Brilliance by Catharsis Fonts.

Brilliance is a glamorous contemporary display blackletter combining the rich tapestry of Textura with a hint of the airy lightness of Spencerian script, ideal for display purposes. In addition to exuberant, swashy capitals and crisp, rhythmic lowercase letters, Brilliance offers a set of unique small capitals modeled on condensed Roman lettershapes. They can be used to replace the lowercase (SMCP feature) for a highly condensed titling style, or to replace the capitals (C2SC feature) for a compact, legible text style.

Buy it here: http://myfonts.us/OoYeJq

Current aesthetic: all black outfit with patches on my pants and a hoodie that says something in old English font, silver hair, claw nails and circle sunglasses, casually long boarding down the street to the coffee shop in like 95 degree weather. Also people can’t tell if I’m a boy or a girl and it makes them uncomfortable