Marilyn Monroe: date of death

The Myth of August 5th
Marilyn’s Time of Death- One would think something so simple as a time of death would be easy to determine, but not so with Marilyn Monroe. Reports vary widely from 8 p.m on August 4th to 3:45 a.m on August 5th, and everything in between. It is crucial to pinpoint the time of death because once that is established it becomes quite easy to dispel the accounts of the hangers-on who attempted to place themselves at the scene that evening. With the revelation of a new crime scene photo issued by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Homicide Division last year, the estimated time of death can be determined with an accuracy of within two hours- and it’s not when you think it is.Differing accounts all list different times. Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper, first said that she became alarmed and the actress was unresponsive behind a locked door around midnight. Then she changed her story to say it was at 3 a.m. Dr. Engelberg says he pronounced her dead at 3:35 a.m.The coroner’s report and  death certificate lists the time of death as 3:40 a.m. How could it be possible that her time of death was five minutes after she was pronounced dead, particularly considering that there is plenty of evidence that she had died far earlier?Many are familiar with the photo of the police officer’s hand pointing to an array of prescription bottles on Marilyn’s nightstand. Until last year, few people realized that photo had been cropped and the full version of it shows Marilyn’s body lying in bed. As heartbreaking as this is to look at, it provides vital clues in unraveling the mystery of that night.  In the photo there is a dark blotchy discoloration evident on her back- this is lividity. Lividity is caused when the blood circulation ceases and it pools at the lowest points of the body. The pattern can only be altered if the body is moved within the first six hours after death,after six hours it becomes ‘fixed’ in place.  For it to be visible on her back while she was in a face down position, the lividity had to have been fixed in place which only occurs 6-8 hours after death. Since the photo had to have been taken between around 4:30 a.m (when police arrived) and around 6 a.m. when she was removed from the house, that gives us a very narrow time frame to work with. If we reasonably assume the photo was taken around 5 a.m, that will push our time of death back to between 8-11 p.m on August 4th.When Sgt. Jack Clemmons arrived on scene he noted advanced rigor mortis. The undertaker Guy Hockett arrived at 5:40 a.m and also noted the advanced rigor mortis and estimated the time of death as being between 8 and 10 pm the evening before but was told to alter his report to match the witness statements.He said that the rigor mortis was so advanced that he had some difficulty maneuvering her onto the gurney that would take her to the mortuary van . Rigor mortis begins three hours after death,gradually increasing over a twelve hour period.  Full rigor mortis occurs approximately 10-12 hours after death, with advanced rigor mortis occurring about 6-8 hours after- again placing the time squarely between 8 and 10 p.m on August 4th.

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Things I associate with the signs
  • Aries:rainbows, roller coasters, sneaking out, crying in the middle of a fight, action movies, spontaneous road trips, swing sets, heart shaped sunglasses, red nail polish, bonfires, a plane taking off, dancing in the rain, guitars
  • Taurus:floral dresses, lying on the grass, white picket fences, dollar bills, nostalgia, falling asleep, freckles, riding your bike, tire swings, hugging someone you love, feeling included, getting an A+, sour candy, crisp morning air
  • Gemini:sketch books, studio apartments, jean jackets, old skyscrapers, tea lights, house parties, fruit punch, mixed tapes, breaking the rules, incense, hooped earrings, late night talks, telling the truth, tree houses
  • Cancer:fireworks, teddy bears, iced tea & lemonade, sweaters, lying on warm sand, old songs, wedding dresses, lakeside houses, hearing "I love you" back, rosy cheeks, holding hands, sunflowers, birthday cake, sleeping beside someone you love
  • Leo:fireflies, cherry cola, singing in the car, making someone laugh, sundresses, city lights, forehead kisses, being held when you cry, California king beds, swimming pools, someone playing with you hair, messy hair, swaying palm trees
  • Virgo:long car rides back home, lavender, cloudy skies, meadows, laughing really hard, the burn of alcohol in your throat, feeling needed, braided hair, lace, chandeliers, old notebooks, on the verge of tears, pink lips, high heels
  • Libra:photography, black dresses, love letters, smiles & dimples, white sheets, long phone calls, autumn leaves, bow ties, pastries, kissing in the rain, starry skies, sunsets, champagne, hearing someone talk about something they love
  • Scorpio:velvet, red roses, neck kissing, the street after its rained, writing poems, late night drives, old voicemails, intertwined legs, crying in front of someone, thigh high boots, haunted houses, tired eyes, whispering, driving with the top down
  • Sagittarius:glitter, pine forests, snowflakes, light hearted jokes, trampolines, red lipstick, cat eyes, second chances, standing up for yourself, big cities, dancing alone, camping, coffee late at night, stepping into a unfamiliar place for the first time
  • Capricorn:pencils, coffee shops, purple mountains, crying in the shower, eye lashes, skin on skin, trusting someone, plaid skirts, compasses, a new year, beanies, lazy Sundays, small towns, train rides
  • Aquarius:sunrises, ocean waves, long hugs, foggy windows, getting lost in an airport, hot tea, ripped jeans, the sound of rain, crying yourself to sleep, daisies, replaying your favorite song, hotel rooms, morning voices, giving back
  • Pisces:teardrops, sailboats, pink nail polish, high top converse, piggy back rides, receiving compliments, art museums, doe eyes, long hair, saying "I miss you", handwritten notes, tulips, finding something you lost, sleeping in

Blonde Bombshells + Lips

Jean Harlow, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors, Jayne Mansfield, Mamie Van Doren

Some old “Ghost Story” - Jean sketches I never did anything with. Damn, I loved this fic. Thanks avoidingavoidance