“ready?” steffy asks.

rickon swallows and looks around.  “yeah.  let’s go.”

they’re not the only ones in the room.  they are by no means the only ones in the room.  there are plenty of couples there.  little old ladies in lacy dresses, some hipsters with hair and tattoos, old men in suits.  everyone looks nice.

except rickon.

they hadn’t planned this.  not really.  he’s in ratty jeans and a t-shirt because that’s what he had been planning on wearing to the shop, but when steffy calls and says “hey, want to get married today,” and his breath had caught in his throat and the only thing he could think was “yes,” you didn’t exactly change.

steffy was flighty.  he always had been.  it’s what you get being the youngest child–or at least that’s what steffy always says.  rickon doesn’t think he’s flighty, but maybe the difference between six and seven is big enough… 

rickon looks around.  he should have at least called bran and told him, even if bran’s across the country.  and arya will be livid at not being here either, and sansa will be annoyed that the right to plan his wedding was denied her.   and jon… he gulps and looks down at his phone.

“he coming?” steffy asks.

“he’s not seen it yet.”  his phone is probably off.  he works night shifts.  

“it’ll be all right,” steffy says and he takes rickon’s hand.  “it’ll be all right.  they won’t hate you.  dev’s not coming either.  or stan.”

“yeah.  i know.”  still.  he feels alone.  you’re not supposed to feel alone on the day you get married, right?  that’s not supposed to happen?

“there you are!” steffy’s head snaps around and a grin spreads across his face. 

“hey mom!  found it ok?”

marya seaworth rolls her eyes.  “your father used to work in this building, or are you too young to remember.“

and rickon’s heart swells.  there he is.  

it’s not as good, maybe, as if his own father were there, but rickon can’t remember eddard stark.  he can remember mr. seaworth, though.  mr. seaworth had always been good to him, and made him feel safe when he’d been alone, and there he is, beaming proudly at the pair of them and–

rickon lets out a delighted laugh.  “osha!” 

“you didn’t think i wouldn’t be here, did you?” osha says, and she kisses his cheek.  “my boy all grown up and getting married.”

“couldn’t resist bringing her along.  knew you wouldn’t mind,” davos says.  he holds out his arms, and wraps rickon into one of the bear hugs that had gotten him through elementary school.

“this it?” davos says, looking around.  “no jon?”

rickon looks down at his phone again.  no sign that jon’s read the text.  he bites his lip again.  

“yes jon,” came a voice from behind and rickon whirls around.  jon’s there looking exhausted and carrying a huge paper cup of coffee.  “lucky you caught me before i went to bed.  some notice would have been nice.”

steffy let’s out a whoop.  

“i didn’t think you’d seen the text,” rickon says, blinking back tears.  they’re here, they’re all here!

“caught it on my lock screen,” jon shrugs.  typical.  “also i’m going to be livestreaming it on facebook because otherwise the others will skin me.  again.  some notice would have been nice.”  he ruffles rickon’s hair.

“come on then!” steffy says and grabs rickon’s hand.  they approach the desk, and before steffy can even open his mouth, rickon blurts out,

“hello, i’m rickon stark and this is steffon seaworth and we’re here to get married.”