Sapphire: Rose works in the foster care system and had adopted Amethyst around the same time we adopted Garnet, though Amethyst is 3 years old.

Ruby: And Pearl was in the foster care system in India, but it got closed down due to being unfit to children living there so Pearl was put into Rose’s care until further notice. But seeing how much they all care for each other, I don’t think she’s goin’ anywhere ehehee.

Sapphire: We organize little playdates all the time, the girls seem to be really good friends~. I even heard that Rose and Greg are thinking about having a child of their own pretty soon, I’m sure all of them will be real close!


Au where Maxie’s plan b was to actually catch groudon with the masterball he had in his hideout, but May took it. ( I mean, you think if he had something that important he would try to use it at least?)