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Remember the good old times where people said Hide isn't that important? Yet he ended up doing the most important work again: Saving Kaneki. He always appears in the end :-)

Not just saving Kaneki, but pretty much all of Tokyo lmao
Kaneki’s been the biggest threat to Tokyo so far, so I’d say that’s pretty important.

the one thing i learned abt growing up is that u never actually leave the kids table. there’s not even room for u at the adults table. now its just u and ur 20 year old cousins w/ some 6 year olds having a good time 

  • Conservatives: Let's go back to the good old times of the 1950s.
  • 1950s: Had 92% income tax for the mega wealthy which allowed for households with a single breadwinner. Had minimum wage high enough to get somebody through college.
  • Conservatives: No... not that part. The sexism and racism part is the one I like...
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headcanons for eleven’s first day of high school

- Hopper won’t leave her alone and insists on driving her to school in his cop car

- They spend the whole time going over modified Don’t Be Stupid rules

- El gets nervous about how she looks and if she’s pretty and Hopper tells her she looks bitchin

- She makes a straight line for Mike and the other members of the party but mostly for Mike

- She still doesn’t like Max

- When they get to their first period class El tries to sit down beside Mike but the teacher insists she introduce herself

- She’s really nervous but Mike gives her an encouraging smile

- The teacher starts her off by saying her name is Jane but El interrupts

- “Eleven.”

- “Excuse me?”

- “My name is Eleven.”

- Everyone else is like “okay this one’s weird” but Mike and the party are just smiling proudly

- She has a member of the party in every class and it’s all going smooth

- Until gym when she realizes the only person in there she knows is Max

- And Eleven is fine being alone but Max is determined to be this girl’s friend

- So she sits her ass down on the bleachers beside El and gives introducing herself another shot

- They form a shaky friendship that only grows stronger as the year progresses

- El managed to convince Hopper to let her go to Mike’s after school

- So she rides on the back of his bike just like good old times and Max skates by their side

- And when not one but TWO pretty girls show up with the party, Karen thinks she’s seeing things

- And then she finds out that her BABY has a girlfriend?????

- Tis overwhelming and she has to sit down

- The boys teach Max and El how to play D&D and El fucking kicks their asses

- When Hopper shows up at 8 to pick Eleven up she gives Mike a kiss right in front of Hopper

- Mike wants to crawl into a hole because his mom is cooing, the boys are making kissy faces, and Hopper looks like he wants to string him up by his toes

- But all is forgiven when they get in the car and Hopper asks El how her day was

- And she responds with a new word she learned

- “Fantastic.”

They say, summer is a smile, a kiss, a sip of love.

They say, the best people fall likes leaves in autumn.

They say, no matter how long winter lasts, spring would sure follow.

They say, spring brings the first sweet sound of birds to heal our winter weary souls.

 And This is a cycle I would gladly embark on as long as you are with me. 

- Kaneki to Touka and mini ken 

credit to artist - 电波 

Sitting Around The House - NaruHina

Oh ma gawd…I have been on a hiatus for so long that I completely forgot how much I loved drawing these two together! I don’t know how I got the motivation but here it is folks - a good old cosy time between Naruto and Hinata, under the blanket. ^^


Thank you.

“I’d recognize that face anywhere.”

Needed to sketch to warm up the hand, and felt a strong need to draw something out of @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​‘ fic Paris Is Considerably More Interesting Than I Expected featuring the finding of a very familiar-looking man in a bakery. :) 
Art blog: questionartbox