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Anonymous asked: can you write something where Cas is going after a djinn but gets captured, and ofc his dream world is Dean and him being happy together, so he’s very disappointed when Dean & Sam save him and he wakes up.

Author’s note: Several other followers requested Destiel + Djinn, but I’m going with this one. And you know me; there’s a happy ending. :’) 

Castiel couldn’t remember ever being woken up by something as simple yet wonderful as the rays of the rising sun.

When living in a bunker where most of the rooms were underground -locked away from the rest of the world-, a natural wake up call such as that was very much out of reach. Instead, the annoying alarm clock on his phone usually had to do the job. Either that, or Dean yelling him awake from the other side of the door because there was a hunt that they needed to get ready for. Or sometimes even because it was ‘laundry day’, which Dean claimed was utterly important.

Somehow, today was different, strangely so. The warm glow of orange and yellow waiting behind Castiel’s closed eyelids made him blink his eyes open, inviting in a lot of confusion when he became aware of his surroundings. The bed that he’d been sleeping in was huge, more like enormous, almost big enough for three people to sleep in it. The room was spacious and light; drowning in the daylight that Castiel secretly craved in the mornings when he woke up, but couldn’t have.

Glancing to his right, he spotted the giant, floor length window that was offering him aforementioned light. He crawled out of the bed, still mildly disoriented, wobbling towards the window on unsteady feet. He couldn’t tell which floor the apartment was on, but he’d settle for ‘way up high’. Close to the sky. So close that Castiel felt connected to it in a way that he hadn’t experienced since he’d fallen and lost his wings.

Breathtaking shades of gold, orange and violet were mixing with blue, only interrupted by a sky scraper here and there. Below, the city was coming to life.

Somewhere, deep down, hidden behind the foreign feeling of warmth and contentment, Castiel knew that something was off. He was feeling a little disjointed, like that one time when he’d decided to join Dean for a couple of strong drinks only days after he’d become human.

This wasn’t the place where he was supposed to be, was it?

Looking away from the window, he noticed a small painting on the wall, on it sunflowers and honeybees. He did know that painting… Perhaps he did have a little too much to drink last night after all. What had he been thinking about earlier anyway? Dark rooms, underground. Dean yelling at him to wake up and get ready for the day… That didn’t seem right, but Castiel’s brain didn’t cooperate, memories shifting. He couldn’t quite figure it out.

He frowned, turning his head and staring out of the window again. Small drops of rain were clinging to the glass now, but the sun never faded. The carpet was soft and warm, enveloping his bare feet. Looking down, Castiel’s eyes fell on the striped pajama pants and soft shirt that he was wearing.

Did he own any of those things? He probably did.

He didn’t get another second to think about it, when two warm arms suddenly snaked around his waist, another body hugging him from behind. A chin rested on his shoulder, and Castiel inhaled the appealing scent that he would know whenever, wherever. Dean.

“Morning, angel. Sleep well? I’m making breakfast for us, in case you’re hungry.”

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Ok but after Krall and Yorktown, and after the Enterprise is finally back in space where she belongs, it’s like someone turned the lights on for Jim.

He hadn’t realised how much he had been hiding from himself until he saw the bursts of colours from the stars and nebulae they passed, until he was surrounded by his crew’s happy, excited faces, until the gold of his shirt finally looked like gold again, instead of just another shirt for another day.

But it wasn’t just those things Jim took a second glance at, it was Bones.

And God, he didn’t realise just how blind he’d been until he finally saw Bones.

He probably shouldn’t have been staring, no, he definitely shouldn’t have been staring; a crewman was bleeding out on the table after an away mission gone wrong, but he was safe in Bones’ medbay now so Jim isn’t feeling too guilty about stopping like a slack-jawed idiot.

Bones was tired, shouting, and covered in bodily fluids that Jim didn’t want to even try to identify, but fuck. He was the most beautiful thing Jim’s ever seen.

“What are you looking at? Don’t you go have to be obnoxious on the bridge like a good captain?” Bones snapped at him when he finally realised Jim was still there, but Jim didn’t take it too personally, if you wanted the best treatment, you saw Bones. If you wanted decent bedside manner, you saw literally anyone other than Bones.

“You’re beautiful.” It just slipped out of his mouth, rather loudly by the looks he got from the nurses, but Jim didn’t care.

“What? Oh for the love of– Jim we had the damn discussion about telling me when you hit your head.” Bones hands the crewman off to the nurse waiting at his side, who spares Jim a quick nod and a smile before turning to her patient, and the next thing in his vision is Bones’ angry face. “What did you do? Bang your head off a low cave roof again? For such a smart guy you can be pretty dumb. Concussions are dangerous, Jim. Even for Starfleet Captains.”

“I didn’t hurt my head, Bones. You’re just- You’re beautiful.” Jim knows he’s got a stupid smile on his face, and from the way Bones’ is scanning his head it’s obvious he does sound like someone that banged their head in a cave, but he doesn’t mind so much. He can finally see. “I didn’t notice before, but I do now, and you’re the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Bones stops trying to scan him, instead just squinting his eyes at Jim with a peculiar expression on his face.

It takes a good few minutes before Bones seems to come to a conclusion, and that conclusion appears to be dragging a hand across his face and sighing loudly.

“You’re the best Captain Starfleet has to offer, and it’s taken you nearly a decade to realise you like me. We’re doomed.”

“Wait you knew?” Jim is confused, and from the way Bones sighs, it’s apparent he’s the only one. “How could you know if I didn’t?”

“Because I like you too, you damn space cowboy. Now get out my medbay, you’re an embarrassment and I don’t want to be seen with you.”

And just like that, he’s being spun around and shoved into the corridor, where Nyota is waiting for him.

“Captain, you’re needed on the bridge. What’s with your face?”

Jim was pretty sure the crew was meant to actually respect their Captain, but that was an argument for another day. “Did you know I liked Bones?”

Nyota sighs, scarily not unlike Bones, and turns to head to the turbolift. “He finally told you? Thank God. Now can we go to the bridge?”

“Nyota, I am very, very confused.”

“You have date nights every Thursday, Captain. I don’t know how you didn’t know, but you and McCoy are a thing. You have been for a while.”

So they stand there quietly in the turbolift for a few seconds, before the grin creeps back onto his face. Bones likes him. The man more beautiful than all the planets and stars Jim’s ever seen likes him.


Conquer All Evil

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“So,” Marinette says after they’re seated side-by-side on her bed.

“I’m sorry,” Chat says to her without looking up.  He wrings his hands in his lap.  “About deceiving you like this.”

Marinette reaches over to take his hand; he flinches at the contact, and Marinette draws back after a moment.

“I’m not angry,” Marinette says quietly.

A sudden bark of laughter, bitter as hemlock, bubbles up from Chat’s throat.  “You being angry isn’t what I’m worried about. Or at least it isn’t the thing I’m most worried about.”

“Okay,” Marinette says carefully after a few seconds.  “Then what are you worried about?”  When Chat doesn’t answer, she continues, “Okay, then let’s start with something else.  Why didn’t you tell me who you were?”

Chat keeps his gaze fixed somewhere above his knees as she scoots a little closer. “Do you remember when you, ah, rejected me?” he says.

There’s a moment’s confusion as Marinette sorts out her memories, dividing them out between Chat and Adrien.

“Oh,” she says.  “When I rejected Adrien, you mean.”

Chat nods. “This,” he says, gesturing slightly with a hand, “could never have lasted.  As much as you loved Chat Noir, it never could’ve lasted unless you cared for Adrien too.”

He chews on his lower lip briefly.  “There’s an old saying,” he says.  “Goes something like ‘you can’t build castles in the air unless you have your feet on rock’. Or muck, I guess.  In my case.”

“Uh,” Marinette says.  He glances sideways.

“My point is,” he says, “is that Chat Noir is the best of me and has always been the best of me.  And I know that it’s no excuse, and I know we should’ve talked it out, but”—he swallows nervously—“I was afraid.  You’re the best thing that’s happened to me since Ladybug and I was so fucking terrified that you’d find out that I just stupid old Adrien.”

He swipes briefly at his eyes.  “I know that people say that love conquers all,” he says, a little more calmly.  “But if you couldn’t love or at least tolerate Adrien then everything we had would’ve just are you laughing?”

Marinette stops trying to suppress her giggles and lets herself fall sideways, her head landing with a quiet thump in his lap.  “You really are the king of melodrama,” she says, smiling up at him.


She reaches over and takes the hand that she isn’t currently pinning to her bed, rubbing her thumb in circles across the back.

“Lemme guess,” Marinette says.  “You were afraid that I’d be disappointed that the famous Chat Noir would turn out to be plain old Adrien Agreste, hm?”


“Did you know that I had the biggest crush on Adrien back in lycée?”

Chat blinks at her.  “You what?”

“I had,” Marinette repeats slowly.  “A major crush.  On Adrien Agreste.”

Chat’s eyes get a little wide.

“And I thought that Chat Noir was basically a flirty playboy who’d go after anyone even vaguely attractive.”  Marinette shrugs lightly.  “And by the time I figured out how wrong I was, you were getting a little distant. I’m guess I’m just lucky that you fell in love with me twice instead of someone else.”

She turns his hand over in hers and presses a kiss to the pads of each of his fingers.

“There is very little you are and very little you’ve done that I’m disappointed in,” Marinette says.  She frowns briefly.  “Except Theo. I’m very disappointed that you never apologized for lying to him about us.  I mean, he was possessed over that, that was not cool.”

She waves a hand in front her as if shooing away a fly as Chat looks at her, a little stunned.  “Not the moment for it.”

Marinette reaches up and gently cups his face with one hand.  “I’m glad that I didn’t lose you,” she murmurs.  “Any of you.  The parts of you that are mostly Chat and the parts of you that are mostly Adrien.  The best parts of you.”

Her smile tilts a little in contemplation.  “The jealousy and overprotectiveness I wouldn’t miss.  On the fence about the puns.”

Chat doesn’t react, but stares through her, blankly.

“Chat?” Marinette waves a hand before his eyes. “Hello?”

“You’re Ladybug,” he says finally.

“Yup. Figured that if you were going to come clean that I might as well, too.”

Chat stares through her a moment more, then keels over backwards in a dead faint.

Get Off My Lawn

Hey! I know it’s been a long time since I wrote and posted USUK, and I’m sorry to come up out of the blue like this, but I heard it was @emeraldscetch  ‘s birthday today so I figured I’d write a little something to give as a present! 

I wrote this yesterday based on a cliché thought that came to me, and had scribbled this out without the intention of posting. When I came to know it was Em’s birthday, I was determined to flesh this out with the help of @empressvegah (thank you thank you thank you so much) and post this to appreciate the friendship she’s given me! Happy birthday Em! You’re a great artist (both makeup and fanart) and an amazing person! I hope you get everything you wanted and then some. (And I hope you like this little gift)

“Old man, huh?”

“Yeah, he just moved in.” The kid nodded, wiping the sweat from his brow. Ethan was his name, a tiny alpha that took after his father. No doubt he’d grow up to be only the supremest of alphas and suppress every emotion that wasn’t rough aggressive lust, but as of now, Ethan looked scared, and the innocence put a small smile on Alfred’s lips. “Nobody goes there. Once the ball’s on that lawn, we ain’t gettin’ it back.”

Alfred let his hand ruffle the little alpha’s sweat-damp hair as he glanced over at the place in question, a house pale in comparison to the ones around it. Bland walls, primly-cut grass, and not one flag adorning the porch- It was an astonishment, really. Especially in a neighborhood like theirs where patriotism upon lawns was something of an unspoken competition.

The pruned, almost plastic-perfect rose bushes framing the front yard were the only signs of a human inhabitant.

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“God damn it, where’s my charger?” Ciel said as he looked around the living room for that damned piece of technology, “Stupid charger…” he sighed before yelling, “HEY SEBASTIAN! I’M GOING TO BORROW YOUR CHARGER!”

“Hmmm,” Said male entered the living room, “You can use it once I’m done, my phone is almost dead.” Sebastian hugged Ciel and pecked his lips.

“But so is mine,” The younger male said as he showed his boyfriend the phone, “See? 10%!”

“Why don’t you use your other charge?” Sebastian raised his brow in question.

“Well, I don’t have another charger!”

“Yes you do.” The older smirked as red mischievous eyes stared at the big blue ones, filled with so much innocence and purity they might as well emit a white light.

“I do?” Ciel was confused now, what is Sebastian talking about?

Said male smirked as he leaned down to whisper huskily in Ciel’s ear, “Of course you do,” His big hands grabbed the younger’s ass squeezing it before bringing him closer, hips to hips, “This,” and with that being said, Sebastian rolled his hips, giving pleasurable friction for both males.

“W-wha,” Ciel bit back a moan and tried to push his boyfriend away, “How many times have I said, don’t try to use such pick up lines when you can’t control your libido!”

Sebastian pouted, hands still wrapped around Ciel, “Oh come on,” he whined, “ I can help you plug in too,” A smirk displayed itself on his face before pecking Ciel’s lips again.

“You know what?” The younger male removed the hands secured around him, “I’m going out to buy my own PHONE,” He made sure to emphasize the word, “Charger.”

“Wait, Ciel, what about this charger?!” Sebastian asked while pointing at his trousers.

No comment.

“It’s so hard it might break!”

Still ingnored.




What If

But what if it gets the the point that Lucas has had a crush on Maya for literally years. And he doesn’t say anything about it because he knows how Maya and Riley work, that she’d never give him a chance if being with him would even remotely hurt her best friend.

But of course Maya knows. She’s blonde not blind after all and she sees the way Lucas looks at her when he thinks she not looking, has heard the whispers of their classmates about whether or not they’re dating in secret.

They’re not.

And by then Riley has found her Cory (maybe it’s Farkle, maybe it’s Zay, maybe it’s someone else entirely) and she’s happy and loved up and in a successful happy relationship. And so she sits Maya down, looks her in the eyes and says. “Lucas loves you, you know. I know you do. And I know you haven’t thought about it because of me. But I want you to think about it. If there was no me… Would you want to be with him?”

And Maya has honestly never considered it.

But then one day she and Zay are arguing in class, and she grips the boy by the front of his shirt in irritation and before she knows it her hand is being moved, tugged over to the front of a light green Henley pulled over a broad chest.

“Pick on someone your own size.” Lucas says with a twinkle in his eye.

And Maya blinks and stares at him for a moment, considers him before yanking him up by the front of his shirt and pressing her lips to his. And Lucas makes a noise of surprise that almost immediately turns into something quite different as Maya curls her other hand around the back of his neck, her body curving into his as she pushes up on her tip toes. And Lucas finds it hard to think with her lips on his but somehow it’s not any better when she pulls away because he can still taste peach lip gloss and smell the acrylic paints and feel the softness of her lips against his. His hand has migrated to the small of her back and her fingers have left indents in his shirt and Lucas doesn’t think he’s ever had this much bodily contact with Maya before, so his mouth is gaping like a fish.

And Maya smiles like a cat with milk, smooths out the indents in his shirt as her eyes crinkle playfully at him.

“Don’t mind if I do, Huckleberry.”

And it’s only when Maya has left the room, that Lucas looks around and realizes that he just kissed his long time crush in front of his entire class (not to mention his history teachers adoptive daughter in front of said history teacher.)

Of course he gets detention but Lucas is a bit too happy to care.

So we all know Mabel loves 80s music and stuff. And we all know Ford was sucked into the portal in the early 80s (1982). He obviously missed out on most of the 80s stuff (as well as everything else after, I know). But just imagine Mabel just giving him a big lecture over what happened after (the portal incident) in the 80s—more specifically all the 80s songs and artists she loves. Just imagine it.

And then Ford shares his personal favorites from the 70s, and Mabel is now obsessed with 70s music too.

PruCan Week

Day One:

I am stringing these chapters together into a single love story that takes place over twenty years.  I chose ‘First Meeting’ for the first day of the challenge.  The characters are five and six years old.

First Meeting

Matthew crawled onto the swingset and curled his little fingers around the cold, harsh chains on either side of him.  He stared out across the playground, frowning, and cringed when a handful of screaming children ran past him.  It was loud, and obnoxious, and he wanted to go home.

He did not like it here.  At all.

And it was only his first day of kindergarten.

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Imagine Hiccstrid taking their child for a check-up.



If it had been anywhere but the healer’s hut, such a scream would have been cause for alarm. As it was, only one or two vikings looked up the see their harassed Chief trying to carry the sobbing and squirming heir of Berk into the healing quarters.

“Hilda,” Hiccup desperately pleaded, trying to give his daughter a soothing hug and narrowly avoiding a punch in the jaw instead. “Hilda, please, I promise you, nothing bad’s going to happen-“

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A Señor Bun Drabble

Jack’s free weekends are rare, so he’d come up to Samwell even though Bitty has a test on Monday. It’s a quiet togetherness, Jack bringing him food and reminding him to take stretch breaks while he studies, but it’s nice. It’s well past Jack’s freakishly early bedtime now though, and a quiet snore pulls Bitty’s attention away from his book.

He looks over his shoulder and has to clap his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing, because there, curled up on his side on the bed, is his giant, NHL-player boyfriend clutching Bitty’s stuffed bunny to his chest.

He Tian x Mo Guan Shan Drabble Part 3

Here’s Part 1

Here’s Part 2

Returning to the booth, the look on his face must’ve been a dead giveaway.

“Yo… What’s wrong? Did you puke outside?”

No. But he probably would in about a minute.
There was no time to waste, though- he needed to leave now.

“Actually… I think I’m gonna head on home,” he said.

“Ah, good! Let me walk you–”

“No, no! No need! Right now I’m…kind of in the mood for…ah…running.”

His friend cocked an eyebrow. “…While drunk?”

“I’m nah drunk,” he said fishing for money to place on the table for his share of the tab. This was the best he could come up with in his condition. He was never a good liar anyway, so while drunk, he might as well been Pinocchio.

“Ah… Guan Shan, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

He knew that tone. He heard it whenever his friend was right about to slowly coax him into doing something, afraid he was too wasted (or stupid) to think on his own.

You know what’s not a good idea?? Staying right here like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
He didn’t have time for this shit.

“I’m fine. I’m leaving.”

That’s all his friend was able to get out as Guan Shan made for the door and hit the pavement running.

Oh yeah, let’s call the ogre that threatened to sew your mouth shut with steel wires!


Let’s just call up that fucker there and tell him what you reeeally think of him!


How could you ever possibly regret it?

Let’s just dial the most evil, sadistic bastard you know at- what- 12?

He glanced at his phone- the screen brightly showed the white numerals: 2:11


Great! He was in trouble with He Tian and his mother!
He began to slow down. His stamina wasn’t terrible, but nothing impressive either. Especially with a belly full of beer. He was probably far enough away from the bar anyway. He had to think… How was he getting home? The subways were closed at this time, so he’d definitely be needing a-

He saw a taxi coming around the corner intersection- his light red and available for a pick up! He shouted and held his arm out, repeatedly curling the fingers downward, only to see the red light immediately go out.


Why can’t these taxis ever remember to turn their damn lights off whenever they’ve got a passenger?! He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued walking towards Yishan Road. The taxi barely drove past him before screeching to a halt.

He paused and looked back. Perhaps, the passenger was getting out? He thought of walking back towards the taxi…until it reversed…and stopped right in front of him. The door opened and familiar figure silently slid out.

Instincts took over and he pivoted so quick he felt nauseous. The sound of sneakers hitting rapidly against the pavement towards the nearest intersection filled his ears. He thought they were his own until a talon-like hand with the fucking grip of God grabbed the back of his shirt– choking him –and threw him down on the sidewalk. It was so sudden that the whiplash jerked his head forward before the back of his skull came down on the pavement.

Pain spread like branches of lightning from the back to the front.
He was groaning and trying to find his bearings when his pants started scraping the concrete as he was dragged by his shirt towards the taxi. Disoriented from a toxic combination of pain and booze, a voice crawled into his ear:

“Missed me?”

And then lights out.