Crushes are for Mortals - Klarion x Reader - Part Two

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Part One

Requested by Anon -  a part two Halloween edition for the Klarion fanfic ‘Crushes are for Mortals’.

“I don’t know if I want to go to a Halloween dance,” you mumbled as M’gann pulled you into your bedroom to find a costume. She invited the entire team to her school dance, but you were nervous about it since it would be your first dance. Also your run-in with Klarion still had you on edge.

“Oh, come on (Y/N). It will be fun besides you need to get away from the cave once and a while,” M’gann argued. She dropped a bag full of costumes onto the bed, laying them out for you to inspect. “Some of these were for Conner, but he refuses to wear them.” Leaning closer to you, she whispered into your ear. “I think I’ll just wrap him in some bandages and call him a mummy.”

You smiled, studying the costumes. “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea for Conner.” None of the costumes looked appealing to you. “What are you planning to go as?”

“I am going to go as a zombie bride! Look I have it already figured out,” M’gann cried in excitement, morphing into her costume. 

“Wow, it looks amazing, M’gann,” you praised, smiling at the blush that came to her face. “I hope I turn out looking as good as you do.”

“Aww, thanks (Y/N),” M’gann cooed, blushing even more. “We’ll find you a good costume, don’t worry about that.”

“I’m not,” you mumbled mostly to yourself, however M’gann heard you. 

“(Y/N),” M’gann began softly. She could sense your fear and worry. “Are you still upset about your battle with Klarion?”

You sighed, wringing your hands together while keeping your gaze on the costumes. “Yeah, I guess I am.” You laughed with no humor. “I just can’t get his words out of my head.”

“What words?” M’gann tilted her head at you. You didn’t tell the team what Klarion had said to you.

“He said I was his equal,” you confessed, frowning at your conflicting feelings about it. Part of you was flattered while the other half was horrified. You felt M’gann staring at you in concern as you did your best to change the subject. “So, what costume should I pick?”

M’gann looked at you for a long moment before going along with your subject change. She started talking about the different costumes, letting you sigh with relief. Klarion’s promise to meet you again echoed through your head as if hinting at what was to come.

Klarion was dying to see you again, but he was at a lost of how to get to you. He knew if he made a distraction like last time, the Light would find out, thus rekindling their interest in you. However, the idea came to him while he was floating with Teekl in his pocket dimension. 

“That’s it,” he exclaimed, popping up from his pout. Teekl meowed in curiosity. “I know how I can see (Y/N) again!”

Klarion floated to the ground with Teekl, catching her in his arms. “I just have to blend in with the mortals,” he explained. Teekl meowed in disbelief.

“Shut up, you stupid cat. It would work if I disguise myself well enough,” Klarion snarled, creating a portal to enter the human world. “(Y/N) would be able to see though it.” Teekl was unamused. Klarion ignored her, jumping through the portal with a laugh. “I just have to find the right costume.”

Despite your misgivings, you found yourself leaning against the wall of the school gym, watching the dance. You fidgeted for the fairy costume that M’gann convinced you to wear itched and was tight in some places. M’gann, Conner, and Wally were dancing on the dance floor after giving up trying to get you to join in.

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to join in, but the amount of people in the room made you too nervous to leave the security of the wall. The room was uncomfortable hot, and eventually you couldn’t take it anymore. Slipping out of the gym, you stepped outside for some air. The night was still with the full moon shining brightly in the sky.

Just when you were thinking about heading back to the cave, a voice called out to you. “Hello, my love. I was looking for you.” You froze at the voice, recognizing it immediately even though you couldn’t see it’s origin.

“Klarion, what are you doing here?” you asked with a hint of enthusiasm in your voice. You looked around, frowning when he didn’t appear. 

He waited for a second before fading in next to you. Teekl was perched on his shoulder, meowing in greeting. “I am here to court you, (Y/N).” Your eyes widened when you took in the sight of his vampire costume.

“Well, I give you points for trying to blend in, but we can’t do this,” you argued, taking a step away from him while glancing around you to see if anyone was around. You had to admit though, his vampire costume was impressive. He actually made his pale white skin look like makeup. Klarion was really trying.

“Why can’t we?” he asked playfully, closing the distance you tried to make in between the two of you. Teekl meowed her confusion at your refusal. He stopped when his face was inches from yours. 

You swallowed hard, trying to gather the flitting thoughts in your head. “Because the team is already suspicious for what happen in New York, and since you’re working for the Light, it wouldn’t be right.”

“Ha,” he sniffed, turning up his nose. “I do not work for the Light. I only support them because it provides me with something fun to do. I am a lord of chaos, after all.” Teekl meowed in agreement.

“Well, I care about being part of the team,” you retorted, not liking how he rolled his eyes at your words. “I can’t be courted by you while you are working for the Light.”

Klarion frowned deeply, his hand grabbing your arm to pull you against him. “You realize we exist outside of their pathetic mortal conflict, my love. Nothing that happens in this conflict will have any effect on us in the long run.”

“I’m not immortal, Klarion,” you snapped, frowning when he chuckled at you.

“Oh, my love, you understand nothing about being the love of a lord of chaos, do you?” Teekl meowed in amusement, jumping off of Klarion’s shoulder to rub against your leg. They were successful trapping you between them. 

“I can’t do this, Klarion. I’m sorry,” you apologized, trying to get away from him, but your body refused to move. Part of you knew you had to reject him, but another part wanted to accept him.  

“My beautiful (Y/N), how about we make a deal?” Klarion offered. His hand let go of your arm to rest on your cheek. Your skin burned at his touch. “If you accompany me tonight in courtship, I will give you certain information about the Light.”

You froze, studying him in confusion. “You will?” Teekl meowed in confirmation as she continued to rub against your leg. You thought about it as the part of you who knew you should say no decided to change it’s answer to yes. “Fine, but only if you uphold your end of the bargain.” You reasoned that if anyone found out you could say you did this for information, therefore it wouldn’t betray the team.

“Good,” Klarion cooed, smiled at you as his thumb traced your lips. “Let us be away then for I have a lot planned for tonight.” He dropped his hand from your face to grab yours while opening a portal with his free hand.  Teekl walked in between the two of you. “I appreciate your fairy costume, (Y/N).”

“Thanks,” you said, wondering if it was really a complement. “I appreciate your vampire costume too.” He smiled brightly at you before pulling you through the portal. 

Klarion could be quite charming when he wanted to be. He took you everywhere from a party held by ghosts in a old castle to a movie theater to see all the Exorcist movies. You never met a ghost before, nor did you ever see the Exorcist movies, but it was a night filled with new experiences.

Before you knew it, Klarion teleported you back to Happy Harbor. The sun was rising, making you realize what the time was and how worried everyone must be. 

“I have to get back,” you stated as you both walked out of the portal. You held Teekl in your arms, letting her jump down. “I have a wonderful time, Klarion.”

“As you should have had, my love,” Klarion replied, grabbing your hand and bringing it up to his lips. You blushed at the touch before pulling away from him.

“I really have to go. Everyone’s probably worried about me,” you whispered, stepping forward to press a light kiss on his cheek. “We should do this again.” You turned to leave only for Klarion to catch your arm to stop you.

“What about my end of our bargain?” Klarion asked, frowning when you shook your head. Teekl meowed, repeating Klarion’s question. 

“No, it wouldn’t be right,” you admitted. You felt a little guilty as if you used him, which you did in part if only so it didn’t feel like you were betraying the team. 

“Nevertheless, a bargain is a bargain,” Klarion confirmed, pursing his lips in thought. Teekl meowed, suggesting what he should tell you. 

“Wait, what do you know about Red Arrow?” you asked, having understood what Teekl had said. Klarion and Teekl shared a look before a devious smile grew onto Klarion’s face. He pulled you back to him, holding you close as he whispered into your ear.

Your eyes went wide as Klarion told you the secret of Red Arrow’s origin. The blood drained out of your face. “You’re kidding? Please tell me you’re kidding,” you begged, shaking your head as tears stung your eyes. “They couldn’t do that…” You looked at Klarion for a denial, but he just smiled at you. “No…no.”

“Now (Y/N), may we make plans for next time, or should I drop in on you again?” Klarion asked, not noticing the horror on your face. Teekl meowed at him to pay attention, but he didn’t listen. 

“No,” you gasped, tears falling down your cheeks. Klarion noticed your distress finally, frowning at your upset. “I don’t know if I can be around you anymore. Not when the Light did that to Roy. He doesn’t even know.”

“As I said before (Y/N) what happens in this conflict between the justice babies and the Light means nothing to us,” Klarion justified, his frown deepened when you backed away from him. 

“I have to go,” you sobbed, running away from him. Klarion started to cast a spell to stop you, but Teekl meowed at him to stop.

“What? I’m not going to let my (Y/N) walk away from me,” Klarion pouted at Teekl. Teekl meowed back at him, explaining the situation.

“They do not need space, they need me,” Klarion retorted as Teekl meowed at him some more. “Fine, I’ll let them deal with what we told them.” He held out his arms, letting Teekl jump into them as he opened a portal. “I don’t see why it’s so dramatic.” Teekl shook her head, knowing it will be some time until Klarion was ready to enter a complete and full relationship with you. 

You stumbled into the cave about an hour later, still shaken to the core. Your fairy costume was tattered from falling so many times on your way back because you were so distracted by the turmoil inside your heart. 

“(Y/N), where have you been?” Batman demanded, having run into the room once you entered the cave. The rest of the team was right behind him. You gave him a blank look, taking several shaking breaths.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” M’gann asked gently, sensing the turmoil inside your head. You shook your head as a tear escaped your eye. M’gann stepped forward, catching you when you fell to your knees. 

Eventually, M’gann was able to get you into the medical bay by guiding you to your feet. Batman and Black Canary were there waiting for you to speak as Red Tornado tended to your wounds from falling so many times. M’gann left you alone with them after sending you encouragement over the mental link. 

It took a bit, but you told them the whole story about your “relationship” with Klarion. You described how he approached you last night and how he bargained he would tell you a secret about the Light if you went with him. Losing the ability to speak, you struggled to tell them what Klarion had said.

“You are safe here, (Y/N),” Black Canary reassured you, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Tell us what he said.”

“He…he said that Red Arrow was a clone,” you whispered, noting the shocked looks on Batman and Black Canary’s faces followed by the looks of disbelief. “Klarion said Lex Luthor cloned Red Arrow when he captured the original Speedy three years ago. They programmed Red Arrow to follow their plans.”

The three leagues all traded looks, sensing the truth behind your statement. “Are you sure he was telling the truth?” Batman demanded, his voice rough from the impact of the revelation.

“Yes, he wouldn’t lie to me,” you admitted, blushing when Black Canary raised an eyebrow at you. You knew deep in your soul Klarion would never lie to you. As you told Batman, Red Tornado, and Black Canary the truth, you could feel the time line shifting as it started on a new course. One that would bring you and Klarion even closer together, but neither of you knew it yet.  

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So what are your thoughts on an apple exclusive for taylor then

I think taylor’s actual album will be available to buy on physical CD and download from itunes. That’s it. 

i kind of look at it like a movie. 

Imagine the scenario you get an Oscar winning director and producer, some of the worlds best actors and you all get together once every 3-4 years to make a movie. Oh and your movies are amazing they win awards and everyone who’s anyone in the industry is like Wow. They pour their heart and soul in to the movie. Someone writes a screenplay, someone writes the score, you have your actors who vocalize the written word. You polish it, you perfect it.  

Now imagine you take that movie and you put it out into the world to share with others and for them to enjoy. Took a lot of hard work and a lot of talent and tons of time and energy. The people who did all that… should be recognized for that hard work and their talent- i mean not anyone has that talent. Your movie is one of a kind. . it’s valuable. It’s good shit. Things that are valuable shouldn’t be free. 

Now imagine the movie comes out… finally. Oh man people are stoked. and you can go to Target and buy the movie on blu-ray, or you can download the movie on itunes for $20. Hey you want to see it, so you pay for it. Or you go see it in the regular theater. One time, $12. You’re willing to pay. You want to see it and experience it. 

Then say there is a movie theater where you can buy a season pass. All the movies you want to see, $10 a month. Come as often as you like, push a button and watch any movie you want. So yeah, you’re still paying for the movie but you’re paying a lottttt less. but at least thats better than nothing. 

Then imagine this free movie theater pops up in town. They get all these investors and do a lot of marketing and people flock to their theater in droves because… iTS FREE! come watch the movie here, it’s free yall, we just have a few commercials every now and then, but they are short and you wont notice much! Oh and the free theater says, Hey we arent evil, we pay the movie people one onethousandth of a penny each time someone watches your movie, we collect money from our advertisers. But hey, when someone comes here and watches it, it still counts for “box office viewers”! that’s cool, right?! 🤔

So the really good movies, with the A-list best most talented actors and the Oscar winning directors and the highly acclaimed everything… would they put their movie in the free theater? Nah. why? The people wanna see it, they’ll pay for it. Maybe once its been out for a long while and everyone who was gonna buy it has bought it already…maybe then. But people will pay to see it, so why give it away for free. Maybe you put all your OLD movies at the free theater to hype up the people for your NEW movie and then when your NEW movie comes out, they’ll all be anticipating it hard core so they will go buy it. Hey, solid plan. Do that a few months before your new movie comes out. 

Would they put it in the $10 all you can watch theater? meh, why would they right away? Again, maybe in a while, bc at least they are making SOMETHING there, vs basically nothing at the free theater, but, again, their movie is really good, everyone’s been waiting YEARS for this movie, why not only sell it at target and on itunes and in the theater? People want to see this movie So Fing Bad! its all anyone can talk about!? so you hold off for a while. Wait til the novelty dies down then… then you put it in that all you can watch theater. 

Just my thoughts and another way to look at it. 

X - Part Five

A/N: S/O to the anon who asked me when the next update would be posted, I hope this lives up to your expectations ;).

Also! Receiving messages from you guys is so satisfying! I appreciate all feedback of course, but simple “hellos” give me an equally nice feeling in my mind. 

I have some fun things to come for the next parts and this really a key section of the story, (at least, it seems that way to me at the moment.)

As always, I hope you enjoy. I love you guys.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

Have you ever felt like the world rested on your shoulders? Not in a spiritual I-have-the-chance-to-change-the-world kind of way. I mean it in the way of having stress cloak your body. Flowing through your endless veins, pushing down on your body until your posture is shit, forcing your eyelids to droop until someone nudges you, thinking you were falling asleep.

That’s how you should picture me feeling at the moment.

This was a really common state of being for me during the time I spent in therapy. It was like a whole new level past exhaustion, which is what I thought it was at first. It took me hours of a forceful sleep to realize that my body did not want me to rest physically.

The feeling that took over my body when my ears picked up on the sound Baekhyun’s car door made when I shut it closely mirrored this strangely nostalgic feeling.
The feeling was amplified when I heard Baekhyun pull away from my house after a prolonged amount of time that suggested more was going on inside of his car than sending a quick text or shifting his mirrors back into place.

Maybe a flew slaps against his steering wheel.
Maybe a few fingers running continuously through his hair.
Maybe a few shaky, uncertain breaths getting rammed into his lungs.

That’s definitely what would have been going on in my car if our roles were switched.

I could tell Baekhyun was conflicted about something, whether that had to do with me or us I had no idea and either way, I had no intention starting a relationship with someone who was already in one.
I was not going to be the other woman in any way, shape, or form. If Baekhyun’s heart belonged to anyone other than me, it was not my place to try and steal it.
Although, Baekhyun’s final words to me planted an idea in my head that suggested I wouldn’t have to go to Taeyeon if I wanted access to his heart.
Not saying I do. Or anything. Don’t get any ideas. Or Anything.

I decided it was time for me to retreat into my safe haven (the shower) so that I could let my thoughts run wild while doing something I couldn’t really screw up.

My thoughts were muddled and my brain was numbed by the hot, spicy scent of jasmine and the steam coating my skin, the shower walls, and the slippery mirror. I tried massaging my skin with the generous amount of slimy body wash placed in my hands, hoping to relieve some of the tension that had built up since I took the damned offer from SM.

I was working out a kink in my neck when I heard the distinct voice of G-Dragon from inside my bathroom.

That can’t be right.

I quickly shut off the water and ignored the drip, drip, drip coming from the shower head. The voice was there again, along with the rest of the voices of Big Bang and the lyrics of “Bang Bang Bang” that my mind could now register once I was out of the makeshift sauna.

I swung the shower curtain back and hopped onto the mat in front of me one foot at a time to make sure I didn’t end up dying naked on my bathroom floor. I reached over to the counter and retrieved my ringing phone.
The screen was coated in steam and my mind was still cloudy, so I couldn’t really deduce who it was that interrupted the most peaceful part of my day so far.

“Hello?” I started to dry my face with my phone in one hand and a towel in the other.
“I’m sorry.”
I paused my task.
“Hi, Baekhyun.”
“No oppa?” His tone was pleading.

I sat down on the toilet at my feet and mentally prepared myself for what was to come (even though I had no idea why Baekhyun was calling or why he was sorry or just why).

“Why did you call?”
No answer.
“Why did you call, oppa?”
I heard a sigh on the other line.
“That’s what I like to hear. Did I interrupt anything?”
“Not much, but you owe me for almost slipping out of the shower to get to my phone in time.”
I heard a gulp, and it certainly wasn’t mine.

An uncomfortable silence followed my confirmation and I started twirling my hair that was starting to curl at the ends.

Baekhyun took a deep breath before replying with a noise that resembled a low whine, (I refused to compare it to a moan, which is what it really sounded like).
“What are you sorry for?” I couldn’t help my curiosity.
“For asking you to kiss me,” he replied quickly. I could tell he wanted to get the truth out as quick as possible rather than avoiding it like I’ve experienced him doing in the past.

When I didn’t say anything in return he continued his thoughts.

“It was…out of line. Just because I wanted it doesn’t mean you did and even if you did want to do it I shouldn’t have ask- told you to.”
“Thank you for apologizing,” I smiled although I knew Baekhyun couldn’t see.
“That’s all I get?” I frowned.
“Are you going to ask for another kiss in return?”
“No fair.”
“How about I bring you breakfast to work tomorrow? You can send me your order.”
“No can do, babe. I’m on a diet. Manager’s orders.”

I had a feeling that this “manager” of his was really just the monster born from his lack of confidence since the night I indirectly made a comment about his weight. I used to have a mother who had struggled all of her life with weight and self-love, I didn’t know how I felt knowing that I could’ve planted that kind of seed in someone’s head about themselves.

“Can I at least bring you a coffee? There’s no way you can make an excuse for that.”
“I have an even better idea. I’ll pick you up and we can sit down together. I promise I won’t ask for another kiss.”
I let a giggle escape, hoping to ease both of our worries.
“I like that idea, as long as I get to pay.”
“I cannot make any promises on my wallet’s behalf, it pays for what it wants.”
“Baekhyun, so help me god-”
“Ya! Fine.” He laughed before continuing.
“I’ll convince my wallet to hold back.”
“I would appreciate that,” I joked along with him.
“I’ll have to get going, gotta wake up bright and early for breakfast with this amazing girl.”
“I’m sure she is just as excited as you are. Goodnight, Baekhyun.”
“Goodnight,” he sighed into the phone.

I was slipping under my bedcovers when my phone buzzed on top of my nightstand.

“I’ll see you at eight. Bright and early.”

I didn’t bother replying to the text because of how my mind raced the last time I sent a text to Baekhyun, but I opened it to let him know I had received the message.

Loud and clear.

“One of us is going to have to change, oppa.”

When Baekhyun called me at 7:57 that morning to let me know that my “house and carriage” had arrived (his words, not mine), I did not elude to the fact that I had only woken up ten minutes prior.
So, of course, I grabbed the most trustworthy outfit I had at my disposal, a pair of ripped jeans and a black t-shirt I found on my bedroom floor.
Apparently Baekhyun had the same idea.

“Just because you’re jealous that I look better than you doesn’t mean you have to force me to change.”
I took a breath to start protesting but Baekhyun quickly shut me up by handing me his phone, Spotify already opened.
I couldn’t help but squeal, my newly acquired power getting to my head as I flick through his playlists. No matter how many times my finger swipes across the screen, I’m surprised to find that the songs I had in mind were not anywhere in his library.

“Just no EX-”

“She got me going crazy.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

“E-X-O, mon-seu-teo.”

“You even know the fan-chants?”

I shrugged my shoulders and kept on singing along until Baekhyun ripped his phone from my hand and grunted that I had lost my privileges.
Despite my pouting that I had always found rather convincing, the man sitting next to me refused to budge and the stoic expression on his face did not sway.

I accepted my defeat and fixed my attention to concentrating on breathing quietly because apparently Baekhyun was going to leave me on complete silence without the sound of his voice, whether it was from a song or in real life.

“Oppa,” I tried getting his attention.
“While your taste in music may be questionable,”
His lips formed a smile, a sharp contrast to his demeanor from just moments before.
“You do have a nice fashion sense,” I finished.

The eyebrows framing his pretty, makeup-less face slowly grew closer together as they were scrunched and misshapen, until they practically formed a singular line.

I caught his gaze in the rearview mirror, not bothering on attempting to hide my confusion.
“You can put it back on.”

While that wasn’t really my plan, I didn’t complain and gladly took his phone back into own hands.
I made sure not to visibly react when my brain picked up on the feeling of his fingers grazing against my own.

“Alright, we have arrived at your destination.” Baekhyun started to take his seatbelt off.
“Oppa! Did you only let me put the song back on because we were so close?”
His beaming smile had confirmed my suspicions.
“We have a word back home for people like you.”
“Really? Do tell,” he teased.
“Annoying,” I snapped back at him before making my way out of the car.

The sound of his giggle was overpowered by my steps toward the deserted diner Baekhyun had parked in front of.
A large, silver sign that announced the diner’s name and the fact that it was open for twenty-four hours was strung across the front of the restaurant like an old movie theater. The windows also had menus taped up on them, but my breakfast-date ushered me inside the building before I could get an idea for what this place was like.

A sign that stood right outside of the entrance instructed Baekhyun and I to find our own seating and wait for someone to take our order. While I personally would’ve loved a booth next to one of the many windows of the diner, I knew that would’ve been unrealistic for the both of us, and I led Baekhyun to a two-person table at the far back, right next to the kitchen.

The diner was already moderately busy, but it was filled with people either too old to know who Baekhyun and I were, or people too tired to register our faces in their minds and acknowledge our presence past two moving blobs who were connected by their hands.

“You know,” Baekhyun said from behind his coffee.
“This is supposed to be an American-themed diner, you’ll have to confirm its authenticity.”
“Your friendly-neighborhood American, at your service,” I joke.
“I’ve never been here before so it can be a first for both of us,” he continued.
“Baekhyun, are you telling me that you searched all night for the perfect restaurant?”
“I am not-”

“I am absolutely flattered,” I put my hand over the one of his that was resting on the table,
“but you didn’t have to go through all of that trouble,” sarcasm practically dripping from my mouth and into my lap.
“Then it’s a good thing I didn’t.” Baekhyun assured me.

Neither of us moved our hands away until we had received our food and couldn’t think of a good enough of an excuse for us to remain in the position we had grown comfortable in.

It was not long before a group of three teenaged girls made their way up to their table, and I prepared myself with a smile as I waited for them to ask Baekhyun for a photo, an autograph, or whatever their bodies were yearning for, but the girls kept walking even when they had reached Baekhyun and stopped at me.

I had to suppress the laugh that had formed in my chest when I saw the look of pure astonishment reveal itself through Baekhyun’s face and instead placed my attention on the giddy girls standing in front of me.
Truly, I was worried they would ask Baekhyun to take a picture of the four of us, and dreaded the possibility (however funny it would be). To my relief, they all said hello to Baekhyun after they were content with their time with me, and said what could be expected.

“I’m glad to see you are eating well, oppa!”
“I can’t wait for your next comeback!”
“Where are the rest of the boys?”

They never once acknowledged the fact that Baekhyun and I were eating, that they had interrupted Baekhyun and I, that Baekhyun and I were together. It seemed odd to me, the way these girls poked at the truth instead of facing it head on.
The same way Baekhyun had done before.

The girls said their final “goodbyes” and “I love yous” and waved to the both of us as they hopped out of the diner, ignoring the annoyed owner who had expected the girls to sit down and order and pay.

I was working on my last piece of bacon when I heard it.
The sigh.
The same sigh that I had heard from the same person yesterday.
Good things could never come from that sigh.

This time, I didn’t egg my partner on and gave him the attention he was hoping for immediately.

“What’s up with you, oppa?”
He sighed again before replying.
“I can’t say that I’m not offended. I was practically ignored!”
“Aw, oppa, don’t be sad,” I assured him as my arm reached across the table for Baekhyun’s hand.
“I’ll take a picture with you too.”

I giggled as Baekhyun scoffed but neither of us retracted our bodies from the grip we had on one another.

If someone who had randomly chosen to look through the window of the diner and see our intertwined hands, they might think of us as lovers. Lovers who were enjoying a meal together before they had to depart and go their separate ways, only to reunite later that day however we saw fit. One would think we were two nobodys who were caught laughing together, rather than two celebrities who should not have been eating together. Celebrities who should not have been holding hands. Celebrities who should not have let their guard down and should have been more careful in public.

But for now, to anyone walking by, we were lovers and our happiness could not be squashed.

“Val. Val. Slow down. What are you talking about?”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up in my bed, sensing the urgency of the situation in the tone of my best friend’s voice.

“Don’t play stupid. Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”
“Please have mercy on my tired body and elaborate further.”
“Cut the shit, Pink. Now is not the time for your philosophical mumbo-jumbo.”
“Then humor me because I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.”
“This can’t be purely from the paparazzi, no way. Look at the way you two are looking at each other! You look like a fucking sitcom from back home. I come visit you for the first time and you assure me that you have everything under control.”
“I do!” I tried to assure Val.
“Doesn’t look like that from my end.”
She paused.
“Pink, have you seen the pictures?”

My heart stopped for a prolonged period of time that could in no way be healthy and probably would’ve prompted a regular person to call an ambulance in fear for their life.
Instead, I just clenched my empty fist and told Val to send me a link while I called my manager.

“Go ahead, he’ll probably finish where I left off anyways.”

Of course, as it was two am and Val’s call was the occurrence that had ripped me out of a much-needed night of sleep, I hadn’t noticed how my manager had in fact tried to contact me multiple times and was probably on his way to my home right now as I clicked one of the four links Val had sent to me.

I was finishing up with the article when my doorbell rang, signaling my manager’s predicted arrival, but the cliche´ ring did not pull my attention away from the text and pictures sitting before me in my hand, lit up by my phone screen in the dark contrast that my room brought to me.

“Baekhyun and Pink- A Different Kind of Partners?”
“Songwriters Turned To Star-Crossed Lovers.”
“K-POP’s Next Royal Marriage.”

My brain ignored the pounding on my door that my ears had picked up on and instead pushed my eyes to read the last article before my manager gave up and let himself in with the key to my apartment I had gifted him long ago for emergencies like these.

“K-POP sensations, Baekhyun from popular boy-group EXO and his most recent collab-partner, the solo artist Pink, were caught enjoying a quiet breakfast together in a diner on the outskirts of town.
After fans of the two had posted the photos they had taken with the two singers and the singers’ location online, it was no surprise that paparazzi hopped in their cars and drove straight for the restaurant.
While we’re sure many had this idea, only one was lucky enough to secure not one, but two, but three photos for our readers.
Not only are the two lovebirds practically bursting with affection for each other, they’re even wearing matching couple outfits! How cute!
What do you think? Are these two lovers? Or simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

After the text came to an end, all three photos the article had referred to were revealed by my scrolling thumb.

The first one was a picture of Baekhyun and I just talking, seemingly right after the girls left. The second one was a shot that caught us holding hands. The third one was a picture of the two of us getting into his car after our breakfast, “riding off into the sunset” according to the caption the writer had decided to connect to the photo.


imagine all the abandoned buildings out in the zones. the only remaining links to a time Before.

imagine all the ghost towns. crumbling houses looted to all hell. old cars picked apart to their bare essentials. buildings that no one even remembers the purpose of. (“what’s a movie theater?”) old signs with the town’s names barely legible through age and weather. signs boasting a population of 10000. (where did all the people go?)

imagine how sobering that must be

Around the World in 100 Days: Venice, Italy

Herr der Dieben (The Thief Lord) by Cornelia Funke

“Let’s run away to Venice, and hide out in an old movie theater. We can dye our hair blonde, so no one will ever find us!” 

Coincidentally, I read this book while in Sardinia - just off the coast of Italy.

Imagine your boyfriend, Rafael, surprising you on your birthday

(A/N: Inspired by my recent birthday. Thank you for all the messages I hope you enjoy this. I’m sorry it’s shorter than usual. I’m very busy this week so I’m really sorry) 

Imagine your boyfriend, Rafael, surprising you on your birthday

“Hey!…Hey?” You spluttered confused at the sight of Rafael standing in your doorway after you opened your door, “ What are you doing here?”

“Hi,” Rafael smirked stepping into your apartment, producing a bouquet of flowers from behind his back and handing them to you, “For you.”

“Thanks,” You commented skeptically, taking the flowers from him and eyeing him up suspiciously, “I thought you were working tonight.”

“I lied,” He grinned playfully.

“I don’t understand.” You confessed, confused.

“I’m here to take you out on a date.” He clarified.

“Really?” You asked.

“Yeah,” He chuckled

“So why didn’t you tell me before?” You questioned, confused.

“Because I wanted it to be a surprise.” He responded as if it was obvious and in hindsight it was.

“Ooo,” You nodded, “Why?”

“For spontaneity.” He replied.

“Okay,” You agreed, “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.” He informed.

“What are we doing?” You continued.

“It’s a surprise.” He repeated.

“Is everything a surprise?” You sighed.

He nodded.

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31 Days of Ouija Blogs: Day 28- Conquering Ouija Fear

I highly recommend not playing the Ouija board when you are terrified of it. You’re far more likely to get a spirit who will be like “lol guys, watch this” and totally freak you out. If you’re very open about why you’re afraid, like if you’re scared you’re going to contact a demon, you’ll get a spirit pretending to be a demon. I mean, admit it, you’d do it too. If you were a spirit and wanted to freak out a bunch of teenagers by pretending you’re Satan, it would be hilarious. But it’s not so hilarious if you’re the teenagers.

So what do you do if you know that Ouija boards are safe, and nothing can hurt you through it, but you’re still scared to play? Maybe you’ve been told all your life to not even touch them or go near them, because omg demon portal to Hell or something, or maybe you watched The Exorcist as a child and you have a deep seeded fear of Ouija boards. Or maybe you heard some creepy story about them from someone and you don’t want the same to happen to you. Even if you know you’re safe and all those stories aren’t true, there’s still a lingering fear in the back of your mind. How do you get over that?

I would recommend something called exposure therapy. It’s a method that has you face what you fear at small increments at a time, and slowly building yourself up until it doesn’t scare you anymore. It’s a great way in dealing with anxiety or other anxiety disorders.

So you’re terrified of Ouija boards, and spirit stuff in general? Take some baby steps. Watch a scary ghost show like A Haunting for two minutes. You already know that everything in those shows is made up and completely acted out by paid actors, and that nothing in A Haunting will actually happen. But it’s still scary! Watch it for a little bit at a time. And the next day, watch for four minutes. Then go for ten minutes. Eventually you’ll be able to sit through the whole episode. Keep doing it until the thought doesn’t creep you out anymore. The same goes for any scary movie. Watch the first five minutes of something like Ouija and turn it off. Wait a day, then watch the first ten minutes. Eventually it won’t scare you at all anymore.

There are other things you can expose yourself to. Read a creepypasta website for a minute (also knowing that 99% of those aren’t true at all). Watch people playing the Ouija board for a minute. Basically try anything that gives you the creeps for just a few minutes at a time, and build up to being not creeped out at all. But know that this process isn’t a quick fix. It could take weeks or months before you build up enough strength to be able to handle ghost stuff.

Another thing that really works is affirmations. Saying a comforting phrase over and over can really make your brain think that thing. One thing that worked for me when I was younger and found out that was I was seeing were dead people, and I felt bombarded and attacked all the time, was “it’s nothing.” I used to take forever to fall asleep because I was certain I would open my eyes to find a dead person there. So whenever I thought that that would happen, I would keep telling myself, “It’s nothing, nobody’s there, I’m alone, I’m safe,” and so on until I felt brave enough to open my eyes. Whenever I did this, nothing was ever there. I also used to do little rituals that made me feel safe, but that kind of led me down a road where I had to do rituals or else I would feel a lot of anxiety, so be careful with that. Affirmations have helped me with a lot of situations in my life. Pick a phrase that you want to hear, or would want someone to say to you, and say it over and over until you feel safe.

If you want to embrace the ghost experience, do your research. Find a paranormal place near you and go visit it. Look up episodes of Ghost Adventures that were filmed near you (some of my favorites were the ones filmed in my area. Maybe even go and watch a scary old movie at your old theater that shows classic films. And definitely talk out loud to any spirits that are around you, because they are around you. You might contact a spirit who is kind and wants to help you feel better.

Do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about some fun Ouija board games you can play.

Juphelia Headcanon

Ophelia knows a lot of random cute little places near campus that she likes to introduce Jules too and take her on dates too.

-A little dinner run by a single mom and her two sons that looks a bit run down but has the best food that Jules has ever tasted.

-A cute little coffee shop that Ophelia likes to study in because it has the best coffee and the best atmosphere, and there is never more than five people in it. And when she takes Jules there, it becomes Jules’s favorite too.

-An old drive in movie theater that’s still up and runing that shows movies every weekend. It quickly becomes their favorite go to date place.

-A skating rink that is old, and run down on the outside but the inside is redone, and it never has more than five people in it. Plus, it always plays good music. Ophelia says that she’s been coming here since she was fourteen, and Jules believes it.

-A shooting range that Ophelia goes too every once in a while to blow off some steam and she takes Jules to it because Jules was upset and need to blow off some steam and Ophelia said she knew just the place.

-A few cute little shops that are all in the same area that are Ophelia’s favorite places to buy gifts and clothes, and she takes Jules there when they go Christmas shopping and Jules falls in love with the little shopping area.

what the signs remind me of

aries: fire burning passionately ~ adrenaline rushes ~ chrome cars

taurus: the evening sky ~ a dewy morning ~ philosophy

gemini: computers from the 90s ~ flip phones ~ a fresh haircut

cancer: soft, white sand ~ silver paint on a blank canvas ~ tattoos

leo: the sistine chapel ~ ancient greece ~ rome

virgo: wearing your nicest clothes ~ brushing soft hair ~ your favorite perfume

libra: sunsets ~ gold body piercings ~ laying on the beach

scorpio: midnight ~ dark eyeshadow ~ expensive lingerie

sagittarius: drinking with friends ~ dark forests ~ fawns

capricorn: red lipstick ~ walking the streets at night ~ writing your first story

aquarius: old movie theaters ~ crooked teeth ~ riding roller coasters

pisces: your first high ~ swimming deep ~ your favorite dream

fun story i just remembered: there’s an old school drive-in movie theater in west chicago next to this hot dog place called scooby’s. they’re both on I-64 (which is pretty bare) so scooby’s has done literally everything possible to be visible during the day and night. including huge ass lights.

now because the cascade is an outdoor movie theater they need as much darkness as possible to play the movies. scooby’s lights disturbed viewing, so they politely asked them to turn them off. scooby’s refused. so the cascade, who normally allow food from outside sources in the theater, basically said “fuck it” and, at the beginning of every night, the rule of “no food from scooby’s is allowed and any who have it will be kicked out” is enforced. scooby’s hasn’t shut off the lights, and cascade still has the ban on scooby’s food.