A Dying Leaf Rite to Remove Sorrow, Illness or Misfortune from Your Workplace

You will need:

  • A branch from a tree or a dying bush that has fallen, with leaves that are dying that you can secure in the ground.
  • A small thriving green plant.
  • A large empty pot.


Saturday at sunset

The spell:

  • Stand facing the sunset and begin one by one to pluck the leaves, naming for each a sorrow you wish to loose and the people or person most concerned, adding, “May this sorrow/sickness.misfortune fade with the dying of the leaves.
  • Drop each in the pot saying, “It is gone, it is done, peace comes.
  • Continue until you have mentioned every issue and then plant the new greenery nearby, saying, “From old comes new, new life, new hope, fresh beginnings.
  • Tip away the pot of dying leaves in an open space.

“1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason


nothing concerning classic literature on this website will ever beat that post about jay gatsby forgetting nicks name and calling him “old sport” because its too late to ask and like

i read the great gatsby this year. and every time i say “old sport”, without fail, i thought about that post and almost Lost it

dr-sunshinez  asked:

wait, if uni is perpetually 19, how old is barry?

(it says this in ch1 but) barry is currently 26. he just died one day ago. chronologically, uni is actually like 25-30 something by now (in terms of how long hes was alive + how long hes been at the hospital) but lets be real he acts like hes 12

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Do you understand what bob is saying to Eliza in that interview with Linsey bob and Eliza. He says I like the new group and then say I hate the ______ group. Does he say old or new or something else there?

It’s either “old” or “new” but Eliza’s reaction seemed pleased. So that makes me think new. However, he seemed teasing, so that made me think “old.” 

I am still torn. 

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Hi, I've recently noticed you've posted things in reference to a Supergirl/LGBT+ controversy. I haven't seen anything from the entertainment sites I follow, so could you explain what's going on, as well as your personal views on the matter? Thanks.

it started with the cast being absolutely disrespectful with the fans, singing a song (1:25 - 1:55) mocking supercorp and the fandom as if a wlw ship, that we perfectly know it’s not canon and is not going to happen, was something to make fun of. Like, thank you, jeremy, we were aware they are only friends, but you could’ve just supported us like the fucking grown up man you apparently are. Katie tried to fix all that mess, but our man chris, 29 years old, interrupted her saying some stupid shit, while everyone laughed, showing how childish they all are.

Jeremy TRIED to apology with a first post, where he goes from “sorry” to “but you hurting my feelings too :(”, and a second apology, where he just says what he thinks we all wanted to hear in the first place, like trying to fix the shit he is responsible for, but okay. At least, he did apologize. Unlike mr and mrs wood.

So i don’t know them.

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Hey ang Im 14 going on 15 this year. I've been drawing seriously since 2014 and recently I feel like my artwork isn't going anywhere. Everything I draw is becoming unsatisfactory and I don't find it fun anymore, it feels like a chore. I look back at my older drawings from a year ago and like them better. I really look up to you ang and I want to know if you've ever gone through what I'm going through. It's really bringing me down. Love ya ang <3

You’re still young so like.. trust me these spells will be frequent. Just explore new things, buy new supplies even if its just a pencil it can fuel u so much. Explore old masters (i always say this because it’s the best advice ive ever gotten but u dont have to follow it, or any of this if u feel it wont help u), Figure out really what direction you want your art to go and if U cant decide then just do what feels good. I dont know it’s so different for everyone But these are the things that have helped me the most in the past.

Chloe agreed to set me up for a meeting with her father - in fact, she was generous enough to invite me for a family outing, all the way Downtown, and even offered to drive me there. I really am lucky to have met her. She seems so excited to help me, and if her knowing wink was any indication, she either knows something about the nature of my mission, or just good-naturedly “wants a sister to get laid”, as my old college roommate would say.


Future AU HC : “Kenma’s Sleep Talking”

I’m having one of those weeks where, due to accumulated stress over the past weeks is finally taking a toll on me (I’m ok, it’s just a thing that normally happens) and I’m having the most uninspiring, unmotivated, god-I’m-so-tired type of a week where I just, for the life of me, cannot have the drive to be more creative for the comics, at all.

So…. I developed a habit where I draw my ship cuddling whenever that happens cos it makes me feel better. Also cos Kuroken is lyfe. It’s a small extension of my old Future AU (I say old cos it’s been months). Since it’s pretty much slice of life, I’ll update it with whatever HC I come up with ~

Part 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 4.5 I I