One thing I am really glad about and part of the reason why I keep talking about D.Gray-man everywhere is, because of the theme of love in the series. Theme of love as in every possible way, with family love especially being given front seat. There is friendship, comradeship, family, some romance, overall pretty human characters all having people they care about and trying to protect ones they care and spending their down times together to recover from bad things that happened. As it is also a tragedy series, there are a lot of bad stuff happening but it is not ignored by characters, instead they accept what happened has happened and try to move on and spend their current time together with people who cares about them and people who they care about.

Even one of the villains who is crushing on main character is written beautifully in the way of saying “I love Allen but family comes first. I am sure you would understand this too, Allen.” even if later on, she doesn’t mind risking her own life for him. Idk I really love that there is no “girl in love makes the guy only priority” at that scene, as well as in general?

And maybe it is because of the side of fandom I am hanging around with, but there isn’t much heteronormative ship wars unlike Bleach or Naruto. Fandom is often half dead due to not being that popular by now but people who are there are often people who has been into it for years or even if they newly found it they end up joining said seasoned fandom people in the end because just like the series, it is homey?

Idk I am just glad to be a part of this fandom and so glad that I found this series in the first place, all the good wishes to mangaka and hope she gets well

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College AU maybe?

This is actually an old AU of mine that featured college aged Ludger and Jude but it was mostly about them being roomies and living in a little old apartment that they fill with thrift store finds.

I put off drawing this for a long time because I kept getting carried away and I wanted to draw what they had in their bags too but I clearly don’t have the time to do that so I ended up just skipping it altogether.

Some details about the AU!

Jude is a first year undergrad in Environmental Sciences and an international student from Rieze Maxia. He originally was staying at the dorms but moved out after some advice from his classmates that he stayed holed up in his dorm or on campus and doesn’t experience the local culture (and frankly it was dreary and the meals were very repetitive). He met Ludger in the end of his first trimester and they started rooming together in spring. His program is also a work-study and he’s mostly funded by his scholarships and grants.

Ludger is a part-time culinary arts student. He moved out after deciding to become independent from his brother but he’s only barely scraping by, taking on contractual work and the spontaneous odd jobs. He’d originally been living closer to campus but due to the higher expense, he’d been looking for a roommate for a while (with very little luck) before he met Jude.

Whenever their friends visit, they always comment on how they’re like a married couple. They have matching mugs and dishes and they have a household routine down pat. In the winter to keep down their heating bill, they sleep together in the same bed and snuggle while at home together.

I need advice?

So essentially I had sort of a “falling out” with an old trainer of mine? She was super unprofessional, wouldn’t show up for lessons and such but would expect to be paid for it anyway, Would cancel for shows if already entered last minute, and a number of other things. A whole progression of things happened and we had sort of a falling out after she essentially threw a temper tantrum (can you imagine a 38 year old lady acting more immature than an 18 year old?) and then proceeded to screw me out of $700. I left her without even asking for a cent of it because the environment was toxic, I found out she was talking bad about me, and I wanted out as soon as possible. She proceeded to continue to talk shit about me to my friends (who then passed on what was being said to me) and I haven’t done a single thing to her (even though it’s taking all my strength). I even went so far as to reach out to her when I saw she was unknowingly breaking a copyright rule for a photographer and she thanked me and the exchange was pleasant-ish (it took everything in my power not to just go to the photographer who then would have fined her but I had to try really hard to be the bigger person). Anyway despite everything she’s done I don’t necessarily have hard feelings against her even though I know I have every right to. She did a lot wrong by me and even ruined my chances of going to nationals even though I qualified. Now the other day I noticed she unfriended me on Facebook. That shouldn’t bother me but it really does? Last we talked I thought we were cool but for her to go out of her way to unfriended me within the last couple of days has really bothered me? I can’t figure out why? And again I know I have every right to be mad at her but I just can’t hold a grudge and I don’t know how to get the feelings to stop? Help? How do emotions??

Hoo-fucking-ray it's 4:30 AM but this is really important

I won’t really go into much detail, since I actually lack details, but I got some messages from an old classmate of mine telling me they saw some of my artwork on We Heart It or whatever it’s called.
Now, this wouldn’t mean much, if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t have an account on that platform.

If you happen to see that account of whoever is stealing my drawings, please, please, report them. I’m sick as all hell of people stealing my style, my pictures, or any fucking thing from me. I put too much effort into my things, and seeing people just take them and skipping all the shit I went through to achieve my things just infuriates me.
I you want something nice to go by, put effort into it, go through the entire fucking process, even if it takes years. Don’t steal the creations of people who have worked their asses off trying to achieve creating their own things. This doesn’t just apply to drawing, it applies to any form of art. Writing, singing, photography - anything that one creates from their own being.

Sorry to bring this up so randomly, but I’ve just been progressively getting more and more angry over the time.


when you, a person who can’t look at a carbohydrate without having to run 3 km, go hang out with your friends with their perfect metabolism…. yeah

Here's my issue with some dudes.

It’s late, I’m out with my girlfriend, who’s quite feminine and dresses in a very, very girly way, often puts lots of make up on. And we’re attending a social event, lots and lots of people around to talk to. And at some point I’m going for drinks and an old acquaintance of mine picks up a conversation with me on the way. Everything’s completely cool, except that whilst we’re talking, in the distance I see my girlfriend talking with this big dude. At first I’m like.. oh, okay. But then something bugged me quite a little bit, because I know her well and I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed kind of uncomfortable. So I excuse myself and approach them, and the very moment she saw me, she hooked her arm around mine, smiled and politely introduced me. In this introduction, the words “that’s my girlfriend” were present. She looked rather bugged herself, so I sort of figured out what was going on. His reaction was “cool”. But what surprised me was that he continued to look at her in that very flirtatious way and talk to her that way too, despite my presence.

So we were just about to leave, and the guy stops us, still smiling, didn’t seemed bothered at all, and straight up asked her if she’d like them to meet up sometime. She kindly refuses, whilst I’m already boiling inside. Then on our way, he asks her about full name so that he can add her on Facebook. To which I react with a “fucking what?” I got very, very, very freaking angry and he told me to “chill”. Chill? Chill my ass. You fucking touch my girlfriend, I don’t care if I’m 5'5 tall, I’ll punch you in the face, break your nose, and then I’ll get into a fight with you.

It bugs me, because I’ve seen guys do it before, but then the boyfriend of the girl shows up, and it’s like they just back off. But then I’m the girlfriend that showed up and he didn’t give a damn. It bugs me, because something like this doesn’t happen for the first time.

Ye, I’m a girl and that’s my girlfriend, you freaking bother her and you’re gonna wish I was a guy.


I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be? It will be. And what if it is? What do I do then? Well, that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.