I wasn’t planning on doing this story but it happened last night,
So I’m staying at my dads house for the weekend and his house is a very old pub that was converted into 3 houses, I’m not fully aware of the history here but my dad claims a lot of paranormal stuff happens here.

Last night at around 3am-4am I couldn’t sleep and I needed to go use the bathroom so I went down stairs and afterwards I stupidly looked down the dark corridor towards the kitchen, normally I would avoid everything and look down at the floor. I see something black, the height of a person but not the shape coming down the corridor, I never moved so quick haha I raced to the top of these stairs and into my room and just as I was climbing up the ladders to my bed I feel something touch my ankle, safe to say I just closed my eyes and didn’t look for it xD… I normally don’t get scared by stuff like this but something didn’t feel quite right.

A fabulous photograph of the Bristol Arms Hotel, Ultimo, with the Government Printing Office on the left (and at the time, a vacant lot on the right - now apartments). It’s always fascinating to see the shadows of former buildings, outlined against those that are still standing.

Photograph taken in January 2000, when the building was derelict. Photograph by Mark Stevens, City of Sydney Archives

Today’s been a good day, I was up early to drop mum at the airport then decided to make sure my day was productive. I did some tidying in the flat, got myself a haircut and then decided to head into town for the cinema.

I saw the new Star Trek which was pretty good then went to the casino for my tea, because I wasn’t that hungry when I got there I decided to have a few spins on the Roulette table. When I got bored I sat down and found that I had £155 in chips sitting in my pocket. After my tea I headed for the train, because I had time to kill I stopped in past CASC for a dram and ended up meeting a nice couple and got chatting to them for a bit while sitting smoking a bowl of Old Dark Fired in my BST.

Home now and I’m relaxing for a little bit before bed. Here’s my photo of my winnings before I cashed them in.