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One old saying that confuses me is saying "Jump out your skin" as that implies that you are the skeleton, and not your skin

You are not a skeleton, or skin. You are just a brain- But at the same time you are a skeleton and skin. -Roth

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in an earlier ask, you mentioned that the grody wrinkly hand (at the end of chapter 115) might be real!ciel’s hand. Too me that makes sense, but the person behind the hand says things like “Come here, my child,” And that just doesn’t seem like something a 13 year old boy would say, idk lol. Poor good boy, I hope he is not a pruned raisin. I’d like to know more of what you think?(Unless you already talked about it, I’ll look some more.) Cheers!

I had prepared an answer to this a couple days ago but turns out both of us were concerned for no reason! Good thing I was too lazy to paste it over onto Tumblr ha– I hadn’t understood why RC spoke like that either, but as @akumadeenglish clarifies RC didn’t actually say ‘child’ so there isn’t much doubt that it’s really him.

It’s spooky that RC has been occasionally conscious for the past [?] years of his revival though, i wonder what he’s been thinking all this time… he must be really, really pissed.


I hate when old people say tattoos are a waste of money. Like okay Debra, you have a cabinet of expensive plates people aren’t allowed to use. - Unknown

A snowy morning trail run was rewarded with a hot bath. In said snow. In total seclusion. Plans you can’t even plan.
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@therealjacksepticeye I just finished your gameplay of far from noise. It moved me so much, I just had to share my thoughts and thought there might be a higher chance of you seeing it when I add a drawn picture haha. I know this isn’t great but I am by no means good at art, didn’t have much time and wanted to do something simple cause any other thing wouldn’t have fitted the game. So I drew Jack going away from the cliff at the time he started YouTube. Realizing he didn’t just fail. He isn’t uncreative or not smart enough. This when life welcomed him to what would make him happy.

I really loved the video. And that sentence doesn’t nearly show how much it meant to me. I’ve been through a lot this past year. Which sounds stupid of a 15 year old to say but panic attacks, anxiety and depression made me feel like I was at the end of my life. Like I was in this car. I still think that sometimes because things seem to get worse every time I feel a little better.

And videos like this are exactly the thing showing me it does get better. Jack. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. I started crying after this video and after hearing what you said in it. I won’t forget any of the things you said. But what moved me the most is you believing in us.

You mean that. You also mean every one of us. Not just in general. No. You mean me. This girl in Germany now knowing it will change. You believe in me getting better. So I will keep on fighting. Thank you for being there Jack. Seriously

Don’t forget we’re there for you as well


more screencap redraws i hATE T H IS EPISODE;;;;;

today at work I had a girl greet me by saying “I’m six!” and then she pointed to her sister and said “she’s three! But she’s almost four” so I asked if her birthday was coming up soon and this three-almost-four year old says “no I had my birthday last year”

paint heaven and anger the gods

so the trailer for miss hokusai advertised one type of movie, and then the actual movie was …. something else entirely. but the trailer gave me ideas, so here they are:

there is girl –


there is woman –


there is a young woman, an old girl, and she has the eyes of youth but the weight upon her shoulders is that of age. or perhaps it is the other way around. perhaps she has the eyes of age, but upon her shoulder is the weightlessness of youth, of ignorance.

there she is, whatever she is.

her name is kana.

she is the daughter of a famous painter, known as juro. he is a man larger than life, and he paints wonderful things. he takes what is ugly, and makes it beautiful. he paints an unhandsome woman as a goddess, a sneering merchant as a king, a dirty city as a glowing capitol. he leaves all he touches brighter than it was found.

kana is not like her father.

she is a painter, but she is not famous. she has a mother she doesn’t speak to, and younger sister she visits as much as she can. she has pushed them both aside to follow her father, to sit with him in dirty shacks putting ink to paper as she does her best to make beautiful things. she throws off the expectations of her gender, of her station, of anything and everything in her pursuit to be a master painter.

technique is easy. she completes half of her father’s painting while he drinks, while he whores, while he seduces lords and ladies, while he paints empty things for empty people, while he leaves her alone in their dirty shacks. she can do the detail work, has a steady hand and a sharp eye, but when it comes to the whole picture – it is left lacking.

“her work lacks your beauty,” an old man says, talking to her old father while she kneels in the corner, ink staining her hands, the floor, ink just – staining.

“of course it does,” her father says, offhand. “how can she paint what she does not know?”

kana never expected lack of knowledge to be her downfall.

so that night when her father is gone, she does not stay in to work. instead kana paints her face, wears a kimono that’s too small on her, and goes to the worst part of the city, to where the alleyways and walls are stained red by the glow of the lanterns.

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Things to do while going through a breakup

As told by someone going through a tough one:

  • Go for a long walk or run make an upbeat playlist first.
  • Clean and organize your room/closet/drawers/clothes etc.
  • Light some candles, put on a face mask and meditate for 15 minutes
  • Call a friend and ask them about their day or things going on in their life. It’s amazing how listening to another person can distract you from your own life.
  • Watch a light and funny tv show (the office)
  • Start a new TV series. I settled on Game of Thrones.
  • Read a book. I recommend anything by Jane Austen if you want to escape reality and get caught up in another era of drama and romance.
  • Go explore the library or used book store and find some new literature.
  • Try a new recipe. For example I found a really heathy and tasty blender muffin recipe! 2 bananas, 1 cup almond butter, 2 eggs, 1 TB of raw cocoa, 1 TSP baking soda and blend. Cook in mini muffin pan for 6-8 minutes.
  • Go out with some friends. Plan something, a movie or game night.
  • Have a good cry while watching a chick flick (ANYTHING Nicholas Sparks)
  • Try out different free fitness classes in your area. I go to orangetheory fitness and first class is free!
  • Blog.
  • Make lists, grocery list, to do list, goals for the week, month, year.
  • Go to a coffee shop and treat yo self to something yummy and people watch
  • Refrain from social media for a little. Block that asshole if you need to. It helps.
  • Get a massage. Look up local massage schools in your area they usually are cheap and long and gives the students the clinic hours they need!
  • Volunteer at an assisted living, hospital, shelter, pound, library etc. It can be a one time thing not a commitment but you may love it.
  • Yoga. YouTube some beginner videos if you’re just starting.
  • Go for a hike. Walk that trail you’ve never been to.
  • Cook yourself dinner and dessert or order out and watch a comedy
  • Avoid napping for long periods of time.
  • Reaffirm to yourself how fabulous you are and that this is just a small struggle and that one person does not need to control your thoughts and emotions forever. The old saying is true.. things get easier with time. So spend your time positively.

When reports of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse surfaced last month, the effects were felt well beyond the U.S. Three French actresses joined the accusations against Weinstein, and since then, momentum in France has spread beyond the world of cinema.

Stories of abuse and harassment are pouring out from nearly every sector — medical, law enforcement, finance, media. The newspaper Liberation called out “les bourreaux du travail” or “workplace torturers.”

In the wake of the #MeToo hashtag that followed news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse, French women came up with a hashtag of their own — one that points at aggressors, not victims. #BalanceTonPorc or “out your pig” has exploded and shows no signs of abating.

Henda Ayari, a 39-year-old French Muslim author, says she was emboldened by all the French women outing and denouncing their sexual aggressors.

“I thought, these women are no different from me,” said Ayari in an interview with Le Parisian. “I also have to denounce what he did to me.”

So this week, five years after the alleged incident, she did just that.

Instead of #MeToo, French Women Say ‘Out Your Pig’

Photo: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images