I miss 2008 so much.

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x17online(.)com/2015/08/gigi_hadid_joe_jonas_dinner_date_couple_photos_083015 -- looks like Tahiti is one of Gigi's fav places to bring her "boyfriends"

Well well well. It means someone has a promo deal with Tahiti (how do I get one?). Fun fact, Sports Illustrated, which Gigi has been featured in (and is again this year) shoots in Tahiti.

I have to say that these people who go to tropical destinations (like the story of Sham and the Maldives) must not be getting much time outdoors. All the white people I saw burned or became very dark. These pics don’t look like a visit to Tahiti happened. 
Anyways, as usual, yet another recycled stunt. But I already said that yesterday.