one day you come home from work to find tiny baby boy clifford asleep on his daddy’s chest. michael is letting off loud snores that you’re surprised aren’t waking the baby up. you smile and snap a picture before lifting the baby up into your arms carefully. michael wakes up when you do that, immediately smiling when he sees your face. “we were playing video games and i guess i fell asleep” he laughs and you peck his cheek. “of course, a grown man and a 3 month old playing video games.” he grins sheepishly, following you into the baby’s room to help you put him down. you both smile down at him in the crib, still shocked by how much you can love something so little. “i think he liked his time with his daddy,” you giggle, leaning into michael’s chest. “it tuckered him out though,” michael admits, kissing the top of your head. “anyway, how was your day at work?” 

Height problems! Shawn Mendes cute imagine + pictures

Anon asked:  Hi can you plz write me an imagine where I’m shorter than Shawn and he’s rlly cute about it? The plot can be whatever you want :) I love your writing btw

Here you are sweetie :) Sorry it took me a long time to do it, but I had other requests to do first. I know it’s short but I think it’s kinda cute and plus, I added some pictures. 

I hope you like it and as always let me know what you think about it cuz it means a lot for me :) Enjoy it :D 

You and Shawn have been together for a while and you’d always remember the first time you’ve met him at one of his meet&greet. “Hey Shawn, can I hug you?” you softly asked as he leaned down to hug you as you whispered against his chest “you’re so tall… Or me, I’m too short”. He placed a sweet kiss on your forehead and comforted you “don’t worry, baby. You’re so cute”. He then asked you to follow him in the backstage, you talked the whole evening and he gave you his number. And now, here you are.
He’s currently at your house cause you’re parents are away for work,so you’ve asked him to spend the night with you. Being a short girl has pros like cute kisses on your forehead, be picked up or feeling protect when someone hugs you, but it has also disadvantages like you always have to ask someone to help you get something off the top shelf, even when you wear heels, it makes you “normal sized”. But cooking turns into a hard work out because you have to climb the counter. 

Shawn was sitting on the couch watching some music videos. You decide to make you and Shawn brownies to eat then while watching a movie. “Do you need me, baby?” he asks as you reply running your hand through his soft hair “Nope, but thanks anyway”. Cooking with Shawn isn’t funny at all because you’d end up throwing food at each other and you’d be the one that has to clean the whole kitchen.
You need flour and of course you couldn’t reach it since it was on the top shelf. You don’t want to interrupt him so you just climb the counter to reach it. You stand over it and when you grab the flour, suddenly he walks in and exclaims “are you crazy? Baby girl, why didn’t you ask me to help you?”. “Fuck Shawn, you scared me”. He immediately picks you in his arms avoiding you to fall on the ground. “What if I wasn’t here and hold you?” he mumbles and you sigh “I didn’t- I didn’t want to interrupt you. And that’s not your fault if I’m too short”.
He wraps his arms around your neck, kisses your forehead and whispers “ cutie, you know that your height isnt a problem for me. I love you and you’re super cute”. You crack a smile “yeah, whatever. The solutions are two: I’ll always wear heels so that I become normal sized or you have to lean down and kiss me cause I have to stand on my tippy toes”. He laughs showing his beautiful smile “or I can pick you up when I want to kiss you” and so he did. He picks you up as you wrap your legs around his waist and he exclaims “now it’s better”. You press a kiss on his cheek and smile against it. He gives you a sweet kiss before you ask “put me down, I have to finish the brownies if you want to eat them while watching the movie”. 

“So baby, what were you looking for? I mean, when you were on the counter” he questions as you smile “I need flour. So, will you be so gentle to get me what I need. Please”. “Here you are sweetie” he hands in the flour so that you can finish mixing all the ingredients. He hugs you from behind and places soft kisses on your neck especially in you ear zone. “S-shawn, let me finish this” you mumble ad he groans “does it taste good?” referring to the mixture. You stick a finger in it and tease him “wanna taste?” putting your finger in his mouth. “It’s good” he happily say. You put the brownies in the oven and while you wait for them to ready, you clean the kitchen putting away the ingredients. You stand on your tip toes, but you groan “ughhh, why is it too complicated?”. He furrows his eyebrows “what’s wrong, hun?”. You give him a glance and state “I’m too short. I can’t reach the top shelf to put away these things”. He walks near you and hug your tightly resting his chin over your head. “Baby, you know what? One thing about being short is that I feel safe, protect when you hug me” you admit as he bites his lips “I’ll always protect you, my princess” 

Eventually, once the brownies were ready, you spend the whole night cuddling on the couch, watching your favorite movie eating brownies and other junk food.

i hate looking through old pictures. like seeing old shit u used to love and people u used to be cool with sucks but seeing ur old SELF is by far the WOrst

Truthful Tuesday

Our anniversary isn’t for a couple more months, and it’s not like we’ve been married for a bazillion years or anything (though it feels like it, in the good way). The last couple of years I’ve blogged about the things I wish someone would have told me. I always feel weird, though, because inevitably there’s some friend or family member whose marriage is collapsing and it’s not like they didn’t take their vows seriously. It’s not like they wanted something other than a happy ending when it all started out.

My old legislative director is a friend on Facebook, and he and his wife celebrated their 25th anniversary last week. He posted a bunch of goofy pictures of two people that are obviously super in love, and his wife posted the following in the comments:

Thank you everybody. We had a wonderful weekend. We’ve had a pretty good 25 years. I do want to say. I love T. And I know he loves me. But, to anyone out there who hasn’t had success to in lasting relationship - a lot of it is a crapshoot. And, T., my love, that is not a shot at you. It’s just a recognition that there is a lot of work to this and a lot of luck. I am really, really, really lucky. And I am really really hard-headed. And I got lucky enough to marry someone who could handle that. So thank you, everyone. We are well aware of how quickly this could change. I don’t mean to make anyone feel badly about my posts about our anniversary. I just recognize that we got this moment, and it could change in a heartbeat, but I’m really grateful for what I have had. This is just a thank you.

I love that, so much. I sent him a note and told him to tell her it was the best and truest thing I thought I’d read about marriage. Because much like everything else in life it’s a lot of hard work and a little bit of chemistry and at the end of the day it’s still about luck.

As Tanith Lee wrote, I hope to Hell that I have him till the sky falls, and all things are flawless and need no words at all. But there are no guarantees even with - especially with - the best of intentions.  

I’m really grateful for this moment, and what we have now.

Lewis Legacy Heir Poll!

I know you’ve seen none of the next gen yet, but the presentation for the story I have planned relies heavily on knowing who the heir is.

Meet Stella! The youngest Lewis has always been more the type of person to prefer solitary time, but don’t mistake her for meek. Since she was old enough to work them, she has loved cameras, photography and film alike, and is a reason there are so many pictures of her family. If Stella wins she will be a director or photographer.

Who is your favorite? Vote now!

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I HAVE AN OLD MAN NAKED CAT, and he just looks angry about everything all the time and instead of meowing he just goes "AAAAAAH" and he's like scrooge but a 17 year old cat

I love this thank u for sharing
Do u have pictures of mister scrooge??

Uploaded a new (old) video • youtube.com/queenofblendingmua • on my new mermaid-y hair extensions, from @irresistibleme_hair that I wore for my wedding and other fancy wedding pictures! 💐 http://youtu.be/tmOuUl88qU4💐 I loved my wedding day & I miss those mellow pregnancy days, I was #21weeks here! 😁 I’m trying to set a video-once-a-week goal for myself! Still playing catchup with my camera! 😅 (photo by @anhakinskywalker)
#youtube #queenofblending #irresistiblemehair


Since Chewie just turned 10, I decided to see if I could find some pictures of her as a kitten to post. Luckily I found a few. In the bottom picture when she’s a few months old, she’s getting the stink-eye from old lady Flossie. Flossie taught Chewie the wonders of the bathroom sink. A few months after this picture was taken, I had to let Flossie cross the Rainbow Bridge. To this day, Chewie still loves drinking from the bathroom faucet and will cry pathetically in the sink until I turn the water on for her. ♥

Dear friends,

By friends I mean all of you who are following this blog. Some people asked me what my gender is from my pictures and etc they couldn’t tell.
I am a guy. Pansexual 18 years old male from Europe. So please use he/him pronounce. Thank you for your pation, have a lovely day everybody~


Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze

These are the pictures I took when I stopped in West Virginia on my way home for summer break.  The state is absolutely gorgeous.  I would love to have had more time to explore but my beautiful best friend (picture 6) was about to start finals week so I let her get to studying.  It was definitely nice to have a pit stop though and I hope to visit her again very soon. 


hey guys!! I made a cosplay chart for AnimeNEXT 2015! pretty self explanatory. I’ll have friends with me too, probably co-ording with me~ Feel free to come say hi and take pictures!! The attention is loved I assure you.
My Suga wig still needs to be styled, all of these but Nah were taken in my sisters room (since the Nah picture is old) and all of these are makeup free but yo to the lo

btw, head count on my followers going?

She’s dancing in the gardens,
And I take pictures that can never
Capture her wild spirit,
Or how the sun looks against her cheekbones.
She sits among the roses and the orchids Laughing in perfect harmony with the buzzing bees and shaking leaves.

She’s skipping down the street,
Spinning around to smile at me,
Her hair catching in the wind.
I take photographs to remember this, her.
Young, beautiful, spectacularly happy,
And the pictures never quite capture the moment,
The smile before the laugh,
The glint in her eyes,
The streetlight dancing across her features as she moves.

One day,
When I’m old and gray and have long since forgotten how it felt to be young and in love,
I want to look at these pictures and remember,
If only for a minute what it felt like to touch forever.

-K.M. “Forever in photographs”

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I saw an ask about murdoc cutting Noodle's hair. I honestly think that murdoc and 2D would cut it together because her hairstyle kind of looks like both of theirs combined, I bet 2D was cutting it and murdoc was all "she's gonna look like you!" and takes the scissors and gives her bangs, and from there they just got too scared to cut them again because they didn't want to make them uneven or cut her face, which is how she ended up with hair in her eyes

Ooh I can see this happening too. 2D and Murdoc would probably both be a little bit fussy as to how Noodle looked. Not as finicky as Russel but maybe a little bit. I always love Noodle’s relationships with the rest of the band. They’re all such a nice family together. I can also picture Murdoc throwing a hissy fit because Noodle starts wearing 2D’s old clothes and he’s like “No! You’re not going to look like faceache! Not on my watch!”

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted much in a really long time (I will soon!) I haven’t taken as many pictures because college is kind of hard and I also fell in love with sleeping. But I survived the semester and family vacation so now I’m confident I can do anything. 

I’m going to start sorting and posting the thousands of pictures I’ve been neglecting AND I’m going to start shooting film again! I have a bunch of old expired film that I hope will still work and my favorite film camera that might (not) survive some more adventures. 

I need suggestions about where the best/cheapest places are to develop film… I used the Clark Color mailing thing in the past and had a really good experience with them but that was a couple of years ago…

I also just reached 800 followers today which is super duper exciting. That is a lot of people who saw my photographs and liked them enough to want to see more. Thanks for following and giving me the motivation to take more pictures and post more! 

I’m back! I know I missed Marilyn’s birthday yesterday (sad times) so I’m going to do something extra special starting this weekend #marilynmonroe #andrededienes #1946 #brunette #normajeane #audreyhepburn #marilynmonroe #beautiful #blackandwhite #ethereal #follow #gorgeous #goldenera #god #goddess #like #lovely #oldhollywood #old #profile #picture #pretty #screengoddess #stunning #silverscreen #vintage #perfect #doll Don’t forget to follow thatgirlmarilyn.tumblr.com for more Marilyn and thatgirlnormajeane.tumblr.com for more Old Hollywood!


 “Thought it would be fun to show you guys what 636 looked like when we were remodeling it into the studio that you grew to know. I first found 636 when I was looking at a building next door. I wandered around, unimpressed by the space but then saw this fenced in non-descript building next door and almost immediately felt a connection to it, even though it was a hideous mustard color.”

Houses come and go, but a home is where you make your life. You can sell your houses, but a home is where people love you. Don’t forget that.