what the signs remind me of

aries: fire burning passionately ~ adrenaline rushes ~ chrome cars

taurus: the evening sky ~ a dewy morning ~ philosophy

gemini: computers from the 90s ~ flip phones ~ a fresh haircut

cancer: soft, white sand ~ silver paint on a blank canvas ~ tattoos

leo: the sistine chapel ~ ancient greece ~ rome

virgo: wearing your nicest clothes ~ brushing soft hair ~ your favorite perfume

libra: sunsets ~ gold body piercings ~ laying on the beach

scorpio: midnight ~ dark eyeshadow ~ expensive lingerie

sagittarius: drinking with friends ~ dark forests ~ fawns

capricorn: red lipstick ~ walking the streets at night ~ writing your first story

aquarius: old movie theaters ~ crooked teeth ~ riding roller coasters

pisces: your first high ~ swimming deep ~ your favorite dream