more really awful midnight ideas: alya writing a ladybug femslash fic featuring an OC that is very obviously marinette with a slightly different name in an attempt to fill the femslash fic void we all feel sometimes — and adrien finds himself a reluctant, slightly heartbroken shipper (this is marinette — cute, isn’t she? he remembers, and the fic is really, truly, very convincing)

i’m not sure where i was going with this but i think it was somewhere with adrien reluctantly making up his mind to step aside if either of his crushes decided they’d like each other better and 

adrien ships maribug more than adrinette

alya ships adrinette more than maribug

ship war that they don’t know is a ship war while both of them are just really intent on making marinette happy

meanwhile marinette’s just in the background like literally wth’s up with everyone?

Signs as old games

Aries: Beyblades

Taurus: Zelda

Gemini: Any game that came in a cereal box

Cancer: Duck Hunt

Leo: The Sims (ps or game cube)

Virgo: Nintendo Mario

Libra: Monkey ball (game cube)

Scorpio: Yu-Gi-Oh

Sagittarius: Bakugon

Capricorn: Pokémon first generation

Aquarius: Tamagotchi

Pisces: Chaotic

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5 reasons why you love Amy Santiago - go

only 5? dang alright

1. she’s nerdy but, like, the nerdiness isn’t stereotyped to any extremes & she’s not consistently made fun of for it(the writers did v well with that)

2. she’s an absolute savage let’s be real. “don’t be late or i’ll slit your throats!” “i’m gonna run you both off the road. i’m gonna kill you.”

3. the fact she goes to seminars for handshakes and crossing guard jamborees and adult puzzle camps why is she so precious and pure

4. her character development from season 1 to season 4 is iconic she’s chilled out so much and the writers haven’t made her as uptight as she was in the first few episodes

5. she brings out the best in jake like she influences him so much(remember when he “pulled a full amy” and made a binder just to impress her dad) and she’s so open to his interests it’s eveRYTHING to me

6. bonus(because 5 isn’t enough): she’s a strong independent latina woman and she’s beautiful and deserves the world

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bucky was such a caring person tho, there's no way i can imagine him being only into steve, i mean he was a ladies man but imagine them being boys, bucky having his first crush on a redhead boy he met at the fair and a cute brunet he trained with in basics and was into science but cut off ties when they received their orders, i enjoy those a lot more, bucky's interaction w cap in brooklyn always seem as more of a fed up older brother, for me, nothing wrong if others ship it

uh i mean… i couldn’t possibly disagree with you more about that last point???

like ok i don’t think they did anything about it back then - i’ve come around to being a firm believer in The Slowest Of All Slow Burns when it comes to them, i don’t think they kissed until way after catws - but bucky was definitely in love with steve from the very beginning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(i also don’t really think he was… a ladies’ man…… that’s all fanon imo)

dunno what you wanted me to say lmao, not sure what you were expecting when you sent this to the biggest stevebucky on this hellsite,