A few weeks ago, it somehow became A Thing for my ~12 year-old campers to randomly say “butthole”. All week, they’d bide their time, watching me, waiting for me to let down my guard… then they’d strike.

“Butthole,” they’d whisper while I scooped myself some eggs. “Butthole,” they’d mutter while we marched to activities. Butthole. Butthole. Butthole.

There was nothing I could do… it wasn’t a swear, and threatening them with punishment for saying “butthole” isnt’ my style. I decided the best course of action was to just ignore it until they got bored. It worked! I didn’t hear the word “butthole” for a days!

…That is, until one night after I put them to bed. I had to go to a unit meeting, and when I got back, I thought they were all asleep. I took off my shoes as quietly as possible and started tip-toeing towards my bunk, only for several boys to suddenly shine their flashlights at me and scream “BUTTHOLES!” at the top of their lungs.

Children are terrible.

This is probably very unlikely, but what if one of the reasons Luke and Lorelai aren’t married yet in the revival is because Liz and TJ died in a car accident and Luke became Doula’s legal guardian and he and Lorelai have been raising her for years…

I don’t know if they would ever kill off Liz and TJ, but I just wonder what the reason for their absence will be. I feel like it will have to be explained, especially if the wedding is Luke and Lorelai’s…

But then again, if they didn’t give L/L kids of their own, why would they have them raising Doula? 

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Wait is that a Bouffalant I see

Neko: Yus~ It’s really been a while since I talked about this old man so to say here’s a doodle Angel did for me on my bday of him and his official art so to say

Yeah his name is Brutus. 

Contrary to the typical belief of Bouffalant’s rampant behavior and prejudice to those without an Afro, Brutus is a wise and calm leader of the team I created him for. Full of zen, one who meditates. Centered, peaceful, a reasonable speaker yet he carries such authority no one really wants to challenge him on his word. And he can definitely be strong when needs be,

A rightful leader really. 

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I used to watch Criminal Minds when it first started on tv here in Australia. Every week, my parents and I would watch it :D (it makes me feel so old saying that hahaha) I've recently started rewatching it, was hoping to have it all done by the time season 12 comes out, but I only just hit season 8, so not looking likely. But seriously, I've just fallen even more in love with Reid this time around haha he's honestly so adorable!

We all feel so old! Sometimes I forget how long the show has been on air haha. Rewatching is a for sure way to fall deeper in love with Reid because you catch all of his little quirks. Season 12 starts in two days here so I’m very excited for that! :D

Fox Alignment Chart

Lawful Good: Nick Wilde

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Neutral Good: Mozilla Firefox

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Chaotic Good: Disney’s Robin Hood

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Lawful Neutral: Fox Mulder

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True Neutral: A fox

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Chaotic Neutral: Starfox

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Lawful Evil: “What does the fox say" 

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Neutral Evil: Swiper

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Chaotic Evil: Fox News

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young married christian blogger: Guys. I get it. Singleness is SO tough. I’ve been there! During those 6 months in 8th grade before meeting my wonderful soulmate (jared the sexiest hubby in the world :):):) ) I was so alone. It’s a season of life that just knocks you off your feet, doesn’t it?! Haha. I’ve been there ladies. So if you’re 25 and have a crippling fear of being alone, WAIT ON GOD’S TIMING. His timing was conveniently perfect for me so I guess I just feel like I am the appropriate person to give you advice :) By the way, we’re expecting!!!!!!!!!

So, we’re having the bathroom in our 100 year old house renovated and the contractor found these in the ceiling. They are letters to an American GI who was serving in France in 1955 and he has at least three women (at current count, we haven’t finished reading them) writing him love letters from London. Even once he’s back in the States. Monotasker and I are taking sides. I’m #TeamWendy while he’s #TeamHelen. I’m hoping I can get them scanned and put up in the cloud and then maybe track down some surviving relatives. 

TL;DR, this is so cool.

(Oh, and I will reblog this with updates as we learn more. This is going to be such a fun project, I can feel it.) 



You’re only able to maintain the visage of being a person when no one’s looking, is that it?  Or are you the only one who’s blind to what you really are?

(an a-hole)

(Just because you’re dead (ish) doesn’t mean you can’t have nice hair; one-upping Jack from beyond the grave (kind of).  Also this whole thing begins because someone walked on his lawn.  You’re not the only one with a lawn, JACK.  His lawn has goth lawn flamingos is better than yours.)