I desperately need a new computer.

For months my computer has been giving me hell and now it has gotten even worse.. Constant bluescreens out of nowhere, it freezes to the point where I have to do a hard shut off in order to fix it.. Now the new thing is my display driver crashing, I deal with these problems every day, It’s gotten to the point where I am afraid to do anything on it.. 

Even if I don’t do anything it still does as mentioned.. I havent been able to draw much in fear that it could die on me in the middle of my work.

I’ve done everything I can to fix these issues but nothing has gotten any better..

What sucks is that I can’t afford it right now because of medical bills, I refuse to open donations but instead will direct you to my shop..! >>link<<

Please consider helping me and spreading the word, I’m not quite sure how much longer my computer will last and I would like to be able to get a new one as soon as I can, Thank you <3

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Derge Town, the last outpost in Sichuan province before the modern Tibetan border, is an interesting mix of old and new. 

Hidden in a deep valley, accessible only by a narrow gorge that runs from north to south, Derge is quickly filling its little available land space with big high-rises and modern buildings that look incomparably dull next to the bright red traditional Tibetan houses that cling to the cliffs. 

Airport Naps ~ An Aaron Carpenter Imagine

I flutter my eyes open as I awake from my nap. Me and Aaron missed our flight and earliest possible flight is 3am. Aaron’s head is on my lap while he is laying on multiple chairs. I begin to start playing with his soft, messy hair that I love so much. I start looking at every detail on his face. His long eyelashes, his perfect eyebrows, his freckles. And his lips. Those soft, warm lips that I’ve always loved. As I fiddle with the sleeves of Aaron’s T-shirt, Aaron wakes up, fluttering his eyes open. “Hey princess.” He whispers, smiling up at me. “Hey baby, you’re awake.” I smile down at him before he sits up in the chair next to me. “What time is it?” He asks in his morning voice. “12:30. Still got a long way to go Aaron.” I sigh. “Ughhh.” Aaron groans, upset that we have to wait even more. He layes his head on my shoulder, playing with my hand that he was holding.


“Aar I’m gonna go to the bathroom to freshen up, kay?” I say standing up. “Yep I was just about to say the same thing. Let’s go to the gender neutral bathroom, so we can take all our bathroom stuff together.” Aaron says, standing next to me. “Kay.” I say taking the toiletry bag and walking towards the bathroom. Once we are in I take my makeup bag and remove my makeup. As I’m digging in my makeup bag to find my foundation, I feel arms quickly wrap around my waste. “FUCK.” I say loudly, but not screaming. “You scared the shit outta me Aaron!” I exclaim holding my hand over my heart. “Sorry scaredy-cat, I didn’t mean to scare you that bad.” Aaron laughs, resting his chin on my shoulder, still leaving his arms wrapped around me. “C’mon princess lets go eat, forget the makeup, I’M HUNGRY.” Aaron says kissing me on the cheek. “Okayyy, fine…But you’re paying.” I say pointing at him. “Deal!” Aaron says putting his hands up in surrender. “I can’t wait to get out of here.” Me and Aaron say at he same time before laughing.

Hah ok not so good but I still kinda like it. Ok shitty ending I’m sorry bye.

~ Kaja xx

Tagged by @aberratedaberration to go through old SS and be sad. Honestly, the only huge change I ever made on Qol was between the 1st and 2nd versions. The blonde just wasn’t working for me, and the horns didn’t allow me to fully enjoy all the hats in game ono

Qol started as a man because reasons we won’t discuss and I just couldn’t handle looking at the toon. It wasn’t very attractive…maybe if it was a hot male, sure, but no. And thus lady Qol was born something like 5 years ago. I’ve met aloooooooooooot of people, I actually started on Infinite Aion until Toasty decided to blow it up. Some came to retail some didn’t. Been through many friendships, lost a lot of people because I was a scumbag back in the day and ran into scumbags. 

Meh. Not too much to say besides THANK GOD HALF THE DRAMA I PUT MYSELF THROUGH IS FUCKING OVER. LOL I won’t go back to Aion. At 5.0 I logged in, realized NC gave Qol extreme botox, remodeled, then lost interest instantly. I guess I’m at that point in life where I just can’t bring myself to play games like I use. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I do miss it. That being said, here’s 5.0 Qol, she will probably stay this way forever now.

I guess I’ll tag @kuroreishi @shinzagato @satyfears because I think these three tumblrs are the ones I’ve known the longest (saty being my baby since like 2010 akaka <3)


Juicy J - Old Skool (Official Video) (New)