Fallout New Vegas, 2010. Obsidian Entertainment.

melodrama through the eyes of a (fellow) synaesthete

hello everyone! just like lorde herself, i have a strong case of synaesthesia (I get colour visions, but also tastes and scents as well), so this is my attempt to review the masterpiece that is melodrama through my synaesthetical experiences

let’s go

green light: car air freshener, heated highway and the visions you get when you drive in heat (a la mirages), blackberry-scented cheap shower gel, a pistachio green silk scarf, old school adidas kicks, lemon juice drops on fresh summer salad, beige satin, old black cars (a la classic cadillacs and jaguars), maple syrup, the heat of cairo at around 11 am

sober: ripe honeydew, the smell of guitar wood varnish, red satin ribbons, smudged glass coffee tables, spilled lemonade on said tables, peach vodka, the feel of white plaster in old museums where security guards are very strict, cough syrup (both the colour and the flavour), artificial smell of mint, mint gum, velvet red carpeting in old and badly aired town halls, the humidity of rainforest

homemade dynamite: 4 am sunrise straight after a storm with torn dark grey, nearly black clouds being ripped, smell of gasoline, deep puddles in cracked pavement, dimmed street lights about to go out, magenta, white musk perfume from the body shop, deep indigo of the nearly sunrise of mid may, that walk home from a rowdy night out when everyone is more or less sobered up, but not sober enough to feel shy yet, still drunk enough to be honest with affection and cursing and slightly slurred speech

the louvre: bamboo blinds, bamboo shoots, bonsai trees, flowing honey, varnished birchwood, sunlit old halls in ugly grey soviet buildings, silver hellium-filled balloons, white shiny doors between a party-filled room and a closet where hook-ups and one-night stands take place, old oil paint, the sunny, lemon yellow butterflies, muddly skies of july, edelflower syrup in a glass of white wine, edelflower flower crowns, an expensive pool in a mansion-like house in hollywood hills, the eerie comfort and anxiety of the opening credits of twin peaks

liability: massive bouquets of lily of the valley, white lace curtains knitted by a grandmother, greyness of a sunday in a village on a last warm october day, a single light in an office on a late night in a massive skyscraper, dried flowers, drops of nosebleed on a crystal clean white sink, grey that turns into pastel lilac, the feeling of ripped paper

hard feelings/loveless: faint sunrise shining through the windows of a manhattan apartment in a skyscraper, all shades of orange spilling onto a hi-tec kitchen, cointreau liqueur, sunny warm nights on ocean beach, lukewarm bathtubs when the bath foam has fizzled, bonfires and burned marshmallows, just the beginning of feeling buzzed (like a glass of wine in), tender shades of yellow, rustiness of old heavy doors into a basement, scaffolding sounds, first sunniest days of spring after a heavy winter, sunset in the ocean, heavy fluffy sweaters / neon diner signs, anime eyes, porcelain dolls, peach-flavoured bubblegum, glass bowls

sober ii (melodrama): colour of crimson, heavy red velvet couches, smudged matte red lipstick, glass shards, ripped pearl necklaces and scattered pearls on sticky floor, red limelight, stilettos, tight black bodysuits, smoky-eyed tall models in revealing tight and latex dresses, marble furniture with golden decor, fistfights during a party, ripped suits and thrown ties and unbuttoned white shirts on boys with wealthy fathers

writer in the dark: light parakeet green, whitewashed starched tablecloths that crunch, old wooden tables, rusty cages for canaries, Advocat liqueur, big pearl necklaces on black dresses, big sunglasses (a la Audrey’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), sunny Sunday mornings on a patio with a cup of fancy tea, sunday clothes, white churches in greece, silver tears and crying in the backseat after a breakup, wilted flowers in a vase with dirty water

supercut: light green and orange, Love Is bubblegum, peaches, apricots, mint, Mojitos, fairy lights above people at a rooftop party, roadtrip one takes after a breakup with all thier belongings, flavoured water that doesn’t quench thirst, sparkling water with lemon and ice cubes, worn down picnic blankets, fancy dresses girls wear to the entrance into a nightclub, folding chairs, chilled champagne

liability (reprise): cold winter wind of february, the feeling on the tip of the tongue from scolding hot tea, big white rooms in museums, light green, light smoke of e-cigarette that smells like peppermint, the smell of sunscreen, the stillness of a swimming pool at noon in heat

perfect places: red wine, swinging chandeliers, red plastic cups, glass grand pianos, the last summer party in august, that warm feeling at the end of the party where everyone’s buzzed and affectionate and there’s a lot of kissing and hugging and swinging, big fake golden earrings, summer fruits, fancy hotels and luxurious lifts/elevators, skinny dipping, black velvet dresses that touch the floor, uncontrollable laughing in comfy sweaters

the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout

anonymous asked:

whats about simon?

Hi anon,

I just posted the transcript of that part of the interview :) 

You can read it there. 

But the emotional manipulation that is flying an EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD KID out to LA without telling him what for, the DAY after a performance where he had some beers before - meaning he’s got people watching you and informing him about every step you set out of line - is truly nauseating to me.

It’s misusing power dynamics to impose your superiority upon someone else. And then turning around to have ‘a proper chat’ with them, after having them jump through a million hoops (but hey, at least the flight was business class, right Matt) sick with nerves and having had a dressing down, only serves again to show you how manipulative he is, and how harmful that is psychologically to do to someone.

It’s saying, “I’ve got all the power and money here - I hold your future in my hands and I will know every single you do and I will be watching for it, waiting for you to fuck up. So don’t disappoint me, or you won’t ever make it. And I’m saying all of that in your best interest, because look, I have the means to just fly you out for this conversation to LA just like that. That’s how powerful I am, don’t you want to have a taste of that too?”

Simon is not Louis’ friend or a mentor. He’s his boss, and a cruel one at that who has never held Louis’ interests at heart. And I truly hope that none of the boys ever mistook that for fatherly guidance of someone ‘who knows best’.

mourir  to die
déceder  to pass away
déceder de cause naturelle, mourir sa belle mort  to die a natural death
s’éteindre  to pass away (usually of old age)
trouver la mort  to die (by an accident)
passer l’arme à gauche  to kick the bucket (lit. to pass the weapon to the left)
casser sa pipe  to die (lit. to break your pipe)
la mort  death
le décès  death (more polite)
le mort, le défunt  the dead person
le corps, le cadavre  the corpse, the body
le cercueil  the casket, the coffin
la bière  the coffin (more polite)
le porteur de cercueil  pallbearer
le deuil  mourning
être en deuil  to mourn, to be in mourning
faire le deuil de qqn, faire son deuil  to grieve for something or someonee
déplorer la perte de  to mourn the loss of 
pleurer la morte de qqn to mourn the death of someone
le cortège funèbre  a funeral procession
le corbillard  hearse
les funerailles  funeral
l’organisation des funérailles  funeral arrangements
l’enterrement  burial
la chapelle funéraire, la maison funéraire  funeral home
les obsèques, le service funèbre  funeral service
la crémation  cremation
le bûcher funéraire  funeral pyre
le cimitière  cemetery
le lieu de sépulture  burial site
la pierre tombale  tombstone
la tombe, le tombeau  tomb, grave
le caveau  plot
l’épitaphe (f.)  epitaph

President Trump spoke appropriately in expressing “sadness, shock and grief.” He dubbed the shooting as an act of “evil” and praised the speed of the response by police and first responders as “miraculous.” His appeals to unity and the “ties of community” were aptly chosen and soberly delivered. And yet, his reputation as a provocateur and angry accuser now colors how many of us absorb his response. His frequent resort to race-baiting and contrived controversy lessens his effectiveness, and his erratic personality virtually ensures that in hours or days he will be back to his old stunts.