Hello, NYADA students!

Just a friendly reminder from your Florence Farr first year representative that the AMS will be throwing a fun party tomorrow, May 29, at MOIRAI Sky Bar! Venue opens at 7 o’clock in the evening. MOIRAI is offering a killer DJ, amazing new interior designs, and a wild time. There’s also a special offer, free drinks (with purchase of food) for the first round! ;) This is unfortunately a 21+ event, but stay tuned for all-ages fun just around the corner! I’ll be there tomorrow to represent (and boogie on down), so see you there!

Outlining a Novel

Anonymous asked: How do I outline?!? It’s driving me nuts!

You’re making me laugh! Oh, don’t we all want to know? The truth: there is no right or wrong way to outline.

Every outline I’ve ever made has looked different from the previous. Stories take on different shapes, require different kinds of outlines, and different levels of detailed planning. Part of it will mean knowing yourself as a writer and your process. I journal as I write. I note what my process is and take time to reflect on that. It’s helped me get better at writing and churning out more stories. For me, if I’m working on a long-term project, I cannot get bored. Boredom is deadly.

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