Don’t be ashamed for self-reblogging your work, and don’t let others shame you either. As a creator, I put a lot of work into my edits, gifsets and scans. It means a lot to me when people see that effort and reblog my posts. I think we can all relate to that.

Also, not everyone is on tumblr 24/7. We all miss content as it fades from our dash, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little boost.

Teach your daughters of the covering of hijab and the preservation of modesty
Raise your sons to be the type
of men that lower their gazes
despite having everything in front of them.
—  diaryofaniqaabi

//Daniel being soft with the sparkle nail Polish.//

(I drew this soo long ago but didn’t post it to tumblr hence the old selfie.)

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Archive collection 1

How to draw Japanese Superheroes/Superhero art:

A series I did early in this blog to give aspiring comic book artists a feel for what superheroes of Japan’s pop culture are really like rather than fall back on tired cliches or in rare cases outright offensive and racist stereotypes. 

Yes, there are some anime examples, but that was the point of the series, to showcase superheroes or artists across the board to give other artists and maybe cosplayers a general idea on how diverse it can be by trying to describe as much of it as I knew about.

This one went on to have the most reblogs and likes out of all the ones I had done up to that point, which actually surprised me. 

I depressingly thought “nobody really cares, it’ll get a few likes and then die out” but it seems to resonate with a lot of creative people so I’m proud I shared it!