todays been chaotic but overall Good, i think, and productive! i raised a grade on an assignment and got an a+ on another one and filmed another assignment - i ran into a sweet friend who got back from studying abroad in prague and she gave me this old postcard, which i so appreciated bc it’s exactly the kind of thing i love and i just felt very kindly thought of :’) i dont want to get specific on life details because i like having an element of privacy and reserving those conversations with special people in my life, but i feel so much love for my angel sage.. and having important people to float with as you wade through the endless waters of Change is just… good .. 🌬


pc zandvoort 1911 by janwillemsen


pc breakfast in bed 1919 by janwillemsen

This was for a magazine photoshoot I recently did but all that clutter is mine (ft. vintage postcards, old letters from my penpal, copies of the New York Times, a Nat Geo map and Nat Geo magazine packets (DSLR))