“You’d think [Garak] would have the sense to give them a false name!” Julian said scornfully. The scorn was to hide the fact that he felt somewhat foolish.
“Oh, he always does!” Ziyal said, “He loves giving false names and posing as things! He even does it when he’s not courting people. Haven’t you noticed that he’s ‘Sorcerer Elim’ in Porthaven, and 'Wizard Dutain’ in Kingsbury, as well as 'Horrible Garak’ in the castle!”

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i'm watching Pen Pals rn where Data finds the little alien girl and saves the world and two very important things: there's a behind the scenes pic somewhere of Brent Spiner and the little girl actress touching fingers bc every single touch between them smudged her makeup everywhere so they were just being pranksters and the second thing. WHEN DO THEY GO BACK TO THE PLANET SO SHE CAN JOIN STARFLEET AND SEE DATA AGAIN AS A GROWN WOMAN AND IT'S HER OLD FRIEND AND HE STILL REMEMBERS HER

this is so good and pure like yes please this is so cute

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king husbands……………