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A Guide To What Spock Calls Kirk

  • “Jim”—basic address, friendly, casual
  • “Captain”—on the bridge/on duty (gotta be professional sometimes)
  • “James”—for whenever Spock is feeling particularly serious
  • “my James”—for whenever Spock is feeling particularly sentimental
  • “Adun”—(Vulcan word for husband) in front of other Vulcans or Federation/Starfleet officials
  • “Ashayam”, “T’hy’la”, “my love”, “my beloved”, etc.—for when they’re alone together (or when Spock wants to gross Bones out)
  • “K’diwa”—for whenever Jim is being particularly cute (which is often)
  • “T’nash-veh yel”—(my sun in Vulcan) for whenever Jim gets back from a long and perilous mission, or is found after having been missing a long time, or recovers from a serious injury or illness, and a relieved Spock is reminded of just how dark and miserable his life would be without that mercurial human in it.

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I absolutely love your style!! If you're ever bored please draw Spirk watching old married (tos) Spirk sleeping together. It would literally make me explode with happiness! If you don't want to or don't have time it's okay. Have a nice day! :D

they are married Jim;;;


there is not one thing about this scene that isn’t entirely fucking ridiculous.

  1. the fact that spock somehow got on an enemy bird of prey to save his husband with his own hands
  2. the airy romance music
  3. the mutual heart eyes
  4. the soft voices
  5. the classic jim kirk pre-kiss grab
  6. the klingons, waiting for the kiss
  7. everyone who watched this and thought this was just dudes being dudes/t’bro’las

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Happy Valentine’s Day, I bear headcanons. Spock and Kirk, after retirement. They have an interview together because they’re famous starship captains, but Spock prefers to be known as the First Officer. They’re both past caring about decorum, so they show up dressed in civilian clothes. Kirk’s dug out his old green shirt and a jacket with a vintage NASA pin. Spock is bundled up. They’ve got a ton of in-jokes; the interviewer is bemused but entirely delighted over how affectionate they are. The vulcans are no longer scandalized—“It’s that science genius with his human again.” 

Okay, I absolutely adore the cutesy idea of Jim and Spock married, sharing an apartment, and teaching at Starfleet Academy after retirement, but consider: they would so talk about one another during their lectures ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

And I’m not even talking about telling stories intentionally with the whole “One time, my husband and I yadda yadda yadda” although that definitely goes down.

No, I mean the little throwaways, the ones that are so passive and informal that you know that they’re not even trying it, that their love is just continuing to bleed over into their day-to-day life.

“Although my husband should like to argue otherwise…”

“As my bondmate is ever-so fond of reminding me…”

“Now, Spock can’t seem to wrap his mind around this, but…”

“While James and I agree that this reality is distressing…”

“As I’ve had the love of my life remind me time and time again…”

“It is a truth that my beloved rather covets in that…”

And their students think it’s simultaneously the cutest and most disgusting thing in the world, because aw they’re in love but ew they’re our teachers.