘parade,’” he clarified. Makoto gestured out towards a group of suit-clad students with signs that were visible in the distance to their right. The throng seemed to move like a wave as he headed for the newest building on the campus. “It’s growing bigger every day,” he observed.

Kyoko expression turned dour. “My father believes things are changing around here,” she suggested. “That this is a moment that Hope’s Peak and its faculty will always remember. Frankly, I’m inclined to agree with him.”

“It might not be such a bad thing,” Makoto offered. “Maybe this will push the Steering Committee to give the Reserve Course Students the kind of treatment and attention they deserve.”

Kyoko closed her eyes and suppressed the urge to grin. Whenever she heard Makoto speaking so openly and brazenly about his hopes for equality among all of the Hope’s Peak students, she felt a swell of admiration. It was one thing for Kyoko to speak in support of the Reserve Course students — she could defend herself against any student who aggressively disagreed, and she was further insulated by her father’s position within the school. Makoto, on the other hand, had no such skills or inherent protections, yet he proudly declared his support for unifying the school to anyone who was willing to listen. He did it not because he had anything to gain from doing so, but because he believed it was right.

Even mulling over those facts made her turn and smile at the boy beside her. “You know, we’re both still getting a bit wet,” she noted. “The umbrella’s too small to cover us side-by-side. Mind if squeeze together a bit more?”

Makoto’s face jerked to the left to look at her in surprise, and she instantly felt the heat emanating from her own face. “Y-yeah, of course,” Makoto replied anxiously.

They were only 15 meters away from the old school building by this point. Despite the short distance, however, they still pressed against each other beneath the umbrella. Kyoko moved the umbrella to her left hand so as to wrap her right around his Makoto’s back, and Makoto extended his left arm around her back in turn.

They walked silently like that for a while, which made Kyoko feel as though her heart was pounding loud enough to be heard over the rainstorm that surrounded them. Happily, Makoto showed no sign that he noticed it. The boy simply kept his eyes on the building while breathing raggedly due to his nerves. Kyoko heard his breaths and couldn’t help but wonder: Does he feel this nervous whenever he’s close to any woman? Or is it just me?

“Here’s your stop!” Makoto said, jolting Kyoko out of her ruminations. They walked up to a side entrance door that led into the old school building, and she lightly hopped onto the single step on front of it, taking the umbrella with her.

Turning back, she saw that Makoto had not followed her onto the small porch. “Wait, you’re not coming with me?” she asked.

“Ahh, no,” he said shyly, looking down towards the ground. The force of the rain that was now hitting him made the antenna atop his head jiggle. “I’m heading back to the dorm, in fact.”

Kyoko stepped back off of the porch and handed the umbrella over to him. “That’s… that’s the opposite direction from where we started,” she stated.

“I know,” he acknowledged as he took the umbrella from her hand. He shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”

Kyoko smiled and shook her head. “You’re too kind for your own good, Naegi-kun.” She leaned in and pecked him on the cheek, causing Makoto to grunt “AHP!” in shock.

Turning away from him, she quickly explained, “That was merely my thank you for being such a gentleman.” With that, Kyoko Kirigiri jogged up and went through the main door, leaving Makoto standing stock still in the rain.

“You… you’re welcome… ”

Happy Birthday- George x Reader

George Weasley always considered his birthday a special occasion. Attention was sparse in the Weasley household so, he looked forward to the attention he and his twin brother received. The array of gifts, well wishes and all around pleasantness only seemed to come once a year. The rest of the year the only attention that the boys seemed to get was rolled eyes, yelling and, the occasional laugh. In recent years, George hated his birthday. He hated the gifts, the well wishes and all around attention he got. He had the guilt of being the survivor. The twin who lived. George felt this attention would be better spent with his brother by his side. That was no longer possible. The smiles he got from his parents and siblings were always bittersweet. He saw the light in their eyes darken remembering that George would get older and Fred would be forever young. He told his wife to just forget his birthday celebration. The pain of grieving far out weighted the feeling of birthday celebration.

   “ Daddy?” Sirius said while George helped the seven year old put on his shoes for school. His curly black hair had been tamed the the best of George’s ability. The ringlets always seemed to fall into the view of his big brown doe eyes. “ Yes buddy?” Remus ran down the stairs followed closely by his younger brother Teddy. “ Come on Amelia! We’ll be late for school! Your hair looks fine!” Remus called up to his twin sister fretting over her long red hair. George adjusted Sirius’s blue tie. “ You’ll have to ask me on the way to school buddy. I have to get everyone ready for school.” Amelia came running down stairs her dark green jacket was perfectly ironed and her green and blue plaid skirt was pleated perfectly. “If someone comments on how messy my ponytail is, it will be all your fault!” Amelia huffed as she grabbed her school bag. Remus rolled his eyes. “ Where is your mother?” George asked herding the children towards the entry which has six children’s worth of shoes scattered about the floor. “ Getting Lydia and Angelina ready for pre school.” Amelia said putting her trainers on. “ Y/N! School starts in fifteen minutes and it takes ten minutes to walk! We gotta go!” The two identical curly red headed twins bolted down the stairs. In their matching white polo shirts and red skirts to match their flaming hair. Followed closely by a frantic looking Y/N. “ Okay everybody has their lunches packed and shoes on. Okay let’s go!” Y/N said grabbing her coat off the coat rack.

    George caught up with Y/N. “ Tough morning?” Y/N smiled a little. “ Ya Lyddy and Angel wanted nothing to do with school today. I bribed them with sweets after class.” George laughed a little. “ At this point isn’t parenting just bribing your kids with things to behave.” Y/N laughed. “That’s life. I’ll bribe you with some money to have a job. If your bad i’m going to put you in time out in jail.” The two parents giggled. “ Mummy! Come look at this bunny!” Teddy called from the front of the Weasley crowd. Sirius tugged on George’s arm as the daily walk to school. “ Daddy, I still have a question.” George had forgotten about Sirius needing to ask him something. Sirius and Teddy were the even tempered children and for that they often slipped through the cracks. “ Yes buddy. Ask away.” Sirius walked along his father trying to match George’s long steps with his small ones. “ Yesterday in school we learned about birthdays. They say everyone in the entire world has a birthday. Do you have a birthday?” George smiled slightly. “Yes buddy everybody has a birthday.” Sirius’s face was puzzled as he walked over the array of twigs on the pavement. “ Why don’t you have a birthday party? Why don’t all your friends come and have ice cream cake and open presents.” George reflected on being Sirius’s age. The most important thing in your life was your birthday and the party that you would get. It would be understandable that Sirius would ask such a question. “ Well, Buddy. When some people get older some adults don’t like birthday and birthday parties.” George noticed the shocked expression on his son’s face. “Did my other Daddy have a birthday?” The pang in George’s chest came back with a flash of sadness. “ Yes he did. We had the same birthday because we were twins. Like Amelia and Remus and Lydia and Angelina.” Sirius thought quietly to himself. “ If you don’t want to have a birthday alone you can share my birthday! We can have a party with spiderman and a big bouncy castle. On the birthday cake we can put your name on the cake as well.” George was touched by Sirius’s sentiment. “ That’s alright buddy. You enjoy your own birthday and don’t worry about your old man.” The noise of school yard children signaled they were closed to the school. The bell chimed. “ You better go off to school. Have a great day buddy!” Sirius let go of George and ran to his group of friends waving the whole way till he was safely in the building.

   George and Y/N enjoyed the walk home together. It was a small peaceful moment in the day where the two were not surrounded by kids. George was lost in thought thinking about what Sirius had said earlier. “ George?” Y/N’s sweet voice rang in his head bringing him back. Her warm hand in his. “ Are you alright?” Y/N asked sensing something was going on in George’s mind. “ It’s nothing my love. Just thinking is all. You were saying?” Y/N hesitantly returned to talking. “ Remember to sign for that shipment of trick wands coming this afternoon. It’s a short day for Lydia and Angelina so, i’ll pick them up and drop your lunch by the shop.” George smiled. Even after all these years and six children Y/N always made sure that George had a hot lunch everyday at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. “ That sounds perfect my love. Lyddy and Angel never get to have alone time with us. It’ll be good for them to have lunch with us.” Y/N smiled. “It’s a date.”

George arrived earlier than usual at the shop this morning. He wanted to make sure he helped his brother Ron set up a new display for the latest kiddie broomsticks. “ Mornin’ George. Shipment just came out back. They let me sign. Invoices are in your office. George grinned. “ Honestly Ron, I don’t think this place would run this smoothly without you.” Ron smiled turning the open sign on. “No problem. Family business and all.  How is Y/N and the kids? Mione keeps asking when she can come over to have a chat and tea with Y/N.” George opened the front door. “Last I counted I still had all of the kids accounted for. Y/N would love to see Hermione. When those ladies get chatting they could go on forever.” The first few customers poured in with a warm welcome from George. “ Hermione loves seeing the kids. Can’t stop telling me at the supper table how cute and smart they are.” George smiled and nudged his younger brother. “You’ll be proud dad soon eh  Ronnie boy?” Hermione was happily 4 months pregnant  George laughed as the flustered Ron’s face turned as red as his hair.

George finally found a moment to sit in his office. The name tag on his desk colourfully decorated with thumbprint hearts of his children. The moving family photo of the family sitting at christmas dinner with the whole Weasley family gathered round. George cracked a smile. He went towards his calendar. He pulled off yesterday’s date. He froze in his tracks, Tomorrow was his birthday. The annual sadness and guilt began to creep in like the low tide waves splashing on the shore. He sat down and looked at his office. There is where Fred’s desk once stood. He remembered the day they moved into this place how excited they were if they could only sell one joke, they would be happy. Now, look at what his shop had become. Young and old alike came in droves to have a little fun when sometimes times were dark. “Merlin…I miss ya Freddie.” George muttered to himself leaning against his desk. Sirius came into his mind. The pale doe eyed boy who was always smiling. Remembering what Sirius had said. Would celebrating his birthday really be  a that big of an ordeal? George had to think about it. The invoices were not going to file themselves.

“Daddy!” The sound of Angelina and Lydia filled the quiet office. George looked up the see the small curly red headed twins run to him with stretched arms. “ Hello my Lyddy and Angel! Thank you for coming to see me my little loves!” George took one of them in each arm placing them on his lap. Angelina reached for a date stamp. “ I can help Daddy!” George smiled handing Angelina a blank piece of paper. Handing Lydia a received stamp. “ Thank you so much girls.” Y/N walked in the door carrying the hot lunches in. “ Sorry for the delay. The kids had to look around.” Y/N placed the hot roast beef and potatoes in front of George. Y/N pulled a chair to the other side of the desk. “ Um…my love?” Y/N looked up her beautiful Y/E/C eyes stared back at him. All his biological children shared the same eyes. He couldn’t be happier. “Yes George?” George pulled his fork out of his napkin. “ I was thinking about maybe celebrating my birthday tomorrow. No gifts. You know just family and cake for the kids.” George put the first piece of roast beef in his mouth trying not to make direct eye contact. “ If that’s what you want honey.” Y/N said with a hint of surprise in her voice.

George looked at the clock. It was almost time to pick up the older kids from school. George closed his filing cabinet. He walked down the staircase trying his best to keep conversations with happy customers short and sweet. “ Got to pick up my brood Ron. You’re in charge!” Ron waved him off not breaking eye contact from the cash register.

“ Daddy!” The four oldest children yelled coming out of the old white brick school building. “ Hello my little loves! How was everyone’s day?” The tiniest child, Teddy reached up to be carried. George picked up the tired child. “ Long day?” Teddy nodded laying his head on George’s chest. “Daddy, Here’s a letter from our teacher. Remus was in trouble.” Amelia handed a letter. Remus glared at his sister.  “Trader.” Remus muttered. Opening the letter as the kids chatted amongst themselves making their way home. George tried his best not to laugh at the letter. Remus had super glued his teacher’s trousers to his desk chair. His teacher had to be cut out of his trousers. A prankster in the making. Signing the paper with a pen. Putting the note back in Remus’s backpack, Y/N didn’t need to know about their little prankster.

“ Tomorrow is my birthday so, how would you guys like it if I bought us a cake?” George asked around the supper table. The quiet shock of all of his children. “ You have a birthday?” Remus asked face twisted in confusion. “ Of course he does. Everybody has a birthday.” Amelia said sarcastically. Sirius shot up in his chair. “ Can we have ice cream with it?!” Ice cream was all George and Y/N’s family seemed to care about. “ Yes buddy. Now, eat up your dinner.”

The next morning the sounds of muffled giggles brought George out of a deep sleep. The sun was barely out the warm orange glow started filling the room. He slowly opened his eyes. All six of his children stood around his side of the bed. “ Happy Birthday Daddy!” They all cheered in the most in sync giggling children could be. “ Thank you my little loves.” George smiled stretchingt. An array of homemade cards were placed on this blanketed lap. The messy barely legible writing amongst the colourful crayon pictures made him smile more then he had in awhile. He loved seeing his children being creative. “ For me? Thank you!” George went through each card with each individual child as they explained the pictures on his cards.

The lazy saturday was just what George’s soul needed. The children still in their pajamas sat with George on the couch watching cartoons. Y/N came down the stairs. “ Your family are coming for a short party this afternoon.” The children cheered. George smiled slightly still nervous about his decision. Sensing her husband’s apprehension Y/N smiled letting him know everything would be quite alright. “ Everybody get dressed now. Your nice clothes please.” Y/N asked shooing her six children up the stairs.

One by one George watched the fully dressed children descend the long staircase. The boys in tiny various coloured dress shirts and trousers. The girls all wore matching turquoise dresses. “You all look lovely!” George exclaimed to his excited children. “ Mummy is getting dressed.” Amelia said fixing Teddy’s buttons on his shirt. “ George Darling, Can you help me find the baby gate? Bill and Fleur are bringing Victoire and, Percy is bringing Molly. Oh! Harry and Ginny are bringing James. I don’t want them falling down any stairs now.” George turned to hand his wife the baby gate. Her long H/C hair was waterfall braided slightly curled at each end. She wore a red fit and flare dress reminiscent of the dress she wore the first time she came to see George after her graduation from Hogwarts. “ What is it?” Y/N said giggling as she put up the baby gate. “I want to cancel the party and keep you all to myself.” He said with his typical sly smile. Y/N giggled. “Stop it George. Not in front of the kids.” George gave Y/N a quick kiss as he made his way up the stairs to get himself ready. “ Alright but, when they aren’t around you better watch out.”

The house was soon filled with an array of George’s parents, siblings, nieces,  nephews and the various partners of his siblings. George smiled looking around the room at the Weasley family growing more and more everyday. George felt a tug at his trousers. Teddy stood there looking up at him with big happy eyes. “ Daddy, Can we have cake please?” George turned to see all of the children had sent Teddy to ask. He chuckled. “ Let’s go ask Mummy.” Y/N stood in the kitchen talking to Ginny, Molly,  Hermione, Fleur and Percy’s wife Audrey. “ My Love, The kids want to have some cake.” Y/N looked to see Teddy hiding behind George’s legs. His hair giving him away. The mothers all giggled. “ Okay. Go get the kids and we’ll bring the cake over.” Teddy cheered and ran out of the kitchen to tell the other kids. A much louder cheer of all the other children.

“ Happy Birthday dear Daddy! Happy Birthday to you!” George’s children sang the loudest and to his great delight cutely off key. “ Thank you everybody. Have as much cake and ice cream as you want! Especially if you’re not my kids so you can annoy your parents on a sugar rush!” The parents laughed as George handed a big slice of cake to Victoire.  

As the last relative left the house George noticed Sirius in the corner making a birthday card and holding a balloon away from his siblings. “ What are you doing Buddy?” George asked sitting beside him. “ Making a card for my other Daddy. It’s his birthday too so, I got him a balloon and his card for him in heaven. Granny said today we celebrate his life as well as your life Daddy.” George smiled slightly. “ Sirius..Would you like to visit your Dad?” Sirius nodded with a smile. “Y/N! I’m taking Sirius out for a bit!” Y/N yelled from the kitchen. “ That’s alright! Be good you two!”

George stood the in quite graveyard. Side by side with his Wife Angelina lay Fred. Sirius smiled wrapping the balloon around the grey tombstone making sure to tie it tight. “ Hi Dad. Happy Birthday. I’m having fun with my brothers and sisters. Oh! I made you a card. Daddy and Mummy gave me cake today and we had a lot of fun. What do you have to say Daddy?” Sirius said turning to George. “ Oh..um Hey Freddie. Its me, the more handsome twin. It’s our birthday. The shop is doing great. I have six kids now. I know, I turned into our father. Sirius is good in school, always getting praise. He pranks everyone but, is too sweet to get mad at.” George ruffled Sirius’s curly hair making him laugh. Sirius hugged the tombstone. “ Let’s go home Daddy.” George placed Sirius in his car seat. Shutting the door,George smiled looking back at the lone balloon on Fred’s tombstone. “ See  you later Freddie. Happy Birthday.”

Home isn’t the town I grew up in, or the halls of an old school building. Home isn’t the bed I slept in every night. It’s not the faces of the people who were supposed to be my family. It’s not the street downtown where I told my friends the truth. Home is the people I love. It’s my best friend, who has been there through everything, holding my hand, doing the best she can. It’s the people who surrounded me and cheered me on as I bared my soul to the world and to my mother. It’s the people who were my real family, the ones who filled the gaps left by those who share my blood. Home isn’t a place. It’s people. And they’re all out there, looking for a purpose. I’m going out there to look for them.

You keep telling me to come home. I don’t know how to tell you that I’m already there, and that you don’t belong here.
—  EMJ // Never Coming Home

I read in the graduation album that after Gakuho’s and Koro’s final showdown, Gakuho would sometimes visit the old school building so that they could have tea together, which means that the scene we saw during the Valentine’s Arc was just one of many light-hearted conversations between the two.

…Why are they so cute I mean wth am I SUPPOSED to ship them? It’s getting hard for me not to.


Chew Toy

The phone rang; it was the low inoffensive bleating of an office line, meant to attract attention instead of demanding it. A hoofed hand lazily reached over and turned on the speakerphone. “Yes, Ms. Muston?”

The squeaky, timid voice of Jackie Muston, the front desk secretary, sounded over the speaker. “Your two ‘o’clock with the Paws’n’Claws Organization is here, Mayor Swinton. Also, your three ‘o’clock canceled.”

“Understood. Thank you,” Swinton drawled, knocking back the last finger in her Lalique lowball tumbler. “Send them up, please.”

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Why don't you say that to my face?

Request:  #15 (“Why don’t you say that to my face?”) With John Laurens X Fem! Reader? Could you make it angsty as well? (but maybe some a little fluff at the end)

Pairing: John Laurens

Warnings: Misunderstandings, reference to a past controlling boyfriend

Word count:638

A/N:Just a short one tonight! Hopefully I’ll get one of the longer requests done tomorrow. Requests are still open.

You and Eliza sat on the window sill of the common room. With the winter creeping in, the only warmth in the old school building came from the heathers by the window and, as seniors, you definitely got first dibs on that.

“Y/N,” Eliza whispered, eyes shining, “Alexander asked me out!”

You squealed, grabbing her hands. “Oh my gosh,” you said, unable to stop smiling. Eliza had been pining for Alexander since they’d seen each other at the school dance. She’d been helpless, she had said.

“We’re going to go for dinner,” she gushed. “I can’t believe it!”

“I’m so happy for you!” The common room had gradually filled up as you spoke. Students rubbing their hands together or nursing thermoses of coffee filled the chairs and bean bags. You spotted Alexander coming in, gesticulating wildly to John Laurens.

“We need to find someone for you, Y/N.” You turned back to Eliza and frowned. “For me?”

“You haven’t dated anyone since Charles Lee and we both know that was a disaster,” she reminded you. You shuddered at the memory. You and Lee had been a disastrous coupling- he was controlling and jealous and ended up fighting your then best friend John Laurens for ‘spending too much time’ with you.

“Who do you have in mind?” you asked curiously, glancing round the room. 

Eliza leaned in conspiratorially. “What about John Laurens?”

“John Laurens?” you said, a bit louder than you attended, seeing some of the students near you look up from their conversations. “I think he’s- you know,” You bit your lip, looking up to see if you could see him anywhere in the room. “I think he’s-”

“What do you think?” A voice interrupted. You looked up to see John Laurens standing beside Eliza- who looked panicked- with a thunderous expression on his face. “Go on, Y/N. Why don’t you say that to my face?”

For one awful moment you didn’t say anything, stunned into silence. You opened your mouth to protest. “John-” but he turned and stormed out. You called after him,  but he didn’t turn back.

You turned to Eliza, knowing your panic must be evident on your face. She pushed you gently towards the door. “Go after him, Y/N.”

“I can’t-” you said helplessly, “he thinks I hate him.” 

Eliza got up and put her hands on your shoulders. “Then tell him the truth.” You nodded and started to slip through the crowds to get out of the common room.

John was sitting outside on a bench despite the cold, his head in his hands. You approached him cautiously, clutching your cardigan tightly around you. “John?” 

“What do you want, Y/N?” he asked bitterly, not looking up.

You shifted from foot to foot. “I thought you were gay,” you blurted out finally, looking anywhere but at John. 

Finally, he looked up. “What?”

“You and Alexander-” you started defensively, remembering every time you’d seen them standing a little too close or hugging a little too long to be considered platonic.

“We used to date, yeah,” John said. You gaped. “I’m bi though.”

You weren’t really sure how to respond. Finally you settled on telling him the truth: “I don’t hate you, John.”

He got up and walked over. “Then why haven’t we talked since- since Lee?” he asked. You shrugged, embarrassed. 

“Friends?” John asked, extending a hand for you to shake. You shook your head and he dropped his hand, looking disappointed.

“I want to be more than just friends again,” you said hurriedly. “I like you a lot.”

“Really?” He asked, looking a little more hopeful. John extended his hand again and you took it and stepped up so you were close enough to lean in and press a gentle, careful kiss to his lips.

“Really,” you smiled. “Laurens, I like you a lot.”


Kuroda wasn’t a liar.

Read it on: FF.net / AO3 / Below the cut!

By Coriana for the AO3 Ghost Hunt Challenge 2: Obscure Emotions

The Prompt: Opia

The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable—their pupils glittering, bottomless and opaque—as if you were peering through a hole in the door of a house, able to tell that there’s someone standing there, but unable to tell if you’re looking in or looking out.

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Colourless Colour

(More Give Me Love will appear soon, but until then, I hope you like this!)

Words: 13,500+
Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: An AU in which Dan is blind. It’s sort of choppy, checking in at various different points and events in their lives, but it’s mostly a high school AU. Dan and Phil have been best friends since they were toddlers, and Dan lost his sight completely when he was eight.

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“Welcome back”


Finally got around to finishing this after starting it months ago! Not so good with shading or colouring so this is how it will stay. Assassination Classroom is the only manga series I’ve followed to the end since its ongoing days and it’s just so good and bittersweet and heartwarming. Thank you Matsui-sensei for this experience and for reminding me to value my school days while I still have them.

(Also, Korosensei is the best teacher <3 seriously, the real world needs Korosenseis.)

P.S. the block in front is the engraved stone bearing the name of the Kunugigaoka old school building. It’s symbolic since I didn’t want to draw the whole school building ^^;;

One Day At A Time

Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Stephen Tobolowsky, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz star in Netlix’s newest original series.

The show is set to launch Friday January 6th, everywhere that Netflix is available!

“One Day at a Time is a hilarious and heartfelt comedy that follows three generations of a Cuban-American family sometimes-reluctantly cohabitating and navigating the ups and downs of life. A newly-single mom and military veteran journeys through the triumphs and tribulations that come with raising two strong-willed, mega-millennial children, all the while enlisting the “help” of her old-school mother and her building manager-turned-invaluable confidante. Through an contemporary lens, One Day at a Time offers a glimpse at what life looks like, in good times and bad – and how those around you somehow make it all worthwhile.” 

courtesy of Netflix