durandaal replied to your post “¦critted during arena grinding…”

as a tip check the wager, that might give you insight about the enemy’s strength! good luck and i hope you’re enjoying the story c:

heheh thank you! i went back and beat that level (chapter 23A) this morning, with some nice levels and gold under my belt and a refurbished inventory. (why limit merlinus to only 100 tho whyyyy) 

and the story’s been enjoyable! certainly much more tightly written than awakening, haha. lyn and hector (love this dude’s design, so snazzy) are both great and eliwood is solid enough on his own!

the supports have been enjoyable too… so far I’ve gotten Lyn & Florina to A, Raven & Lucius to A (this was even more “we can’t say gay” than lyn/florina haha), Hector & Serra to A (this one’s platonic and awww poor Serra give her hugs) and Eliwood & Ninian (this was pretty sweet and i’m sure i’ll appreciate it more as the story progresses due to the secrets ninian mentioned, though i might have appreciated it slightly more if half of ninian’s dialogue wasn’t just “Lord Eliwood!” ;p)

ive got some other chars to C just by accident, lyn/eliwood, hector/eliwood, lyn/hector, sain/kent, lucius/serra, serra/florina, and florina/fiora… if anyone wants to recommend some supports for sain, kent, fiora, and legault to aim for please do ;p  

It’s literally been years since I’ve written anything for the TWEWY fandom, and I’m going off pure memory for what everything is since I lost my copy of the game, but I keep typing ‘Composer’ as‘Composure’ and its fucking me up. 

One way or another though, ya’ll are getting some TWEWY stuff from me shortly. If you happen to see me calling Josh a  ‘Composure’ anywhere, be kind and point it out. I haven’t played the game or even set eyes on the fandom since 2007. I’ll do my best, but I bet I’ll miss at least one somewhere.


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