Mun: Here they are. Basically all my headcanons, appearance wise, of the rainbow girls.

If you look very closely, 3 of them hints who I ship them with. just look at their necks k

Night-time! Sports Festival ★ Meeting

Today I sat down and did a detailed translation-summary thing for the 夜の!体育祭★開催 drama CD. It’s the tokuten you get for pre-ordering Dialovers and is a 33 minute-long track about all the brothers and Yui at their school’s sports festival.

It was a good learning experience for me, so hopefully the summary is useful or entertaining to others, too. There were one or two spots where I really didn’t know what Subaru was saying, haha… If there’s any errors or you can fill in the gaps in my understanding, do let me know. It was kind of hard to hear what they were saying over the whistles/crowd chatter at times, too, but I did my best. I think you can enjoy reading this even if you haven’t played the game yet, as there aren’t any spoilers for it. My comments, generally, are in parentheses.

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My Trap King @mount-everdeen tagged me in this a few days ago so here it is Daddy 😌……😅😅😅
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The Von Garibaldi twins and psychopathy

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist is a psycho-diagnostic tool used to assess whether a person is psychopathic or not. There are 20 items on the list and as you go down the list, 0 points are received if it does not apply, 1 point if it applies somewhat, and 2 points if it fully applies. A full score of 40 is rare, but a score above 30 means you are at high risk for being (or already are) a psychopath.

There are two factors to this test. The first is based on the person’s personality and gauges a person’s tendency towards “aggressive narcissism” and the second is based on their case history and identifies whether or not they have a “socially deviant lifestyle”. Then there’s 3 items that aren’t under those two factors.

Out of curiosity, I decided to use the checklist on Auger. Just glancing at the list, I can already see that he has a lot of things on there. Even Mejojo isn’t anywhere near Auger’s level of “aggressive narcissism”.

Anyway, let’s see how Auger does and then analyze why this might be.

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Yandere Dev just seems too rude about this.


Okay Yandere Dev, let me give a constructive argument that isn’t ‘whining’ that hits actual points on why people can be just as upset about this as they want to be and why adding panties at any point in this game will ruin it, based on that YOU said YOU wanted this game to be taken SERIOUSLY.

I’ll hit two topics here.

⦁ Why Sexualization Of A Teen Girl Is Wrong

Yes the age of sexual consent is lower in Japan, this game IS NOT made in japan and seeing how it is made in mainly English, the demographic is more available to English speakers around the world, including laws in the United States. Yandere Dev himself lives in the United States, meaning this game would include Us law. Which this means, age of consent with a teen and adult is 18. Only a few characters, third years and a select few second years, are 18. Yandere Chan herself is 17, not 18. This makes sen, her being a second year. A 16 year old and 17 year old can consent, but thats the highest you can go. Yandere dev himself stated this game was focused to 20-30 year olds. That is way above sexual consent, making showing a teen girl in her underwear very inappropriate and well down right disgusting. Grown men and women will be able to choose to sexual a teen character, and the silhouette doesn’t really censor it so they will be kinda forced to see it anyway.

⦁ It Is Taking The Seriousness Away From a Game Where You Play The Bad Guy/Villain

Murder, kidnapping, torture, etc IS NOT A GOOD THING. Playing the villain should not make the player comfortable and it should not have jokes. I understand the eastereggs, they most likely wont be in the final game so that’s why I am not upset about them.  I’ve said it before, but I will say it again cause not many games do this well; OFF is a game where you play the whole time thinking you are the hero. The game is already dark from the beginning and makes you feel uncomfortable through out. As the game continues, things get dark and more disturbing.  In the game you end up killing innocent creatures and even your own wife and child. By then, the player is already second guessing everything, and are already putting pieces together. At the end you can choose to be the good guy or continue being the villain. The game give the playable character, the villain, a reason for doing what he does, but it also does’t give a good enough reason for killing. The whole game makes you feel disturbed about what you have done. In this game, there is no sexualization of any any thing, and the the inventory is simple. In Yandere Sim, you know you are the bad guy the whole time. You can pick a pacifist rout, but you can also stay a murder. Even choosing the pacifist rout, you are still a villain, seeing as how you manipulating people and their feelings. You should also feel guilty for what you have done. Playing the non pacifist rout should make you feel disturbed the whole way through. The murder mechanics have done will with this so far, but the skirt inventory has taken this all away.  Adding sexual content, even the slightest, adds disgust or humor to the game, taking away the disturbed feeling. This makes the player, even if it’s only slightly, feel that their actions aren’t as bad. If you want a serious game, adding sexual content will not help, and it will take away everything serious about the game.

Remember Yandere Dev, you are creating a pacifist rout for people WHO ARE UPSET ABOUT MURDER AND SUCH. They will have different views on things like this, other then the people who are okay with the murder and such in the game.

I myself, am a horror fanatic. I love horror, but I’m am disgusted by people who make murder seem okay. I love games where you play the villain, AS LONG AS THEY MAKE SURE TO HIT THAT MURDER AND SUCH IS. NOT. OKAY. If I play Yandere Simulator, I will be playing the pacifist rout. I find murder and such HORRIBLE but I love stories that hit facts and send chills up my spine, but not anything that makes murder seem okay in anyway. Yandere Sim was doing okay with this, but adding sexual content just ruins it.

I am disgusted by fans of this game who make posts about how they want to murder kids in their school. Making a game like this fun or interesting in a sexual way, makes people think this way of thinking is okay. Yandere Simulator should not do this. Yandere sim should pull people in and make them want to play, but it should make them feel disgusted bout Yancahn or make them debate whether she is justifiable or not. That’s how to make a game where you play the villain.