Overwatch Men: Reaction to S/O Being a Burlesque Dancer

I keep forgetting I made a poll and am supposed to be writing these. <D

Also, electro swing music is the best inspiration music for this headcanon set.



  • Big German teddy bear can’t handle this information
  • He blushes just from thinking about it
  • When you invite him to a show, he goes solely to make sure no one gets too rowdy
  • He totally doesn’t go to watch you just to watch
  • And he totally doesn’t sit right in front of the stage to watch
  • And he totally doesn’t get all flustered again
  • And he totally doesn’t freak out when you toss one of your large feather fans to him
  • Or your skirt
  • After your performance is over, he does meet you in your room
  • To give you a progress report, not to get all blushy when you tease him for keeping your skirt but not the fan
  • He may or may not ask for you to dance for him sometime that’s not in front of a bunch of other people
  • He totally doesn’t freak out and change the subject when you offer to dance for him right there on the spot


  • He was hella jealous when you told him because you’d been doing this for a while and he’d had no idea
  • However, after the initial shock is over, he almost begs you to put on a show for him right now
  • (I did mention in an earlier post that one of his favorite fantasies is his s/o stripteasing/dancing for him so oh boy)
  • You tease him by acting all innocent
  • Also you don’t have any of your equipment or costumes or music here at home, so how could you possibly give him a proper show?
  • He’s legit devastated
  • And then you invite him to one of your shows that evening
  • Boy howdy
  • He’s as the edge of his seat and completely mesmerized by you
  • You move so gracefully and confidently
  • Also you threw the tight-fitting jacket that hid a sequinned brazier under it, so bonus points for that
  • He shows up to every show from them on
  • Afterwards, he comes to your dressing room and either rails you there or drags you home to do so


  • He’s so interested in this
  • Not even in any sexual aspect; he just thinks it’s exotic and fascinating
  • Of course, he has you confirm that it’s safe and that you’re enjoying your time doing it, just to make sure
  • He also would love to see you perform, so he probably plans to surprise you at one of your shows sometime
  • Not gonna lie, the boy’s sensors get a little warmer when he watches you up on stage doing your saucy thing
  • He’s absolutely mesmerized by your movements and the big feathered fans you control with ease to hide the most intimate parts of your body
  • Tbh, you’re pretty much a desirable but untouchable god and he’s very pleased that he’ll be the only spirit worthy to touch you once you’ve left your pedestal


  • When you first tell him about it, he’s quite interested and asks if you’d show him some of your steps then and there
  • You do but you show him exactly that, just a few steps
  • Then you invite him to come watch a show so he can get the full experience
  • He’s basically Zenyatta and McCree combined in this situation
  • He finds you angelic and and absolutely gorgeous
  • But he also wants to view exactly what’s behind that satin robe that you keep partially slinking out of, then shying away
  • Be prepared to buy some burlesque items to keep at home so you can give him personal shows before he ravishes you


  • You have to explain to him what it is
  • While explaining, he probably pops a halfer as his thoughts begin to run
  • You’re a bit iffy about inviting him to a show but you do so anyway
  • You warn him that if he doesn’t behave, he doesn’t get to see your burlesque work ever again
  • After that conversation he probably has you pinned up against the nearest wall
  • At your performance, he does behave decently
  • He gets a bit snarly with a couple of his fellow viewers when they get a bit rowdier than he’d like
  • But after he gets a warning, he sits pretty from then on, if not a bit sulky
  • He also rounds up literally every item you discard to keep for himself
  • After the show he comes to pout to you
  • He’s a bit upset that people have gotten to see you perform before he did
  • But he eventually gets over it


  • Can he perform with you sometime?
  • He’s not even joking
  • He thinks he’d be a pretty damn good burlesque dancer himself
  • Either that or he could create a mix tape of smooth beats for you to create a routine to
  • Otherwise, he supports you wholeheartedly
  • He thinks your confidence up there on the stage is sexier than anything you’re wearing
  • And he tells you so after the show’s over
  • He probably comes to you the next day with several mix tapes he’s designed for you


  • Not gonna lie, he’s not a fan
  • Not because of your profession but because he’s possessive and think he’s the only one who should be allowed to see that much skin of yours
  • He’ll ask you if there’s not something else you could do but, of course, he doesn’t try to stop you
  • If you get upset by this, he apologizes and explains himself and his discomforts
  • He goes to your performance the next time you have one and becomes an unintentional bodyguard
  • No one’s too rowdy, most just quietly marvel
  • He himself gets pretty impressed
  • Also you’re just so prettyyyyy 
  • Look at his little piggy go, strutting themselves around on stage
  • After the show he comes to find you and apologizes again for being rude, then says you’ve proved him wrong
  • Then he asks you politely before stealing some of the burlesque equipment to take home


  • Ah, it bring him back to his playboy days
  • Except you’re his romantic partner and not just some fling he’s going to have later, which makes the experience all the better
  • Awed by your performance but he’d also not except any less from his perfect s/o
  • Will probably ask to help/dance with you during your practices, which usually ends up with you both just grinding all up on each other
  • Which is fine


  • He gets a little flustered and even more so jealous
  • He’s a little upset that you waited to only tell him now and that it’s been going on for a while already
  • He’s pretty pleased when you invite him to come watch one of your performances though
  • When he comes to watch, he hangs back and watches from the shadows so he’s not really noticed by everyone else
  • Throughout the performance, he shadows up behind viewers he doesn’t like and threatens them via a smoky cloud by their ear
  • Needless to say, the population in the building has dwindled a bit by the end of the performance
  • He cheers and whistles the loudest when you’re finished performing though, which scares the shit out of some people who didn’t know he was behind them
  • He’s overall very proud and impressed

Soldier 76

  • Thank god he’s wearing his visor instead of his glasses during the moment you told him about your profession
  • Otherwise, you would’ve gotten a great view of his beet red face
  • Just the thought of you doing some saucy moves in a showy, revealing outfit was enough to get the old boy pretty hot and bothered
  • Of course, he forces himself to get his shit under control
  • Shame on him
  • When you invite him to a show, he gets shy and flustered again
  • He says it’d look creepy for an old man like him to go to a performance like that
  • You have to reassure him and tell him that you’d absolutely love for him to be there 
  • If he does stop by (which isn’t a 100% possibility), he watches from the back
  • At the same time, he has to be somewhat close so his cloudy vision doesn’t effect his watching too badly
  • You’re probably the most beautiful things he’s ever laid eyes on, though that’s always been the case
  • Instead of staying and watching it all, he probably leaves halfway through to sneak into your dressing room and surprise you when you get finished
  • He just kind of greets you with a hug and a small kiss (he’s still a bit flustered), then tells you how wonderful you did
  • After you’ve changed and get ready to leave, he gives you his jacket and offers you his arm
  • Also he may or may not have taken a couple of those fancy fans