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Annoying - #5 from 200FC (Any male character) (drabble)

Harry Potter
Little sister - Request (Brother!Harry x Sister!Reader) (No incest) (fluff)

Draco Malfoy
Halfblood pt. 1 & pt. 2 (fluff)

Halloween dinners and bloody spells - #3 #7 #11 #22 #30 from 31DOH (Draco x Hermione) (FLUFF)

Fred Weasley
Firework - #4 from 200FC (Fluff) (Drabble)

More than friends - Request (Smut & Fluff)

Ron Weasley
Clingy - Request (Fluff & Smut)

Interrupted - Request (smut)


Soap - #3 from 200FC (Friend!reader) (Sam & Dean) (Drabble)

Birthday - #21 from 200FC (team free will) (Fluff)

Astral Mess - 8 from 200FC (friend!reader) (Drabble)

Ghost Whisperer - Request (Dean x reader x Sam) (Angst)

Another love - Request (Dean x reader) (Castiel x reader) (Funny)

Perfect, Taken Woman - Request (dean x reader) (sam x reader!feels) (angsty)

Brother in Sin - Request (Dean x reader) (Soulles!Sam x reader) (Trigger warning: Cheating) (ANGST)

Dean Winchester
Demon love (angst & fluff)

Mind reader (fluff & implied smut)

Jealous - Imagine request (Dean x reader x Sam) (smut, angst & fluff)

Old man - Imagine request - #13 from 31DOH (fluff)

Love/Hate - Imagine request - #60 from 31DOH (fluff)

Prank Wars - Imagine request - #66 from 31DOH (fluff & implied smut)

Blame it on the alcohol - Imagine request - #10 #24 #25 from 31DOH (fluff & implied smut)

Teasing - Imagine request - #29 #39 from 31DOH (fluff & implied smut)

Defending your life - Imagine request (angst)

Halloween Fun - Imagine request - #1 #39 #61 from 31DOH (smut & fluff)

Kids - Imagine request - #40 #59 from 31DOH (angst & fluff)

Officer Sexy - #8 #15 #27 from 31DOH (smut)

Baby Fever - Imagine request (fluff)

Oktober Fest Mess - Imagine Request (angst) / (Alternative ending here!) (fluff)

Don’t Make Me Call Mom - #49 #50 #53 #62 from 31DOH (fluff & smut)

Future Wife - #57 from 31DOH (fluff)

LARPing with Sirens - #14 #18 #30 #32 #37 #48 #52 #64 from 31DOH

Rusty Back to the Future (fluff & ANGST)

Call Me Baby - Human!Baby (Fluff & Angst)

Cruel - Imagine Request (Fluff, angst & implied smut)

Babysitters - Imagine request (Destiel) (Fluff)

Hair - Imagine Request (Fluff & implied smut) (Drabble)


Meeting the Ghostfacers 

Love spell - Song-based request (fluff)

You give love a bad name - song-based request (angst)

Wrinkles - Imagine request (Fluff)

Black Eyes - Imagine request (Angst & Fluff)

Feelings - song-based request (smut)

Possessed - Imagine request (Angst & fluff)

Pillowtalk - Song-based imagine request (fluff & angst)

Guilty pleasure - #11 from 200FC (drabble)

Where is my mind? - Imagine request (Angst)

Enochian - #2 from 200FC (Fluff) (Drabble)

Cheater - One-shot request (Angst)

Spotless - Request (Angst, fluff)

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Old and young - Request (Fluff & a bit angsty)

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Magic water - #19 from 200FC - Request (fluff)

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Black - #27 #29 & #30 from 200FC - Request(Angst & Fluff)

Age gap - Request (Fluff)

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Slow Ride - Mechanic AU - Request (Fluff, smut)

Hold Me - Request (Fluff, Angsty Dean)

Cold - Request (Fluff)

Wild One - request (fluff?)

Shameless - Request (fluff)

Dress up - Request (Daughter!reader) (No incest) (Fluff)

Singer - Request (Fluff)

Talk Me To Sleep - Request (Fluff)

Good Girl - Request (Implied smut) (Funny)

Carry On - Mama and Angelina’s Fabulous 300 Challenge (ANGST)

Sober - Song-based Request  (Artsy angst & implied smut)

Secrets - Request (fluff)

Picture Perfect - Request (Fluff)

Forced - Request (Fluff-ish) (Trigger warning: Rape)

Breaking Glass: A Once Upon a Time/Supernatural Crossover - Mama’s 1K/Birthday Celebration (Fluff & Angst)

Look At Me - Request (smut)

Not a French Mistake After All: (ANGST & fluff) (COMPLETED)
pt. 1 
pt. 2
pt. 3
pt. 4
pt. 5
pt. 6
pt. 7
pt. 8

Seven Days of Holidays: (Fluff)
Day 1 - Christmas
Day 2 - The Day after Christmas
Day 3 - Three Mothers and One Father
Day 4 - The Fourth be With You
Day 5 - Plead the Fifth
Day 6 - One Day More
Day 7 - New Year

Dean Spam (Drabbles)
#1 - Thumb Sucking (fluff)
#2 - The medicine (fluff)
#3 - Needy Dean (fluff)

Double Trouble: A Series of Winchester Twins. (Fluff)
Double trouble - Request
Double trouble: The Precuel - Request

Mising Series (Angst) (Fluff)
Miss Everything - Request
Miss Nothing - Request
Miss Something - Request

Sam Winchester

Cravings - Imagine Request - #46 from 31DOH (angst)

Angelic mess - Imagine request - #4 #12 #17 from 31DOH (Sam x Gabriel) (Angst, smut, fluff)

Winter Wonderland - Imagine request (angst & fluff)

Cold - Sam version - Request (Fluff)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Sam Spam
#1 - College AU (fluff)
#2 - Hunter!Reader AU (implied smut)
#3 - Asylum nurse AU (angst)
#4 - Car crash (angst)
#5 - Truth or dare (fluff)
#6 - Meeting your parents (angst)
#7 - Leaving him (angst)
#8 - Clumsy (fluff)
#9 - Meeting your parents - pt. 2 (angst)

The Mark - Part 1 - Request
The Mark - Part 2 - Request

King of Hell - Imagine Request - #1 #8 #9 from 31DOH (fluff)

Drunken Feathers - Imagine request - #11 from 31DOH (FLUFF)

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Eyebrows (Fluff)

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Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Ice, Ice, Baby - Request (Fluff)

Fallen archangel - Imagine request (Fluff)

Anything - Request (Flangst)



Assault on Christmas Eve pt. 2 (pending)

Bruce Wayne/Batman
Liar - Request (Flangst)

The Rise of Justice - Request (Fluff & Smut)


Doctor Strange
Strange - Request (Fluff & Smut)

Maximoff Twins
Brotherhood - Request (Sister!Reader) (No incest)


Skelehorse - Imagine request - #54 from 31DOH (fluff)


Obi-Wan Kenobi
Traveller - Imagine Request - #21 from 31DOH (Fluff)

Patch me up - Imagine request (Fluff)


Extra Wool - Imagine request (Bellwether) 

Bellwether’s Short Tales Behind The Bars series:
1. Counting sheep to sleep.
2. The nightmare.
3. Only One.


Sherlock Holmes

Expectant - Request (Fluff)

Abusive - Request (trigger warning: Abusive ex)

On Edge - Request (Smut)

The Woman - Request (fluff?) (Irene x Sherlock x reader)

Make Up - Request (Smut)

Listener - Request (fluff)

The Holmes - Request (Fluff)

Daughter mine - Request (Father!Sherlock x daughter!reader) (No incest) (fluff)

Old Friend - Request (Fluff & smut)

Shoe Deduction - Request (Fluff) (Drabble)

Waltz - Request (Fluff)

Tension - Request (Smut)

Enjoy the show, brother - Request (implied smut)

4Chips - Request (Fluff) (Triigger warning: Self-harm)

Needing For Attention - Request (Smut)

Long Day - Request (Fluff & smut)

Brother, Annoying Brother - Request (Fluff)

The Other Woman - Request (Irene x Sherlock x reader) (Smut)

Tipsy - Request (Funny fluff)

Sick - Request (Fluff)

☆The Impossible Duet - Request ☆(Artsy fluff)

Chemistry in the Shower - Request (Smut)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Certain things - Song-based Request (FLUFF)

Perfect - Request (fluff)

Regression - Request (Angsty fluff)

Enjoy the Silence - Request (Fluff) (Sherlock x mute!reader) 

My Enemy’s Woman - Request (Moriarty x reader x Sherlock)

Love Story Duet - Request (Fluff)

Beneath the surface - Request (Angst)

Little sister - Request (Little-sister!Reader x Sherlock) (No incest)

The Reichenbach Fall - Request (ANGST) (John x reader x Sherlock)

Thunderstorm and Birthday Cake - Request (fluff)

Curious Man Series (Drabble) (Fluff)
Curious Man
Curious Man #2 - Request

Worried (Fluff)
Part 1 - Request
Part 2 - Request
Part 3 - Request

A Series of Experiments (Smut) (Fluff)
Experiment #1- Request
Experiment #2 - Request
Experiment #3 - Request
Experiment #4 - Request
Experiment #5 - Request
Experiment #6 - Request

New Family (Fluff)
New Family - Request
New Family - Part 2 - Request 

John Watson
My Best Friend’s Sister - Request (fluff)

Confessions to a Consultant Detective - Request (Fluff)

Flashbacks - Request (Fluff)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Jim Moriarty
Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Mad Love - Request (Fluff)
Mad Love - Part 2 - Request (Smut)


Benedict Cumberbatch
Cumbersmut - Request (Fluff & Smut)

Pull My Hair (the wrong way) - Request (fluff)


31 Days of Halloween (31DOH) / Masterlist

200 Followers Celebration (200FC) / Prompt list / Masterlist

Beauty and the Beast Drabble —Post-curse

Sometimes, it was easy to pretend it did not bother him anymore.

He finally got his life back and the responsibility that went with it made it so easy to forget. Even if he was a prince by blood, he was not reigning on the French kingdom, as he was only a cousin of the actual King Louis XV.

Nevertheless, he had to supervise the whole province of Provence and it was not an easy task for the former Beast. Sure, he was physically and morally transfigured since he recovered from his “mysterious disease” but still, he struggled with the customs, his boredom and his ever-present temper.

But as soon as he felt Belle nearby, as he saw her, as he touched her… he remembered. He remembered why he had to try ruling equitably. 

He had to show he could be worthy of her.


Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader

Warnings: angst, character death

Word Count: 739

A/N: This is an old drabble I’ve written a few months ago that was inspired by personal events. I came across this as I sorted my files on my laptop and decided to post it. 

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Hey, this is Steve. Sorry, I can’t take your call right now. Please leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

“Steve…it’s me. Please call me back when you get the chance. I know you’re busy with the mission and all. Just call me back, okay? I love you.”

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late night studies.

1,912 words | fluff; warnings: language.
roommates au + lee jooheon

author’s note: this idea came to me when i was thinking of an old drabble i wrote for haikyuu!! heh, i hope this was ok!

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

There’s only one rule to life: Never piss Yoo Kihyun off.

Let’s repeat that once more. Never piss Yoo Kihyun, the pink-haired bastard -ahem- hamster off. Especially if you want to get one measly thing like the desired roommate.

Rule #2: Always make sure there’s water in the ramen before you ever shove into the microwave.

Because somehow, unbeknownst to you, Jooheon managed to do both things though the former still remains to be the biggest mystery. You try not to ask why, not that it bothers you as much as you figured it would’ve in the first place. It’s been working out, living with him though he has his moments where you’re not sure what to say or even do. Not out of genuine, heart-clenching fear, but the kind of heart-clenching fear that leaves you in not only wonder but restlessness.

Lee Jooheon’s quite attractive, you’ll admit. He looks pretty terrifying when he has a set jaw and an unreadable expression washed over his features, but the majority of the time you’ve seen him donning a shower cap (he made you promise to say nothing of it), a smile curved on his lips, and dammit, his proximity a lot closer than you ever anticipate. You actually kind of miss the time when he avoided you for a day and a half straight after catching him with a loofah and a very familiar tune to “What Makes You Beautiful” playing in the background though (again) you’re sworn to secrecy that this event never makes it out of the apartment ever. Regardless, it’s all too undeniable that you enjoy your time with your newfound roommate, even find yourself awaiting a new day, wondering what sight you’ll see then.

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levi is fucking weird [repost]

“You seem tense,” her captain remarks over cold tea, and Petra shakes her head.

“It’s fine,” she says. “I’ve been worse.”

He says nothing: sips his tea. But when Petra turns to set the teapot down, a pair of cool fingers press against the back of her neck, and she jumps, the teapot clanking violently against the countertop. The handle chips, and the loose chunk of ceramic flies onto the floor, tumbling across the tile to land between Levi’s feet.

He pulls his hand away. 

Petra jerks her head back, brow furrowed, nose wrinkled, and when she meets his gaze, his silent grey eyes stare at her over the rim of his teacup.

“What was that?” she exclaims. He lowers his teacup.

“You’ve got a knot in your shoulders,” he says. “And the tea is cold.”

He shoves the teacup forward, presses it into her hands, and bends to scoop the chipped piece of the teapot off the floor. He steps forward, his arm crossing over Petra to dropped the chipped piece onto the counter. It clangs, and for a moment Levi stays there, arm outstretched, boots toe to toe with hers. He stares at her. She breathes.

Levi’s boots squeak when he steps back, turns, and grabs his jacket off the chair. “You should get someone to massage  that out,” he says, then stalks into the dark. 

Old drabble prompt is so old, I don’t even know where it is anymore or who sent it.

14. First Kiss 15. Shooting Star msr

It was rare, but not unheard of, for Scully to go at a case with the same rabid fervor as Mulder usually did.  Even when things got frustrating, she remained steadfast and determined, but calm.  For her to show up at Mulder’s door on a Saturday night with a file in her hand was not quite as event-equivalent as Haley’s Comet, but it occurred about as often as one saw a shooting star.

Mulder let her in with a surprised look on his face.  She wore a sheepish, but determined expression, apologizing for the late hour at the same time she charged towards his couch to spread open the file in her hand.  He sat down beside her and tried to listen to what she had to say, but he was caught off guard by her casual attire.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’s seen her in jeans and a t-shirt.  Her tennis shoes squeaked against his floor.

An hour later, there were no new answers or theories and Scully was no less frustrated.  Mulder put a hand on the center of her back when she sighed.  

“We’ll catch a break,” he said.  “Just not tonight.  The answer will be in the tox screen.  I’m sure of it.”

Scully sighed again and Mulder’s hand drifted down her back just as she stretched her arms up over her head.  Her t-shirt rode up and suddenly his fingertips were brushing skin.  He froze, not sure of what to do.  It felt silly to pull away, like touching her was somehow distasteful, and he didn’t want to offend.  But, it also felt wrong to linger where he wasn’t invited.

Unconsciously, Mulder’s hand slid to Scully’s hip as she lowered her arms and adjusted her shirt.  She cleared her throat and he moved his arm back, embarrassed by the obvious awkwardness of the gesture.

“May I use your bathroom?” Scully asked.

“Of course.”

As Scully disappeared into his bedroom, Mulder fell back against the couch and put his hands over his face.  He felt like an idiot.  Actually, he felt like an inexperienced teenager instead of an adult man.  He loved Scully, no doubt about it, but letting himself lust after her was a different matter altogether.  Thinking about the warmth and softness of her skin under his fingers made all the feelings he kept suppressed bubble to the surface.  He pushed himself up from the couch and moved towards his bedroom.

Determined, and not paying attention, Mulder bumped into Scully in the doorway of his bedroom and they both grunted in surprise.  He grabbed her hips to steady her and she rubbed her nose where she’d hit his chest.  They ended up sideways, Scully’s back against the doorframe.

“Sorry,” he said.  “I wasn’t…”

“S’okay,” she answered, running the side of one knuckle up and down the bridge of her nose.
“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

As though they had a mind of their own, his thumbs slid under the edge of her t-shirt and followed the lines of her hip bones where he held her.  It felt strange to touch her like that, but he wanted to so badly.

Scully’s lips parted as she sucked in a breath and her back arched, just a little.  Her arms swung down to grip both sides of the doorframe as though she was catching herself from falling.  Half her face was kept in shadow from his dark room and the other half was dimly lit from the low lamplight across the living area, but he could still see the stain of heat in her cheeks.

Mulder’s mouth felt dry and he knew he should say something, but he was completely tongue-tied.  He swallowed nervously and Scully’s eyes dropped to his mouth.  Her jaw moved a little as though she was about to speak, but she didn’t.  He tipped his head and lowered it towards her and she looked up at him as he descended.

Just as his lips touched hers, she tensed and squeezed the doorframe as she murmured his name.  He paused and pulled back just a fraction as she turned her cheek.

“Wait,” she said.

He took his hands off her, embarrassed, and took a step back.  “Sorry, I just…”

“No, I…”  She finally let go of the door and stood a little taller as she reached up to him, hesitating for a moment before holding his face lightly.  He put one hand above her head and leaned towards her.


She pulled his head down a little and stretched her neck up.  Their mouths came together and apart and then together again, longer this time, and then parted once more.

“This is weird,” she whispered, mouth brushing his as she spoke.

“Well, I’m weird,” he answered, huffing out a nervous chuckle.  “And so are you.”  

“Put your hands back on me.”

He put one hand back on her hip and let his arm fall from over her head to rest the other one on the other side.  Her thumbs ran across his cheekbones, back and forth, back and forth.  Very slowly, he moved his hands up under her shirt to circle her waist, just below her ribs.  She was so warm.  So warm and soft.  Her tongue slipped out to wet her lips and he bent his head again to chase it back into her mouth.  She answered with a whimpering sigh and he leaned his body into her to press her fully against the doorjamb.

Mulder couldn’t estimate the length of their next kiss, but it seemed infinite.  The gurgle of his fish tank was muted by the wet smack of their lips and their harsh, uncontrollable breathing.  At some point, her arms became twined around his neck and he pulled her from the door to lock her in the tight circle of his arms.  He could feel her shifting against him, on tip-toe, fighting to hold herself up.  Finally, reluctantly, he softened his mouth and pulled away slowly, easing her down while still keeping her in his embrace.

“Um,” she said.

“Wow?” he replied.

She shyly dropped her head, but he caught the corners of her mouth lifting into a smile.  Her head bumped against his chest and he loosened his grip on her to reach up and stroke her hair from the back of her head down past her neck, hand over hand.

“I should go,” she said.

“You could stay,” he answered.

She shook her head and then looked up at him.  He rested his arms on her shoulders and rubbed her hair between her fingers before he nodded and let go of her.  She slipped past him and went to his couch to collect the file she’d brought over.

“So, um,” she said, not looking at him again.  “I think…”

“Dinner?” he asked.  “Tomorrow night?  Or next week sometime?”

“We should get the tox screen back on Tuesday.”

“Monday night, then?”

“And if you’re right about those samples…”

“Our hands are tied until Wednesday.”

“Or we could do brunch tomorrow.”

“Sure.”  Mulder brushed his finger under Scully’s chin so she would pick her head up and look at him.  She lifted her eyes to his, looked away, and then lifted them again.

“The case is…the case is our priority,” she said.

He nodded.  “What time should I pick you up?”

“Like a date?”


She hesitated.  “The lab still could call tomorrow if they find something.  Even though it’s Sunday.”

“How’s eleven?”


“Even if they find something, there’s still not much we can do right now.”

“I know, but it’s…frustrating.”

He nodded in agreement and then reached out to give a small tug at one of the belt loops on her jeans.  “Are you sure you don’t want to stay?  It’s late.”

Boldly, he slipped his thumb up under her shirt again and ghosted over that smooth, silky skin once more.  Five minutes ago he wouldn’t have dared to touch her so familiarly and confidently, but that was before he’d kissed her.  Now, he owned that spot on her hip where the bone sloped so elegantly down into as yet mysterious and uncharted territory, but he had a feeling he was soon going to be able to take possession of that too.

“Night, Scully,” he said.

Scully hugged the file close with one hand and she pressed the other hand to his chest, palm flat.  Her eyes were wide.  Terrified.  He took his hand off her hip and covered hers against his chest.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

She nodded in sharp, jerking motions with her head.  He smiled and ran his hand down her arm, blazing a trail of gooseflesh in his wake.  Before he stepped away, he pushed her hair away and skimmed the back of her ear with his fingertips as he tucked it back from her face.  She glanced back once at him before she left with just the faintest hint of a smile.  He knew tomorrow was going to be a good day.

The End


Darkness. It was all he had ever known. The never-ending abyss of nothingness. The way it would pull and twist around him, cradling him, nipping at his skin and leeching any warmth he once had. There was only the cold, slimy texture that the shadows would feed into his mind, letting him feel nothing else.

He no longer remembered anything else- there was a time he thought he had memories, glimpses of another time, another place. But when he tried to concentrate on them, of those times, it was like watching someone else live their life, standing on the outside while also being inside. It had been confusing and disorientating, and had left him thrashing in the shadows’ grip. Since then, the shadows had eaten all of his memories. He no longer remembered what he had caused him such pain before. There was only the shadows, and the darkness.

And then suddenly, there was light.

A silhouette in the form of a human, haloed in light. From the first moment he saw it, he knew he couldn’t live without it. For the first time, there was warmth in his life. And it chased away the shadows. They fell back, curling away from his body and leaving him in a strange state of floating without the shadows’ support. But he was free. His bonds were dissolved, and he could move again.

He was addicted to that light.


Yugi hadn’t realised just what he had done when he placed the final piece of the puzzle in. A large, jagged piece with an eye in the center, like it was the door looking into whatever mysteries the pendant contained.

It had flashed briefly, and an eerie warmth had spread up his arms from the object before it had grown cold and silent. Whenever he touched it, the metal would warm to his presence. It was ominous and unsettling.

He had left it behind on the first day back at school since its completion, afraid to carry the obvious solid gold around openly. Especially when other students would make it their goal to single him out and bully him. The puzzle would have just gotten in the way, and give the thugs a reason to hone in on him. He didn’t want that.

But he also didn’t want to deal with the pounding headaches that now littered his day. They were borderline migraines, and Yugi constantly had to put on a brave front at school only to dash home like crazy when the final bell would ring. Only once he had the metal under his hand would the headaches disappear, dissolving into nothing as a serene calm would wash over him. He was afraid he could become addicted to that feeling, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Each day he would go to school with headaches and bruised limbs only to limp back home to cradle the pendant to his chest, whispering over and over for his wish to come true while he stroked the metal.


Someone to rely on, and to rely on him…

He wanted it so badly, the thought twisting in his gut like a nauseating sickness, making him groan at the feeling. The only thing that soothed it was the gentle warmth of the pendant, the puzzle that housed his treasure, was his treasure. Somewhere deep inside lay the answer to Yugi’s desire, locked away from him, like a second puzzle he had yet to solve, deep in the heart of the warm metal.

He clutched it that much closer, cooing softly to it, like it was a scared pet frightened of sudden changes in its environment. Everything will be all right, he said, like the inanimate object would understand perfectly. I will protect you.

The metal hummed back at him, a soft sound otherwise going unheard, had Yugi not had his face pressed to the smooth surface. His grip tightened, and he smiled, rubbing his cheek against the plates of the pieces, sighing contently as the stress shred from his body.

He was addicted to that warmth.


A small drabble I did sometime last year that I found again going through old files. Did it to a prompt of darkness and light, and I still kinda like it, so I fixed it up to slap on tumblr BB)

guard duty

☇  demigod au drabble

genre: fluff

pairing: jungkook // you

word count: 607

warnings: none

Description: in which you’e stuck on guard duty with a very attractive partner

AN: an old drabble i wrote :,)

“It’s so hot,” you groan, wiping at the dampness clinging to your forehead. You glance at Jungkook, who was assigned as your partner for guard duty. He too looked as tired as you felt, face flushed and sweat dripping from his hair and down his neck. You could bet you looked the same.

His left hand grips at the sword attached to his side and he stands straight as you plop glumly down to the ground.

“Dear Zeus, why does summer have to be hot? You could maybe send a thunderstorm our way? Sincerely, a demigod,” you complain aimlessly, trying in vain to fan yourself. It just made you feel the heat more. The air was suffocating and relentless.

“Stop talking,” he grunts back, blinking rapidly against the glaring rays of sunshine. “It’s annoying.”

“Well excuse me,” you mutter, shooting him a glare, though you couldn’t blame him since it seemed the heat was finally getting to him too. None of you had been particularly thrilled at the assignment in the first place.

You squint up at the clear, cloudless sky, feeling the waves of heat beating down. Just why, Apollo?

The morning seemed to drag on even slower, especially when the sun reached it’s highest peak. You and Jungkook tried various ways to keep each other entertained, but it could only last so long. Both your patience and Jungkook’s was wearing thin.

“I’m hungry,” you wail dramatically, swiping at the sticky hairs covering your face. “When is our shift over?” Jungkook says nothing; only his eyes flicker towards you before he focuses his attention back towards the rolling green hills overlooking the strawberry farm.

“Jungkooook, talk to me,” you press on, poking him in the shoulder. He finally snaps.

“Can you just shut up for five minutes?” He rounds on you, dark eyes simmering. “I don’t have the patience and I don’t want to be here.”

“Hey, you’re not the only one, I didn’t want to get stuck with you in the first place,” you retort, which leads to both of you yelling at each other. You’re both so immersed in the argument that you don’t notice the sky suddenly darkening until the wind picks up.

“Hey, is it just me or did it get a little cooler?” You frown, staring at Jungkook. He scoffs.

“What are you even-” He gets cut off as he notices the trees swaying. His eyebrows furrow, and then his eyes widen as he tilts his head up.

An instance later the rain pours down all at once, drenching you and Jungkook from head to toe in a few short seconds.

“Ugh,” you gasp, sputtering and trying to shield your face from the onslaught as Jungkook runs a hand through his sopping dark hair.

“Well. This is a dilemma,”Jungkook states, and you punch him in the arm. The rain is thundering down so hard you can barely see what’s in front of you. The only thing keeping you in place was Jungkook’s strong hands holding your shoulders.

“No really, dear son of Athena! Come on, let’s go before we get even more soaked!” You pull at his arm and start to drag him back to camp.

“Okay, but maybe next time you should be careful for what you wish for?” He adds loudly over the sound of rain as he follows your footsteps, grasping your hand tightly as you almost lose your balance on the slippery grass.

“Just shut up and keep running,” you call, laughing. “And for goodness sake, please change out of that white t-shirt when you get back.”

“Hey, you know you like the view.”

Shut up!

hintligirl  asked:

87 and 97 with bucky please. I appreciate you a lot.

Thank you! This is 100% fluff.

87. Are you five?

97. All I need is you, and cheerios.

James Buchanan Barnes was one of the most lethal creatures on earth, right behind the mosquito and the African elephant: his super soldier serum made him stronger than an average strong man, and his metal arm was more intimidating than seven missed calls from your mom. But when a microscopical virus managed to ravage his ripped body somehow, he could easily become the son you never wanted.

“I was watching that.” He complained with a hoarse voice as soon as you turned off the TV.

“Bill Nye the Science Guy?” You asked, raising an eyebrow as you watched him blow his reddened nose, nodding at the same time, his body curling up in the couch as he sheltered his body under the blanket. “Are you five?”

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Re-posting an old akeshu drabble...

Back before I purged my old presence on here, I had posted a drabble for a dear friend, @mintycoolness, who was curious about a scenario where Goro was adopted into a loving, stable family - Akira’s family. I don’t feel like it’s something I want to post to AO3 because it’s stylistically such a far cry from what I normally post, but I posted it here and people like it, so I’m going to post it again.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Akechi Goro/Kurusu Akira
Rating: Mature for mild sexuality, allusions to child abuse, and general squick.
Word Count: ~1900
Summary: Minty asked for an AU where Akira’s family adopted Goro when he was still young. So, here it is…

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freaking-isadorkable  asked:

prompt for bechloe: “It’s sticky.” (smut or no smut, your choice)

I don’t do smut so I’ll do a none smut one if that’s cool?

“It’s sticky,” Beca said, holding her hands out, cringing.

“Well it is glue, Becs,” Chloe replied.

“Remind me again why we’re making a paper mache volcano at 7pm on a Sunday?” Beca asked, frowning as she tried to get the newspaper off her hand and onto the miniature volcano.

“Because we have an eleven-year-old who remembered about their class project an hour ago,” Chloe replied, trying to get hair out of her eyes without smearing glue on her forehad. “AKA we have a normal eleven-year-old.”

“I hate homework,” Beca said. “I haven’t been at school for like 10 years, why am I still doing homwork?” “One again, I’ll remind you about our eleven-year-old.”

An old drabble written when Megan & I were talking about a Frat AU 🌟



He blinks his eyes open reluctantly as he wakes, immediately groaning at the obnoxiously loud pounding in his head and the lingering taste of alcohol over his tastebuds, his throat dry.

The light momentarily blinds him as he squints into the morning sunlight fading a soft tangerine into his room and for a second he regrets the amount of alcohol he consumed last night, until he remembers how Liam slept next to him with an arm hanging loosely over his waist. How he giggled at Liam tripping over his own feet as they staggered upstairs, the pout of Liam’s bottom lip that followed and the soft undertones of Liam humming under his breath as they brushed their teeth.

He faintly remembers Liam brushing a gentle kiss to the back of his neck as he’d protectively curled himself around Zayn, fingers tickling over his stomach beneath one of Liam’s hoodies he’d thrown on before he passed out.

Zayn’s content smile fades when he realises that there isn’t a body beside him, the mattress bare and the sheets empty. He sighs, lying onto his back and dragging the duvet above his head; wishing that the thoughts wavering conflicted feelings through his mind would stop.

Reaching for his phone from outside of the safety cocoon he’s wrapped himself into, he lowers the brightness and opens a text from Louis.

‘Li is making you breakfast in bed, when are you 2 getting married???’

He responds with a simple ‘Fuck off’ but can’t help the smile easing over his lips as he pictures Liam fretting around the kitchen, the crease of his brow when he burns the toast and the roll of his eyes when Louis teases him from his seat at the breakfast bar.

He looks through the photos they took last night, mostly a bunch of silly selfies with Liam pouting kisses over his cheek and several of Zayn on Liam’s back that Harry took. He continues to scroll until he sees one he snapped of Liam and some girl that was at the party, his arm tangled around her waist and her body leaning into his.

He feels his stomach press butterflies against his ribcage, something sinking low in his chest as he remembers seeing Liam kiss her. Her tiny body sat in Liam’s lap, Liam’s hand on the small of her back as she grinned over his lips and dragged hands a little too roughly through his hair.

His thoughts are interrupted by Liam pushing into the room, a tray wobbling in his grip as he kicks the door shut behind him.

Zayn seems to forget all about the previous images in his mind because the crinkles smeared around Liam’s eyes replace the blurry memories, the softness of his lips as he smiles at Zayn and pads over to the bed.

“Mornin’, sleepyhead,” he mumbles with a bright smile, sliding the tray onto the mattress before crawling into bed and pulling the sheets up over his waist.

Zayn immediately reaches for the cup of tea brimming steam from the top of the mug, and falls in love with the way Liam knows exactly how he likes it; half a teaspoon of sugar and the precise amount of milk. He tries not to think about how Liam is the only person who knows how to make his tea and focuses on the bags tracing smudges of grey beneath Liam’s eyes.

“What’s it looking like downstairs?” Zayn asks, subconsciously shifting closer to Liam as his toes press over Zayn’s ankles.

Liam shrugs, chewing through a slice of toast before feeding Zayn the other half.

“Not too bad, Haz and Niall cleared most of it up last night,” Liam says, brushing crumbs onto his shirt before softly asking, “How’s your head?”

Zayn whines, sipping at his tea before placing it back onto the tray and leaning into Liam’s side.

“Shit,” he pouts, sighing. “I hate you for your ability to drink without getting hangovers.”

A smile brushes over Liam’s lips, eyes fond as he questions “Who would be here to take care of you the best morning?”

Zayn represses the butterflies swarming in his stomach, pushing back the three words rising in his throat.

He hums instead, lips over Liam’s neck.

“I saw you getting a bit cosy with a certain blonde last night,” he mumbles, trying to steady the waver in his voice as he hides his frown in the crook of Liam’s neck.

He briefly looks up at Liam from behind feathery eyelashes, long enough to see the wrinkle of Liam’s nose.

“I was a bit drunk,” he says softly, fingertips stroking over Zayn’s scalp. “Can’t even remember her name if I’m honest.”

It’s a little messed up that Zayn smiles at this, and how he cups Liam’s neck with gentle fingers to replace the grip the girl had on his skin last night.

“What about you, babes?” Liam wonders aloud, and then — “Any lad catch your eye?”

'Only one’ Zayn thinks, internally sighing.

He shakes his head, shrugging in Liam’s hold and blinking away the moisture clinging to his eyelashes from the tea.

clay & apollo finally graduating high school and not tossing their hats since they have something special for it, they run and go while no one is looking

apollo leading clay the way to a place where he had hidden a telescope all along and then both of them carry it and prepare for tonight’s special stargazing trip

apollo & clay preparing their clothes in their respective homes but this time they wear the clothes that they want their future jobs to be so apollo has a lawyer suit while clay gets an astronaut’s outfit and a helmet

at night they go out and sit by the tree and prepared to holler up the telescope and both of them successfully bring it up.

apollo & clay having problems preparing the telescope in the tree but they find a way though it took a lot of time but they were contented

apollo & clay wait for a shooting star to pass until it’s midnight and they finally make a wish and they promise each other not to tell what it is until they die

the moment they make a wish, they threw their graduation hats up in the air

then years later (present timeline), apollo receives a letter after a month or so after clay’s death and it contains what clay wished and it was that “i wish for apollo to have a longer, a more successful life that i’ll ever have, and most importantly, for him to have a family”

apollo just breaks down and cries

“Silence” TianShan

19 Days, He Tian x Mo GuanShan

ANGST, drabble. Sad ending, really sad. Sorry

<< Don’t close mountain, if you go away, I’m coming with you >>
A cough vibrates in the air, breaking silence. Stripping it, ripping it thread after thread. And it hurts… it hurts so bad.
<< You can’t, stupid >>
<< Yes I can, where do you think you’re going without me? Mmh? >>
The floor is cold.
The blood… it’s warm.
<< You can’t >>
He whispers, and it’s a tired, sleepy voice. He Tian had heard it so many times while he watched him falling asleep, lying at his side, his face pressed on the pillow, his eyes closed, relaxed. His hair pressed on his forehead.

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Hello, Shakespeare fandom!  Welcome to Tell a Hundred, the Shakespeare drabble challenge blog.  I’ve been wishing for ages that the “exactly 100 words” definition of “drabble” would make a comeback, and then I got the idea for this blog, and then I let almost six months go by without making it, but then Shakespeare’s birthday/deathday shamed me into action, and here we are!

So.  As implied above, the object of this challenge is to write Shakespeare fics of exactly one hundred words, no more, no less.  I find writing under that restriction pretty rewarding, and I’m hoping others do, too!  I’m planning to post a new prompt every Monday (suggestions are welcome), and anyone who wants to participate can post their drabbles in the “tellahundred” tag (or submit them).  I’ll reblog all entries of exactly one hundred words.  Other than that, there are no winners or anything - I just want people to have fun.  And, y’know, validate my old-timey definition of “drabble.”

The first prompt will go up tomorrow.  If you’re interested, please spread the word!

I Don’t Like to Share | Wonwoo Drabble

AN: this is an old drabble prompt that I’m finally writing

Prompt: “Same time tomorrow?”

Word Count: 729

You let out a yawn as you placed a lid on top of and a cardboard sleeve around your latte. As if you were sleepwalking, you tried to muster an energetic thank you to the barista and let your feet drag you down the path that you had memorized long ago.

To say you were tired was an understatement, you were completely exhausted. The worst part was that it was only a Monday, the beginning of the week, and you already felt like giving up on having any semblance of an organized or successful lifestyle. It seemed as if assignment after assignment was piling on top of you and soon responsibilities were jumping into the pile of things that were suffocating you. But if you were looking on the bright side, you had at least made it through the day. On the even brighter side, you were allowed your small comfort of relaxing in your favorite corner of your favorite coffeeshop. A smile began to tug at the corner of your lips, Perhaps this week won’t be so–

Oh hell no.

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scent (ix)

A wee writing exercise: a series of drabbles (proper, old fashioned, strictly-100-word drabbles), each beginning with the same sentence.

Serena smells her before she sees her. She’s in the locker room in her bra and trousers, back to the door as she changes after surgery. She doesn’t flinch when a cool hand lands on her back, sweeps down from between her scapulae to settle in her lumbar curve.

‘Go okay?’ Bernie asks.

‘Yes,’ she replies, smiling as Bernie kisses her shoulder and then rests her chin there, their cheeks touching. Her hand slips around Serena’s waist and across her stomach. Serena covers it with her own, inhales the comforting blend of moisturiser, shampoo, perfume, washing powder and soft skin.

Part i | Part ii | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii

Something Old

Semi-fluff and soft!Rebelcaptain ahead?

I’m not completely sure how I feel about this, but. I dunno, it’s on the personal side, and something that popped in and needed getting out.

The Empire is gone, and Jyn decides it’s time for a chat with someone who may or may not respond. 

She sat on a ledge, outside a window, on a lesser-used side of the building. From here, she could see the river, its surface speckled and rippling with lights, orange and yellow and red. The glow of the city, and the sprawl surrounding it, ate away at the night. She could hardly make out the stars.

It was strange to be back here. She’d been young, the first time, too young to form complete memories – what remained were images, sensations, flashes of emotions, flitting through. Different context, this time around, and far different quarters, in a different section of the city. But the past had a weight to it, and it pressed down into her chest.

She reached into her shirt, tugged her crystal free. It was dark. It felt right, and warm, in her palm.

“Father…” Did she even believe in this crap? Sometimes, she did. Sometimes, when around certain people. “I didn’t think I’d be doing this, this way. For a long time, I didn’t think I’d be doing it at all.”

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anonymous asked:

For a drabble Tim/Vaughn, first kiss.

Slowly catching up on these!

Tim/Vaughn, post-Helios

When Rhys drags a man with the face of a mass-murderer back to the Children of Helios and calls him Timothy, Vaughn is…uneasy.

But while Timothy is uncannily good with a rifle, he doesn’t appear to have megalomaniacal tendencies - the opposite, almost, blending into the background as if he belongs there. As if he’s used to it.

Vaughn knows what that’s like.

Tim looks unsure when Vaughn kisses him, like he still thinks Vaughn might have mistaken him for someone else - but they’re long past that now, out in this new world built upon the wreckage of the old.

(Drabble Meme)



Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is an old SPN drabble off Wattpad that I wrote. Decided that it could really be applied to any of the Avengers (’specially Borky Barnes) so here :) enjoy

Words: 562 

Prompt: It’s a beautiful thing.

Warnings: floof, much floof


I love you.

Never were the three words exchanged between you two.

That’s the strange thing about love. It doesn’t have to be said. It can be shown. In the simplest of ways. The smallest actions…

Like the way he clung to you after one of his nightmares. As if you were the only thing keeping him anchored to this world. To keep him from floating off into the dark depths of his mind. As if you were the one bright light guiding him through fields of darkness that plagued him day by day.

Like the way his lips tilted into that smile of his whenever he saw you. The one where his eyes crinkled at the edges and he showed all his teeth. And where it seemed as if every ounce of stress and pressure of his lifestyle vanished from his being. Where it was as if the sun shone for the very existence of the upward tilt of his lips. That funny smile of his where once it was gone, you would never find it if you looked. The one you always longed to see. The one that hid in its secret place. The one where it seems like you two are the only people on the planet, locked in each other’s eyes. The one he reserved for only you…

Like the way he held your hand in his. Tightly, your fingers entwined with each other. Where the palms of your hands stayed together no matter the ordeal, whether it be the Devil himself. How he never would let it go. How he would sometimes brush his thumb on your knuckles, mindlessly. How he sometimes gripped your hand so tightly it hurt sometimes, as if he was trying to convince himself he would never lose you. 

Like the way he kissed you. Softly at first, his lips barely brushing yours, just a whisper. How then he would become more sure of himself and he would press his lips to yours harder. How your lips would move against each others in a well-synchronized dance. How he would pull away for just a moment, his lips parted slightly, as if he wanted to say something. But just as quickly, he would crash his lips into yours. How he would mumble promises of a beautiful future between kisses. How he would slowly put his arms around your waist and pull you flush against his body. How he would groan lightly when your hand tangled in his hair and tugged gently. 

Like how he look at you. As if you were the brightest star in the night sky. How it seemed as though every wrinkle from pain vanished the very moment his eyes would land on your face. How his eyes would brighten every time that your lips tilted upwards into a smile. And how they would darken as soon as your features showed the first sign of pain or discomfort.

Never once did Bucky Barnes tell you the three words. I love you.

But when he would drape his arm on your waist and pull you close, even in his deep sleep, you knew, he loved you.

And you loved him too.


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