Juphelia Headcanon

Ophelia knows a lot of random cute little places near campus that she likes to introduce Jules too and take her on dates too.

-A little dinner run by a single mom and her two sons that looks a bit run down but has the best food that Jules has ever tasted.

-A cute little coffee shop that Ophelia likes to study in because it has the best coffee and the best atmosphere, and there is never more than five people in it. And when she takes Jules there, it becomes Jules’s favorite too.

-An old drive in movie theater that’s still up and runing that shows movies every weekend. It quickly becomes their favorite go to date place.

-A skating rink that is old, and run down on the outside but the inside is redone, and it never has more than five people in it. Plus, it always plays good music. Ophelia says that she’s been coming here since she was fourteen, and Jules believes it.

-A shooting range that Ophelia goes too every once in a while to blow off some steam and she takes Jules to it because Jules was upset and need to blow off some steam and Ophelia said she knew just the place.

-A few cute little shops that are all in the same area that are Ophelia’s favorite places to buy gifts and clothes, and she takes Jules there when they go Christmas shopping and Jules falls in love with the little shopping area.