but consider this

22 year old Pidge moving to an apartment, meeting and falling for their 33 year old neighbor, single dad Shiro who is living with his 5 year old son, Keith who is frienemies with another 5 year old kid named lance

literally I am like 10% done with vamp au man but this au man i also wanna do this au and now I am a confused mess

Wide Open Diary #23 [How I Became Friendless]

Hey guys!! I’m super stoked to be writing this right now because I didn’t think I was going to have any time to do one of these this week because I’ve been working myself to the bone! Yoga, workout videos, editing like mad, and getting stuff done online so I can actually relax and hang out and write in the future! It’s been fun, but super busy. HOWEVER, I said I was going to tell you guys more stories from my past (and I got lots of feedback in support of that) so that’s what I’m going to do today! 

I think as a lot of us get older we probably have experienced losing a friend or two, but for me, I basically lost them all. 

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wow, just saw a childhood friend on my way to this used bookstore I frequent. he was my first close Iranian friend. we used to play soccer together. he’s a couple years younger than I am. he’s now taller than his dad. they were walking pretty far ahead of me and I didn’t wanna disturb them, so I just observed from afar. I love their family. I love his mom. he was like my best friend growing up. he had a mustache at such a young age. he’s super hairy now, just like we all are. sigh. 

272: Nails

Nails have been used in Ozark folk healing and magic in a variety of ways. There’s a belief among Hillfolk that the object that hurt the individual was just as important to the healing process as the medicine put onto the wound. Knife blades, bullets, and nails were often treated with healing salves and plants alongside the puncture or cut itself. Rusty nails were added to tonics to prevent tetanus or to treat illnesses like tuberculosis. Water made from soaking new nails was seen as a sure treatment for anemia and iron deficiencies, and sometimes the sickness itself could be taken off the patient and nailed to a tree. Nails were driven into footprints to deal lethal blows to foes and witches alike. Coffin and gallows nails were carried by Hillfolk as an amulet to ward of certain venereal diseases.

Curing a boil – “One way to cure boils, according to an old neighbor, is to rub a greasy string on a rusty nail and then throw the nail away where it will not be found. Hang the string on the inside of the cabin door, and touch the boil with the string several times a day.” ~Randolph OMF 125

Nail thrust into a bar of soap to prevent tetanus – “Boys in some parts of Arkansas carry the nail home and thrust it into a bar of soap, to the same depth that it was accidentally stuck into the foot; it is not clear exactly why they do this, but it is evidently connected with the idea of preventing rust, which is associated in the hillman’s mind with tetanus, or lockjaw.” ~Randolph OMF 158

In the doorway to protect from witchcraft – “Some of the old-timers drive three nails into the outside of a door, in the form of a triangle, to keep witches away from the cabin; one man told me that the three nails represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost and were particularly efficacious in protecting an expectant mother from the powers of evil.” ~Randolph OMF 283

Gallows nails against venereal disease – “Nails taken from a gallows are supposed to protect a man against venereal disease and death by violence. Country blacksmiths used to secure these nails and hammer them out into finger rings. As recently as 1943 there were boys in the Army wearing rings of metal taken from a gallows at Galena, Missouri, where ‘Red’ Jackson was hanged for murder in 1936.” ~Randolph OMF 152

“Nails taken from a gallows are supposed to be effective for warding off venereal disease.” ~Parler FBA III 3492

Nails driven into a witch’s footprint – “Mr. G. H. Pipes told me a witch story, which he had from Grandmaw Bryant of Reeds Spring, Missouri, in the early 1920’s. It seems that some carpenters were building a house, and the work was going very well until a certain old woman walked slowly past. From that moment everything went wrong. The workmen couldn’t hit nails but hammered their thumbs instead. They dropped their tools repeatedly, and one narrowly missed falling off the ridgepole. After two or three days of this, they called in a witch doctor. He found the old woman’s trail in the dirt and drove a big nail into one of her heel prints. As soon as this was done, the carpenters went to work again, and the building was completed with no further difficulty. The old witch had a very sore foot and limped around with a bandage on her heel nearly all winter.” ~Randolph OMF 288

Taking a spell off of a gun – “There is an old story of a famous hunter whose rifle suddenly lost its accuracy. He believed that the weapon was witched by an old woman who lived near his cabin. All smiles, the hunter went to see this woman and borrowed a nail to fasten the heel of his boot, which he said was loose. Returning home, he drove the nail into the stock of his rifle; instantly the spell was broken, and the hunter could shoot as well as ever.” ~Randolph OMF 293-294

Coffin nail to make a gun deadlier – “Some old-timers believe or at least pretend to believe that the man who drives a coffin nail into the butt of his gun will never fail to kill an enemy. The coffin nail must be one which has been used and buried in the ground, of course.” ~Randolph OMF 294

Coffin nails used in ritual against a witch – “There is one case reported from the Cookson Hill country of Oklahoma, just across the Arkansas line, where a prominent citizen died in rather strange circumstances. Some of his backwoods relatives got the idea that a witch was the cause of this man’s death and decided to avenge him in the real old-time tradition. The first step was to secure three nails from the dead man’s coffin; these may be drawn before the coffin is buried in the ground, but not until after the body has been placed in the coffin. The nails must not be replaced by other nails, and the three holes in the wood should be left open. After the funeral the old-timers killed a goat, removed the heart, and thrust the three coffin nails into it. The goat’s heart with the nails in it was then enclosed in a little basket-like cage of wire and suspended out of sight in the big chimney of the dead man’s house. The theory is that, as the goat’s heart shrivels and decays, the witch will sicken and die. If she does not sicken and die, it is regarded as evidence that she was not responsible for the man’s death, after all.” ~Randolph OMF 298-299

Red oak, cherry bark, and nails for a spring tonic – “Take red oak bark and cherry bark and place in a container. Boil down, then add whiskey. Let this boil for a while and drop a handful of rusty nail…The nails…add iron to tonic to build up the blood.” ~Parler FBA II 1361

Nail in tree for bronchitis – “Go outside and drive a nail in a tree the same height that you are. If you outgrow the nail you will outgrow your bronchitis.” ~Parler FBA II 1606

Nail water for gall bladder – “When Mr. Jones was a boy in Fayetteville and had gall bladder trouble or needed iron, their father would gather up a lot of nails, rusty ones preferred, put them in a jug with water, and they would take this like medicine.” ~Parler FBA II 2293

Nail in oak tree for toothache – “If you drive a nail in an oak tree, it will cure your toothache.” ~Parler FBA III 3431

Rusty nail water for tuberculosis – “To cure tuberculosis, soak an old, rusty nail in water until the iron is out and drink this.” ~Parler FBA III 3478


Parler, Mary Celestia - Folk Beliefs of Arkansas
Randolph, Vance - Ozark Magic and Folklore

TF2 X Overwatch Headcannons

Tracer’s old Next door Neighbor

Soldier #75

Mei’s homosexual brother (The family doesn’t talk about him much)

Was classmates with Torbjörn Lindholm while studying abroad for his 10th PhD

Zarya’s favorite uncle.

A twice removed relative of Junkrat, and also his drinking buddy before the Australia incident.

Mercy was his apprentice while studying modern nano-medicine.  Her staff pays homage to his accomplishments and teachings.

Widowmaker’s first fling before being married to Gérard Lacroix. He taught her the basics of hunting with a rifle, but in the end the breakup was nasty.

No known relationships; rumor has it he regularly infiltrates Talon to keeps eyes on the rest of the world.

ok but like

a human au where stevonnie is garnet’s adopted kid, and they move to beach city and stevonnie angsts about finding themselves and garnet helps them through that and goes on a journey to find about stevonnie’s birth family and even contacts greg so that stevonnie can meet him, but stevonnie is civil but doesn’t really care and is like, “I might not know who I am completely, but I’ve always known that you were my mom.” and pearl and amethyst are their old married couple neighbors.

and pearl is soft butch and amethyst just wears boxers all the time cuz why not. pearl like picks fucking apples or something that gives her toned muscles and keeps her agile even with her age. and amethyst pretty much lives in her rocker on the porch and tells stevonnie stories about when she and pearl were younger, and stevonnie wants to have a friend like that, and their godparents are ruby and sapphire, but they treat stevonnie more like grandparents, and sapphire is always knitting things for stevonnie, and ruby gives them money every time they visit because why not.


Top 20 EPs of 2012 (5-1)

5.) Sleepwalkers - The Wolf and the Moon
Blackened Hardcore is nothing new, but instead of the traditional combination of crust and raw Black Metal, Sleepwalkers go in a different direction. The Wolf and the Moon are a mixture of the more melodic moments in Black Metal with Converge style Metalcore. The results come across like older Converge material such as You Fail Me. I’ve been talking about this band for a long time now and each release makes me fall in love with the band even more.

4.) Burdens - Blind World. Savage Death.
Talk about an intense album. I’d classify Burdens as a metalcore band, but not in the typical chugga chugga wee fashion. This album is full of crazy guitar solos, something that hardcore rarely uses. This EP came out pretty early in the year and it continues to get rotation from me.

3.) Old Neighbors - Dishwasher
2012 was an odd year for punk. There weren’t a ton of albums that made a big impression on me, and the ones that did often were part of the 90’s revival that’s going on right now. Old Neighbors features members of the Fucking Cops, who were a fantastic band that I included on my 2011 EP list. Old Neighbors play pretty much the same style as the Fucking Cops, mostly due to sharing the same lead singer. I found this album on If You Make It, and instantly dug it.

2.) Spraynard - Exton Square
Exton Square was one of my most anticipated albums of 2012. After Funtitled made my number one spot on the 2011 list and seeing their set at Fest 10, Spraynard had cemented their place as one of my favorite bands in recent years. So needless to say, I was heartbroken when Spraynard announced they were breaking up this year due to internal band conflict. Many people wrote off Spraynard as a Latterman rip-off band and just one of the hundreds of other bands who sound like them. And while it’s easy to see why people would say that, Spraynard were a little more honest in their approach. On top of their great sense of humor, there were some really touching moments and Exton Square showcased them beautifully. Maybe some day down the line we’ll see a reunion, after all a band made up of best friends can’t stay mad at each other forever.

1.) Muscle & Bone - S/T
For everyone who has written off Kinsella worship, I beg you to take a chance on Muscle & Bone. North Carolina has a rich history of fantastic bands, and Muscle & Bone has a pretty strong pedigree. Lead singer/guitarist Rob Travis and drummer Ryan Hoots played in the Asheville pop punk band Fairground Avenue, who were equally as wonderful. The other guitarist, Adam Gross, played in fellow Asheville band Forget Me. And for those who aren’t familiar with NC bands, Joie De Vivre member Chris French, plays bass here. This five song EP is the bands debut and it’s a pretty amazing first effort. Most twinkly emo bands spent most of their time focused on the riffs, where Muscle & Bone show and equal amount of time on melodicism. The American Football influence is pretty obvious, but there are also hints of The Anniversary (which they get their name from), The Get Up Kids, and Saves the Day. Think of them as the twinkle daddies of pop punk. I can’t say how much I love this EP and how proud I am to call them friends.

So my neighbor's moved out

like a thief in the night (why do they always do that?). I thought it was strange he kept his shoes outside for a day and then the next his front door rug disappeared. Maintenance changed the locks, did something in the bathroom, and painted a bit today [‘can smell it… gag]. Seems he was only here for school after all (he moved in a week before classes started and it’s only been 2 weeks since classes ended.)

In the end, I guess he was okay. Hopefully the next neighbor will be just as decent. Maybe I’ll reach out to them this time :P [hopefully they won’t be as anxious as he!]

My favorite albums of 2012

Music has always played a huge role in my life and that was certainly true for 2012 as well. I started doing this list last year and I’m excited to expand and continue it this year. I highly recommend checking out all of these albums; it’s not too late! So, without further adieu, here are my favorite albums of 2012 (in alphabetical order):

External image

Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE

(Download for $4)

Frank Ocean. You know him, you love him. I’m not sure how much more I can say about this album that hasn’t already been said. It’s just one hell of a solid and unconventional debut R&B album without a prerequisite of its listeners needing to be R&B fans.

External image

Glocca Morra - Just Married

(Stream for free)

This is a sweet album that throws all sorts of stuff at you but still has you tapping your foot and singing along until the end. Jangly guitars, yelling, hand claps, harmonies, time shifts, thought-provoking lyrics, horns, gang vocals, etc, etc. Indie punk for people who want more.

External image

Hop Along - Get Disowned

(Stream for free and download for $10)

Any time a song from this album comes up on shuffle, I have to stop what I’m doing and pay attention. This album is one of those rare works that isn’t really doing anything new, but is, at the same time, totally new. It’s an album that came about 20 years too late, but also right on time. Frances, the frontwoman (writer, singer, guitarist), puts every song in front of your face and says, “This is me. Take it or leave it.” I’ll gladly take it, and put it on repeat.

External image

Mumford & Sons - Babel

(Buy for $13)

This is the follow-up to Mumford & Sons’s revered 2009 album, Sigh No More. And, it’s basically more of the same. But, unlike The xx’s new album, that’s not a bad thing. Babel is an incredibly well-devised folk album that’s extremely accessible. As proof, take a look at just a couple of its Grammy nominations: “Best Americana Album” and “Best Rock Song.” It seems like no one really knows how to deal with this powerhouse of a band.

External image

Old Neighbors - Dishwasher

(Stream for free or download for free)

I’m pretty sure this album is just a demo from a band that will never produce anything more, which is really a shame. Upon first listen, it doesn’t seem like anything all that special. But, once you really dig in, there’s all sorts of hidden gems scattered throughout. Punk music for thinkers.

External image

Purity Ring - Shrines

(Download for $5)

Hipster music. Yep, got damn hipster music. But good hipster music. I don’t really know how to describe this album because it’s not too much like anything else I’ve heard. You’ve got some electronic music that occasionally borders ever-so-slightly on dubstep in the background with a pop singer going on about various strange and sometimes gruesome topics over it. It sounds like I should really hate it, but somehow it defies all logic and is incredibly addicting. I’m still scratching my head as I bop along.

External image

Spraynard - Exton Square

(Download for $4)

This is the only band that’s a repeat from last year’s list because I firmly believe that Spraynard is one of the best bands in punk out there right now. Exton Square is just an EP, but it already shows the band pushing their style and quality forward. Reminds me a bit of what Blink-182 did with their self-titled 2003 album. The opener of this EP, “Can I Borrow a Feeling?” stands out amongst the best pop punk songs I’ve ever heard. If this is a sign of things to come, then it seems like 2013 is going to be The Year of Spraynard.

External image

Sundials - When I Couldn’t Breathe

(Stream and download for free)

Sing-a-long pop punk that’s simple and fun. Easy as that.

External image

Title Fight - Floral Green

(Download for $7)

According to Wikipedia, Title Fight is a hardcore band or a pop punk band or an emo band or a post hardcore band or an indie rock band or maybe just no one knows what the hell they are. And it really doesn’t matter because in September, they released one of the best albums of 2012. Floral Green, along with all of their albums, is the kind of music that begs for repeat listens in order to try to be fully understood. I still don’t think I’ve totally got it, but all I need to know is that it’s always a good time to throw some Title Fight on the stereo, crank the dial to 11, and just feel it.

External image

You Blew It! - Grow Up, Dude

(Stream for free or buy for $10)

When I listen to this album, I feel like I have my ear pressed to the basement door and am hearing music coming straight from the heart. It sounds like it’s just not meant to be heard by anyone. It’s too personal, not just in lyrical content, but in the way that the music is presented as well. To me, this achieves what every emo album hopes to achieve.

What’s next.

Yo I’m working on a small video about lgbt history and subtext, but I need suggestions on what’s next for Are They Gay.

I know yall want Merthur but let me just watch the show first, and i take a good while to watch a show if you want it properly analyzed.

Send me an ask if you want screaming about your OTP and we’ll see which ships get the most requested, and I can start making a list.

(in the meantime as i watch merlin i actually really want to make a video on alexander hamilton and john laurens because I’m a theater nerd and hamilton has consumed me so please accept that thanks)

Impression Soleil Levant

cs + You’re so sweet and nice to everyone and I wanna be your friend but I’m basically a hermit (emma). bonus if killian is sweet with the kids/dogs and adorkably helping old ladies <3 

Neighbor + your my son’s teacher AU → CS AU week day 3: beloved trope. 1.2k words, fluff.

Requested by @shady-swan-jones I hope you will like this and sorry for taking so much time ♥ 

As usual, a big thank you to @mermaidswans for the beta job ♥ 

“Mom, my new teacher is our neighbor,” exclaims five years old Henry among all of his babbling concerning his school day.

Emma frowns, hair stuck in a messy ponytail, head busy with paperwork. “How would you know, kid? I’ve never seen our neighbor,” she absently replies.

There’s a silence then, as he eats his poptarts on the table in the middle of their kitchen and she stands in front of the counter. Alarmed, she turns her head and discerns disappointment on her son’s face.

“Of course you don’t know, mom. You’re never here.”

It hurts.

Clenches her heart and makes her wonder if she’s living the right kind of life.

Henry keeps talking about his teacher, and she soon discovers admiration in his words.

“He came to the Carnaval in a pirate outfit mom!” A pause, little stars in the caramel of his eyes. “He even had the hook.”

(She’s glad he has a masculine figure to admire.)

“There’s no more boy and girl toys in my class, mom.”

“How is that kid?”

“Killian says there are only toys.”

This one strikes her, makes her lift her gaze and stare at her son in disbelief.

“Your teacher is a feminist?”

“No! He’s a man mom.”

The more Henry tells about him, the more intriguing mister Jones appears. Still, their path seem to never be able to cross, whether it be at school or in their building.

There’s this time, though, where her boss lets her leave in advance and she can catch Henry at school.

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Cookout by SBK


The words blare out at him on a banner hung high between two trees in their backyard.  He looks around at all the people applauding and smiling at him, his eyes zeroing in on her and their kids.  They step toward him, Carl throwing an arm across his shoulders, Judith grabbing onto a leg and his beautiful wife looping an arm through one of his and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Shane is manning the grill, wearing an apron and a chef’s hat, a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other.  His boss is there, as well as other deputies and staff from work.  Neighbors, old friends, new friends, community folk, church members…they’re all there to celebrate this moment with him and he owes it all to her.

He looks to his wife and mouths, “Thank you.”  Everything that she is has somehow rubbed off on him over the years and she has given him the strength and the will and the support to accomplish his goals.

“I’m so proud of you,” she relays with a smile then kindly moves away as others crowd in to congratulate him and wish him well with his new career endeavor.

Michonne moves over to Shane.  “Thanks for helping me with this.  He was so surprised.”

“Well you know I don’t handle a cookout for just anybody but I couldn’t say no.  Rick is so proud of himself right now.  He really deserved that promotion,” Shane offers.

They both look over as Rick keeps a hold of the kids and accepts well wishes at the same time.  They celebrate well into the night and once the house is quiet and still, Mr. Grimes thanks Mrs. Grimes in all the ways she loves.