‘My Favorite Thing Is Monsters’ Is A Dazzling, Graphic Novel Tour-De-Force

The new graphic novel, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, by first-time writer Emil Ferris, tells the story of a ten year old girl who loves horror films, and tries to solve the murder of a lovely upstairs neighbor.  But the book does a lot more than just that.   John Powers calls the book a true revelation. 

Photo credit: Fantagraphics

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Could we have a scenario where 2D's partner has a stutter and Murdoc is being a bit of a dick about it?

~ You’ve always had a stutter. It just happens to you. 2D knew you had a stutter and helps you communicate when it’s hard for you to speak. It gets increasingly difficult to speak when you get nervous or scared. You hadn’t spent much time with the rest of the band so they were pretty unware of your stutter. You were pretty sure 2D was trying to keep Murdoc away from you since he had a tendency to be an ass about most things.

~ You, 2D and Murdoc were all in the living room watching an old horror film. 2D was holding you close and occasionally glancing in Murdoc’s direction. “2-2D, e-e-even though t-this m-movie is o-o-old it’s still k-kinda s-s-scary!” You sputtered out and hid you face in his chest. Murdoc looked at you and said, “It’s not scary enough to give ya a god damn stutter! Ya baby!” You tensed up and 2D gently pushed you off of you him. “2-2D…” You tried to talk to him but he was already walking towards Murdoc. “What the bloody hell?” Murdoc stood up and 2D punched him square in the face. He flew back with a grunt and 2D grinned. “Don’ ya EVEA say ANYFING about der stuttea!” 2D spit at Murdoc. You couldn’t help but smile.

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2D and Mudz with a s/o who's interested in the paranormal and gets a kick out of making fun of obviously fake ghost hunting shows and badly written horror movies? (Last week I was watching that stupid ouija movie and I screamed "thATS NOT HOW GHOSTS WORK SARAH")

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He isn’t a fan of horror movies, but will watch them if you watch as well.
  • The first time you watched scary movies with him, all Murdoc thought was that you were going to curl up next to him, covering your eyes as you watched an innocent civilian get slaughtered in a supermarket.
  • The reality was that you were hooting and hollering the whole entire time, throwing a fit as that one blonde which ran into the kitchen with all of the knives to save herself, or when the camp counselor started reciting satanic hymns by accident, and didn’t even stop when the devil himself appeared.
  • Mudz found this kind of odd, but his favorite thing to do is hate on other things… So he joined in.
  • The two of you screamed and holler at the TV for the next hour and a half, laughing all the way.


  • When your boyfriend offered you a spot on the couch to watch an old horror film with him, you definitely obliged. It just caught him by surprise when you started yelling at the TV.
  • He got a lil’ spooked the first time you did it, but he started to quietly join in on the mockery 20 minutes into the movie.
  • If you were ranting in the middle of an important part of the film, he’d ask if you could be quiet for a minute or two, but after that, go full season.
  • He finds it funny that you don’t react to horror movies like how a lot of other people do. 
  • He’ll start yelling with you if the characters are in the process of doing something really stupid.
  • Nightmare Questions:
  • 1) Favorite horror movie?
  • 2) Scariest place to be outside at night where you live?
  • 3) Any animal fears?
  • 4) When you were younger what were you afraid of?
  • 5) When you were younger how did you cope with your fears?
  • 6) Is a basement or attic scarier to you?
  • 7) Ever have recurring nightmares?
  • 8) Favorite old horror film?
  • 9) Are you comfortable being at home alone?
  • 10) Has the fear of something ever kept you up all night?
  • 11) When you imagined monsters when you were younger what did they look like?
  • 12) Do you sleep with one foot out of the covers or both under?
  • 13) What is your natural response upon hearing a loud crash in your house?
  • 14) Have you ever played any horror games? (The Midnight Man, One Man Tag, Three Kings, Kokkuri-San)
  • 15) Top 5 scariest noises to hear when you're alone?
  • 16) Pick a horror movie and explain how you would survive.
  • 17) Do you have pre-planned hiding places in your house for scary situations?
  • 18) Have your experienced any paranormal happenings?
  • 19) Do you believe in ghosts?
  • 20) Are there any spots in your house you are to afraid to be?
  • 21) Any recommendations for horror films?
  • 22) Do you prefer gore or thrillers?
  • 23) What did your parents tell you about monsters when you were young?
  • 24) Are you a fan of jump scares?
  • 25) What is your go to for horror entertainment?
  • 26) Do you believe aliens or other life forms exist?
  • 27) Have you read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? If so what was your favorite or what was the scariest story?
  • 28) Have you ever been near a murder scene?
  • 29) Would you ever spend the night in an abandoned building?
  • 30) Are you superstitious?
  • 31) Have you ever had a fortune told to you that came true?
  • 32) Do you sleep with your window open?
  • 33) Have you ever trespassed onto private property late at night?
  • 34) Would you ever stay overnight in a place that is said to be haunted?
  • 35) Do you ever have dreams/nightmares that end up occurring in real life?
  • 36) Have you ever worked in a haunted house? If not have you wanted to?
  • 37) Have you ever seen something super spooky and unexplainable?
  • 38) Scariest horror game you've played?
  • 39) What do you do for Halloween?
  • 40) Post a pic of a Halloween costume that you've worn.
  • 41) Ghosts or Ghouls?
  • 42) Do you have any phobias?
  • 43) While on the subject of phobias, do you have any things you want people to tag for safety?
  • 44) Have you ever used a Ouija Board? If so did anything happen during your experience?
  • 45) Favorite horror movie antagonist?
  • 46) Favorite horror musical?
  • 47) Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?
  • 48) Tell a spooky joke.
  • 49) What would be your back story if you were the killer in a horror movie? Why are you killing people?
  • 50) One unrelated question of your choice.
Family (Jaal x F!Ryder)

Just a short little Jaal x Ryder thing I wrote that takes place during the first romance scene cut in his room. I’m still trying to get the hang of his voice while writing him so please bear with me.


This moment was perfect, Jaal felt as if his heart couldn’t get any fuller with the joy he was feeling and he just couldn’t stop smiling. His hand felt warm and tingly under his glove as the Pathfinder’s hand squeezed his, both of them staring at the artificial galaxy above.

At least it was perfect until he heard Seiki sniffling, causing him to turn and look at her and see fat heavy tears forming in her eyes. He shot up in concern, did he do something to offend her?

“Seiki? What is the matter?”

She shook her head and he was confused when she merely laughed, using her free hand to wipe her cheeks where the tears had already spilled over. “Oh, it’s nothing, I just remembered a moment from my childhood.”

She smiled at him when their eyes locked and squeezed his hand reassuringly, coaxing him to lay back down, before returning her gaze back to the stars above. “When my parents were out on their 10th anniversary, my brother hacked the parental controls on our vid screen so we could watch Alien 1 and 2, an old human horror film. My brother and I were barely 9 so needless to say we were terrified and mom and dad came home to two traumatized kids who were convinced they were going to get infected by facehuggers and have their chests burst open.”

Human movies sounded horrifying and he continued to watch her as she stared up, a smile still on her lips as she told her story.

“They took us into their room for the night so we would actually sleep but that’s a little difficult to do when you’ve got two kids with overactive imaginations who were convinced there were Xenomorphs in the vents.”

She scooted closer to him, head leaning against his shoulder with a sigh, her voice sounded far away to a place he couldn’t follow.

“They put us between them, I was next to dad and Kensei next to mom but we were still too scared to sleep so mom pulled out what dad had made her as that year’s anniversary gift. It was a projector like this one,” She motioned his device, “except it showed our night sky from Earth’s perspective. Mom and dad’s first ever date had involved stargazing so it had special meaning to them, I fell asleep to both of them pointing out our constellations. The next morning we all woke up and made breakfast together, no nightmares to speak of…”

Her story trailed off as more tears filled her eyes again but otherwise her face was free of pain, her gaze still a galaxy away.

He didn’t know what to say, he still had his family, their voices just a hum of noise through the door over. Her family was gone; her parents dead and her brother still in a coma, even her homeworld she could never return to.

As if sensing his struggle her eyes blinked as she returned to herself and brought her gaze back to his. She smiled, this time with the nostalgia gone from her features. “Thank you, I know it wasn’t your intention obviously but I had nearly forgotten that memory.”

He shifted and brought her close, wrapping her onto his chest, enjoying her little gasp of surprise. “I wish I could do more to help you, darling one.”

This time she snorted. “Jaal, you’re one of the most giving people I’ve ever met in two galaxies. If you gave anymore we’d have to open a charity in your name”.

He chuckled, his breath ghosting her hair and she shivered. “I still wish I could do something to ease your pain, I cannot imagine how difficult life would be without family.”

Seiki raised herself up and cupped his injured cheek with a tender look on her face and warm brown eyes that he adored so much appearing as dark as the night sky itself in that moment. “My family from the Milky Way may not be what it once was but luckily I still found another here in Andromeda, you’re a part of that.”

He was wrong, now his heart could not feel any fuller. He pulled her down for a heated but gentle kiss, absorbing her pleasure filled sigh into his mouth. Before it could go any further, a loud bang on his door pulled them apart with his sibling’s laughter on the other side.

His brother’s voice boomed through, “Hey, stop skkutting your human and come join us around the table. We have questions that’s more than just an email’s worth!” His brother’s laugh echoed away as they both began to stand, him with an exasperated look and her with an amused grin.

“Nice to know siblings are little shits no matter the galaxy.”

He smirked at her as he turned his device off. “Evidently, of course you realize that they are now your siblings for all intents and purposes as well.”

This time she did laugh, “Ha! Good thing I had practice with Kensei then. He’s always been a handful.”

Jaal’s eyes twinkled in mirth and they both took each other’s hands right as he opened the door. “That is good because my family is quite the handful themselves as you’ve already witnessed.”

A family she was now a part of.  He wasn’t joking when he told her that his mother was going to love her.


(HEY HEY HEY~ SOLDIER MADI HERE 😁👌 I TOOK A NOTICE THAT MORE PEOPLE ARE DIGGIN MY HEADCANON, SOOO. Here’s another Rfa headcanon thingy. V and Saeran included. (P.s; I’ll probably never not include V and Saeran because let’s be real here..they’re poppin fresh.))



Surprisingly, he was the one who suggested you watch a horror film. Poor lil cinnamon roll was afraid he wasn’t manly enough, so, he decided to prove he could handle it.

He couldn’t.

Half way through it, this boy was shaking so bad, you could feel the couch rattling?? Like? Calm down?

Of course, you were there to give him comfort, rather than the other way around. Nonetheless, you still enjoyed yourself.

“Yoosung, open your eyes..! Look, I promise. The blood practically looks like ketchup. It’s not that bad!”




When you suggested a horror movie, he wasn’t really phased by it. Stuff like this never bothered him. He knew it was fake.

So, there you two were. Snuggled up on the couch, (with Elizabeth 3rd, of course.) watching a mild horror movie.

Even though it was mild, it had its moments. Occasionally you would jump up a bit, and Jumin would lightly tighten his grip on you every time.

While you were anticipating the jump scares, Jumin was analyzing e v e r y t h i n g.


“Can’t you tell? The moment he got to this town, he should’ve realized it wasn’t any good. The guy in the back gave it away.”

“What guy?!”



Let’s be real, you two are going to criticize the whole movie.

You aren’t even scared. You two more than likely picked an old, cheesy horror film.

Originally, you were going to actually take it seriously, and quietly watch the movie. Luciel had better plans.

He would start making stupid jokes about the characters obvious faults, and pointing out how fake everything looked.

Soon, you just had to join in with him. I mean, come on. This movie is s h i t.

“Did he just run into the zombies arms? Are you kidding me?”

“I didn’t know we were watching a roma- oh. Well that happened.”

“What an idiot.”

“That would be you, thoug- OW DONT HIT ME! UHM? BOYFRIEND ABUSE??”



Zen must have made a horror musical.

Since it was new, she was one of the first people to get a hold of it..and boy, was she happy.

You just couldn’t say no when she had asked you to watch it with her that night. I mean, come on. LOOK AT THAT LIL GAEHEE FACE, AWH.

So, you two cuddled up in some bean bag chairs, sharing a big bowl of popcorn.

You both ended up feeding a little bit to each other when the other was too busy drooling over Zen’s abs. (Mostly Jaehee.)

Ends up with one of you falling asleep on the other before the movie is done.

More than likely you on her. (Kink)

“(Y/N)! Even as a hairy werewolf..ohh, he truly is a beast…wait..(Y/N)?”


“Oh! So cute..I guess we’ll be sleeping down here, tonight..good night, (Y/N)..”




Zen would be trying to play it cool throughout the entire thing.

He’d keep making small remarks on how it was “o so predictable.” Eventually, you got tired of these little comments, and decided to give him something that wasn’t predictable.

You’d lean over, acting as if you wanted to cuddle..then..


You’d let out an ear piercing (w̸a̸r̸r̸i̸o̸r̸ c̸r̸y̸) screech, tackling him into a hug.

Let’s just say, he was a little bit more than frightened.


“This is so damn predictable.”

“Yeah..I guess you’re- SCREEECHH”

“(Y/N)!!! DO NOT DO THAT! God…you know what? I just might have to punish you for that, baby girl~”

“You- I- OH”



Can he even see what’s happening, tho?

You’re probably going to be bored, and suggest you watch a horror movie in spirit of Halloween (you’re feeling extra SpOoPy)

This lil pastel cutie will agree instantly. If it makes you happy, then he’s 420% up for it.

You two will probably be the calmest out of everyone else, staying quiet while you watch it. Of course, you’ll have the occasional dialogue.

He’ll wrap his arms around you, snuggling his face into you, since he can’t really see the movie all that well, anyways.

If you get even a little scared, hE IS LITERALLY SO COMFORTING LIKE, Y e S.

“I hear more suspenseful music in the back ground. Get ready, don’t be too scared, (Y/N).”

“Crap, how did you hear that? All I hear is that stupid win- OH DEAR GOD.”

“I warned you..oh..come closer, it’s okay, (Y/N)..”



He picked the movie, and let’s just say you are more screwed than America.

He just HAD to pick the scariest movie he could get his hands on.

10/10 will tell you to hakuna your Tatas when you start flipping your shit. (Not literally but.)

Like, how can you handle that?

But, not to fret..he’s surprisingly more comforting than you imagined.

He will pull a fluffy blanket over you both, doing his best to cover your eyes when he thought something overly scary was going to happen.

When it’s all over, he’s probably going to want to cuddle you all night, at least until you both fall asleep..just to insure neither of you get a nightmare.

“I don’t even know if I can fall asleep now, thank you very much.”

“Mmm~ then stay with me tonight. I promise I can keep you safe. Just..Trust me?”


Artwork by Doug Horne

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can u resume Iron Maiden band members personality and things like that? i am like a 'newbie' about them, always listening to their music but don't really paying attention on them as persons/musicians lol

Adrian: quiet, introverted, family man, loves fishing more than he probably loves himself, hates waking up early

Bruce: textbook definition of the Renaissance man, down-to-earth, fiery, a gentleman, animal person, complete nerd for aviation, old Hammer Horror films and Monty Python, confident, incurable prankster, childish (in the best way), the kind of person you could talk with for hours about anything, natural comedian

Dave: perfect ray of sunshine, will go for a game of golf any day of the week, softspoken, kind, living embodiment of the Hawaiian beach bum aesthetic

Janick: outgoing, kind, respectful, energetic, unpredictable, basically a kid on a 24/7 sugar rush but also super chill at the same time, has a really cool accent

Nicko: the crazy uncle everyone loves, always has a funny story to tell, usually seen golfing with Dave, basically lives in old bigass pants, incorrigible flirt, goofy, The Rib Guy™

Steve: the de facto leader of the band, quiet, reserved, intelligent, talented, the real MVP for dealing with Bruce, Janick and Nicko on a regular basis

horror film scriptwriter: ok so a family moves into an old house

film producers: ??

horror film scriptwriter: but the house turns out to be haunted

film producers: !!!!!!!

2p America Headcanons
  • Wears contacts rather than glasses.

  • Loves to play baseball and is really good at it.

  • Has a lot of self-esteem/small depression issues.

  • Loves old cheesy horror films from the 70s/80s.

  • Not strictly a vegan but tries to eat as little animal product as possible.

  • Normally has a Bostonian/ New York accent, but can change it depending on the region he’s visiting.

  • Still has strong ties to Native American roots.

  • Has a weakness for puppies.

  • Big fan of Hamilton and knows all the songs by heart.

  • Has a small fear of hights.


Nothing new to post this evening, so this will be like the night I did the GIF-set on Tomie shortly after I’d re-watched it.. I haven’t seen this film in a long time either, the last time I watched this from start to finish was before I left for Japan last year. It’s a South Korean horror film called ‘Loner’ (also known as Wetoli/Hikikomori), it’s about a girl who after being regularly bullied at school and then one evening publicly beaten after getting caught stealing from a clothing store (forced to do so by her bullies), becomes a hikikomori, a shut in, unable to leave her bedroom, shortly after she commits suicide in front of one of her bullies. The story then focuses on the dead girl’s best friend, saddened by the fact she couldn’t help her, combined with a family secret she discovers, she too soon becomes a hikikomori, only this time with much more prolonged dark/destructive results.

This film has some great scenes as it progresses and a near perfect soundtrack to accompany it. It’s been far too long since I’ve watched some of my old favourite Korean horror films, A tale of two sisters, the Whispering Corridors films, D-DAY, etc.

Makes me nostalgic when I see these films.

A lot of the blogs I follow have become inactive or have been deactived, so I could use some new blood on my dash. Please like this post if you post any of the following (the more the better) and want me to check out your blog (:

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  • Costume, headwear/millinery
  • Old medical/anatomical drawings or anatomical clothing/accessories

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Is Lance much of a reader? If so, what does he like?

Reading is one of the things that Lance genuinely wishes he could enjoy. With his dyslexia reading is one of the things he struggles with - leaving him with a very low desire to read.  He’d tried to read classic horror literature before because he loves the old horror films, but eventually gave up and stuck with movies instead, as he does with all modern films. Though he does like picking up Todd’s comics every now and then for an easier read. Then again, if someone lent him a book (someone he liked) he’d try his goddamn best to finish it and give their opinion on it.