And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Mark Rothko, Saffron, 1957, Oil on canvas, © VBK Wien, 2007, Albertina, Vienna, permanent loan of Batliner Collection

This is a very interesting new scan of Saffron. It’s certainly more resolved than our previous scan here. Followers of this blog know I like to replace posts with the best, most accurate scan i can so the posts evolve with the most realism. However, in this case I am not quite ready to replaces the old scan and say this is more accurate. I realize the old scan is pushed a lot on the contrast end and certainly there’s more brush detail here. However, this scan may be on the red/orange side and the old one may be closer to the actual color. We’ve seen this painting bright yellow to dark red. Am I being overly cautious not replacing something I know is better resolution? Perhaps, but the ability to have both for a while may also be of value. I’m going to leave them both up for now and be happy for this high quality new version and hope someone in Vienna can tell us what we’re missing.

ive never had a notp much less a notp that was becoming the fandom’s main ship let me tell you this is a wild time and a whole new experience for me

okay but i think we all know that the people lydia sees are the ones in the train station so what if one time it’ll be stiles

jackwynan-d replied to your post “I’ve come to the conclusion Cohen was born with a mustache. I can’t…”

infant fresh outta the womb with a sweet mustache


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“I’ve come to the conclusion Cohen was born with a mustache. I can’t…”

pls draw an infant cohen with a mustache


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“I’ve come to the conclusion Cohen was born with a mustache. I can’t…”


Download Broville v11 - A fully detailed Minecraft sandbox city map
Since 2012, over 60 people have contributed to creating an immersive and fun world to explore, build and destroy as you see fit!

Broville v11.1 Changelog, December 8th 2016

Thanks for our anonymous and not so anonymous fans for reporting problems!
Special thanks to MelonKony for providing more in depth reports!

*Fixed outdated command blocks in the Natural History Museum
*Rewrote broken sign in FSHAirways Office containing “#”
*Fixed Old Town Station signs saying “Broville Bluffs”
*Repaired dinner room floor in Canopy Corp Mansion
*Fixed various street name signs
*Removed forgotten pre-release signs from several locations.
*Improved the road map and added a new district map in the Maps Folder
*Added Herobrine

sunoftheguns replied to your post “eggbertio78: LOL @ some of the Vikings female viewers complaining…”

a+ maev you well know the same things annoy tf out of me too. ITS ABSURD.

And it is a freaking constant in front and behind the cameras. You see the casting for some movies and shows and you get a woman that is at her mid twenties AT BEST acting next to a man that is at his late thirties or early forties (and that is me being generous here) and they present them as the “logical” age difference that is the basic concept of the female presentation in the media.

Like you even get the media comparing a 60 year old woman with a 74 year old man and say that hey.. finally a progressive movie that gives a similarly/same aged couple on screen (yes star wars I am so looking at you!)…and I am like ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? You want a couple of the same age? Get a man and a woman that HAVE THE SAME AGE. It is THAT simple!

And on the other hand women are not allowed to age at all even in shows and movies that even do a time jump and show the same actors portraying their older characters. Women do not get grey hair, they do not age, the don’t get wrinkles, they do not gain weight, they are always pretty and have perfect make-up on, they go to sleep and wake up flawless with shiny brushed hair and their make-up on. Everything in their appearance is effortless and flawless. It is a fashion statement. We get dystropian and gore genre and the women are always pretty and even the “dirt” they use on them is an artistic statement of beauty. You see different eras and situations where it makes no sense and women are always shaved and sparkly clean and have the lip gloss on and they never menstruate. We get superhero genre and the men wear clothes that make sense and women are dressed so to be sexually appealing, cleavage and all. And the list extends to every genre really.

And in the Vikings for example it is so RIDICULOUS especially when you put the female characters in comparison with the male ones. The transformation of the male characters is amazing and so on point and yet the women of the show are pretty much the same as they were in their first appearance when they are meant to be 30 years older in a difficult age with harsh winters and no modern medicine and hardships and war and not the same utilities to help them survive.


How about you use mannequins instead of living breathing women instead if you are not planning to treat women like humans in the first place?

Why is it such a crime to portray women like human beings on tv? And then everyone acts so surprised when women and impressionable teens get so obsessed with their appearance and go to extreme lengths in order to get something they will never get…the perfect image of beauty as it is promoted in the media (shows, magazines, movies, all things photoshopped). You see people committing suicide and becoming anorexic or depressed because they are struggling to mimic those models of “beauty” (which in reality are not even beautiful at all if you ask me) and when women in the media DARE to age humbly and NORMALLY people drag them by saying “oh boy she did not age well!”..

It is so absurd and so gross really.

I’m actually surprised that some people don’t like how a boyfriend asks permission from a father. I think it’s romantic and cute! It’s polite. And yeah. It is old-fashioned but Killian is like 300 years old! It also says a lot about Killian and David’s relationship. Asking permission is more important to David than to Killian. I’m REALLY exciting! And Queen Jane writed it!

anonymous asked:

Am not anger. Am niceeeeeee -Yan-Anon (I'm not 15 yet though but I'm suuuuper chilll)

I feel like this is something an angry 15yr old would say to trick me, an innocent adult, into believing they were chill…


omg old trio. safe to say they have improved…

The Meet Cute Job - n_a_feathers - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Your mark is 24 year old Barry Allen,” says Vincent Santini, head of the eponymous crime family, “a forensic scientist with the CCPD and a loner. His lab is your best chance at nabbing the evidence. You’ll also have the fact that he’s relatively new to your advantage; he wasn’t around the last time you did a job in Central.”

“So, what?” Len asks in a drawl, reclining back obnoxiously on the chair they’d shoved him into. “You want me to seduce him?”

Written for Coldflash week Day Five, Undercover.