Friend 1: If you could be a character from “That 70’s Show” who would it be?

Me: Hyde of course! [Conscience: yeah right you’re not that calm or cool. More than likely you would be Kitty.]

Friend 2: Ha! Yeah right!!! You would probably be Kitty.

Me:…FIGHT ME!! 😳

She is also not straight.

[Screenshotted scene from the 1975 Wonder Woman tv series, season 1, episode 4 “The Feminum Mystique Part 1″. Diana and Etta are chatting at work, Etta has a mug in her hand. She is complaining to Diana: “Business is social, I never get to go out to dinner.” “I’ll make you a promise,” says Diana. “I’ll take you out to dinner some time.” “It’s not the same, Diana.”, answers Etta. “I mean, you’re not a man.” Diana smiles. “I’ve always been very happy about that.”]


This has to be the tiniest, most babiest baby Sebastian that there ever was. You guys! Look at how little! Look at those cheeks! Those round little baby cheeks! And just that little face! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(melts into puddle).

It’s a Law and Order episode that I can’t find anywhere, and I’m like 85% sure that he murdered someone, because that’s what guest actors do in crime shows, but look at that face. That little pout. And those cheeks. Guys, I can’t get over these cheeks. He’s a precious little jellybean.