Harry on a break: does yoga, eats fruits and froyo, meditates, speak to birds, goes on spiritual walks, connects with his inner self, does some juice cleansing, drives around town. All the love x.

Harry on stage: Grinding, moaning, pole dancing, touching himself, spitting water, dancing with sex dolls. NO FUCKING CHILL WHAT SO EVER, READY TO SLAY BITCHES HARDCORE. ALL THE FUCKING LOVE YALL MOTHERFUCKERS.

Concept: 2017 When 1D is back they put up a Made In The Am tour where they go to cozy arenas and smaller places and set up a midnight tour with stars illuminated inside the roof of the arena and it’s dark and looks like outside with maybe crickets play before the show or something and we all come there in our pajamas and talk out of our asses and fully enjoy MADE IN THE AM like it should be enjoyed. At midnight, with friends, underneath the stars.

Night-time! Sports Festival ★ Meeting

Today I sat down and did a detailed translation-summary thing for the 夜の!体育祭★開催 drama CD. It’s the tokuten you get for pre-ordering Dialovers and is a 33 minute-long track about all the brothers and Yui at their school’s sports festival.

It was a good learning experience for me, so hopefully the summary is useful or entertaining to others, too. There were one or two spots where I really didn’t know what Subaru was saying, haha… If there’s any errors or you can fill in the gaps in my understanding, do let me know. It was kind of hard to hear what they were saying over the whistles/crowd chatter at times, too, but I did my best. I think you can enjoy reading this even if you haven’t played the game yet, as there aren’t any spoilers for it. My comments, generally, are in parentheses.

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Harry Styles is just so confusing to me like he has all these tattoos and jumps around the stage like a rockstar but then he also stumbles on animals and tweets cryptic tweets and does yoga and goes out for froyo like……. Who are you really tho????? What are you and where did you come from you mysterious creature

Things I need to hear Harry say in a very sexy voice:

Baby girl
Be still
Don’t move
Be quiet
You’re so wet
I love it when you bite your lip
Come for me baby
Beg for it
Tell me how good it feels
Daddy’s girl
You make me so hard
Damn baby
I need you now
I want you
Always yours
Have you been naughty
You’re so good to me baby

Fucking please someone record him saying this????!!!!

Someone once made an awful post where they came up with the idea that Fairy Tail is not actually told from Lucy’s point of view but Natsu’s, instead telling the story of the woman he loved up until she died

and if you are watching the anime, that might make sense
but then I think about the manga and think “what if I flipped this around”

So what if Fairy Tail is Lucy’s story after all, about Natsu up until the day Natsu died?

  • Christopher Nolan:This film takes place in France so does anyone here actually speak french?
  • Harry:je suis allé au cinéma avec mon copain et ma famille
  • Christopher:Awesome, amazing, magnificent, brilliant, outstanding, you ARE HIRED!